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  • Awesome show! Need more like it!

    We sure need more shows like this one on TV. This show gives so many examples of the good qualities that people need more of.

    I enjoy every episode. My kids enjoy every episode. We are in the process of collecting past seasons and will continue until we have all the seasons.

    I really wish that they could get this back on the network channels so more people can benefit from watching it.

    We need more shows to follow the examples set in this show. All families have their ups and downs and rather than giving up, this family always seems to prevail!
  • Best family show ever made.

    You just can't go through life without have watching this show, it's to amazing to miss. I'm in love with almost all the characters and the whole storyline about the minister and his kids. This show should be re-aired forever. It's always fills my heart with great warmth and hope. Hope for a better place, better world, and a brighter future. Peace and love all in the name of the almighty God. This show has something for all, both kids, teenagers and even adults. It's totally watchable for everyone, that's what so great about it.
    If you give this show a chance you will never regret it, I promise!
  • this show is a great experiences for everyone.It shows about trust,family,love,and new experience.

    This show is about a family that really sticks together throw out there life.They share everything and they really understand each other in away that real family really never do. The father is a minister and the mother is a stay at home mom.They have seven children is four boys and three girls. This show lets you grow-up with the characters and there experiences.It is am over waling show everyone should just try to give it a chance it may surprise some people. yes, it may same like is all about religion but is not just about a family and there love.
  • This is the best show bring it back.

    This is one of the shows that you can watch at any age. This is a show that you can sit down with your entire family and watch and not be woried that there is something inappropriate on here. This show has the best amount of drama and a little bit of comedy. This is a great show that i can watch over and over again. This show deserved to be on for 11 great years and it totally deserves a 12th season even though it wont happen. What a great show. They had the perfect actors playing all the charactors what a great show I live it.
  • The perfect show I've ever seen!!!

    I love this show from the moment I've seen the first second of it. Its about a lovely family, always trying to do the rigth thing, and if they make mistake they know how to make it right. There are some things I would have done different. Like Andrew Nayloss... He could have been the right one for Lucy. He was cute, lovely, nice and everything she owuld need. Okay, he made a mistake... Who didn't... Okay, I am dreaming of the perfect couple: Lucy and Andrew...
    Kevin... He could be great with Roxanne...
    Matt and Sarah are great together, even with their problems. Eric and Annie the perfect couple and parents... Ruthie and Martin... They could have a real chance...
    Okay... too much about my dreams.
    The Camden family has always been a perfect picute of a family for me. Not only because they know how to do things right. They know when they do something wrong and they make it right...
    I hope you understand what I mean with this...
    If you haven't seen the show, you must see only one episode to fall in love with it... :)
  • Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins) ans his wife Annie Camden (Catherine Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden's household.

    When this show first came on I had no interest in it at all. But, one day one of my friends got me to watch it for an hour. It was okay but I still was not too interest in it. It wasn't until five years after it started that I got interest in watch it. I catch on the other episode about reading about them and they were okay. Anyway, after watching a few epiosdes I got hooked and start every week. Even though it can be slow sometims I think this show was a good one. You might want to watch it.
  • I liked this show.

    7th Heaven is about a minister Eric and his wife Annie. They have seven children, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and the twins Sam and David. I used to watch 7th Heaven all the time. But i stopped around the time Simon hit and killed a kid. The show kind of changed from that point on.
    I liked how they ended the tenth season. With Simon and Rose not getting married. I was so hoping for Simon and Sandy to get together. And have him be Aaron's father. But they never mentioned anything about that in the 11th season. I also liked how they had Sarah surprise everyone with her pregnancy then reveal that her and Matt were having twin boys as were Lucy and Kevin. And Mary and Carlos were having twin girls. I did not like that when they brought it back for an 11th season they had Lucy miscarry over the summer. But I will miss the show. One my favorite episodes is Rush to Judgment.
  • It started with two people in Glen Oke, California with a man named Eric and his wife named Annie. Don't for get about here five children and there dog Happy. Matt, Marry Lucy, Simon and Ruithe along with there dog Happy provide grate telvision.

    I just want to say that I will always love the show. I have watched it from the first episode and I have never missed an episode either. Now when I think back I have a lot of good memories. From the time Simon got his dog to when Annie lost her mother to a remarkable remunerable episode when Matt got married to Heather. I thought I saw every thing there is to see about 7th Heaven but I was wrong I would have never guessed Simon would have gotten married to someone the family did not approve of. Or the fact that Ruithe went to high school in Scotland. But all in all it was a show that my dad i went to sit down and watch every Mondays when it first started to when it went on to Sundays. Even that last season when i was crying when it final ened for good all those hours were worth ever second. it really was a classic right from the first episode. alright maybe not from the first epsiode because people were still trying to fiugre out what is this is different from what ever i have watched before. Then people started to turn in more and more for the famliy they all loved every Mondays and they were certainly turned in to one of American's favorite family of all time.
  • a great family show hands down

    even though we all know that my classification wont happen its just nice to wander what if what if 7th heaven was canceled and brought back what if it never ended atleast for the time being if is a powerful world it decribes many things.

    7th heaven is one of my favorite shows next to one tree hill that is but no matter what the reason for the ending of 7th heaven is people who read this should no that there will never be another show as great as 7Th heaven know matter what anyone says 7th heaven goes down in the books.
  • I can't tell you how much I love this show! It's the best show ever!

    7th Heaven is the best show on this planet! I have seen every episode and watch episodes over and over again. They have a great cast!

    This show deals with the life of the Camdens, a very large family with seven kids, with many problems that they face. Issues vary from sex to drugs to violence. Almost every issue is spoken about in this show. 7th Heaven can relate to just about anyone!

    Eric is a great dad! A wonderful role model to a lot of people and as a minister, he has a caring, helping soul!

    Annie is the mother of all mothers! She cooks, cleans, and most importantly, helps people with their problems. She deeply cares for others and loves her neighbor as herself!

    Matt is a great older brother to his siblings! He may have had a rocky start, but in the end, his goofy and cheery character has endured a lot such as marriage, becoming a doctor and more!

    Mary is your typical rebellious teenager. She may have made a lot of mistakes, but deep down, she has a good spirit!

    Lucy is "daddy's girl." She becomes a minister like her father and marries the "perfect man." She isn't perfect, but is a typical daughter with a kind heart!

    My favorite character has to be Simon! He is usually good with money and has had a lot of girlfriends, some good, and some bad. Although he makes some bad decisions in his life, he is just so faithful to God and has a good heart inside.

    Ruthie has grown up a lot throughout the series! Her sneakiness and intelligence has led her to be a good secret keeper. Her interest in boys is...well...big! She is a nice character and a necessity to the show!

    Sam and David are the results of Eric and Annie's passion for each other. Although they weren't planned, these twins were a blessing to the whole family!

    Happy is the dog and family pet! Simon prayed and prayed for a dog and got Happy! Happy has been with the Camdens for a long time and is a big part of the family!

    The other characters, such as the "too perfect" husband for Lucy named Kevin, the "unofficial son," Robbie, and the other "unofficial son," Martin, as well as the sweet Sandy and Kevin's goofy brother, Ben. There is also one of Matt's best friends, John and his ex-girlfriend, Shana. Meredith was a charming young lady and Peter was just a cool guy! Roxanne and Chandler were great and so was Simon's ex-girlfriend, Cecilia! Rose was...well...Rose. All were once part of the 7th Heaven cast and great additions to the show!

    Many people have come and go in the Camdens lives, but 7th Heaven will live on in our hearts forever!

    Thank you for eleven years of joy, tears, heartache, silly moments, and just plain fun!

    I think this is the best show on television! Some might say I'm obsessed, and well...maybe they're right! I give 7th Heaven a 10!
  • I'm not a catholic, but I loved this show. I don't know why. I don't believe in God but I just liked this show?!?!

    Man I miss 7th Heaven. It was great and funny too.

    It was a great show... Sappy too at times but I liked it for some weird reason. I'm not into the whole God thing but this show I could put up with. There were other shows that had God based in them that my brother and my Dad watched Angels something...?!? But I couldn't stand watching that. 7th Heaven was good. I think Ruthie and Lucy were my favourites. They got annoying at times but they were my favourites. Oh and Simon.

    I love the name Lucy chose for her daughter... Savannah. So cute.

    I miss 7th Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A wonderful family show.

    Wow, 7th Heaven, the longest running family TV-drama; what a great accomplishment. 7th Heaven was one of the only shows left on TV that you could watch with your family, and you didn't have to cover your childs ears, or change the channel. This show was a great influence on my life; I grew up watching it. Every Sunday sitting on the couch just waiting to see what each episode contains. It has real life issues that you can definitely relate to. This show never gets old, and I could watch the episodes over and over. It's one of my personal favorites, and it will forever be in my heart.
  • A show about Rev Camden and his family.

    7th Heaven is another one of those shows that most everyone has seen. I have been watching 7th Heaven forever it seems like, but I love it. It is one of those show that are family drama. It has so many issues to deal witnh family and any other thing, but there is always a valuable lesson to learn from it. Although the last season and the season before it I can honestly say, I was ready for the show to end, the shows just all seemed dragged out and not very good, so I wanted it to end so 7th Heaven wouldnt make me not like it anymore. I can see 7th Heaven being on as reruns for years.

    This show was fine when I was 12 but when you watch it when you are 17 or older you realize that they candycoat everything on that show. They make that show soo unrealistic, not everything works out fine, most the time there are going to be problems and some problems you just can't fix with words or at all really. sorry have to have 100 words so here ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l ll l l ll ll l l l
  • one of the best/worst shows Ever

    I used to like this show but it became to much
    Matt was cutie and sweet simon hot hot hot
    my favorite gueststar was Leann hunley Rachel Annie 's best friend from high school she was out of this world also Heather deania Jimmy wilson Peter Lucy didn't spell her name right she was my favorite sister Aunt Julie funny hank

    Annie homemaker life
    Eric Minister
    Matt oldist son Doctor
    Mary oldist Dauther flat antenned
    Lucy Secound oldist Dauther Minister
    simon secound oldist son high school drop out
    Rrutie youngest Dauther slut
    sam and david youngist twin sons comming of age kids i watch it sometimes out of Boredness
  • A great show at the start but not something I would desperately want to follow.

    It has it's glory - the story, the chars and the drama. Lucy is defenetly my favorite and Robbie but the things that first were new and enchanted me, if you see them like fourth time, it's not so interesting. I love the family spirit and the way the parents tried to rise their children but I think it came out poorly. I somehow wander how parents like that came out with children like them - like Mary. But the values the series first have seems to be replaced with soap. I am not interested to watch get together and broke up every day. So.. I watch it when I have time, when I have nothing else to do but it is not very common - so.. I have seen some first seasons and some episodes randomly later but I can tell one - this tv show have something special
  • I love this show I think that it is great!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that this show is so great!!! Thank goodness that abc family is showing reruns. I am only 12 years old and i've been watching it since I was about 7 years old. But I know that is one of my personal favorites. I watch this show with my bestfriend all the time. I think that Savannah is just so cute. My fave characters would have to be Lucy ,Ruthie, and Savannah. I love that all the kids grew up on the show. I think that it is great that the show lasted eleven seasons beacause it is so great. I know that a lot of people dont like this show and I have to say I dont know why. But overall this show is fabulous!!!
  • In the 11th Season Lucy lost her twin boys. Eric decides to homeschool Sam and David. Annie goes to New York to visit Mary and Carlos. Simon is away at University and Ruthie is going to school in Scotland for student exchange program.

    The 11th Season of 7th Heaven is the best. In the 10th Season it wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best. In this season it is alot funnier. Even though there are less characters then before the show is still funny. I wish they would bring Ruthie and Simon back back. It isn't the same without Ruthie and Simon. This season is the funniest and I hope it continues to be funny. My favourite Episode is Don't Axe, Dont Say. My favourite scene is when Revrend Eric Camedon explain to the twins that homeschooling is legal. I hope the next episode will be even better.
  • What a great classic

    I have watched this for my whole life, from the biginnging. i grew up with these character and i am sad to seee them go but you need to think about this. If they were to continue, they would start to get out of good plot lines and problems. So why not let it go now and remember it as being great instead of watching it get worse and worse and then remembering it as being boring in its alst episodes. But anyway, great, just whonderful. I loved watching Lucy grow up from a little girl into a mother! And Simon grew up pretty cute I must say!!! This is a great family show with problems for any age group. I was recommend this to anyone who just wants a light T.V show to watch. It isn't very addicting but is nice to watch.
  • One of a kind.

    I remember I used to watch this show with my family years ago when it was fairly new, but for some reason, I eventually stopped watching it. Just recently I started watching it again, and I'm glad I did. (Still not sure why I stopped watching it.) The show is great because the plot is so addicting. Probably because the characters are just like real people, and there's at least one person who you can relate to, and you wanna see how they handle life and what happens to them. I don't think I've ever been so sad to see a drama episode end. Every episode leaves me wanting more. 7th Heaven is one of the best dramas out there, and it had 11 great seasons.
  • A great show to watch.

    I used to watch this show with my sister when our parents were working. This show is very interesting, and it includes lessons too, so, in a way, it can be educational. One thing I didn't like about this show was the religion. It always talked about religion because the father was a reverend. I'm religious too, but I don't want to learn about it on TV. My favorite character has to be Ruthie. She was so cute when the show first started. That's one thing I like about this show. As you watch it, you can see the kids grow up.
  • A wonderful show

    Even though this show was first broadcast a long time ago the problems which are shown in It still exist and still are important in our society. This show is about a family who deals with life, and problems which appear in It, helps each other and trays to make world a better place. The hed of the family is reverend Eric Camden, so you can tell that the family often look to there problems from a religious way. Though everyone in this family is different and going trough there own problems they somehow always seam to understand and help each other and people that are around them. It is a true example of a perfect family.
  • The show follows a Revrend and his wife in their journey through life taking care of thier 7 children. Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam and David. The show has some wonderful messages about real life situations. The show is a classic.

    7th Heaven is one of the most wonderful family dramas ever. It has a great message behind it and has a wonderful cast. I hated that they took Mary (Jessica Biel) out and that they also took Simon (David Gallager). 7th Heaven had some wonderful first seasons then got a little bad but came back with an awsome return after being cancelled on the WB but then got renewed for another season on the CW. The 11th Season is kinda strange cause they only have Sam, David, and Lucy out of the 7 kids. (Kinda strange cause Ruthie has always been there). 7th Heaven is an awsome show and will be here even after it ends.
  • Why 7th Heaven should come back.

    Please bring 7th Heaven back to TV. I would watch the show with my 4 teenagers and 2 younger children(I also have 6 step-children, that means plenty of grandchildren that I would love to watch the show with). We would watch the episode and discuss it. This did help with some of the ways the children approach certain things in their life. Please put the show back on so it can help many of other families. If not please make a spin off to continue with the loose ends. Lucy and Kevin would make a good spin-off with moving to a new town and helping people. That would give the cast members from 7th Heaven opportunity's to come back from time to time.
  • 7th Heaven takes you inside the house of rev. Eric Camden and his wife Annie as they deal with raising their 7 children and helping the community, in any way they can.

    7th Heaven was a fantastic show which people of all ages can enjoy for years to come. Although I loved it I feel it should have ended after 10 seasons. The 10th season Finale was outstanding and it brought back all of the children, the 11th season however didn't include all the characters and they tried to compensate by adding new characters. I do highly recomend watching this show especially seasons 1-10, and if you really enjoy them then watch season 11, if you think they are only ok dont waste your time with season 11. I hope this was helpful to all of you.
  • 7th heaven was a very good family show and they will be missed.

    7th heaven was one of a few shows that was family faith based. There is so much trash on now and one of a few good clean shows they take off. I hope that they re planning on a spin off or another show with this type of setting. Thank You 7th Heaven for your dedication and committment to a good, clean story. I miss Monday nights with 7th heaven. I was heart broken when I heard that it was going off for good after this season. My TV isn't on much anymore until something comes on that is worth watching.
  • Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins) and his wife Annie (Catherine Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household.

    This was the first primetime show i watched. And i think the best. It is so real. I wathed every single episode from the very first beginning. In every episode something happened to the Camdens. The cast is great. I can't imagine nobody in their roles exept them: Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Barry Watson, David Gallagher, Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell, Mackenzie Rosman, Nikolas and Lorenzo Brino and of course sweet Happy. It is great that the producers Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent and the greatest writer Brenda Hampton (who i love because she created this show) put the "Anything you want" song in series premiere and series finale.
    I'll never forget this show, i'll always remember it like the longest and greatest primetime drama.
  • I am sorry to see you go. But, I bet you will find happier places to be.

    I enjoyed watching 7th Heaven. My son and I always watched gilmore girls, you all, and Smallville. Since summer got here everything has been really mixed up on all the tv channels. I watched your show on Sundays and tried to get caught up with during the week. But, I did not make it. I think the one is where Lucy and her husband were having dinner and she wasn't drinking. That usually tells me that she is pregnant. But, they changed the scheduling and took 7th Heaven off the air. Now I do not know when it comes on.
  • I love the show. Will it be back to answer a lot of unanswered questions about the rest of the children;what is up with? Matt? Mary? Is Lucy going to take the other job in the new town? What about her pregnancy? Bring the show to answer these question.

    I love the show, I'm an adict to it. Please answer the questions to an unusal ending Lucy and job and her pregnancy? What is up with Simon? Mary? and Matt? Please answer the questions with another season or several two hour movie specials. What happened to it on early morning ABC Family? It wasn't on the weekend of June 23rd? Are the rest of the seasons coming out on DVD's? I have the first afour season.
  • Awesome show for the whole family to enjoy!

    After my friend convinced me to watch 7th heaven, now, I absolutely love this show. It is a great family series and with each episode there is a small moral lesson. Each of the family members adds some spice to the show. The parents Eric (who is also a reverend) and Annie are great role models and do their best to raise all the kids. The foundation of this show is the love, the strong bond that the family shares and that each member is there for one another. It is sad that the show is over after 11 seasons but every thing must come to an end.
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