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  • A great show that had good morals.

    7th Heaven was a great show. It taught lessons about life. It was a good non-swearing show. It was my favorite show until it was cancelled. 7th Heaven was a clean show that all ages would like and would be approiate to watch. It will be greatly missed. We all grew up with Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, and the twins. It was great to follow the storylines and learn and laugh with them. I will miss you 7th Heaven. I will miss Annie, Erik, and the Glenok community church. 7th Heaven should be remembered as one of the greatest shows of all time. It did have its bad parts, but overall it was a great show. RIP 7th Heaven 2007.
  • A great show that the whole family can enjoy.

    7th Heaven was one of the greatest family dramas ever. No, it is not brilliant television, but it is a great show that is appropriate for the whole family. A rarity these days. There are some positive moral lessons to be learned on this show which makes it stand out among a sea of shows full of sex and violence. This show remained a solid watch throughout its eleven seasons despite the many changes in cast and in my eyes should be viewed as a modern classic. It has been a platform to start up the careers of some great young actors including Beverley Mitchell, Jessica Biel, Barry Watson, David Gallagher and Ashlee Simpson. Over the last eleven years, oh so many things have changed, but one thing that remains the same is that you’ll always have a good time spending time with the Camden family.
  • I have been watching this show since i can remember and i always watch the old shows.. Im now 17 years old so i have been watching this show forever.

    I have been watching this show since i can remember and im still watching 7th heaven because i love this show. i was so mad last year when i found out that the show wasnt going to be on again until i came on this website and i found out that they were going to have a another season which made me very happy.. me and my mother are always watching this show so hopefully they bring the show back.. this show makes ppl realize that they should respect family and friends.. i know that by me watching this show its make me want to get closer to my family and i always say i love you to my family.. This show also makes ppl realize how life is. So i hope that this show comes back on next year cause i hate how it ended i was hoping that i was going to get to see simon,matt,sarah, their twings and mary and her twins.. So please bring back the show..
  • This show is about a family with 7 kids and all the hardships and goodtimes they go through!

    It is a really good show!Its about this family called the Camden's they go through goodtimes and bad times.But the Camden's always make it through.The Camden's are from oldest to youngest Eric,Annie,Matt,Mary,Lucy,Simon,Ruthie,David,and Sam.I think that Ruthie had the worst relationship situation out of them all when everything was going on with Martin.I'm sorry if this seems a little dull but I couldn't think of anything else to put!It is a really great show and you should watch it because not only is it good to watch it also teaches you a thing or two!So just watch the show and you'll see what I'm talking about!^ ^
  • In the series finale Annie and Eric recieve an RV from the Colonel and Ruth. They then decide to take a trip around the country in it. The whole household then gets invited to come along.

    This could have been a better series finale. It felt like something was missing for it ended with the family leaving and not really saying for what, except to see the world. At least they could have named some of the places the family was going to see and wether or not Mary, Simon, or Matt, and their families would join them.
  • It's about a bunch of boring people saying boring stuff on a boring show.

    boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring.
  • A whole bunch of people live in this one house. They face many problems but always seem to take care of it. Ummm.....the father is a preacher. They face a lot of issues....boys, drinking, school, I dont know what all!

    This show is ok i guess. It used to be really good but now, I'm glad it is ending. It just wasn't interesting anymore. And I stopped watching it when it took Everwood's time slot. It is an ok show, except for the last few seasons. It should have stopped at season 8 or 9.
  • This show is one of my personal favorites cus its so heartwarming and sometimes exciting.

    I love 7th Heaven. I wish Lucy wouldent have lost the twins and I wish I could see Marys twins... did she have twins or no?Just like Matt and Sarahs. Did they even show them? I dont know I just know that I have watched this show since I was like 5 and I love it. Now since its over i dont have like anything to watch because all the shows I like are ending. Like Summerland that was a great show and I want it back on, and now this I just wish that it wouldent have to end even though they have been doing this for so long.
  • A show much like others but also unique in some ways...

    One of the reasons i like this show is because they're real in some ways. They are still strict to their children, and the children still have respect to their parents and other people. And maybe the show was a bit goody-goody in some way, it still was believable. Another aspect of this show was the way they let subjects come up of all sorts. Anorexia, Teen-pregnancy, Having a budget, Drugs even the holocaust. The fact that this show could stay on-air for 11 years, and still have many fans begging for an 12th season might says it all. This show is good. I have to be honest, not every season was as good, but the strength of the show is in all seasons noticeable.
  • The best family style show which is too rare nowadays.

    There are too little family shows that all ages can watch anymore. I live alone now, but my situation doesnt matter, the truth still holds. Each episode had lessons for all to learn from. The children learned what to do to be better citizens of a family and community, or what not to do, to stay out of trouble, by watching these kids and their friends who maybe werent quite as well raised as the main family, though they had their tough lessons too. The parents could learn also, how to talk to their kids and respect them, and how to be there for them to talk to freely, also what not to do, to be in their business too much, let them have some freedoms once they earned them showing they could be trusted. It was the best and I will surely miss it!! (also Everwood-nearly same thing)
  • The best show on television. I have watchedthis program from the beginning and wouls like to see a season 12 or more.

    I would like to see the original cast and their children continue the program along with the twins, Sam and David. The Camdens just came back from vacation and the family reunites to share their events of their lives. Having newborns in the famly is setatic, especially when they are twins. And we all know that the Camdens now have 3 sets of twins in the family. Also I would like to have Mary com back and turn good and go to college.
  • Great family show!

    I have ALWAYS loved this show! Sure the characters were a little hokey once in a while but they always had a wholesome theme and it was a great, family-oriented show! I'm so very tired of the "reality" or the "make-over" or the "idol" or the "murder-investigation" shows. We need more family shows! With often both parents working out of the home these days, we need more family shows where they can sit down and spend some time together...even watching TV together. Let's have something worth watching!
  • 7th Heaven is a good show and it should come back for a 12th Season.I will create episodes for 7th Heaven and it will be good.

    Season 12 Epsisodes:
    1. "THE FUNERAL"
    4. "COPS"
    8. "BIRTH"
    11. "CHRISTMAS"
    12. TBA
    13. TBA
    14. TBA
    15. TBA
    16. TBA
    17. TBA
    18. TBA
    19. TBA
    20. TBA
    21. TBA
    22. TBA
    23. TBA
    24. TBA
    25. TBA
    26. TBA
    27. TBA
    28. TBA
    29. TBA
    30. TBA
    Season 12 will have 30 episodes more than seasons 1-11 episodes if it does good on the FRIDAY'S DEATH NIGHT at 7:00pm as the lead-in to Darlene and The Office.My Name Is Earl and Carpoolers has been moved to Wednesday Nights at 7:30 and 8:00pm.Darlene,The Office,and Into The Blue is doing good in the Friday's Death Night.Where Shows go there to die.like Reba and The Class.The Class and Reba are victims of Friday's Death Night.
  • I loved 7th Heaven, Spin-off?

    I loved 7th heaven. I just really started watching at the beginning of season 10 and fell in love. I have seen almost all of the episodes now and I do agree that it was getting kind of stale becuase like all the Camden kids were gone. I agree that there should be a spin-off that stars Kevin and Lucy with many guest apperances by the rest of the original cast and characters (like Eric, Annie, Matt, Sarah, Mary, Carlos, and Simon) I was so mad that none of them were brought back for the series finale, I felt a little ripped off. Anyway to sum it up 7th Heaven spin-off = fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 7th Heaven should bring back for 12 season.I had been watching this show since i 1st sesaon comeout. I think they should have another season or spin-off.Lucy and kevin should be main charcter in spin-off the show should called Crossroad that will be great

    7th Heaven should bring back for 12 season.I had been watching this show since i 1st sesaon comeout. I think they should have another season or spin-off.Lucy and kevin should be main charcter in spin-off the show should called Crossroad that will be great idea. Other character should be Guest star. The CW is getting worst channel. They cancel Reba, Gilmore GIrls, and 7th heaven. Now i don't have anything to watch anymore. Only show that it had left to watch is Smallville. The CW should give 7th heaven another chance or give 2 more season or get spin-off. Please bring it back.
  • Spin-off??

    With the way that the show ended could there possibly be a spin off?? Just curious what everyone thought. I thought that maybe they way that they left on the RV that maybe they could do a spin off by may be showing their trips around the states. Or may be something else. Or may be they do a spin off of who ever staying the that town, I can't think of the name right now sorry. But who knows I was just thinking. I love this show and started watching 7th Heaven in 2000 and haven't missed an episode yet. Thanks
  • A "not-so-pure" Christian family and their everyday life experiences.

    I did not think I would like 7th Heaven when I first heard about it because I'm not really into sappy, drama-rama kind of shows. But after watching a few episodes, I fell in love with the show, and have been watching ever since. I really like how the family seems like a "doesn't-ever-do-anything-wrong" kind of family, but that's not the case at all. I felt I could relate to a lot of the problems that the children faced. I also enjoyed the many life lessons that were shared in most of the episodes. My favorite characters on the show are Lucy and Ruthie. Lucy is such an emotional person, and always seemed to be in the middle of a problem. I just loved watching how she would resolved the problems in such an effective manner. Ruthie is so mature for her age. She is very close to my age, so I could definitely relate to the issues that came up for her.

    Overall, I really loved this show. I was very sad when I heard that it was being canceled, but then again, it had a really good eleven season run with a lot of loyal fans.
  • Last episode again and this one sucked

    So, this episode kinda bombed. I don’t know why I even bothered to watch it. I know why because it was the last one. It wasn’t the best episode I saw. Last season’s was better. If only they would have stretch it out to be a 2 hour show instead of one they could have added a little more and made it more interesting to watch and not make me yawn. But what ever I just hope that 7th heaven is brought back again like last year because it is a really good show. Through all the years I have been there and always will be if the show ever does come back.
  • babies...

    does anybody know if matt and sarah ever had the twins? and mary and carlos? i missed a couple episodes this season and i was just wondering.. i know that kevin and lucy had s miscarriage but now they are pregnant agian...twins again? i think that they are only expeting one.. i wish that 7th heaven had another season so we can see what lucy is gonna have! i knew that she was gonna get pregnant by the last episode beacause the writers wouldnt let you be hanging..i miss 7th heaven already! i dont want it to end.. o by the way.. who is martin gonna end up with.. my money is on sandy.. i dont no why.. just a feeling :)
  • Been on the air for too long.

    I use to love this show but know i really do not watch it anymore. I have not evan seen most of this season. I miss when the orginal cast was invovled in the show. I wish that Mary Matt Simon and Ruthie were more invovled with the show. I wish that last season was the last at least I would have been somewhat happy about how the show ended. I do not like that they made it end on a happy note instead of having Eric dying. I do not like that this season they brought on more new character instead of tying to get old one back for the last season.
  • Now here's a show worth watching!!!

    There's only one thing that I hate about this show... IT'S ENDING!!!! I don't want it to end... 7th Heaven is too good to end, especially just as a few people are just starting to get into it. I don't think anyone could play the roles of the characters any better than they did in this show. Take Daid Gallagher for example; His young and sweet character as a child couldn't of been done any better. Nobody could've topped that. Absolutely nobody. Another fine example is Beverley Mitchell. She played her part as Lucy amazingly well. One thing she always gave us were sweet, honest and serious scenes. Lucy seemed to me as the kind of person who's very emotional, yet very serious at the same time. You don't get many people like that anymore, especially people like that who also want to work with the ministry. My favorite character relationship in this show, believe it or not, was actually the on-and-off friendly relationship between Lucy and Sandy. They seemed to be on a constant roller-coaster with their friendship. I think their problem was that Lucy was annoyed by Sandy at first for wanting to be like her, and Sandy was too worried about Lucy getting mad at her. If there was anything I was allowed to change in this show, I'd have to say there's about three simple things. One: Not having Mr. Goodie-Goodie Dr. Jonathan Sanderson propose to Sandy!!! Honestly, I don't even like him. And plus, I don't even think things would work out between them in the end anyway. Something tells me that Aaron, Sandy's son, would be the problem... I don't know, could just be me... Two: Not getting rid of all of Happy's puppies in the beginning of the show. They were so cute! I wouldn't want to get rid of them... Three: Not having Martin be so stubborn. I mean, there's actually a time or two where he lies to Sandy so he can get out of watching his son! Now that's just plain out rude! It's his son! Overall, 7th Heaven is an amazing show, and I hope there'll be others like it in the future. (Although no show could probably ever top this one, especially when it's based on this one. There'll never be another show just as good as this one, and if there is...well, there better be some kind of reward for it!)
  • 7th Heaven has been a hidden treasure for me. It is a very informative show that doesn't get boring or overdrawn out. It is a great show for families with pre-teens and teens.

    I have just started watching the show over here at Yokota,AB, Japan. AFN has been airing it regularly, but we are over a year behind here. I an intrigued every time by the plot and all the characters. They are so real and I can almost feel what they are going through. It happens to answer some of my own questions and how to deal with "those" situations that may come up no matter what kind of upbinging was done. Wonderful show, I hope they can stay on another year or two!!!!!!
  • 7th heaven is the best show ever...I have been watching it sence the first season I really hope that it may continue

    If 7th heaven doesn't continue i really don't know what I will do It has been an insporation into my life. I really hope that they will continue for the 12th season and on of it I will be very upset...I think that you would be absolutly stupid to take it off the air...so please give it another chance to be successful. please help me and keep this show going.
  • Great episode coming up. Martin and Ruthie? Wonder how that will turn up? Tune in Sunday night!

    A great show on the CW. This show is worth watching every Sunday night. I have grown up with this show ever since it debuted in 1996. Now that it is coming to an end, I think it is time for the actors to take a break from acting. With Simon, Matt and Mary gone, it is time for the other Camden kids to go with their lives.
  • Another great episode, too bad it will all be ending. A 12th Season would hav been terrific.

    Can't say enough how disappointed I am to hear that 7th Heaven will end this May. I have enjoyed watching with my children over the years. There aren't many shows we can watch together. 7th Heaven initiated many family discussions that we would not have had otherwise. We will miss the show very much. There seems to be so much going on in the storyline that I can't imagine an end that doesn't leave many questions.
    Hopefully there is a spin-off in the works, or at least occasional specials. The Camden's have been part of our family for the last 11 years it will be sad to say good-bye.
  • Yeah this CRAPPY show is cancelled finally, for the second time!!!

    Finally no more Camdens!!!! They are so annoying,all of them.
    7th Heaven, I know it is like the longest family drama ever or something like that. But it was the most worthless show I have ever seen. Those kids are so ridiculus. Come on, what kids act like that? If I had to see that bad actress Beverly somethingorother again I would scream. The others werent too much better. and most of those Camden kids had to leave the show because they were so embarrassed about being on the worst show on tv. Oh I am sure I will make all of you mad, but I dont care. Get A LIFE watch something more worthwhile, like grass growing.
  • a very good show, but since it's so good, its time that it finally come to a close

    it was a very good show, with surprise, and ooohhhs and awws, but some good things are meant to be stopped. when the first series finale came on, i was sad and wished it didn't have to end. but when it came back on, i was happy at first, but now, im happy that its almost over. it was very good and i have no regret for watching the show. it was great!
  • An okay show. Very educating!

    This show has taught me a lot but i dont like it all that much i mean it is kind of annoying because everything always turns out perfect everything is always better at the end. i am not a big fan of the happy ending because in life lets face it we never get the happy ending. but this show has taught me a lot about life. that i should cherish every moment i have and take every chance with the people i love. My brother loves this show and i think it is good that he watches it. I hate how none of the seasons are out.
  • The life of an american family

    "7th Heaven" is a very nice tv show. It's the story of a family, whose members are always increasing. First we meet Reverend Camden and his wife Annie, then their children: Matt, Mary, Simon, Lucy, Ruthie and later on, Sam and David. This show is about the problems that this family has, problems that will always be solved with the help of the others. It's about their problems, but thier happy moments too.
    I think the tv show is called "7th Heaven" because the Camden family has 7 children, who are like 7 little miracles who came from heaven.
    This show can show you that you are not alone in the world and that you can rely on the persons surounding you.
  • why i think 7th heaven rocks

    It is pretty fun and it is an awesome show for teenagers and adults.I love all the hott guys in it.Specially Kevin and lucy.I watch the show everyday and i will always love this show no matter what.7th heaven taught me alot of things. that you shouldn`t listen to what people say bad about you.i am a big 7th heaven fan and so is my friend.well i just wanted to tell yall why 7th heaven rocks!I think Simon is hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watch that show everday. i love that show and i will always watch it.
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