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  • It had its moments, but the present isn't that cool.

    Am I the only one who feels like this show insults our intelligence?

    Here's a break-down of the elements of a typical episode these days: 50% explaining why the missing Camden children/pseudo-Camden children won't be appearing on that episode (needless to say, this is getting old...they've been doing this since Mary left years ago.....perhaps it is time to let a show go if so many of the integral characters have opted to leave the cast). The audience has stopped expecting them to appear, so there's no more need for these weekly updates! 30% bad acting/bad writing (between the actors and the lines they're forced to recite, it takes an hour long show to spit out about 5 minutes worth of story line) 20% force-feeding the audience a "moral" (there's no reason that EVERY character in the show has to learn the same lesson in their own way - the general TV viewer is smart enough to derive the moral of a story after seeing it once with only one character or group of characters - there's no need to insult everyone's intelligence with over-explanations, unrealistic coincidences and painful repetition)

    While this show was never one of the best, it's gone from a cheesy family show to an intolerable work of unrealistic fiction.
  • I will miss it!!!!

    I will miss it!!!!! It was one and still is one of my favorite shows and I am really really going to miss it when it goes off the air this may. Yes, I know there are going to be the repeats on abc family but it is not the same. i grow up with them. But what you going to do and good things must come to a end sometimes. And this is the emd of a great one. Thank you 7th heaven for the past 11 years. I wish all the people invold in the show goodluck in all they do!
  • family full of people that each have a story.

    This used to be one of my shows to watch. Something happen a long time ago and it went down hill ever since. This show was great with Simon and the original crew and Jessica Biel. I loved her. Anyways, i think this show needs a major face lift it plans to go out with a bang. It is the last season and this show is not gonna get those viewers it would like if they want a great series finale. I hope it tries to make the effort at least to make it a good finale. Wish it the best of luck.
  • Just Not That Good

    7th Heaven had potential. It had the potential to be an entertaining look at life in a Protestant Ministers home from a family perspective, and it does/did occasionally do this. The show had many episodes with enough humor and family-fun to be markedly entertaining. However, the show all too frequently lapses into melodrama, the acting leaves much to be desired, and anyone who comes from a home with more than three children understands that in a large family acting up is seldom tolerated with the good humor presented in the Camden household, particularly when all the children are acting up all the time. This is especially true where whining is concerned, each and every one of the Camden children, no matter their age, are whiny. Although, I believe this is a trait learned by example as their Mother seems to gripe frequently. In addition, the Camden children wander to and fro, in early seasons this includes tiny Ruthie, as though the show takes place in 1950’s Mayberry. 7th Heaven wants desperately to be intelligent, it tries to deal sensitively with difficult issues while still tackling them head-on. The show is not overly-preachy, in fact, if anything it is not preachy enough. It often struggles with what it wants to say, statements are made and then contradicted making it the sort of show that wants to say everything, but in the end says nothing. Also, the Camden parents lax attitude towards affirming their boy-crazy and frequently hysterical daughter’s whims is nauseating. I am a preacher’s kid, and as such I have decent insight into the goings on in a ministers home, 7th Heaven has some of these aspect correct, such as the abundance of people coming in and out of the house on a daily basis, and how ministers children are frequently required to stand in line in order to speak to their own parent. The Camden family is portrayed as being close, although, this is sometimes hard to believe what with the constant stream of bickering and drama. In fact, everything in this fictional families lives is drama, drama, drama. Nothing mundane ever happens to the Camden’s. The Camden children are, incorrectly, portrayed as minor celebrities. Everyone knows who they are and that they are the Reverend Camden’s children. I grew up in a town smaller than the fictional locale of 7th Heaven and not everyone in my hometown knows who I am, and why would they, my father is one minister in a town with many other churches. 7th Heaven is occasionally amusing, but it fails in it’s prime directive—making a statement about delicate issues from a more conservative family-oriented perspective. The acting ranges from tolerable to nauseating and the dialogue leaves much to be desired. In many ways the characters are simply tired caricatures which makes the shows lengthy run astonishing. I believe this is due to the lack of televised material available for the entire family. Some will enjoy 7th Heaven, I admit, albeit reluctantly, that I have at times enjoyed the show. However, for the most part it is by no means a first-rate entertainment, nor is it worthy of much attention from families. I would much rather watch reruns of I Love Lucy, Bewitched, The Honeymooners or The Dick Van Dyke Show with my family.
  • A show about the trials and tribulations of a american family. Not the brady bunch but real today with real issues. No jags, or million dollar homes. a show a middle american family can relate to.

    I love this show it's on if not hte only one that feel real not like some other shows were everyone is rich and the kids live better lives than anyone could dream of. Also they touch on everyday subjects. ie guns in schools, prejudice, drug abuse, the elderly etc
  • why i love 7th heaven

    i loved 7th heaven from the beginning! it's a show about family! about what family should be like! and even though sometimes it's unrealistic, who cares? it's not the point! they make us laugh and cry, happy and sad but there's one thing that never changes : they love each other and that's why i love the show. i'd love to say that my family is like that, but we're not! and 7th heaven makes me realize what sort of person i want to be, what kind of values i wanna have, that's why 7th heaven is a great show! because it teaches people!
    it got resurrected once last year but i'm afraid it's not going to have that chance one more time this year! which is too bad because i think a new generation of people could really enjoy it!
    my favorite character on the show is lucy because when i started to watch the show i was lucy's age so i could really relate to her! i became an adult with her! and i think i've learned a lot from the camdens so thank you, eric, annie, matt, mary, lucy, simon, ruthie, sam, david, happy, kevin and brenda hampton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I started watching 7th Heaven during the 7th Season. So i hadn't seen 7 seasons and a few episodes into the 7th Heaven. I orignally saw it on abc Family(repeats) and then on the Wb. Immedatley I fell in love with the show.

    7th Heaven, is a great show. 7th Heaven even, if the episode isn't that great I still enjoy it.11 seasons is a great and long wonderful time to have a nice show like this. I was hoping that it would hang on for another year so that it would be an even 12 years. So I am defintely sad to see 7th Heaven go. I love the actors and actresses because they do such a great job. They make 7th Heaven is what it is. I hope that this show will go down in tv history because it show. I hope that the rest of the seasons will come out on Dvd so that we can keep them forever.
  • 7th Heaven Rocks!!! I love it

    This show is the best show ever, I love it so much. i watch it all the time and I buy all the DVDs when they come out. I hate to see it end.All of the characters are so good and talented. 7th Heaven should never end it is wayyyyy too good to let go and whoever thinks different is just not nice at all and doesn't know a good show when they come across one. I know what you are thinking; this person is soooo weird all she is doing is rambling on acting like a crazy person but you see now I am done. I just want you to remember one thing---- 7th Heaven is my favorite show, I love it and it is the best!!!!
  • 7th Heaven is one of The WB's first shows and its longest running show; it is so fitting that 7th Heaven and The WB go out together. Memories made and never forgotten.

    The Camdens have been apart of many families for past ten years and saying goodbye is very hard. But it is happy to have then back for an 11th season.

    My mom and I have watched 7th Heaven since it premiered and even though I haven't watched regularly, I still read about and feel apart of the show. 7th Heaven has lasted longer than most marriages, it has given more advice to teens than some parents, and it has touched everyone who has watched it. So many topics and problems from the episodes deal with what teens and adults face, 7th Heaven has made it easier to deal with those problems. The characters seemed really and the cast really portrayed then well. Goodbye to 7th Heaven, goodbye to a legacy. My mom and I have watched 7th Heaven since it premiered and even though I haven't watched regularly, I still read about and feel apart of the show. 7th Heaven has lasted longer than most marriages, it has given more advice to teens than some parents, and it has touched everyone who has watched it. So many of the topics and problems from the episodes deal with problems and out situations children, teens and adults face, 7th Heaven has made it easier to deal with those problems; by showing an example to us all that life has consequences but it also has love, joy, and hope. The characters seemed really and the cast really portrayed them well and has made connecting with them as their characters easier. People have come and gone of the sets of 7th Heaven but everyone has a way of returning to let its viewers watch a great and sometimes dramatic episode. Goodbye to 7th Heaven, goodbye to a legacy.
  • The best show for 11 years and hopefully more! About and for the family.

    This is one of my favorite shows. From 1996 to 2007 this show is and always will be great. For 11 years Eric, Annie and the rest of the Camden Family have been getting in and out of many troubles ranging from divorces to deaths to bad health and more, and there were good times from marriages to births. I would have never expected a show about and for the family to last this long. I hope there will be more seasons to come.
  • I llooovvee this show!

    Where I live 7th Heaven no longer shows.
    It's an awesome show.
    Let me tell you about the family.
    Eric is a father and a priest of the local church.
    His wife I can't remember her name but she's a house wife.
    Mary a girl who likes basketball she has a son and an ex husband whom she walked out on and then she became a flight attendet then she dated the capin who was as old as her dad.
    Matt is a doctor who is married to a doctor.I don't know if they have kids.Matt and his wife alloped after their first date and his sister ruthy foundout so they told everyone they were getting married and did it over.Matt's wife is a jew so he became on to.
    Lucy a mother of two Savanah and someone else.She's married to Ben brother Kevin.Ben use to date Mary.
    Ruthy is the family snitch. She knows everything before anyone else.Her first boyfriend was Peter but he moved away.Then she started dating other guys,then Peter movd back and Ruthy didn't have a boyfriend but Peter had a girlfriend.But they Broke up and Peter and Ruthy got back together. Peter is very cute.
    Sam and David are the twins. I have nothing to say about them,.
    Happy is thir dog.She's a girl and ha puppies but they came them away.Happy is a short white dog whos fur hangs down.
  • 7th Heaven has it's good and bad times, but all and all it is a wonderful show.

    I have been watching 7th Heaven on and on since it premiered in 1996. I watched it steadily until Eric Camden started to have heart problems. That is when I thought that the show started to become worse and more boring. I then started watching it in the 10th season full time again. I fell in love with the show all over again and was devestated when I found out that the show had been cancelled by the WB. I dreded the countdown to the final episode and cried when it aired, but then it had a maraculous save by the CW who picked it up in the fall. I haven't been watching it since because I thought it was going to end and it seemed to weird to watch it without all of the kids. They almost need to change the name to like 3rd Heaven or something. But I still enjoy the older episodes.
  • A family show with it's own set of problems. It still has plenty of problems, but where did the family go?

    On a show about a family, there is bound to be plenty of problems for parents and children alike. The Camdens have gotten into a lot of scrapes over the years, but they've always made it through. They've dealt with issues like cutting, gangs, alcohol, and of course the everyday trials of a teen. But they don't forget about the struggles everyone may face right inside their own family circle. For the first few seasons it was a great family show, but unfortunately, in the last couple of years it has turned into a teen soap. These heavenly teens have always had teen problems, but when they grew closer and closer to adulthood the writers changed the scripts. It seemed as though every episode had to do with who was in love with who or who was secretly getting married and less about the problems of the world. In the more recent episodes, there have been plenty of new faces, too many in fact for me. The new faces wouldn't be a problem if there weren't so many of them that I didn't like. For example, I truly dreaded Simon's wedding because I couldn't stand the bride. They did have one great character development episode where I started liking her more, but that wore off quickly. Even Ruthie (who I realize is a teen now) has become snotty and rebellious. Hopefully that will improve soon. And let's not forget the three teens that Rev. Camden recently took into his home. I haven't watched but a few episodes that they've been in, but something about them just doesn't feel genuine to me. It could be the acting, but I don't know. It's annoying watching the tall blonde of the three. She always seems to be complaining and comes across to me as ungrateful. It's also unfortunate that Mary and Matt are no longer around, but I've also noticed that Simon hasn't beem making that many appearances lately. For a show about family, there doesn't seem to be much family around, and you just can't replace those people. Honestly, I don't think that 7th Heaven is making the most of its comeback. There aren't that many shows that get cancelled and then renewed. It seems to me that Eric's illness is nothing but a device to get people to keep watching. I really doubt that they would actually let him die, but it could happen. This, alone, is the only reason I am still watching the show. Otherwise, I don't think it should have stayed on the air this long.
  • My point of view about this TV show.

    This is by far one of the best TV shows ever of all time and by that I mean its not only entertaining its also a real life based show which means it shows you and everyone else that no family’s perfect and no matter how big or small rich or poor all families have there good times and not so good times (Ups and Downs). This is a TV show for everyone and you would be surprised how quick you get “addicted” to it. Its interesting and fun. You see in a real life point of view how other people live there life’s and the mistakes they make and from that you learn not to make the same mistakes. So its basically a great TV show for all.

    But that’s all for now.
  • I love 7th heaven!

    I love 7th heaven it is my favorite show ever. I was upset when i heard it was canceling after the tenth season. And I was glad when it was brought back for an elventh season. But i miss all the Camden kids. I think they should get brought back onto the show. Why were they even taken off? I like the earlier seasons better when they were all on. I watched all of last season (10) but only got to see the first episode of the current season (11) because its on sunday nights, I think it should get changed back to monday nights if its brought back for a twelth season.
  • This show is great.

    This show is really good and how much seasons it has it is very popular. When I found out they nwere going to have a series finally i was sad but when they brought it bach I was really happy. If you watch the first episodes and then the last couple so far it has changed a lot there are some new characters and the main characters are growing up fast. Some of the characters like Lucy were little kids when it started and now on the show they have kids of there own. This show has been running for a long time and is still really good.
  • COOL

    7th Heaven is the best show on tv,i want 20 spinoffs from 7th heaven like kevin and lucy and a spinoff about t-bone and ruthie. i can write episodes for kevin and lucy,brad (spinoff from home improvement),dj and heather (spinoff from roseanne), david and darlene (spinoff from roseanne) and bud (spinoff from married with children). the cw should get rid of wwe smackdown and replace it with this lineup: Cuts
    WWE Friday Night Smackdown
    Will And Grace
    Everbody Loves Raymond
    Sex And The City
    Will And Grace
    Family Ties
    Family Ties
    8 Simple Rules
    8 Simple Rules
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Hope And Faith (new episodes)
    Life With Bonnie (new episodes)
    the cw should extend the lineup from 7:00pm-10:00pm and wwe friday night smackdown can air at 10:00pm-12:00pm
  • 7th heaven is still going !

    7th heaven has been around for ages. I grew up watching this show. It's a very well written show. People look at it and think oh its religious im not watching it, but its nothing what they think. It relfects everyday life and all the problems and challenges an everyday family faces. Its a great show. The cast has done an exellent job. its now in it's 11th season. Its the longest drama t.v. show ever. That should count for something! 7th heaven has been going down hill these couple of last seasons but its still a great show to watch. Im dreading the end of this year when the series finale comes. Im going to miss 7th heaven very much!
  • Out with the old and in with the new.....new needs better story lines.

    I have watched this show since it began. I was hooked. Finally, there was a series that talked about the goings on, without actually having to witness every little dirty deed. It was innocent and well thought out. So, of course, when it came to the end of the last season, I didn't want it to end. The last few episodes of the last season were completely drugg out, predictable, and boring. The most recent season started off okay, but I would like to feel the way the rest of the series made me feel: innocent and near tears.
  • Ok, I've been watching this show for the past 11 seasons its been on and I can say, the show has changed so much since it started.

    This show was one of the first television shows I ever started watching and let me say, its a great show, yes, but its a show that I feel has been dragged on too long and really should have been ended around the 8th or 9th season. The show used to be about a minister's family and the trials and tribulations they go through, but there was always a second story line in which members of the family were involved in helping other people or impacting someone else's life and how the situtation affected each family member. I still remember clear in my mind an early episode in which Simon became friends with the boy who had Tourettes who was ridiculed and teased, and in the end Simon stood up for the boy. It was stories like that that always grabbed my attention, now the show has sort of become a show that has revolved around the family and only had to do with their own problems, excluding a few episodes here and there, but even then it sorta feels acted instead of as real as it used to be. Even the 11th season, yes there were some good episodes, the episode about the Darfur genocide, the christmas one, these were good episode and it seemed like the writers were trying to get back to the roots, but even the Darfur genocide one was poorly acted. Really, this is a great show, which is why I hate to watch it kinda go down the tubes because its been dragged out for so long.
  • this show is awesome

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  • this is a pretty good show. a lot of ppl can relate their own problems to it nd i think thats cool

    i've been watching this show on nd off...one season ill watch it non stop the next ill get bored nd miss out...then ill start watching it again..but yea i think its cool how they all have problems that the ppl watching can relate to..i think most ppl will like this show..true it does have a lot of drama but again its also something that im sure everyone can relate to...so yea ill watch it once in a while nd id probly recommend other ppl to
  • 7th Heaven is about a ministers family of seven kids and the problems they face in everyday life.

    7th Heaven is a wonderful show and was at its prime in its 2nd through 6th seasons, but has gone down hill from there. The Camden family has gone through everything you could think of from pregnacy to getting a D on your history paper, and if the Camdens have not gone through it, Eric has helped someone who has. The Camden family consists of Eric the minster, Annie a stay at home wife who has many talents and their seven children. Matt the oldest who is a ladies man. Mary the good girl goes bad. Lucy the drama queen. Simon the kid with all the money. Ruthie the little girl with big ears, she always knows whats going on. The twins Sam and David they were born in the 3rd season. The Camdens after the 4th season have almost always had a border living in their house someone who Eric is helping.
  • A wonderful show the entire family can enjoy!

    7th Heaven is a show about a minister, his wife, and five kids (later in the show it turns to seven). They deal with many common issues that children, teens, and adults go through in life, as well as some more uncommon problems that only the most unfortunate are forced to deal with. Although the acting is usually weak, the amazing (and addicting) plot lines make up for it. And although the stories this past year have been less-than-wonderful, and the actors are a bit out of character, I have a feeling that if it goes on for a twelfth season, it will improve greatly. Many great shows have been cancelled this year, and I hope this isn't added to the list. Because the show has more drama than comedy, the few comedic moments we get are made all the more enjoyable. Sometimes you find yourself screaming at the TV when someone's done something they shouldn't have, and other times you find yourself in shock when someone springs a surprise on everyone. This is a great show that people of all ages can enjoy.
  • Over the years i've watched 7th Heaven and watched the Camden kids growup. But 7th Heaven isn't what it used to be.

    7th Heaven isn't what the show used to be. Most of the Camden kids have grown up and moved out. The only Camden kids still around and still appear on the show are Lucy, Ruthie, and the twins Sam and David. There have been alot of changes to the cast by adding on random kids to take the places of the Camden kids who left. If 7th Heaven stays for another season I wish the show would get back to what it used to be when it first started out. Where Eric Camden and sometimes ever the Camden kids would help random people who were their friends or people that they didn't know at all. I know it's too much of wishful thinking to wish that some of the other Camden kids would come back and appear on the show once again. Not as a regular cast member but at least appear on the show again.
  • I grew up with 7th heaven well not exactly since i was 7

    7th Heaven is just a very good family show and if they dont bring it back for a 12th season then they're crazy. I think some people dont like this show anymore because its getting old and they think Eric camdom's going to die in the season or series finale. maybe ur right maybe ur wrong i dont know i'm not a writer on that show so dont ask me!. Anyway. 7th heaven has been a favorite of mine since i was 7, and I remember when i was flipping channels and i saw lucy make out with kevin at 3 in the morning for the first time. and that really got me hooked on 7th heaven
  • how many crisis an one family have??

    seriously! im pretty sure they are running out of all bad things that could possibly happen to one family. in one episode, someone gets arrested, another gets in fights at school, and another runs away from home and goies missing, blah blah blah. this show was good, in its prime. but ever since then, it has been going downhill for me. i now change the channel, and fast whenever it comes on. i mean i understand that bad things do happen to people, but noboy has that bad of luck. im suprised that they just dont make all of the characters kill themselves when it comes time for the series finale.
  • Tit for Tat. If you don't put some life into the show it's past it prime, it seems to be going down hill

    Talk about stupid the way Eric was wanting to keep his problems from his mom and dad is about as dumb as you can get, but the whole family is like that they don't know how to tell the truth if it slapped them in the face. The part about Lucy running off for the week end because she told them about her father. she need to grow up.
    now the dumbest was the tatoo, T Bone is not playing with a full deck and nither is Ruthie now.
    I want to see about the divorce this should be good.
  • In beginning of show, Eric(reverend) and wife(Annie)have five kids, (Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie) In third season, they have identical twins. It is a family drama. The show was made very well.

    I love the show in the beginning. Once Mary left, the show became a lot worse. After Matt left I barely watched the show. Once Simon left, I knew the show was coming to an end. Especially once producer Aaron Spelling died. The show is on its eleventh season. It is horrible. They added horrible characters to the show such as Sandy, Mac, T-Bone, Jane, Margaret, and in 10th season, Rose. Don't watch the show now, but rent the earlier seasons on DVD, season 4 is coming out on March 26, 2007! I own all of the earlier seasons and they are great.
  • The Camden family as the minister father and stay-at-home mother deal with the drama of having seven children, ranging from toddlers to adults with families of their own.

    IMHO, the 7th Heaven beginnings were the best. All of the kids were mainly fresh actors/actresses, and the drama was enough to stay tuned. Ruthie was so funny and cute. Simon was a cute little blonde. Mary was the good girl and Lucy was boy crazy. And Matt- he was the perfect, nice older brother. There were episodes that made you cry, and episodes that were nailbiting. There was the eyes-glued-to-the-tv episode when everyone was suspicious about the joint that someone slipped to Matt. The drama in that was very good. And at the end, when Matt was praying in church, what an episode!!!! Then there's the episode when Annie's grandma dies. That was so sad!!! The Camdems started growing up- Lucy turned 13 in that bitter sweet episode- but the biggest change was Mary!!! When Mary trashed the gym- that's when the episodes got even better. Mary wasn't so much the good girl anymore. And Wilson. I LUVED WILSON!!!! Him with a son and all, it was just so overwhelming. He was very sweet and cute and he was another reason I liked the show. Well, let me just say 7th Heaven has changed. Ruthie's adorable curly hair is now straightened, and she's lost her sense of humor. There are a ton of new characters in the show now, and it's hard to follow what is going on. Some of these new characters aren't even the best of actors. Lucy is married to Kevin, which isn't so bad. And Mary, where is she?! Away on her job a lot. And "crazy Mary" had another "crazy plan" and went off and eloped!!!! To a guy she knew way back when!!!! I miss him!!!!! The best episode in a while so far has got to be when Simon ran over a kid. I think he did a very good part in that dramatic role. He touched me, at least. I just hope that the 7th Heaven episodes will stop revoliving all around relationships that don't even have to do with the family (take Cecilia now for instance)and go back to the family drama that it used to be. All in all, since I luv the beginnings of this show, it still is pretty good
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