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  • 8.9
    I used to love this show, especially last season. Now it seems so boring. Before I wanted to cry if I missed an episode, but yesterday I stayed on my computer and didn't think about it again after 9:10. It seems it was better when more of the Camden kids were around. It seems like Eric's about to die, everyone at the church is a bad person, and Kevin and Lucy are going to get a divorce. I'm not saying any of these are true but that's how it feels. Lately the show only revolves around the same characters. BORING!
  • I love seventh heaven it is my favorite show on tv i'm so glad they brought the show back i was so sad when they had what was suppose to be the finall episode!!

    I give this show a perfect 10,& I know a lot of people will agree with me.i've been a loyal fan ever since the show first aired,my five year old daughter loves the show she watches it with me.She's been watching this since she knew what tv was,I hope they keep this show on the air for a long time.It is a great show you can set down & watch with your family,it also helps start conversations with your kids that otherwise would be hard to bring up.
  • I am a tattoo artist that didn't exactly agree with the ideas of this episode.

    I am a tattoo artist and after watching this episode, it is clear to me that the writers on the show did not do their homework on tattoos. I always try to talk people out of getting names tattooed so i do agree with the shows view on that aspect, but i was very offended to hear that they refer to people who get tattoos as "idiots". I understand that it is a sin to damage gods temple, but thats how i keep food in my daughters mouth. I don't feel that I am an idiot. The episode made it seem that getting tattooed makes you sick, when in reality, the pain stops after the tattoo is done. The next day it feels like a sunburn. Ruthie and T-bone also left the bandages on too long. I only advise two hours of bandage time and the tattoo should never be re-bandaged. I know that people have mixed feelings on tattoos in the christian comunnity but I feel like the show was giving tattoos a bad rap using false information. Its ok to not agree with tattoos, but its not ok to give false information on a nationally televised show to "badmouth" them.

    thank you for reading tyler
  • This show is GREAT but the storylines are going downhill.

    7th Heaven is one of my all time favorite shows. But unfortunately, since half of the original cast members are gone the show is really starting to die. Their so called "series finale" sucked and that's the only reason the CW brought it back. If they knew the cast members weren't going to renew their contracts, then why did they bring the show back in the first place. I think the past 10 seasons were the absolute best, but the 11th season was a bit too much. I wish Jessica Biel, David Gallagher, and Barry Watson would return to the show. Overall I give this show 8.8/10.
  • The Camdens are the best family on TV by showing us faimily values.

    I love the show 7th Heaven. It is such a great family show with great values. its so hard to find a show on tv with gret values. it teaches me so many great lessons. like racism, teenage pregnancy, love lives gone wrong, single parents, that ministers ar regular people just like you and me. the world has gone wrong with violence and terror but the camdens have showed us how to cope with everthing and that they always see the positive and their lives keep going even after tragedy hits them several times. the camdens have seen it all from matt moving away, mary loosing her basketball schollarship and leaving her son and husband, to lucy how is very emotinal, being on bedrest, to loosing the twins, simon almost marring rose and his STD scare, to ruthie wanting to become and adult, the twins being homed schooled, eric who had open heart surgery and is told he has a year to live, and annie who has to cope with everything.
  • this show is about a familys life and all its ups and downs!

    this is the best show on television, it shows you all the ups and downs of a family, i can't beleive that it has been on for 11 years. i never ever want it to end. ruthie is irritating and should go back to swiserland. lucy is my favorite character plus i love her new album. its amazing. i love this show! but unfortunutly it has to end sometime and i am looking forward to owning all the seasons on dvd someday soon1i was devistated when it was canceled last may but i am happy its back. i love this show!
  • Why did they bring it back!!

    Okay, so I watched 7th Heaven since 1995 and it was one of my favorite shows, but they ruined it by an 11th season which it was the finale last season. I loved how it ended with Simon not getting married and Lucy, Mary, & Sarah all having twins..it was great and now they brought it back!! I don't even watch it because it is horrible and no one is good in it and it's extrememly boring. I watched Sunday nights episode and Ruthie and T-Stone or whatever his name is..all they do is kiss..how interesting is that?? That is why I can't stand this show anymore, they should have had it's finale 10th season last year.
  • THe #1 Show about Family!!

    7th Heaven is my Ultimate favorite Television Show. I think this show has been wonderfull since it first aired and all the way up to todays show. The show actually contains real life obsticles that you have to face like sex, drugs, alchol, death, and a lot of other hard thing but it shows as a family they can make it through anything as long as they stick together and work as a family. There is no other show like this one out there and that makes it an orginal. It would be great if the family did a reunion. I support 7th Heaven all the way!!!
  • The topic of Dafur was important, but the writing could have been better. This series has handled controversial topics in the past with a sense of style, but this was ho-hum with way too much expository dialogue, especially for young actors.

    I love 7th Heaven but found my self bored. I am not against helping Dafur, or any charity, but this episode seemed to be a lot of preaching without a lot of plot. The best part was the ending when the boys showed the way and the rest learned that they have much more than most to be grateful for and need to share what they have. The weakest part was when T-bone was talking to the two girls about Dafur. Teens, or even adults, don\'t talk like that on a regular basis. The writers could have been more clever.
  • the show that they made was great it is an excellent show and i thought it was a good show i enjoyed it so much i like to watch it and i thought it was going to be a bad show but it is not a bad show it is a great show and i enjoy it and i like the shows

    i want to tell you that this show is an excellent show and i want to see more shows like this i am going to try to get one of the seiries i thought it would be a goofy show but it is not goofy it is a great show i enjoyed it so much that i want to see another show like this keep on making shows like this i will watch something like this and i will buy the shows keep up the good work with the show and make more shows like this one great work on the show for 7th heaven iti s great
  • My thoughts on the show tonight.

    I thought the show was very acurate. I\\\'ve done some research on the problem and they hit it right on the head. I thought that the twins sending the money was a good start. The other Camdens could learn alot from Sam and David. I thought that Lucy was being superficial in the show until the end espechialy when Kevin offered an apology.
    I also thought that it was really sweet how they also had Ruthie using her knowledge that she learned in Scotland about the problem. Thank you for reading my review and I hope you apreciate my thoughts.
  • The story of the Camden family, a religious family trying to get by in Glen Oak, California with as little hassles as possible.

    You can clearly see why this show has been running for 11 seasons. From the original 7 kids in season 1, we now only have 4 of the kids and extras. Simon's off at college after he and betrothed Rose called off the wedding only seconds before the ceremony. Mary is in New York with reconciled boyfriend/husband Carlos. And Matt is now off working as a doctor with his wife, Sarah. Now to the current kids. Lucy, following in her fathers footsteps, has become a minister and has one child, Savannah, with husband Kevin. Ruthie, who has changed from being an innocent, sweet girl to being a smart, more sexually evolved brat. And Sam and David, the troublesome twins who like to cause mischief for their parents and other family members. Of course, Eric and Annie are still in it but they haven't changed. With every season, comes more people with problems. Sandy and Martin have been in it for a while, but their situation is pretty clear. Sandy had a one-night stand with Martin, because she had feelings for her best friends fiance (Simon), but from the one-night stand, a pregnancy came, much to Martin's dismay. But this season they both seem very happy together, maybe Martin more then Sandy. Also, they have T-Bone, Margaret and Jane. Three outcasts who are "temporarily" staying with the Camdens. T-Bone, a person who prides himself on his listening skills even though he talks more than they do and at the wrong time. Jane, a rough girl who doesn't think ahead when doing things. And Margaret,a very shy girl who doesn't say much and tends to get over emotional when things happen and she doesn't normally do stuff without consulting Jane. So, although the characters may have changed, and the storylines may have changed as well but 7th Heaven will always be a classic.
  • It's about a reverend and his wife and their 7 children. How they cope with the job of having to raise 7 childre and the dram in life.

    I absolutely love this show to pieces. It started in 1996, where I was just 6 years old. I didn't watch it at that time though. I began watching it as I grew older. I don't watch it all the time but when it's on I do and they always make good episodes. It's too bad the DVD's are so expensive. if they wasn't I would have bought them by now. Also I like the way they make it so we watch how all the children grow up. Matt has grown into a very goodlooking guy and so has Simon. Mary and Lucy are now women and Ruthie, Sam and David are all so big now, it just amazes me that the show has been running for so long. It's something you definately don't wanna miss.
  • well.....

    it was great!fantastic.....it was not the best pilot i have seen but it was funny and showed all the characters and all that the only thing that really let the first episdoe down was the whole lucy thing i thought it was very unrealistic with her dad being so involved like its good there close but i did not think that would have happened in a real life situation its usually the mum with that stuff not dad and like the mum was saying to the dad that he should do it and yeah thats the only thing really but other then that great!
  • 9.2
    this show is a classic, i only recently started 2 watch it again and was surprised 2 find out how long it's lasted, and the fact that they have kept all the original actors, it adds a great effect to seeing the children grow up, and all the changes they went through over the ten years. even though they've grown up with a religious background they still have gone through heaps of problems that are both socially and religiously unaceptable, showin that no matter what your upbringing those things will happen to anyone. i can't wait to see wat happens in the end.
  • Everwood got cancelled for more of this?! Are you kidding me?

    I used to kind of like this show. At the beginning, you know, when it had something new to say. But it's so stale now. There's nothing good about it. I was originally able to look past the sub-par acting and base storylines and watch it fairly regularly, but by about season three I was pretty solidly over it.

    I have nothing good to say about this show as it is now. And the fact that Everwood was dropped to put more of this back on... unbelievable. I'm honestly surprised that anyone still watches this show.

    Not that I expect my annoyance to make a difference, but as long as Everwood is gone and 7th Heaven remains I wont be watching the CW for any reason. Complete boycott from me.
  • Family

    i love this show but why is this the only good family show left on television? its sometimes slow paced but it is a fabulous show. thank u very very much cw for picking it back up, and pretty please don't take it of the air after the end of this season.
  • A family goes through ups and downs, in real life situations.Mary is a trouble maker, Lucey is shy, Matt is outgoing. Simon is skeeming, Ruthie is is always learning new lessons. The twins are trouble makers, Happy the dog, and Eric and Annie the parents.

    It's educational, along with emotional. In most of the episodes you will learn a valuable lesson, and become educated with people and funds, such as the Lost Boys Foundation. I love to watch this show. I've become educated with things like the Lost Boys of Sudan, different dieseas funds, and more. There have been emotional problems like Lucey losing her best friend to Mary getting hit by a car to Lucey losing her twins due to misscarrege. This is truley a show you DO NOT want to miss.
  • 7th Heaven: Best Family Drama

    7th Heaven is an American television series about a Protestant minister's family living in the fictional town of Glen Oak, California. It was created and produced by Brenda Hampton. The central characters are "Reverend Eric Camden", his wife Annie, and their seven children. "Reverend Camden" is the senior pastor of the Glen Oak Community Church, whose Protestant denomination is typically never disclosed. the earlier seasons were a whole lot better than the ones latley. Jessica Biel played daughter Mary from the show's beginning. However, gradually dissatisfied with her "goody goody" image, Biel eventually posed for semi-nude photographs for Gear magazine of which the producers of the show did not approve. During the fifth (2000-2001) season, her character had gone through a rebellious phase, and this storyline was used to write Biel out of the show, sending Mary to her grandparents' house in Buffalo, New York for some tough love to counter her rebellious behavior. I hate that she left.
  • 7th Heaven is a show about a pastor and his family who rarely ever talk about God, Jesus or Christianity. And why are they the worst gossips, busybodies and connivers on earth.

    Meet the Camdens. On the surface, they are a happy family, who daily struggle to do the best in this world, although even they admit, they are far from perfect. But their faults are bordering on ridiculous. Let\'s take a closer look.
    Sam and David: The textbook definition of airheads. Their lines are so rehearsed and whiney. The only reason they are there is because the scriptwriters thought it would be interesting if Annie got pregnant again. Too late for the mistake to be rectified, Sam and David are reduced to cutesy, puppy dog roles that do nothing to drive this... dare I say plot?
    Ruthie: Upon discovering that guys think she is sexy, she went strutting down the corridor at school. Does anyone really do that? Ruthie, however, if we were to overlook her obsession with boys, (especially Martin, who may I add, did get Haylie Duff pregnant AND has a girlfriend) is one of the saner members of the Camden family, as she actually endeavours to keep secrets and doesn\'t invent ways to run family member\'s lives.
    Simon: He has now slept with both Haylie Duff and Ashlee Simpson\'s characters (he really loves his celebrities\' younger sisters). But the real question is, now that Rose is pregnant, will he go through with their marriage? How did he become such a pushover anyway?
    Lucy (aka Super Lucy): Is there no end to Lucy\'s good will? She just seems to be able to do everything for everyone, fixing all their problems, especially since her status upgrade to \"Reverend\". And where on earth do her and Kevin get all their money from, with her being a Reverend, and Kevin not working? They seem to be loaded, what with their wedding gift to The Doomed Couple, plus sending Ruthie across the globe on her quest to gallavant with boys (with a little poetry thrust in, of course). And how come Lucy knows the gender of her second child before she even begins to show? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it\'s Super Lucy!
    Mary: Once upon a time there was a good little girl called Mary. One day she got mixed in with a bunch of basketball team drop-outs, and she was court(sic) up with trashing the basketball court. It all went downhill from there. What with drink driving, not stopping at stop signs, meeting the infamous Robbie Palmer at community service, getting a tattoo, then... God forbid... getting divorced from her rebel-husband, Carlos, her life is well and truly going down the drain and she\'s left the show indefinitely. But, of course, Jessica Beal is a C-grade movie star now. How can she be expected to stay on a D-grade soap?
    Matt: Spying on his sister because she doesn\'t usually visit Simon? A three-hour drive? Get real. Apart from that lapse in dignity, Matt has joined Ruthie in the ranks of dignity. Luckily for Barry Watson, he has mostly left the show while the going was good. But what is his huge secret that even Ruthie was shocked to hear? Have he and Sarah broken up? No, that\'s what the seemingly fifteen-year-old scriptwriters want us to believe. Personally, I reckon they\'ve done a Madonna and adopted a baby from a third-world country.
    Annie: Do the words control freak spring to mind? Why does she have to know everyone\'s secrets all the time. Can\'t people have a little privacy for once? I\'m surprised Mary isn\'t the only one who went off the rails. Who here wouldn\'t go nuts with a mother like that?
    Eric: You are a pastor. I thought pastors were meant to have, you know, morals? What happened to confidentiality? And why on earth did you feel the necessity to drag \"Spirit in the Sky\" on for ten minutes at that singles night? And why did couples come to the singles night? You actually LET Ruthie sexy dance like that?
    Happy: Look, I know that Happy is probably Happy jr jr jr (the original died years ago, or perhaps became too famous for 7th Heaven) and is also probably a boy, but she must be the least meddling character in the whole show. Happy, you are the sole reason I gave 7th Heaven a score of one, as opposed to zero.

    7th Heaven, you have the pace of Days of our Lives, the reality of Big Brother and characters deeper than Itchy and Scratchy. Your long dialogues, which are the only things that drive this abysmal plot make me want to fall asleep on my feet. The only reason I watch you is because you are so, so pathetic, it really makes me laugh.
  • A show for the whole family...

    7th Heaven is definitely a show the entire family can enjoy. Yeah, I grant you that it has gone a "little" down hill the last two years or so. If I could change one thing we would be seeing a lot more of Matt and Mary and their kids and spouses.
    Back in the old days when the kids were younger it was a show everyone had somebody to relate to almost. I've found myself relating to both Lucy and Ruthie. My little sister can relate to Ruthie as a kid and my mom can relate to Annie in many ways. That's the great thing about this show. You can always relate to someone and understand what's going on with them. Also, it has great life lessons. Sometimes it seems a little bit fantasy life like. But the majority of the time it's realistic.
  • A pastor for a father, a handyman (or woman) for a mother, seven incredible children and all the answers to the social issues of the day. A truly smszing show for all ages.

    I think for this day and age, this show is amazing for all the morals it teaches us. It is great show for all ages and I was sorry to see it go off the air. It had issues that anyone could face who lived in a contemporary religious family or a non-religious one. It covered most issues we face today(drugs, alcohol, single living with someone of the opposite sex, pre-marital sex) You name it, it had it. What amazed me the most was it\'s longevity in this day and age, where a lot of contemporary shows only last a couple of seasons at most.
  • 7th Heaven is a really great show, especially for people into religion. It's about family, God, love, caring, friendship, and plain old life. Into it's 11th season, I am glad to say that it is NOT to late to start watching it now!

    7th Heaven is a really awesome and inspiring show. Usually 14 year olds, like me, are so far from religion, but this show keeps me going. I watch it and I know what I can get in return for caring for other people. I learn that hating is worth nothing. I watch this show and it brings my faith back up again.

    This show is about a reverand, Eric Camden, and his wife Annie, and their lives with their 7 children; Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, and David.
    Matt is becoming a docter and is married to Sarah, who just gave birth to twins. He is the oldest, and I think wisest of the bunch. He is smart and makes good choices in his life, most of the time.
    Mary is the second oldest, and does not always make the best choices. She has made a lot of mistakes during her life, but always let other people, including herself, forgive her for what she did. She is married to Carlos and she is pregnant with twins, and already has a son.
    Lucy is the third child, and the most emotional. She also, I think, has the kindest heart out of all of them. She always looks out for other people, and doesn't only think about herself. She is married to Kevin, a cop, and they have a baby girl named Savannah. She was pregnant with twins, but she had a miscarriage.
    Simon is the fourth, and again has made a few mistakes in his life like Mary. Except, he is really smart. He too cares about other people like Lucy, but he thinks a lot about himself too. He is not married but he almost was. When he was in highschool, he hit a boy on a bike with his car, and killed him, and it took years for him to forgive himself, until he realized it wasn't entirely his fault, and that forgiving would make it easier on him.
    Ruthie is the teenager of the show. She is the fifth oldest. Right now, she is dealing with normal teen problems of boyfriends, weird parents, and drama. But she is one of the smartest Camdens. She can keep secrets, and she can find them out before anyone else can. Ruthie is the sneaky, spunky, just-let-me-live kid.
    Sam and David are the youngest of the kids, and are twins. They are kind of like Ruthie when it comes to secrets, except they're young, so people underestimate them sometimes. But when they were born they added a new little twist to the show, and it's worth having them there.

    All in all, 7th Heaven is a GREAT show! And no, it's not all about God and religion and love. It's funny, theres drama [aLOT!], and its crazy sometimes. The whole family, they all help people. It's inspiring and soothing to watch. If you have never seen an episode, I advise you too. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  • Rev. Camden and his Wife raise 7 children in a small house. when most of them get married and go off to school they think everything will get easier, and that is the least of their worries. Between mary and simon wholly cow just watch out.

    This show is awsome and inspirational. Beverly mitchell is an excellent actress. the actors all get into their characters and they get into the grove of being a family. this show is amazing. ive grown up with this show and hoped this was a family should be like whether or not your rich or poor. That should have nothing to do with anything. If you dont like this show than there is either something wrong with you or your just not sure what it means to love a family outside of you own. now im not calling you an idiot bu i do believe this show will change your life. it has changed mine. youll laugh, youll cry, and you will grow with them just as they grow.
  • Eric visits Heaven.

    I wish more people were as wholesome and giving as the Camden family. They are caring, considerate, giving, honest, open, and respectful people and the world would be better off if more people displayed those characteristics. I have grown up watching this show and have learned a lot about who I want to be and how I want to carry myself in life. I would love to share the entire series with my children someday. I think it sends out messages of hope and kindness to its viewers, which can rub off on the people in their lives. Ultimately it has the power to shape this and future generations.
  • I love this show!

    It\'s clean, down-to-earth, and you can relate to it. I love watching Seventh Heaven from my DVR every night after work. One of my favorite episodes is about the sone of a soldier who is presently in Iraq. It made you stop to think about all of the sacrifices that our military men and women make to ensure our freedom and safety. I know it made me even more grateful to them. I really like how this show causes you to consider all of the trials and joys on life. It\'s also family-friendly so my kids can watch it with me too, and I don\'t have to worry about what they see or hear from it. We need more programs like this.
  • Cancel this already!

    I swear after eleven seasons this show is way past done. I was never a fan from beginning to end but all the same it's been on long enough, viwers got so see all the kinds grow up for the most part, and heck it even got a series finale as The Wb ended it's days. And yet! Here we are seeing promos here and there about the show. Cancel it, cancel it, cancel it. It's been on far to long, it's done.

    Just an opinion, feel free to disagree. No offense intended to anyone, peace!
  • Cancel this already.

    Once upon a time there was a girl. And this girl was left home alone one night. So her grandma invited her over for dinner. She had nothing to do until 6:30, when her grandma took her for dinner so she watched TV. She watched Grounded For Life nad gilmore Girls, and had a good time. She laughed and ate a snack. Everything was going alright.
    Then a dreadful show came on. The dialouge was bad and the actors were alright, but they seemed bored. The plot was boring and it seemed like the show had been done many times before. The theme song also stunk. This girl found out it was 7th Heavan and realized she did not like this show. The television was turned off.
    That girl was me.
    The dialouge is mostly what brings this down, but the actors reedeem it a bit. Many of them are fabulous. THe show also seems to be getting old. They're running out of ideas. The plots seem used over and over. All in all, this is just okay. I've seen worse.

    This is my own opinion and you have the right to disagree with me. Just move on.
  • Cancel This Relic

    7th Heaven was once a great family drama. But that was years ago when they had the whole family. Now with Matt, Mary and Simon gone it is a shell of its former self. The burden was laid on Eric, Annie and Lucy to carry the show but clearly its not working. Ruthie is an annoying selfish spoiled brat and I hate her tirades and Sam and David border on the retarded. They no longer deal with any issues anymore because like every Spelling drama it has been done. The CW network does a gross dishonor by ending the show in memory of Aaron Spelling.
  • What is this!?

    A story about a Pastor and his wife living their lives and trying to raise 7 kids. Sounds like a good story, right? I thought so too until I saw a few episodes. These parents are failures! The father is a minister and his kids are out sleeping around, getting pregnant and living with thier girlfriends? Either the kids completly ignored everything their parents have been literally preaching about for years, or the parents haven't been teaching them anything, and personally I think the latter is the truth. And if this show is supposed to have a Christian touch to it, it isn't working. If the kids ARE Christians, they are hypocrites and make the real ones look REALLY bad. Just bad, and it is a good thing that the show is gone.
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