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  • This show deals with a bunch of problems that people go through day after day. It helps deal with peer pressure and different things and then it also deals with family.

    This show is the best show that I watch because it deals with issues that students go through day to day. I also like the way that they deal with family problems because in order to be a good TV show you have to have a few different settings and in this show you have many you have school, home, airport, church, and just were everyone hangs out. It is a great show to watch and after this season there finished and it sucks because if you dont have 7th heaven to watch what else is there to really watch. All I can say is I dont want it to finish because it is helping me get through my first year of high school and I don't know what I will do without it.
  • A show about a priest and his wife trying to plant their antiquated believes into the heads of their 8 or so children and I'm not counting their adoptive children. If this is what it's like in 7th heaven, I'm going to be a very bad boy from now on.

    Eric Camden, a priest, is living in a small town with his wife and about 20 children, I'm including adoptive children this time.
    That's the setting of the show, horrible enough in itself, but what is it about ?
    It's about a man trying to raise an army of upholders of outdated moral standards. The characters are so clicheé, it makes me wonder what sickhead devised them. Could it actually be that people like this live somewhere on this earth ? I don't think so because they would immediately be struck by the cruelty and unfairness of the real world.
    The cast is alright though, except for Simon, Ruthie, Lucy and this Wilson character.
    Aside from the fact that a priest would have to have earnings of 10 grand a month and up to provide for such a family, I like the music they play when one of the children is in trouble for using a swearword. It's similar to the music in war movies when a father of four is gunned down.

    Three words: painful to watch
  • Very realistic! And I love it!

    I really love this show! Especially because it's very realistic. I don't understand some of you guys, 'cause, this show is so great! And it has a story! My favourite character is Lusy. I don't know why, really.... And Simon (I forgot....)!!! I mean, everybody are sooo cool!!! This show is absolutely fabulous!!!!
  • why is this show still on?

    why is this show is on omg it has been on 4ever
    ............... ruthie was like 5 now she like 17
    lucy was like 13 now she has like 4 kids
    omg this show is so lame needs 2 end and omg last season which was suppose 2 be the last they all said they were having twins how unrealistic is that my god and then why must they keep adopting new kids its not an orphanage seriously lol watever ............ ............ ................................. ....... ............ ............ .......... .......... ............................ ....... ......... ............
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  • This show hs gone downhill every season and it is very cheesy. This year it has gotten a little less cheesy.

    This show started in 1996 and use to have a huge cast. It was suppose to be axed this year, but the CW saved it. I was sad to see it go but I was ready to move on. This show's ratiings use to be descent; now they suck. So many cast members quit this year because their salaries all got cut in half.I loved the old episodes but when the twins started to talk it went way downhill. Every word is cheesy. This year they are making a little bit more effort to turn it around, but njot much. I will watch this show as long as its around because I just could not stop watching, but if your interested turn the channel. BYE
  • I don't like this show at all. Very stupid, very pointless.

    7th Heaven is a show about a family with seven children. Although the show started out cute, it is starting to stray from where it began. I personally don't like this show at all, and I think that they need to get back to the root of the story, which is family. Not sex, not anything else, but family. In the newest season, the only children are Lucy and the twins. Other than them, it is occasional guest appearances by Ruthie, and Simon, but the whole point of the show is that they are a family. I give this show a definite thumbs down.
  • this show is great

    this is one of my great fave. matt is the oldest.mary is second oldest.lucy is the third. simon is the forth. ruthie is the 5th . sam and david are 7th and 8th. through the season the show gets better and better. the 1st season the introduce the family then simon ask santa for a dog and annie gose to the pound and brings on home. happy is pregnate. lucy meets jimmy moon . the grandmom has cancer and dies. grandpa meets ginger. ok lets go to mary. mary breaks into the high school and trashes it and is the only one that gets caught even if she was with all of the girls basket ball players . then when she dose her communety service she meets robbie and its love at first sight. then mary gose to live with the curnal and then robbie and lucy starts to date and that didnt go any where. ok matt meets sarah and marrys her the night he met her. and ruthie is the only one who knows. chandler is the assistant prist filling in for eric while he gets heart segery . chandler meets roxanne and they almost get married but did not. after they broke up he stated dating paris peters mom it did not last long. kevin is now lucys husband and they have a baby girl. martin is a boy thats father is in the armed forces and is always away. while he is gone martin stays with the camdens . simon is now in collage and is a trobble person he is the only camden that slept with someboby before he was married. martin now has a kid at the age of 17 or 18 . ruthie was jelous of martin and ran out cry because she likes him . vincent is her ex boyfriend and he is really cute. i thank them for bring it back in lovein memory

    aaron spelling

  • Ruthie discovers her dads prognosis & agrees to to come home with her parents.Sandy decides to call off the wedding to Martin after his best friend,Mac,questions why they are such a rush.Meanwhile,Lucy advises T-bone that he could become emancipated.

    It was a decent show.The episode wasn't very good .The writers could of came up with something better.But there slowly getting there.Bringing Ruthie back was the right thing to do.And having Sandy and Martin not marry was about the most common sense thing to keep Martin single.T-bone brings the most excitement and should stay on for the rest of the season. Eric 's prognosis is the most tear jerking thing on each episode.Not knowing if he'll live or die.I mean if Eric passes the show would not be the same.The questions about Eric seem to keep the audience guessing.Which asks the question will Eric survive this crises?
  • The best show ever. 7th Heaven is the bomb!!! Is about been part of a family. We see each comflict between mom and dad, brother and sister. So its like a family within a family. 7th Heaven is my favorite show because of all that is on it.

    7th Heaven is part of my family. This show is like if I am watching a family life, such as my own. We have dad, mom, children... and now... grandchildren. That is awesome.
    I would like to be part of a family like this one. 7th Heaven is one of the shows that have lasted a long time and still have something new for its audience and its fans. I liked this show since the very first day that I watch it. It has love, loss, frienships, family and something very important... trust within family members. Go ahead 7th Heaven...
  • 7th Heaven is the best drama I have ever seen. It includes a unique variety of characters and plots that almost never fail to make my day!

    7th heaven! The best drama I have seen thus far! Hopefully, no other drama will be better than this one. The very first time I saw this show, I didn't like it, because it showed Simon Camden chasing another friend of his through the house and tackling him to the floor. Then, a few years later, I saw a commercial for the show and decided to watch it. 7th Heaven has a sense of humor among drama. It's characters and plots are very unique. But I wish they still had Matt Camden on the show.
  • 7th Heaven is about Kids/familys/Allies learn to deal with life is about!

    7th Heaven is about Kids/familys/Allies learn to deal with life is!

    I Like 7th Heaven is good show to learn about life what they learn as.

    Anyways, The Camden\'s Family Learn to grow-up/life/About deal with everyone in the House/School/Other Places!
    7th Heaven is on The Wb on Monday Nights at 8:00pm - 9:00pm C.
  • I don't have a summary.... I don't get the station so I get to watch way after everyone else does.

    Hey, this is my first time posting anything on here, so, I don\'t get the channel that the new season of 7th Heaven is on so I watch in on ABC Family. Anyways,I was hoping someone could tell me what Mary and Carlos named their twin daughters and what Matt and Sara named their twin boys. If you could post it on here or send it to my e-mail courtneyb1405@aol.com that would be great. I love this show and it stinks to not be able to watch it new with everyone else. I don\'t know if they even said the names on the show, but I would appreciate it if someone would let me know. Thanks a bunch.
  • 7th Heaven is the best sow ever in the world .I love all the characters Eric , Annie, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie ,and Sam And David. I relly do wish they go for more then 11 seasons. I alos wish every one will be in it Including Matt Mary and Simon.

    I love this show because it show charater to every ones drama this was the best show in the world .I want this to be the best season .So far it is the best i love ow Ruthie:Ruthie came back as a main charater anad how she was bratty she acted like a real teen.I hope she comes homem from ScottLand .Lucy:I wish Lucy has another baby amaybe even two babies.Sam and David: I want Sam and Davod to be treated right.I want Eric:Eric to live as long till it is is time hope fuly he wont die ithat wouldnt be the best ending in the world.Sandy and Martin:I dont think Sandy and Martin should be married yet .They should try dating again.Then if they fit they can get married and hopefuly they will wait till they are out of collage..Matt Mary Simon:I want Mary MAtt and Simon back in this sason it seams like thier is only 4 kids other then 7 kids .They sometimes mention them but they are not relly there. One more thing is i love how all the attion is not all on Eric other people are being noticed.Before i finsh i wish that Lucy didnt have a miscagage
  • A very good show just like the rest. But more interesting.

    This is a good show. From lucy and her drama to marry and her problems it is all good. Seven kids and a mom and dad that love them. All of them or growing up and it maes it even better. Even though it is on its elevth season it is still a good show. I think that this is the longest running show that does not go down hill in the doble digits. There is this thing in the show where you cant wait until the next episode. And the writing getes better and better deling with problems in the world today.
  • a family of 7 kids must deal with the fact that they are PK's or prachers kids.

    this show was one of my favorits but it kinda became a bust this season because they tryed to bring it back but nobody wanted to come back so it became a bust. if was grate when it was with all of the charicters but when they tryed to bring it back it just kinda when to crap. only 3 of the 7 kids came back to the show for its 11th season so they dont really have any of the old good charicters. ruthy is supose to return today in this episode but i dont know if it will be any good.
  • A great family drama,about a family- the Camdens, with just the right amount of funny. Though it has changed a lot over the years, it still makes me feel better after I watch it.

    I grew up with this show, so no matter what, i will always be biased and have a soft spot for this show. That said, the show has been going down hill for the past few weeks. It just seems that all the main characters are leaving. I still have hope though, because every time the show begins to feel empty, they bring other kids who fill it up. I will never like them as much as Matt, Mary, and Simon but I've found that I care about every character that is ever on the show. And with Ruthie coming back, I feel better. Also, if the show can just make it a few more seasons, the twins will start to have more interesting plot lines. I any case, I will always stay behind this show. Unless Rev. Camden dies,then I may stop watching(but I doubt that will happen).
  • Good show

    It is still a very good show for the family values that it presents to the public. I believe that this show possesses great depth but also a simplicity in the family that it presents. One thing that I can say is that it does a great job in displaying the many faults that can occur within a family unit. It also does a good job in showing how to cope with various situations. I hope that it completes the full season however I do not see it going any further. All the children have moved out of the house and the parents are left to raise the twins. I think that if they attempt to close out the show they should do it with an appropriate ending. Last seasons ending did not truly concluded the show well enough.
  • COnfused

    I am soooooooo Confused.. I thought the Last episode of last season was the FINAL SHOW... like I mean NO more 7th heaven... at least that is what i thought was advertised on TV and In the TV guide.. ACK .. what happened did i miss somehting or misunderstand .. ACK .. I missed like the first like what 5 weeks or so already... IM lost ... WHo are those pepople in the house.. I know there street people but.. why are they there .. and where is Ruthie? and Simon? MAtt? MAry? HELP!!!!!

  • Fantastic show.. I cant wait to find out what is wrong with Eric.

    Wonderful show.. I wish I would have found it when if first started.. I think it is a great family show as well as a great show with morals. It deals with everyday life and makes things seem real. My kids also enjoy it, it is a every Monday show for this family. There is enough suspence to keep people coming back to find out what is happeneing, however if you miss an episode you can catch up rather quickly as well. A truely great show. Great actors. I only wish they would bring Matt and Sarah back to Glenoak.
  • An apparently never ending show.

    I could have sworn that when I was watching Charmed last year that the previews said that 7th Heaven was going of the air respectively with the end of The WB. However, I am puzzled why the show is continuing on, in a time slot that would have been better fit for Supernatural or a new show. Being a Charmed fan and knowing that the previews said that the show was going off the air I am also disappointed that a show that noone wants to continue is still on the air while others are trying desparately to promote a far better spin-off involving the charmed sons.
  • I love 7th Heaven!

    7th Heaven is my favorite show next to Smallville. It is first about a family of two adults and five kids. The father, Rev. Eric Camden, is a minister and the mother, Annie is a stay at home mom. The oldest son, Matt is 16. The oldest daughter, Mary, is 14. The middle child, Lucy, is 12. The youngest son, Simon, is 10; and the youngest daughter, Ruthie, is 4. The family faces trials and death, but continues to stick together. A couple of years later Annie has two twin boys. Through the years, Mary runs into some trouble, Matt gets married and goes to medical school, and Lucy gets married. She becomes a minister and has a baby girl. This season, Simon is at college and Ruthie is at school in Scotland. Overall, 7th Heaven is a wonderful family drama that I recomend for all.
  • excellent show

    i think this is a great show i love the story lines it is very dramatic and there is always a laugh or cry all the story lines pertain to something that happens to real people in real life situations i give this show two thumbs up and five yellow stars 7th heaven has a wonderful cast it is fun to watch them grow up on tv i will miss this show when its gone but thats what the dvds are for i can't wait to start my dvd collection keep on keeping on 7th heaven for a wonderful show
  • i really like this show and cant wait to see whats wrong with eric ts got me crazy i watch it every sunday

    i love this show its the bestwhen i thought it was going to be over i was so upset and then it came back on and it was a relief cause all of my shows got talkin off its good that ruthy is comeing back because i dont know how long they can say shes in scottland
  • Bad and boring. Can't believe it's still on TV.

    I really do not understand what makes people watch this show. When I was in middle school all my friends were addicted and told me I just HAD to watch Seventh Heaven. Well, I did and I was thoroughly unimpressed. There is absolutely nothing about this show that compelled me to watch more. It's a Christian soap opera and of the "pretty people with problems" category. The characters are boring, the plot is uninventive and staid, the acting is mediocre at best and to top that off, the kids of the family are just plain annoying (especially that curly-haired little girl). Insanely boring, trite and uncreative. They try to be funny and add humor but boy, do they ever fail.
  • A show about a priest and his family.... Thats boring.

    The show is about a priest and his family, and I think it's boring. Because alot of the things they find horrendous isn't really that bad any more. The family is just a bunch of prudes, idk maybe it's because i'm atheist but I really hate this show and every time it comes on I have to change the channel. I can seriously see why the WB went out of buisness when I watched this show. It's hard to believe this show came from the same network that brought us the "Gilmore Girls" I find it to be annoying and I was so happy when it ended but then GUESS WHAT? They brought it back!!!! I was so mad, they have a brand new network where they can bring in more shows like Gilmore Girls and they bring back a show that made them fail as a network in the first place! I find the show to be unrealistic and very Full Housey. Did The CW not learn from history? Is the CW going to face the same fate as the WB? I think so if they continue to showcase shows that suck like 7th Heaven.
  • I've watched this show since the very first season...

    I used to love 7th heaven... the first couple of seasons were really fantastic. There was a lesson in every episode, and it didn't seem fake... you could (kind of anyway) relate to this show...

    I didn't really like season 10, especially not the way it ended. It all seemed so far-fetched, and fake.
    Now they're making yet another season, and I try to watch it, but it just isn't the show it used to be... I understand they couldn't keep the whole cast, not everyone stays with their parents forever, so that would be unreal ;)
    but.. it's not that... I keep losing my interest in the storylines, I don't "have" to see it anymore...

    a shame... because I really used to love this show.
    Maybe it's been around too long...
  • It can\'t continue like this

    It was one thing when Mary and Matt left the show.. they were older and there were enough kids at home to have drama. But now Simon and Ruthie are gone, too. The show just shouldn\'t continue on with just Lucy, Kevin, dad, mom and twins. The writers will run out of material.. and when that happens the characters will start acting out-of-character. The show is starting to lose integrity as is. They should stop while its still on top.. not go until it can\'t go anymore.
  • I can wait intill I see this show, I am glad that matt and mary are comming back and we can see their babies and husbands. I hope the family will still be their for lucy and kevin through their hard times right now.

    I can wait intill I see this show, I am glad that matt and mary are comming back and we can see their babies and husbands. I hope the family will still be their for lucy and kevin through their hard times right now. Because their twins would be around matt and marys kids ages. I would if simon and rose will ever get married and have children of their own. I am glad that simon is finishing college. I would how sam and david are deal with all the little children. I hope we will see matt/sara and mary/carlos during this season.
  • This show is grest!!!!!

    I think,the one of the greatest shows WB and Cw has had yet. I watch it with my family. My dad say "It's a good series and interesting in the plot" 7th Heaven has been one of my favorite show since it aired. I'm enjoyed watching The Camden Family. In Thailand,now this series air season 7. May be I'll buy DVD. ...And we all still love to watch it!...
  • Seventh Heaven is the best family show on TV.

    I love Seventh Heaven. When I heard it was coming back I was estactic. The first two episodes have been great. Even with the other kids not there the acting by the cast that is there is wonderful. It will be nice to see if the others visit. I have watched this show from the beginning and more than once and it is my number one show. I love it and always will. I am really glad the CW put them back on. Thanks to them.
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