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  • By influential I mean its Bible Belt propaganda, no wonder you guys put Bush into the oval office this kind of series is grooming a new generation of right wing voters to see things with a picket fence mentality.

    This is one of the scariest tv series I've ever seen. It brings Leni Riefenstahl’s 1930's nazi propaganda films to mind only its not quite as subtle, but just as scary as this is aimed at kids. Its so full of stereo typical characters with tons of so called moral lessons so much so it deprives children from being able to judge things as they themselves see them, instead they will recall an episode of 7th heaven and react to how it was delt with there. Its done in a very clever way so much so most parents won't notice the harm its doing. There slowly ticking all the boxes telling the kids what way to think regarding topical issues.

    This might seem as an over reaction but hear me out. Independant thought is vital in the development of a childs mind and the makers of this show have an obvious bible belt right wing political agenda, and its to force this opinon on the next generation to stop them from questioning anybody who may suggest an alternative way of looking at things other than the 7th heaven method. This is the first step on the road to state brainwashing. I've seen kids reviews of this and they swallowing all this sinister propaganda without question, no one should have the right to infulence children and nieve adults like this.

    Beware of politicians who recommend this show if the makers have anything to do with politics i'd be worried about the future of the United States. If you want your kids to grow up and be doctors and lawyers get them to watch something like The West Wing now theres a show.

  • not for me...

    So I only watch a season of this. It was a deal w/ my roommate – she would watch Buffy which was one of my favorites at the time if I would watch this. Can’t say that I ever liked it. First of all – way to much religion and preachiness for me. But then the dad is a preacher so I guess that’s what the show was about. I also hated that every show had like a “theme” and the whole family all dealt with the “theme” like dating or stealing. It was all too much. But I guess there is a following as it is now like the second longest running drama or something like that.
  • yay

    I love this show. It\'s definatly worth my time. I think that if you are looking for a good show to watch this is definatly it. It has comedy and drama in the correct doses. It also has a lot of love and romance mixed in to it. Everyone should watch it. It is a little sketchy at times but it still contains everything a good show needs. It always leaves you wanting to know more weather it is the great cliff hangers or storylines . . . it\'s a really great show.. so watch it!! you will not regret watching it! :)
  • The Camdens are back! When the show was on the brink of being cancelled, the CW brought it back from the dead to become the longest running family drama in television. On the 11th unprecidented season, the drama never ceases.

    This show never ceases to capture it's audience with intense and sometimes controversial storylines. There are less of the Camden kids being highlighted in the show. Sure Mary, Ruthie, Simon, and Matt are still mentioned in the episodes, but they are no longer on the show. The only kids that remain in the household are Sam and David, and Lucy is living next door with Kevin and Savanna. I was sad to find out that Lucy lost her baby, and I knew that she would not take it lightly. It seems like the whole season is going to surround the downward spiral of Lucy Camden, but I hope it doesn't. Also, the drama with Martin and his attempts to get back with Sandy is a little crazy - who knew Martin was that desperate. Hopefully the episodes will get a little more interesting, but I think that when all the Camden kids were together, the show was way better.
  • this is one of my favorite shows.

    i love this show soooo much. i love all the drama and romance. i like the newest episodes the best. my favorite girl in this show is lucy, i like her the best because she is all emotional and dramatic all the time, i act like that alot. my favorite guy in the show is kevin, i like him because he is really cute. i love when something dramatic or romantic happends. sometimes there is some thing funny happens, i really think that the twins are adorable they are sooo funny. the main thing i like about this show is that the characters in it can always be together.
  • Love the show. There are some things that could change to make this a lot better and more realistic. Too many sex issues. I've enjoyed being a part of the Camden family, but make them more believable.

    Overall, this is a great show. I record this everyday to catch up on past episodes and to review them whenever I wish. I watched this initially and then stopped with life being too busy. I have just recently picked it back up again. While I love this show, I do agree with some of the other reviews. The show has become obsessed with sex. If you want to bring up the issue once, fine, but you have Simon, Mary and Martin caught up in it all. I wish Martin hadn’t had sex with Sandy. I was really hoping that he would hook up with Ruthie. Simon has had his life messed up ever since the accident. Rose is awful and I don’t think I will be able to continue watching if she stays in the picture. He is not naïve enough to stay with her and not know what she is up to. While I love Kevin, he is too good to be true. There are not real husbands out there like him. Lucy is just nuts. I appreciate a lot of the issues brought up, but there are some things that could change to make this show a lot better. Overall, though, I love this show!!
  • i am happy that they did not end this show it is on my favorite list i rellay love this show people think that i am a geek for watching this show they are wrong a lot of people watch this show. i love this show i like mary and lucy .

    i am happy that they did not end this show it is on my favorite list i rellay love this show people think that i am a geek for watching this show they are wrong a lot of people watch this show.my favorite episode was when they got the dog.this is how the order is matt and then mary and then lucy in then simon in then ruthie and then sam and david. i love this show i like mary and lucy .in that is how much i love this show i could watch it over in over . and that is why i like it.
  • I am just here to share with everyone my excitement. I am very excited to have had the pleasure of being able to watch 7th Heaven for another full season.

    I was very upset when I first found out that 7th Heaven was leaving Monday nights. 7th Heaven is my favorite television show and I am very happy to be able to watch it on Monday evenings. I am very glad that it is back, and I think that all of the fans out there need to come online and post blogs about the show and rate it. I would like to see more of the episodes and I'm sure there are more of you out there... keep it going by rating it. Obviously, the shows that are not with the higher rankings are going to be the one's that they cut,so why give it the opportunity to fail, when we can keep it going!
  • The new season is already good! Welcome back 7th Heaven!

    From the time I learned 7th Heaven would be coming back I've waited for the first new episode of the season! It was worth the wait! I am hoping though that Sandy's baby is NOT Martin's,but Simon's instead! I cried so hard when Lucy told that she lost her twins though! I wasn't expecting that one at all! I have an awful feeling this will lead to problems long term between her & Kevin! What else can I say the station heard all of us viewers and brought it back like it was never being taken off! Thank You for listening to us! Keep the wonderful episodes coming!
  • I think it's good but I can't get into the show.

    This is a good family show and I like to watch every now and then but I don't get into the show all the time. It gets a little boring once in a while. It is a good show though don't get me wrong, it's just that I can't get into the show all the time. I do like the lessons they send out and how it's about familly. I have seen some episodes I loved, ones I liked, and ones I hated. I think most people do like the show if they don't love it. Everyone should at least give it a try.
  • BRAVO BRAVO. A true winner. I have watched 7th Heaven from the beginning and what an awesome show. Lucy is wonderful.

    Lucy knocked this one out of the park! It is funny I have watched the show from the beginning and Lucy has always been my favorite character, the one I can always relate to. This was no different. Right before Lucy got pregnant with Savannah, I became pregnant. In November of last year I got pregnant again, miscarried in January of this year. All the emotions and feelings Lucy has had is soooo real. I have felt every one of those emotions and feelings. You are ticked off at the world, but there is nothing anyone can do to ease your pain. Time does help heal wounds, but miscarring is a totally different ballgame. You never really heal, just as each day goes by you cope with it a little better. But the hurt and disappointment never goes away. You long to have those babies in your arms and you cant have them. A man can never fully understand what it is like to go through a miscarriage. Kevin is a very understanding and caring man, but he needs to give Lucy as much time as she needs to deal with this. I know it was not my husbands fault, nor mine, nor God\'s, nor my parents but you need time to realize this move on yourself. No one can do this except you personally. Lucy (Beverly) AWESOME JOB!!!! And with time Lucy may decide to have more children, but she needs to heal completely first or she will unintentionally dismiss the baby, as she is longing for her boys. Totally and completely understandable. Lucy take as much time as you need. Take it from a person who has gone though this same situation. Thanks again for a awesome show. Keep up the good work!
  • Bring it back! Bring back the 7th Heaven i knew and loved!!!

    I grew up with 7th Heaven as my favourite tv family....and i never missed an episode.
    I could relate to the show on so many levels because i am a part of a family of seven (7) and my father is a Pastor.

    Anyway, 7th Heaven was great because it dealt with so many issues facing the family and society at large. However, i feel as if it is slipping...it is moving away from its original aim.

    People fell in love with 7th Heaven because it gave its audience a chance to grow with the characters/casts. Thus we were able to relate; in a sense that both audience and casts had a chance to connect, based on the fact that they were faced with real problems.
    But now most of its original casts are gone, hence the audience is left displeased.

    We are now unable to relate to the show because we don't know this 'NEW' family.
    We love the original 7th Heaven family...we want them back.

    The bond between audience and casts will only be reconnected when the show has redeemed itself.

    Bring it back!!!
    Bring back the original casts!!!
  • A great example of what \"gone bad\" means...

    7th Heaven is a great example of what one would call \"A good show gone bad.\". For those of you that aren\'t familiar with the everlasting WB show, 7th Heaven is about family. The Camdens. A Reverend\'s family, to be exact. When it started (August 1996) the family consisted of Eric (the father), Annie (the mother), Matt (the older son), Mary (the hottie-daughter), Lucy (another daughter), Simon (the youngest boy) and Ruthie (the youngest of them all)...and two more kids (the twins) were added along the wasy (as if those guys weren\'t enough).

    They are a conservative family who deals with the problems faced in their everyday lives, both their one and the ones of those surrounding them. Eric Camden is the Reverend in the local church and as such he comes across all kind of different people with various problems that he ultimately solves each time in the end of the hour long episode.

    I must admit I used to be a fan. Once upon a time (and by that, I mean the first, like, 5 seasons) they dealt with original problems, that could actually concern you, your parents, your siblings...in other words, you could put yourself in their shoes. After that everything started falling apart...

    And it\'s normal...Really, how many seasons of puberty-related problems and girl/boy troubles can you stand???

    Even if you overlook the annoying (after a certain point) problems, they are not the only thing wrong in this show. For those of you not from US (not unlike myself), it\'s gonna be really BORING to watch the american propaganda in every scene... The national elections, the war in Iraq, the conservative ideas about sex life expressed in the show, the annoying obsession with \"God providing the solution in every situation\", are all real pissers!

    Now what I don\'t get is how a show like 7th Heaven (that makes no sense whatsoever anymore) can go on for 11 seasons and other great shows that actually have something to say, are axed in their first 1-2 years...

    A shame and a waste of time is what this show really is...
  • 7th heaven really does not need to keep running if they are not going to have most of the cast. The plots no longer make sense. The new writer did a terrible job. I am entry level writer and even I could have made a better script.

    They should have ended with the tenth season. The new writer is doing a terrible job. Statements are being contradicted. They don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t have most of the cast. Why even call it 7th Heaven. I would have rather had the tenth season ended the way it did, but if what they are going to air now is suppose to take off a year later then I would have rathered be left wondering what could happen. Unless they get a better writer and most of the cast. i will no longer watch the show. And for the people who think that the eleventh season started out great, you really need to watch all ten seasons again to understand why 7th Heaven has lost all meaning.
  • I have always loved this show and even watch it every night on the Family channel with my children. I am so grateful that the Country spoke by 8 million viewers saying loud and clear that we love this show and what it represents.

    Thank you to Aaron Spelling and everyone else who writes for this show every week. The season episode spoke to me personally since I actually lost one of my twins. Thank you for bringing back this precious show:-)

    It really hurt when Mary left the show. I won\'t even watch any movie or show she\'s in because I personally feel she made a poor choice in walking away from the show. I think Simon and Ashley Simpson should be reintroduced as a couple. I love Kevin and Lucy they just get cuter and cuter. Can\'t wait to have Matt and Sara, and Ruthie back. God Bless,
  • A show that is about a revrand and his family and him helping the community while in a way he is helping others also.The show is a great way 2 learn about problems in the world but not in such a big way.

    I feel that 7th heaven is one of the only shows that the whole family can watch and enjoy together.The plot of the show a revrand and his family,that deal with their struggles while helping others with similar ploblems and even bigger ones.you know this must be a great show because it is the longest running family drama.The characters are a really big part of that they are so real and can play the parts so great.Oh and the show is not just for entertainment it gives out a message every episode.The episodes are never the same and always help one person one way or another.This is what i think about 7th heaven.
  • This show is one of the greatest shows on tv.

    I\'m am a person who tends to catch on to shows later on. I think 7th Heaven is one of the greatest shows on tv. The term family drama tends to turn people off, but this show covers the serious issues of the world and does so in a way that it shows how these events affect the different members of the family. My favorite character is Simon because, who wouldn\'t want a brother like that. The show will definately go down in history and should be proud. Keep up the good work everyone. Here\'s to hopefully 10 more seasons.
  • Let me tell you something, anyone who doesn't like this show and think its stupid, well, guess what? Its been on for more than ten years and you know why? Because all the fans want it to stay and the writers listen! So there!

    I think this is a really good show, for more than one reason. First, the characters are so real and different. Second, the challenges that they face are real life situations that you might have faced too and you can relate to. They deal with all sorts of situations and with the help of prayer, family, friends, peers and strangers they make a difference in their community. Also, I'm excited that the CW has agreed to pick this show back up. Its been on for more than ten years and even though some of the actors aren't going to be regulars anymore, it will be interesting to see where this season will lead to and I wonder how this show is REALLY going to end.
  • Every time I wacth that show I feel I a part of this new family with every part I saying that because my family never get to say I love you and hearing that gave me even more hope then ever before. I feel like I learn something every day

    I feel like I learn something every day I wacth and I hope the show lives on cause I want to see what happen to the twins and when Ruthie get out of high school. Please keep airing cause I never felt more better than to be in 7th Heaven
  • 7th Heaven First Airing in 1996 5 kids 2 adults making it a 7th heaven.

    2 years later 2 more kids come in to the picture these 2 boys are the worst actors i have ever seen and simply ruined the show. Biel eventually decides to leave the show because she didnt want people thinking the only role she could do was a goody two shoes girl. Eventually Watson decides to leave the show for a season so does Gallagher. Therefore leaving the household without a 7th Heaven. Lucy Annie Eric Ruthie and the 2 boys all living at home. The show was good until everyone started to leave. The show was good when the story lines included problems with neighbours and the family. Now it seems the show is just about the family not really helping other people. I don't see how this show came back for an 11th season. Everwood got cancelled because of this show and i am disgusted about that. Barry Watson wont be appearing in season 11 because he is on What about Brian which he stars in! Jessica Biel wont be comming back because she doesnt want the innocent goody two shoes girl look. What possible story line are they going to have? Don't tell me its going to be about Simon and the baby. We already seen it and nobody cares make ONE episode explaining the Supposdly series finale... but dont be making a full season well the 13 epsiodes you will get. If you're going to bring this washed up show back make it better than Everwood. Make that whole season better than a single Everwood Episode... see if you writers can do this because you and the CW owe this to everyone who is going to miss out on the rest of Everwood. Bringing this show back was a mistake and you will see. The New CW compared to TheWB well dont even try to compare the 2

    UPN Sucks Their Shows Suck TheWB doesnt like them thats why they're on a different channel.

    Why WB is merging with one of the worst Stations on tv is beyond me

    Everwood is a show for gods 7th Heaven had its moment and now its taking Everwoods and The CW gave in to 7th Heavens last minute ratings

    Im flat out disgusted.

    Now in Season 11 Mackenzie Rosman and David Gallagher will not be staring, its not even clear if they're going to be recurring due to the fact that they will be getting paid less. So who is left..... Eric, Annie, Lucy

    Come backs will be...Kevin, Martin, Sandy

    As of now, Sam and David will not be on the show anymore.
  • ~You gotta love this show!!~

    This show is perfect for the whole family. Me and my family love to watch it, I liked it better before they brung all the new people on but I still enjoy watching it with my family. I think that this show sets good examples in life that kids can learn from. Children that watch this show will see the meaning and when they are faced with the same problems they will remember those times watching the show and what to do. So overall this show is great it started out good and it will end (hopefully never, but everything does) good.
  • A family show that's been around since the children of the Rev. Camden were kids...

    I love 7th Heaven, personally. The show may have its quirks that irritate me occasionally, but I am still an avid watcher of the show and was confused, but happy when the new CW Network decided to renew the show.

    Season 10's finale was written kind of sloppily in my personal opinion; it was as if the writers didn't even try to make it a good ending. There were too many holes and just plain corny storylines for this to be the final episode of a show that has been highly praised for the last ten years.

    For Season 11, should this be the show's actual final season, they need to clear some things up for the viewers. They also need to really clean up the image that they put on Mary in the last episode as being a twit. I thought that was very insulting to her character because although she may have made some poor decisions, her character was/is extremely bright. But who knows, perhaps Jessica Biel enjoyed playing that kind of character and had some fun with it. They also need to get Ruthie's act cleaned up. In some of the episodes she was almost psychotic and it wasn't a pleasant thing to watch.

    I know this review sounds as if I'm bashing the show, but please don't misunderstand me. I absolutely love the show overall. It's heartwarming and it's different from what a lot of the studios are putting out there on television. It's nice to have a show that the whole family can sit down and watch together and enjoy. This cast has poured their hearts into this show and i believe that it has payed off because so many fans were outraged when they originally pulled the plug. We all know shows can't last forever, but 7th Heaven is a fantastic show that some people need to have in their lives. It brings people (i know this sounds rediculous, but it's true) hope and faith into their lives. I will personally be disappointed when the show is actually finished.
  • An amazing show.

    So I was a little weirded out how the CW just pulled 7th Heaven back on the air even after it aired a series finale. However this show is amazing & I am sure there is plenty of amazing episodes ahead. Ruthie better come back this season here and Martin belong together. Plus I don't think that Sandy's baby is Martin's just my thought. I will defenitly be watching to see what is in store for the Camden's this season. I am hoping to see some guest apperances from Simon, Matt and maybe even Mary who knows. But again must stress we have to have Ruthie back this season.
  • This is a great show!I am so glad that it is returning even for one more season.

    I love this show.I am so excited that it is coming back even if it is for only one more season.This show is great.Every season has been really great but last season was awesome.This season is going to be the best yet.I am not going to want to miss one episode.This is the kind of show I hope my daughter wants to watch when she gets a little older the Camdens just have all around good values.There are definitley some lessons that can be learned from them.I read the recap for the first episode and it sounds really good.And I am wondering what is up with Sandy's baby and if it might be Simon's.Guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • This show is all right....kinda corny.....

    I have been watching this show forever. It is kinda corny but cute at the same time.....it is not real life. If you wanna escape reality....watch this show. Some of the acting could be better. This show needs to beef up its acting and bring in some real life. Maybe then it would not be so corny. It was all right in the beginning but as everyone got older it really started getting silly. The mom is very unrealistic too sometimes.....one bathroom for 7 people.....yeah right....maybe if the show was set in the 60's......and no TV......the children still got themselves in predicaments even without it influencing them oddly enough. It is all right if you want a silly show.....not too much too much to the storyline if you ask me.....
  • did u know that the dvd is coming out in novmember and i love this show

    i love this show so much and im glad that it is coming back for their 11th season im so excited they need to come back cause i really want to know what happens with simon and sandy and rose. but i think its weird that they all have twins but then lucy and kevin lose BOTH of the twim :'(
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Keeps the human value alive. another Spelling classic.

    This show is like comfort food. It's warm, pleasant, makes you feel safe, and gives nutrition too. It goes just to the border of being fattenign without crossing the line. The cream of ideal family life is not necessarily a departure from reality. It offers substance without being pedantic, and the most due-hard cynic can't fault the fact that the heart in it is real.

    This quality, whatever the template, was the essence of many Aaron Spelling shows. He was a master of television. It's meatloaf and mashed potatoes, sure, but nothing can beat that or satisfy the craving for the comfort zone of tv land.

    The characters are bot template but real and somehow universal.
  • Why is it still on???!!

    7th heaven is one of the cheesiest family dramas on tv. Was this show ever good? It is well past its prime and really does not need another season. Come one seriously, how many people actually take in random kids on a regualar basis. The writing is crap, the acting is worse, if thats actually possible. They need to pack up this show and move on. Why are people still watching it? There are (or were) better family shows on tv, and this one, the crappiest of the bunch, is the one that survies. Is there something wrong with our network executives or the viewers. Personally, I think it might be both. They're probably the same people who never watched or understood Arrested Development leading to its far too early demise. Yes, I am an Everwood fan. Apparently I am not allowed to give this less than 1 point and review it.. so it gets 1.1 points.
  • this is one of the greatest shows that is on because the shows is about life and never gets old just keeps on going on and on and hopefully the directors will not cancel the show for at least another 5 years

    this is the best show in the world and nothing can take this shows place. the way this is great becasue the shows keeps on growing with more and instresting things to think about while watching the show and with each character and how they contribute to each part. the other reason good is that the shows has been around for over 10 years and i am happy that they are continue for an 11 season and maybe more if we are lucky that is why i am happy with the show because they talk about things in the world that is going on and they always keeps there views on the toes wating for more and more so that is what i think of the show
  • This show is great!

    I think it's a great show, I know I'm suppost to right a review but it's a really good show I watch it with my friends when they come over or vise versa. It's about a family that's well a 'normal family' but we all still love to watch it!!!
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