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  • next season worries me...

    Well I've been watching this show since season 1. I gotta say, its not half as good as it was in the beginning. Not only are my favorite characters off the show, the story lines just keep getting worse. I will always watch it and support it, but come on, its just not as good! I think they should bring back Matt for the final season. I heard that Ruthie or Simon wont be there for the season premiere, So that leaves us with the parents, Lucy, and the twins... I just dont get it, why go on for another season if it cant be great? I'll still watch it and I still love 7th Heaven. I just hope this season will be good!!
  • Ive watchd this show since 1st season. n im going to bee honest..i personially lked the show in the earlier seasons better than al the lates seasons. im not reli sure whi..just beecuz.

    I reli dont lke how a lot of the original peeple left the show..i lked Matt, n i didnt lke how hee left. I lked Mary also. the show is reli good..n some parts are kina corny..but stil. i lke this show..n im looking foward fore the new season starting. its pretty good..so i think you al should watch it..but youl have a lot of catching upp to doo lol.
  • Yayyy! 7th Heaven's coming back for their 11th season

    I love 7th Heaven! 7th heaven has been airing since 1996, already 10 years has past and they are still bringing in their 11th season. =) I can't wait, I absolutley love everything about his show. I love the cast, i love the drama, the plot. SO much has happened since 1996, Lucy gets marrried has a daughter. Now all the Camden kids ( except for Ruthie and Sam and David) seem to be having twins! So much happened already, but hopfully there will be enough drama to last more seasons to come. Yayyy!! 7th Heaven is coming back for the next season!! =)=)
  • I love 7th heaven this show is very good. I am big fun of 7th heaven. I hope this show will never cancel. i wish this is wonderful show and fun to watch.

    I love 7th heaven this show is very good. I am big fun of 7th heaven. i wish this hsow keep continues. I hope simon,ruthie,matt mary to come back for 11th season. Please continues 7th heaven. 7th heaven is the best show and best family series. 7th heaven is wonderful show and fun to watch. The best cahracter is lucy and kevin they are very good what they doing. I hope they give aleast 40 episodes. Brenda don't cancel 7th heaven. 7th heaven help me learn the lesson. this show give children and adults a lesson what they shouldn't do. eric is the good charcter he held alot people and give his children a lesson. annie is a good mother and grandman. Lucy is wonderful mister. i wish this show continues. kevin held alot of people too. mary wasn't good mother and wives. ruthie is the boy crazy. smion should married chelia she is best for him. my favorite thing about 7th heven is helping people and love for other.
  • i luv 7th heavne

    omg!!!! i luv 7th heaven!! it is the best show in the whole entire world

    i think its awsum that eric is a minister and annie stays hom ewith the kids. also...its interesting to see the challenges the kids cum accross through out their school dayz and love lives. i think my fav. episode is probably when eric and annie ship mary off to live wth the colenel and ruth because of her imprper and lazy behavior. at least they try to teach her a lesson......but that didnt work out 4 too long

    another one of my fav. episodes is.... the 10th season finale when simon almost got married 2 ROSE! but htank god he didnt!!!!! he nevr made a batter decision in his life!!1

    im also really glad that they brought bak 7th heavne 4 an 11th season!!!
    i just cant wait until itr airs!! i also cant wait till the reat of the seasons cum out on dvd
  • Follow the Camden family, with their 7 children (get it?), as they face seemingly everyday problems.

    My opinion of the show varied from season to season. Despite the fact that they are obviously living in a bubble causing everything to be intensified and yet no real harm can ever come to them, you can't help but find yourself wondering what crazy problem their next friend will have and how will the great Eric fix it. Even with the religious tones, the humor and good nature of the show make it easy to relax and allow you to forget the real problems you faced that day. I enjoyed the anitics of the youngest daughter and watching as each child entered the world of teenagers and dating, and seeing the differences in how the personalities developed.

    I was a little, well, sick of it at the ending of the show. I should have expected the nice package with pretty pink bow they handed to the viewers, but had hoped at least one thing would have stayed untidy. The twins, twins, and more twins is overkill, the idea of them all expecting at the same time is enough of a pill to swallow. Yet, things were still kept open enough that we can probably expect a follow-up episode or even more seasons down the road.
  • There are many hardships in life, this show lets you relate...

    7th Heaven is about a family that was at first a perfect family, but in it's later seasons, it shows how no-family is perfect. As Annie and Eric Camden discover the very ways there children had run into roadblocks in there life. If it's drinking, all the way to not going to college. The Camden's show many ways to overcome the hardships. Which is why many fans can relate to the show. It's exciting and original! Each season gets more hardships and obstacles to get around and overcome. Including more babies and more characters to the show. Without a dout in my mind, this show will go farther.
  • the show is mosty about a famly going though there life.

    This show is so cool. I love yto watch it. I think I know all of the kids by how old they are. First is matt,mary,simon,lucy,and the twins. not including the parents anni and revren camden. I just wish tat they didn\\\'t take it off the air.but gladly there bringing it back. I\\\'m so happie that the are. But it\\\'s in the fall. I think thats way to long to wait. I wish that it could start now. My favrets are almost all the kids ecsept the twins. I really do know why maby becue they haven\\\'t been on the show that long. I jess thats it.
  • Great and I would recommend it to anyone.

    I love 7th Heaven and how each episode has a message in it and a theme which is sometimes easy to pick and other times it is a bit more difficult. It teaches things like not to have sex before marriage and not to drink or do drugs and how to deal with bullies, racism, and peer pressure but it does not just come out and say do not do this, they show you what you can do if it happens to you and how to deal with situations without sounding to prechy as that would get annoying and i would recommend you watch it.
  • This show deserves more credit, especially for the time it has lasted! Terrific show, great plots and wonderful cast! Thank goodness its been given an 11th season!

    I love how this show didn't have to use extremely gigantic issues to keep us entertained. It had so many guest stars and even though it's still running with it's 11th season, it's never lost its touch. Even though this show never hit the really big issues, it definitely did a great job dealing with the small ones and it always played with the simpler things in life. Though I haven't been a fan its entire run and family dramas usually don't appeal to me, this one had me hooked. I used to watch here and there but starting from season 10 I just realized what I was missing out on. I'm amazed by how far it has come and how well it's done over the years. It's not a surprise though considering the brilliant cast and the stars who have came from this show such as Jessica Biel and many others. This show stands above the rest with the fact that it never once lost its wholesome family appeal and that still to this day gives that warm family feeling you get when you see the reverend and his wife and children deal with situations.
  • Worst show on tv. If I could give it a negative number score, I would! As it is, it won't submit without at least a 1.

    This show was good during the first couple of seasons, but it went downhill fast starting with Mary's rebellion. The creator promised that the show would be a wholesome family drama but it turned out to be anything but. The Camden's are so loose-moralled that they put many non-conservative families to shame.

    Instead of wholesome family values, it's all about sex and sex appeal. The kids never had any real friends, only romantic intersts from young ages. They could have learned from the example of tv series, "Full House," where each kid in the family had real friends who were never romantic interests.

    The show tries to put on the disguise of being a "Christian" family, but their morals and teachings are anything but Christian.

    When the show FINALLY ended after 10 seasons my thought was, "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" Now to see it's been suddenly picked up again is a crying shame. This show should have been cancelled a long time ago and I don't think as many people watch it as they think.
  • This is my one of my favorite shows on tv.

    7th Heaven in my opinion is the best show on tv. Every episode is something that happens or has happened in everyday life. They are able to show theese problems in a way that makes it a great show for families to watch together. It explains scary, ifluential, life like problems in a way that isnt so frightening for kids but still gets the point accross. It is so easy to fall in love with the characters of this show. Especially Lucy Camden Kinkurk.
    One of the things I can say about Lucy is my granddaughter and i met her in Disney World about 5 years ago. She was a very down to earth, normal, and very nice young lady. My granddaughter and i were both crushed and cried as we watched the Series finale of this show we had watched for 10 years. It was a very emotional night and we were both very excited and happy to hear that it is coming back for an 11th season. we hope it stays on much longer then just one more season but if that is all they leave it on for at least we got one more season to watch our favorite family and our favorite actress Beverly Mithell.
  • Family Drama: Centred on Minister Eric Camden and his family (Annie, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam & David) living in fictional Glen Oak, California.

    7th Heaven\'s first couple of seasons showed some promise of a clean, family drama that the whole family could enjoy. As the show went on however, it deteriorated quickly and its miraculous resurrection for the CW network is horrifying. From the time Mary toilet-papered the school gym, this show has gone steadily downhill. The treacly ‘cute’ children became neurotic and/or generally unpleasant teens and adults. The Camden parents became ineffectual and developed a disturbing tendency to obsess over their children\'s love lives. What were originally issue-based episodes that could open topics for discussion amongst viewers at home became trite, insulting, and painful un-politically correct ‘explorations’ of societal issues. The show inadvertently manages to promote the stereotypes it seems to be lobbying against including but not limited to: sexist remarks from both genders; portrayals of various religions in a ‘humorous’ manner that actually disparage these cultures; an unhealthy obsession with sex (premarital or otherwise).
    Impressionable children should not be subjected to this drivel. 7th Heaven has become less of a Family Drama and more of a parody of the genre: an example of What A Family Drama Shouldn\'t Be.
  • 7th heaven is one of my favorite shows. My favorite character is Lucy, but I wish Mary was in it more.

    7th heaven is about a family where the father is a minister. He and his wife have seven kids and a dog. The oldest kid is Matt. He just went to college and he is now a docter. Next is Mary. She decided to not go to college. She got married and had a kid. Then she left her husband. Next is line is Lucy. Lucy just finished college and she has decided to become a minister like her dad. Lucy is married to a police officer named Kevin. They have one little girl. The next oldest is Simon. He is currently in college and ingaed. No one thinks that he should get married. The next oldest is Ruthie. She just started dating and she is in high school. She has a seacret crush on Martin, he lived with the Camdens while his dad was in the army. The youngest are Sam & David. They are twins.
  • 7th Heaven is one of TV's most influential shows ever.

    Having broken records as TV's longest running family drama, 7th Heaven is quite an amazing show. Telling the story of a minister and his family, it is quite interesting to watch how the show plays out after all this time. The characters on the show are still interesting, particularly Lucy and Kevin, and it is great to watch how the kids continue to grow. It seems as though every season the family gets bigger and bigger through the arrivals of new babies, thus keeping the audience interested. Perhaps the best thing about 7th Heaven is that after all this time it still remains true to its roots as a one of a kind family show.
  • This Fall TV Longest running favorite family is coming back because what everyone saw happen last May. That right TV longest running show 7th Heaven is coming back with at least 13 new episodes.

    The new season will include all the retuning cast from last season including the Camden oldest Matt and Mary (Barry Waston and Jessica Beil and many more. But There is still hope they may be on longer than 11 season because the creator Branda Hampton belives that she wants to takes the series ever further so keep on watching and listening to what ever Television Station you tune into every Monday night for further notice on 7th Heaven which starts it 11th season this year on the new network CW.
  • i luv 7th heaven!!!!!!!!!

    7th heaven is the best show ever!!!!! the first episode i saw waz when they had the foreign exchange student stay at their house, Gee. And then ruthie and simon smoked a whole pack of cigarettes. Then next time i turned on the show it waz the same episode, and then i guess i just kept watching it and watching it. i waz soooooooo... glad when i saw the 1st and second season available on dvd. i bought them rite away and watched all the episodes!!!!!!

    now i just cant wait for alll the other seasons 2 cum out!! they said the 3rd season would be out in early january but its already beginning of august and its no where 2 be seen!!!!! where is it??
  • 7th Heaven was a good show back in its day but now it has become unintentionally funny and dull.

    7th Heaven was a good show back in its day but now it has become unintentionally funny and dull. 7th Heaven still present the good family values and all that jazz but it has become boring. Personally I loved the show like five years ago or even three but they don't really have any storylines left. I think the show has become unrealistic. And because it has been on for so many years, the plotlines are somewhat repeative. Having seven children, the kids are going to experience a lot of the same stuff so what are the writers supposed to do? I think the show promotes an unrealistic lifestyle. Not that the Camden lifestyle is wrong but how many families does anyone know that even follow a similiar lifestyle. I just believe this show has become a joke and it is way past it's prime.
  • A family drama that's not so bad.

    I began watching this show because of Stephen Collins who starred in The Golden Monkey, Tatingers and Star Trek The Motion Picture. and I also wanted to see Catherine Hicks from Star Trek 4. When I saw the show, I liked the show just the way it is. I stopped watching the show after a few seasons, but I feel that this is a good show even though I didn't value it as much as I valued The Golden Monkey. If you're looking for a family friendly show, then 7th Heaven is your show. This series had a good run, it's hard to watch the show from the start to finish when the kids begin as babies and end up becoming adults. But it's a good show just as well.
  • Its a very nice show. its family orriented.

    This is one of my favorite shows. It's just so well told. i was angry when the WB ended it last season, but then I saw that the CW was re-starting it. I was happy. 7th Heaven has a great plot too. Its very interesting and things happen that i wouldnt have thought of. yes, they have their problems, but they always find a way to fix them. my favorite character is Beverly Mitchel(is the spelling right?). She's just so honest and like a perfect kid on the show. it just makes the show better. I guess thats all! BYE!
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sad that only one camden kid right now has been in all the episodes....

    Don't you think its sad that only one camden kid right now has been in all the episodes? Its Lucy... and i love her so much she just seems the one who is close to everybody, her dad her mom mary simon ruthie the twins maybe matt but i dont know. She is definetly the best character in my opinion and is the nicest. Does anybody know why Ruthie and Simon arent coming back for season 11?? pm me back if you know!!!! THAnKS!

    anyway.... 7th heavven is one of the best shows i think because it has real concepts that affect us today and it teaches us a lot like ive learned a lot for 7th heaven and i hope i learn more... im glad its coming back for another season!!!! YAY!
  • 7th Heaven is about a minister and his family who go through many struggles everyday. Most of the time it's a friend of one of his 7 children and other times it's just people wo need help and heard he was the best person to ask. They always get through it

    7th Heaven has been one of my personal favorites for about 5 years now. I always looked forward to watching it on Monday nights. When I found out it was having it\'s last show, I felt like I was losing a friend. But when I heard it was coming back for it\'s 11th season I got really excited and can\'t wait to see whats going to happen next.
  • Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins) and his wife Annie (Catherine Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household.

    7th Heaven is one of the best \\\"roll model shows\\\" of all time. I am not a religious person at all, however the show has moved me in so many different ways, more than any other show on TV. The show is such a great way to show everyone how to treat each other respectfuly , and be responsable while still being a great real life show. This show I would highly recommend to everyone especially teenagers/kids but also adults. Thats whats so great about this show, anyone and everyone can relate to the problems the camdens have in real life, and I guess thats what really moves me is that it hits so close to home...I look foreward to the new season!!!
  • 7th heaven is the best show ever.. i cant bear to see it go because it has been a part of my life for 10 amazing yearss!!!i love this show and i love the charaters.. basically everyone watched them grow up on the show! its amazing! i love this show somuch

    7th heaven is the best show ever.. i cant bear to see it go because it has been a part of my life for 10 amazing yearss!!!i love this show and i love the charaters.. basically everyone watched them grow up on the show! its amazing! i love this show so much.. i love all the charaters.. i loved the season finale for the 10ths.. its a family drama and its amazing!! i love this show and i love this show and i love this show and its so amazinG!! i cant wait for it to start on the CW!
  • I'm glad that the CW network is still going keep this show running.

    I'm definitely glad that the CW network will keep this show running. I thought that the 10th season final was not a good way to end the series. It raised questions in my head, like will Sandy and Simon get together. Is there still a chance that Martin and Ruthie will get together. I also wonder what else might happen during. I definitely can't wait for the 11th season to come. Hopefully there'll be other seasons too. It was too bad that Everwood ended, that was also a pretty good show too. Oh well, at least 7th Heaven will be continueing.

    This is a Christan religous show. It deals with the real life problems of kids. it has been running for about 10 YERS! it is so great to watch! everyone should watch this GREAT show! in the fall it will be great! it is SO heckteck for theis \"tv\" life
  • A life-changing show!

    This show proves that families and morals are still cool to watch in this age of violent and sexualized television. It has literally changed and saved many lives. If you aren\'t watching already, what\'s stopping you?

    This year the show returns with its historic 11th season. Despite any negativity associated with it, true fans know and can defend their show, and can spot which naysayers have only started watching recently or not at all. Family members may leave the nest, but they are always family.

    7th Heaven forever!

    7th Heaven premieres September 25 on the new CW! Visit www.cwtv.com for listings and more info.
  • Very weird series finale.

    While I know that the show is going to be returning this fall, I must say that it's series finale was quite odd. At the time that the show aired, the cast and crew did not know that they show was going to be renewed. Therefore, why did the finale leave some many unanswered questions? First, you have three of the seven children pregnant, Simon didn't get married, we don't know what happened to Martin, and Sandy shows up with her baby and says that she needs to talk to Simon. It's a good time that this show will be returning this fall because there are a lot of things that they need to clear up.
  • Um...not really sure why this is getting renewed...it's had 10 seasons!

    Um...it's a good family drama. It is! I mean, it's proven that by staying on the air for ten years. The actors are great and have even gotten pretty big from this show.

    But, i mean, how much is it willing to conform to stay on the air? cheesiness doesn't get good reviews or good ratings, and even tho it isn't so cheesy anymore, that reputation is gonna stay with them.

    7th Heaven, now, like in the latest season finale, is different than some random 7th heaven ep from season 2 or something. It is!

    Before, in earlier episodes, it would be like there's a different social issue, or whatever, that faced each episode. Like guns or drugs or whatever. But now, more recently, it really focused more on the characters' drama and lives and stuff. Which is, i believe more, interesting, than focusing in on a different issue every single week and never mentioning it again.

    But i mean, watching the camden kids grow up, it's kinda sad. Especially with Ruthie - she's just got a bunch of problems, i think. I mean, good heavens. She just seems broken. With her crying like every single episode over a guy, it's like come on!!! get a life and get over him! it was the same thing for like weeks! ah!

    I didn't like Rose. Thank God that rose and simon didn't get married! Thank the Lord! ha.

    But i mean look at the characters - the mom, especially. In the first few years of the show, she was all lovey dovey and saying things like "manners matter" or "always be polite" or "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." like cheesy-ness. which was kinda weird. But it was her! it was her personality!

    but like in recent episodes, she's scheming to make sure that simon and rose don't get married? I mean, i realize she's a mother, and that it's hard watching your kid grow up and get married, especially to someone you don't particularly like. but i mean, as a mother, you'd also realize that it's your kid decision about who he marries. if it's a mistake, he'll learn from it. If it turns out to be good, then you were wrong and things are okay. So don't scheme aganist his marriage, it's like saying "i don't support you and i need to intervene!"

    anyway, i'm a bit bitter about that! i mean i don't like rose and simon together at all, but that doesn't mean i'd like kill rose off or whatever so they don't get married! i mean, sheesh!

    well, anyway....i think this show is past its prime. It really has had a good long run. and i think that in ending the show with a big huge finale and making a big deal out of it and all the publicity the show had, it's really stupid to try and squeeze another season out of it. maybe two. because people are going to say "oh it got renewed? Great!" and then they're never going to watch it. Hard-core, die-hard fans will keep watching, but casual viewers will say, "um...i thought it was cancelled." then they'll turn the channel. or whatever. i think it's a mistake to renew it after it's already made a big deal out of ending. so yeah.

    i mean, say if networks had to choose between 7th heaven, which has been on the air for a decade, and has lost a lot of its luster, and is just an all around nice show, and Smallville or Gilmore girls, which are really high rated shows, with really excited fans and really good plot twists and stuff, which would they choose? I think that smallville and gilmore girls would have more potential to grow and they'd get better ratings, because they're playing to a bigger audience, cuz really how many families sit around on monday or whatever and wait for 7th heaven to start? do many 10-year olds wonder "well? is it simon's baby?!" Plus, they've only been on the air for like, half a decade. and since 7th heaven has a huge cast, it's really hard to spend more money on anything else, besides paying the actors their salaries. the show was good - while it lasted.

    it was cute and cheesy, and everybody loved it, but the question is, how many people are really rock solid fans of 7th Heaven?
  • Its so awesome. i cant wait 4 its return

    I cant believe its actually back. I knew the finally was to good to be true. But is Ruthie leaving the show? Is simon aarons father? Who knows?? Anybody have any spoiler ideas on what they think will happen in september. email me and i will give u my thoughts. My email address is beka_05@yahoo. com . I would love to har from yall
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