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  • Exceedingly Naff

    Terrible preachy drivel about a Protestant minister and his family and the trials and tribulations of dull formulaic middle class America. Varies between middle of the road political commentary and mind numbing sentimentality. Anyone that likes television with any kind of edge or drama should avoid this like the plague.
  • Stop Making the Show Already!

    Okay... 10 seasons of this show, and it is still running. Hm... The show does the same concept and takes people into their home all the time, how many times do people have to watch this show before they realize what a dumb show this is! Some of the people in the show can't even act! Haylie Duff AND Ashlee Simpson? They can't act. They were/are the worst people to put on this show! They can't ACT! Who is the person who casts these people!?!?!?! I'm sorry... But this show should have stopped a long time ago and I'm mad that they keep making more episodes.

    Holy crap this show sucks! This show has redefined how much drama can be crammed down your throat in one hour. It makes me want to rip my eyes out with a spoon. No, better yet, have the show end wiht the whole family have their eyes ripped out with a spoon while their insides boil with hot molten lead.
    Have the entire family turn into zombies and eat each other, while they are slowly crushed between two walls with razorblades imbeded in them.
    Have them all drown in a septic tank while fire burns the surface of it.
    Have them all covered in honey and bird seed, and 2 billion song birds and sparrows that haven't eaten in 3 weeks devour them all alive. And oh yes, there would be alcohol poured on them afterwards.
    Have them take a vacation to space only to discover all of their suits have holes in them, causing their bodily fluids to boil out into space as the air is sucked out of their lungs.

    I would be just as pleased if all of these things just happened to the Lucy character.
  • Why is this still on the air??? Nothing about this is watchable - I wouldn't let my kids watch this junk!

    This jumped the shark just before the twins were born, and it has been steadily going downhill. I can't even watch the commercials anymore, the parents are lousy parents, no one seems to notice the twins and what happened to Happy? We see her like once a season?

    Mary is semi-normal, Matt is nuts, Simon, there was so much going for him and then they let him go off the deep deep deep end and I don't even know what's going on with Ruthie, sigh. I can't stand Lucy at all or her creepy husband.

    The first season was ok did they fire all of the writers, and seriously is anyone really watching this, you know OUTSIDE of Brenda's family?

  • This show is one of the worst shows out there. Surprisingly it is not canceled yet

    I cant believe this show. The most recent season, a lot of the conflict was about Mary and she wasnt even there....did she even make an appearance? This show was okay when mary and robbi was around. I also heard that this show is the best on the WB..Wtf? Gilmore girls is waaaayyy better and so is jack and bobby
  • I don't see how this show has stayed on air after Jessica left.

    I'll admit I use to like this show. Use to being the key words. At one time I was a avid 7th Heaven watcher but then Mary went bad and its been downhill since then. I don't understand how a show can say they hold values close and parent groups says this is a wholesome show when Simon is out having sex with girls and worrying he may have gotten one pregnant. Yeah thats wholesome. So is him killing some one in another car and not serving any time in jail. True the other guy was drunk but Simon killed some one. Hello. Wake up people. Also I think Annie and Lucy are plain nuts. Annie was acting all crazy after she had the twins and now that Lucy has had a baby she is acting crazy. Its like same storyline different character. I'm glad Jessica Biel left because she deserves better. I think I'll stick to real tv shows.
  • Im not gonna waste my time with this summary cause i dont need one. Just read below

    waste of my time to watch it. However, I do not watch it, my wife does because obviously for some reason she likes it. But I still think it sucks. Every week it seems like, the girls are with another guy. I think the only cool guy on there is Matt. That one guy robbie is a total fairy. He thinks he can butt into everyone else\'s business but he cant. Plus he dated both Lucy and Mary. whats up with that crap?? Another thing, there is not enough violence in my opinion. They always hug which is retarded and therefore has no action. Come on, throw a punch every now and then. Also, why the heck does it come on so much (twice on mondays). I think that is very overrated, and the crap has to stop. Well, im gonna stop talking about this show because it bores me to just talk about it. My overall rating for this show is probably a -10 cause it sucks so bad. I would rather watch my front lawn grow.
  • 7th Heaven is an excellent show, very family oreineted and it deals with what most teens experience nowadays.

    7th Heaven is an excellent show, very family oreineted and it deals with what most teens experience nowadays. While other shows may do the same, not all are appropriate fro all age classifications. Way to go Brenda Hampton (creator)! Please check out 7th Heaven. You won't be sorry! The WB really knows what it is doin, ecspecially fro keeping 7th HEaven after the first season did't do so good, but quickly picked up the pace. Anyways, I believe I have made my point. Though I agree the storyline's are a bit wack, I will forever and always love this show with a passion even when it is off the air!

    i used to watch this show back in the 90's but than i stopped cause there was better things to do. so there u have it. 10 years of crap. although i do have to say, jessica biel is hot and so was ashlee simpson. and that one police officer. ok i think that was in the 2000's but i still stopped a while back. ok im done. here
  • a story ofthe camdens and the crappy sotrylines that surrond them.

    Pure Utter Crap From the beginning Nevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevereverevere
    Was Worth Watching Please Take Off The Network It Is Horrible! I'd Rather Watch Commercial
    What Is Wrong With The Writers This Is A Monstrosity! Just Drop This Show no one will care.
    watch arrested development instead what every you do not watch this show!
  • Maddeningly inconsistent

    This show started out pretty good, and stayed that way for several seasons. It shamelessly espoused "family values" without making the concept nauseating or simplistic. With the loss of one of its original cast members and the switch to occasional guest of two others, the show began to focus more on the annoying daughter Lucy, the even more annoying daughter Ruthie (even this character's name grates on the nerves) and a bunch of people one could scarce understand why they were in the show. Simon's unintentionally striking and killing a bicyclist with his car, and subsequent flirtation with premarital sex was a promising twist, but with David Gallagher no longer one of the primary cast members, this hasn't amounted to much. WB has announce that the 10th season will be its last. Too bad they didn't pull the plug after the 5th or 6th, while it was still reasonably watchable.
  • Somebody please shoot them! And I mean all of them!

    I don't know what kind of people would be interested in this show! It is so boring and slow and the lines are completely dull! The most outrageous of all is that it presents thing in an ideal (for them!) way, but in fact it's purely conservative! I mean it's the father and the mother, who love each other so much. Then there are the children who love their parents so much and they love each other so much - how sweet! Then there are their boyfriends and girlfriends that move in with them until they get married or break up! Then there are desperate friends or not even friends that the family rushes to help - OMG they are so kind they will all fly to Heaven (the 7th of course!)!
    This show has nothing to do with reality! When I recall Simon saying that he doesn't want to have sex out of marriage or ugly Lucy wondering how can people have free sex, it just drives me crazy! And that they get married from the age of 18 how about that - oh, I assume they will live happily ever after with the same person for all their lives!Mmm yes, true love someone would say, true crap I would say. I mean it's not like impossible but.... who am I kidding it's impossible!! One more thing, I found it very hypocritical that they accepted a Moslem girl so easily when at the same time they severely bombed Afganistan & Iraq! To make matters worse, it not like that all those American soldiers were asked if they wanted to go out there and die, they were just send there to offer help that was never asked either! The point is that truly the U.S. is the richest and more powerful country in the world (blessed you Americans say) but that doesn't give you the right to interfere with any other country's problems if you aren't ASKED to. I'm a romantic person and I like to think that Americans are not so ignorant to let a man do whatever he wants with this world! Do something people, who else could do more than you? Just take your lives more seriously because other lives depend on them!

    P.S. I have not forgotten the purpose of this review and I will sum up in a few words: the show generally sucks but the sex thing is totally inconceivable!
  • Leaps and bounds behind any other show in creative writing, acting, and purpose, "7th Heaven" is currently the worst show on primetime television. The question isn't how much crack the writers *were* smoking when making this show, but why weren't they?

    This show is beyond terrible. The acting is deplorable, the writing is equally atrocious, the characters are fake, one-sided and enjoy spewing their condescending ethical views while simultaneously exhibiting some belief that they have ascertained a moral high-ground, and the plots are boring, unimportant, irrelevant and stupid. All of the show is fluff; there is no purpose or orientation to the show.

    I haven't watched this show in years--in fact, I can't believe it's going into it's 10th season. How many times can they devote a show to shunning premarital sex, condemning drug use, and recommending to live a conformist, squeaky clean life? When the show does decide to tackle bigger issues such as politics, the ridiculous dialogue, out-of-place references and characters overall lack of knowledge concerning anything substantial about current events is only satirically comical. At best.

    I don't watch 7th Heaven, am not a fan, and honestly try to avoid the show as if it were the Black Plague. I have seen snippets here and there, while someone else was watching it and never by my own will, and I can safely say that 7th Heaven is an incredibly boring, sloppy and unintelligent show. It fits perfectly into the WB's lineup of crappy teenage-driven shows. You may as well be watching "Mr. Rogers and his Offspring," as it would be equally boring.
  • Almost ten seasons!!!! Jesus....

    This is probably the worst show on tv. Everything is so mushy and I have to puke everytime I watch a glimpse of this road to nowhere. How can this show last so many seasons I ask myself and great shows like "American Dreams", "Futurama" and "8 Simple Rules" is being cancelled... Jesus..

    Do people ever get enough of this crappy show..
    Its like that Urkel show, which also sucked, just without comedy and this show should have been long buried 8 years ago. I just pray to god that this must end real soon... Please god STOP this show... AMEN...
  • I can't believe this show is still airing. I think it is one of the worst shows in the history of television. The writing, the acting, the characterization are all the very worst I have ever seen.

    A minister and his wife have seven children. The premise, I think, is to entertain us with the uplifting and moral stories related to the cute and heartwarming goings-on in the Camden household. However, the characters are never consistently portrayed - from week to week they alternate between paragons of virtue, spouting condescending know-it-all clichés or self-indulgent, self-obsessed brats (this includes the parents and adult children). Between the writing and the acting which are both consistently of deplorable quality, you never achieve enough suspension of disbelief to care about the characters. Will Ruthie hook up with Martin? How could I care, the actors speak their lines in monotone and are portrayed no thicker than cardboard cutouts. Does Simon have an STD? Will Eric have another heart attack? Is Annie finally crazy enough to be institutionalized? Is Lucy an adult or a toddler, stamping out her hissy fits? Oh right, she's the associate pastor, preaching no sex before marriage. I guess that's the basis of the show.
    I think this show has become a parody of itself, or of what it intended to be nine seasons ago. It should be taken out of its misery.
  • This show is to full of drama. It never stops.

    1) There running out of ideas and when they thing of one it ends up being really stupid.
    2)Some of the characters don't show any emotion when they talk (example: Ruthie)
    3) Too packed with drama
    4) A lot of the characters are getting to old to be on the show they should be doing movies or something
  • I understand that many people think this show is family values oriented, praising strong parenting, moral lessons, good citizenship, etc. I don't see it at all - I think it is geared to a 12-year old mentality of gushing over "hott" stars, and nothing mo

    People say this is a show about a functional family. But the parents aren't functional themselves. The mom is always acting crazy, hysterically emotional, petty, jealous, vengeful, neglectful of her young sons, and over-controlling. The dad, who is supposed to be minister but never talks of God, except to try and control those around him, is wimpy, insecure, manipulative, dishonest (blatantly lies to get his way or to avoid unpleasantness), and much too self-absorbed and concerned about his image. I think they reflect the target demographic, of 12 year old viewers who drool over the "hott" stars like Kevin. Or Mary, before the writers turned her into an evil harpy, probably because of the producers' petty, jealous and vengeful ways.

    There's nothing functional about this family. Nothing actually happens - the interesting plot points always happen off-screen, and most of the action we do see is people endlessly droning on at each other about something that has happened off screen. No drama here. No comedy here, except the hysterical laughter at the bad acting, ridiculous dialogue and ludicrous pathos. "we're poor, sir, and we're hungry"

    A soap opera at the most, particularly interesting when Kevin takes off his shirt. But no family values, whatsoever. WOuld you want to live in a family of over-controlling judgemental stalkers, who have no depth of feeling or experience?
  • I just really dont understand why it didn't get canceled...

    I don't really understand why this show hasn't been canceled. It has no point at all,I used to watch it... but at that time i was about 11, and had no concept about what to watch on television. After about the 2nd season I gave up all hope that it could ever be "ok" again, so i haven't seen it since.
  • This show is a great example of how not to be in real life. Its about gossip, being nosey, and all other aspects of ignorance outside of violence.

    This show is regularly themed after family members gossiping about one another, jumping to conclusions with little or no information, and meddling in the affairs of others. This show is a perfect example of how not to be.
    Curious about this show? Here is how every show ends: The dad (a minister) 'somehow' manages to fix whatever mess that the overpopulated and disfunctional houshold manages to create from nothing. Of note to watch out for is the mother who manages to get in everyones business and try and attempt to manipulate the situation. This tends to be a family trait in the Camden household as all the women share these nasty habits, but Lucy also possesses the qualities of being whiney and needy on top of all her other problems. Also, her and her baby's daddy wont move out from mom and dad's house and face the real world. The rest of the 'family' is less damaged to some extent. What does this show teach people? Poor female role models and nothing good. Does it entertain? If you like watching pigs roll around in mud, you'll love this show.
  • Supposedly a family oriented show

    I am almost through with the 2nd season on DVD and I can\'t believe how ridiculous and unreal the show is. This is a family who only pretends to live up to high morals and righteousness but has too many problems of its own. Rev. Camden does not behave like a man of the cloth, but rather an errand boy who runs around the town picking up pharmacy prescriptions for the old ladies and getting into everyone\'s business without them asking him first. Mother Annie is a self righteous woman who thinks that she is always right, however she raised her kids to be spoiled, arrogant, selfish and disobedient. They get into trouble all the time and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The parents punish their kids for every single little mistake and the kids don\'t even argue: \"yes mommy, i was wrong!\". After every heartfelt conversation and punishment everyone resumes talking and joking like nothing\'s happened. No wonder these kids are not afraid to get themselves into trouble. Annie and Erik are not embarassed to make out while their kids are at home and they have been caught month to mouth many times. People with high morals who belong to the priesthood do not behave like that at all. No wonder their kids are so screwed up and rebelious.
  • Love this show and sad to see its ending. I wish that the WB would reconsider and keep the show for another couple of years. It is rare today to have a real family show scheduled on TV.

    I love this show and hope that the executives at Warner Bros. reconsider and keep it on for another couple of years. In that to have a show that is family oriented and enjoyable and positive. This show is very rare in that it is one that the whole family can enjoy together.
    I liken it to "The Walton's" and "The Little House on the Prairie" of 1970's TV programming or to "Full House" show of the 1980's. 7th Heaven is a wholesome TV show that not only entertains but also teaches and discusses issues that are relevant to today's families, children and teenagers.

    Although it is not flawless in its implementation, it let's us see how we, as humans, are not flawless. As individuals, families, communities, society we are not without flaw. This show shows our frailties our passions, what makes us who we are as families and communities. But I think it goes even deeper when the show producers attempt to approach "controversial" topics such as, I can't believe I am saying this, but topics such as "Christmas", "Religion", "single motherhood", "Teenage Pregnancy", "Divorce", "child abuse" and more...

    This show is needed, not just for entertainment, but as a tool used to help bring out issues and more importantly, open up a dialogue between parent(s) and child.

    GREAT Show and thanks for 9 years of enjoyment. This show will definitely be missed in my home.
  • Didn't they pull the plug on this show yet?

    After around 5 or 6 seasons, the show nose-dived. Put this show to rest already. It's WAAAY over due. What exactly is most irritating? Hmmm, the story lines, the unbelievably immature adult characters in the show, lack of communication between characters, it isn't funny, etc. It's irritating. I was surprised to hear the show had been renewed in 2002, much less 2005. Let it die already.
  • I will admit I used to like the show. But it just got so stupid. Talking about all these problems and all this stuff that happens to their kids. I just didn't think it was worth watching anymore. I don't blame the actors, but the plot. I so hate it.

    This show should stop airing. Its gonig to go down pretty soon. Some of the episodes were stupid. 7th Heaven the Musical? Come on! That was the stupidest thing I have ever seen. I really don't like this show anymore. It has been on air for too long. VERY BORING!!
  • Stupid so-called Christian show

    My sister likes this show, but what do I think about it? Stupid, stupid, stupid! 7th Heaven is one of the sappiest shows I've ever seen in my entire life. The theme song is so annoying that I kinda mimic it a little. The people on this show make fun of Christianity by giving this obvious message that Christianity is all love, affection, family togetherness, and being good to others. I, as a Christian, am extremely offended. Christianity is more than what 7th Heaven says it is. It's about being devoted to God, obeying Him, and wishing to go to heaven one day. Serving others is good too, but as you do so, you're serving God too. And basically, (besides other people on the show) all the 7th Heaven main cast care about is themselves, which is, of course, stupid.
  • Could this show be any less realistic? Convoluted storylines, bad acting, and six thousand supporting characters that nobody cares about.

    I can't believe this show has been on the air for ten years. There are so many things wrong with it it's not funny. Unfortunately, it comes on before an actually *good* show, so I'm often ivoluntarily subjected to the inane antics of the Camden family. Watch as they get hysterical over non-problems (OH MY GOD, Ruthy's date isn't here!) and shriek at the indignity over seemingly serious things, that will almost always turn out to be moral-friendly afterall. (Simon will have premarital sex but he won't get an STD! Mary might be pregnant, but she secretly married beforehand!) They're supposed to be so wholesome, yet every episode I've ever seen has one or more characters talking endlessly about sex or some other "bad" thing they need to avoid. In reality, living a wholesome life isn't all about things you *can't* do- it doesn't come up *every* day.

    And if just the putrid family wasn't enough, the show also has a supporting cast or random people that no one could possibly care about, in various stages of habitation at the Camden house. And, Camden or not, if you're on this show, you are sure to be acting badly. I've seen Stephen Collins and the mom in other things, with decent acting. I guess the presence of all the other nuts on this show forces them to act just as badly. And there's a set of twins that are so bad they're painful to watch. And before you go using age as an excuse, they're not little anymore- at least six, and Haley Joel Osment was seeing dead people at that age!
    The writers of this show need to realize that Nobody worries about this stuff! Give the Camdens some REAL problems to obsess over!

    I'm so glad my show is moving nights, and I will never be subjected to this craptastic show ever again.
  • Maybe one day we'll learn

    In a theocratic society, propaganda movies would look exactly like this show. Unbelievably blatant propaganda movies, in which nothing good exists that is not WASP and everyone turns to and every problem is solved by: a benign father figure. Never before or after have I seen a show that is truer to the saying "Religion is the opium of the people".

    I can understand embracing the values promoted in this show. I don't share them all, but I think I can understand how people can see their worth. What I can never understand or accept is ignoring or embracing its manipulativeness and its shutting-out of any reality as we know it.

    I think it's just terrible and even though it has redeeming qualities, for what I mentioned above I will give it 1 point and hope that the day will come when shows like 7th Heaven will not be produced anymore.

    Reply to sallenj: I must admit, I haven't seen too many episodes, maybe 20 or so, and most of them not even fully. I just could not bear it. But please note that you misinterpreted and misrepresented my review, I believe that a world in which more people were like the family depicted in the show, would actually be a nicer world. But for me the same is true for a world in which unicorns exist. I would love for unicorns to exist. Or for aliens to contact us. Or, yes, for God to exist.

    But that is just fantasy (for me). And that is how I see the show. Fantasy. But the problem I have with the show is that it's fantasy with an agenda. And I think that is very, very dangerous.
  • I hate this show

    I really don't understand this series.Its show us a happy American family but i don't think that is the reality.Everything there is perfect,everybody is beautiful(yes Bield is very hot but all the girls are not like her,i didn't saw any ugly girls in the show) and everything is great.They show us a idealistic world but the reality is very different .I hate the annoying morale at the end of all episodes.Sex is bad,especially before the marriage, drinking is very, very bad(no its not, i don't think that i am an alcoholic if i drink some beers with my friends sometimes).
  • This Show Sucks!

    This show is boring and stupid, the theme song gets on my last nerves, its annoying and dumb!! This show is so *yawn* needs to just go away, its just I dunno what else to say but BORING!! and STUPID!! 7th Heaven yeah Im glad you got cancelled!! Your ANNOYING!!
  • If there is one show that someone should go to jail for it´s this one. ' It´s so bad that I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy and if this was showed in jail it would be torture.

    Who ever made this crap should go to jail.
    The hole fundamentalistic happy family is just a joke with their BS problems.
    Worst one, was when the gay kid "Aaron Carter hair cut" was heaving sex and for some reason that was huge problem that he wasn´t married etc.
    I was literally banging my head against the wall, how the hell is that a problem???
    Kids today are using crack and most schools have metal detectors so kids don´t bring weapons to school.
    IF only kids just made sweet love there wouldn´t be any school shootings. Jeusus Allah and his friends get a grip of reality.

    P.S The only reason any one would watch this show is because Biel is hot.
  • I hate this show

    One of the most annoying shows ever created the story lines are really weak and preachy....I really hate that annoying episode about smoking my sister loved it through its 11 years on the air it brings back a lot of memories of me being annoyed and wanting to change the channel but couldn't. I really hate this show and wondered why it was still on the air. Especially that really annoying episode about smoking. I don't smoke but because of how annoying the episode was I wanted to light up an entire pack. I wish that the show was never created so I could have watched other shows. Or that my sister didn't like it so much. I asked my father why does 7th heaven suck he said it was because it was a christian drama and you know what he is right.

    I am glad you are finally gone 7th heaven!!!!!!!!
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