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  • 7th Heaven has been around for almost a decade giving us lots of different views on life from the Camdens. This show is still very good and is up for at least one more season.

    Starting back in 1996 we were introduced to the Camden family and got to watch their lives week after week. Flash forward to 2005 and we are still in their homes, although things have changed slightly.

    All of the kids but the twins have grown a lot since the very first season. We watched Mary and Lucy transform into women, Matt and Simon into men, and Ruthie become a teenager. We have also seen changes within Eric and Annie who have gone through lots of changes in 9 years.

    Although the show is starting to get to the end of it's rope, the show still brings lots of good concepts and ideas to the table. When it airs again in the fall, I will be on my couch watching and seeing what the Camdens have to tell me this week.
  • Began in 1996 and after 9 years still going Strong. First and Foremost its about a family.

    7th heaven premiered in August of 1996. It’s not often in today’s television world that you can find a show that the entire family can sit down and watch together. The show is suitable for people as young as 5 and as old as 90. The show deals with real life issues, some major things the show has dealt with in its 9 year run are the Holocaust, Racism, Teen pregnancy, and many other issues that not only teens but families deal with.

    The show has also been known to help people who may have a similar issues. In high school there was a girl in my class who was a cutter, when she saw the episode on 7th heaven, it encouraged her to go and seek help and she did.

    The show above everything else, is that its about a family. Some think of 7th heaven as a 90’s Walton’s. The show is going into its 10th season in the fall, and that is an unbelievable feat for a family drama, for it to still be going strong 9years after it premiered, and still have interesting stories to tell.
  • 7th Heaven is about a religious family and the problems they have, some hate it but it is a good show.

    7th Heaven has been on for 9 years and is entering its 10th next year. Most shows don’t last that long and almost all get really bad if they do. 7th Heaven has not fell pray to this, it has stayed good for its entire run and has gotten better and more entertaining each season it has been on the air.

    Everybody brings something to this show, But Beverly Mitchell is my favorite, she is cute in an odd way and is one of the few kids to be a regular in every season, I have seen her go from odd looking to very cute woman, and she will stay that way for years to come. However, even though she is my favorite, the show wouldn’t be half as good without Simon and his troubles, I didn’t think in season 1 that he would turn out like this.

    Some people hate this show and think it is insipid, Most recently the people at salon, The show is very good and very well acted., it takes on hard topics and looks at them with a different look than most shows, its views on sex are different because it doesn’t encourage you to have it! It encourages people to act with maturity and not rush into sex until they are ready, this is different because most shows have a have sex and have some more and than do it again attitude, but 7th Heaven used its mind and didn’t follow, this and with the fact it has religion makes it hated by people like those at Salon, the fact is this show is not insipid, but Salons review most certainly is.
  • I love this show. I have watched it since the beginning.

    I think we need to have more shows like this. The ones that teach as values. Each week the topics that are approached are excellent. It seems like it deals with most of the issues that teenagers are dealing with today. I think that every family should sit down and watch this show.
  • This is a terrific show. I didn't start watching until 2003 or so. It gets better everytime I see it. It is still going strong after almost 10 years on the air.

    This show is terrific. An average, California minister and house-wife wind up raising seven children. At times, home life is nothing but chaos, other times it is nothing but drama. Over the years, we have watched Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, and David all grow up. From marriges, pregnancies, boy friends, discipline, etc, the show has done it. It teaches morals and ethics among life. You learn that family is important. Your parents only want the best for you. Ruthie is my favorite character among them all. She is at a critical age on the show. Adjusting to high school and the hard-ships of a big family. I admit, it would be hard having a huge family, but it would still be a blast.
  • This show is great for getting My family and friends together every monday night. We never miss an episode.

    This show is great for getting my family together every monday night. We never miss an episode and are looking forward to the return of this show next season. The camdens problems are everyone\'s problems and the way they deal with them is truly inspirational, emotional,realistic and full of heart.
  • This show has been on since 1996! It was created and executive produced by Brenda Hampton!It is about a family of 2 parents and 7 children! they try to solve their problems whether it's about sex, drugs, alcohol or violence.They always find a way to love

    Excellent show! Loved it since 1996! I hope 7th Heaven stays on the air forever! It is going to be the longest family drama in televison history!
    It has the best actors ever! Even though season 7 and 8 were a bit bad because of the new characters, 7th Heaven will always, always be my favourite show!
  • This has to be the best show in the world! Even my mom watches it. I was pretty bummed this year that it was ending till on Valentines Day they announced it’d be renewed!

    This is the best show in the world. Ever since I was in 4th grade I\'ve been watching this show and I’ve probably seen every episode. There isn’t one I know of that I have missed. It\'s so fun to sit down on my couch on Mondays and watch a new problem be solved, or something wacky happens in the Camden household. My favorite character has to be Happy. She is the cutest dog in the world! I\'m so exited that it\'ll be in a tenth season. I was pretty bummed this year that it was ending till on Valentines Day they announced it’d be renewed! Now that it is the longest running Drama on TV, I can brag that to everyone. Even my mom sometimes watches this show!
  • I watched this show in re-runs and then during the 8th season I began to watch it on the WB. I really saw how the show had deteriorated over the years, and now I am watching it just to see what happens, not because I enjoy it.

    I really used to enjoy this show when I would watch the older episodes on ABC Family. Now the episodes are boring, and have no point to them. They are also very cheesy and the acting is not anywhere near what it used to be. I hope that during the 10th season the writing will improve and the characters will be more dimesional. Right now each character does one thing. Lucy whines and is immature, Kevin has to deal with Lucy, Annie is just smiling and thinking everything is okay, Eric is helping everyone, and so on. These characters need more dimension and better storylines. I hope that the 10th season will not be a disappointment like the 8th and 9th seasons.
  • Bad show.

    the first six season where good. Then they started writing boring charcters, with actors who can't act. The scripts starting getting boring and very preachy. Every week they kept repeating plots. The WB has ruined the show by letting it go on for this long. The show should end now.
  • The Camden family lives in Glen Oak, California and is faced with many difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. The children learn proper morals and the parents keep an ever watching eye over the children.

    7th Heaven is a show about a pastor's family and the trials and tribulations they face in our very unscrupulous and chaotic world. Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, and David are Annie and Eric Camden's seven children. Spanning from med student to pre pre-school children the kids learn from and take care of each other. 7th Heaven is based on the relationships between the family members and the outside world.
  • The show about a minister, his wife and their 7 children.

    I've been watching this show since it premiered in 1996 as a 9 year old and I loved it. Even after 9 seasons, I still tune in. My take is that some dont like the show because is because it talks about morals and family issues, instead of having the catfights, the makeout scenes and have Chad Michael Murray taking off his shirt, but I digress. This is one of these shows that will remain as a family classic for a long time.
  • Supposedly a family oriented show

    I am almost through with the 2nd season on DVD and I can\'t believe how ridiculous and unreal the show is. This is a family who only pretends to live up to high morals and righteousness but has too many problems of its own. Rev. Camden does not behave like a man of the cloth, but rather an errand boy who runs around the town picking up pharmacy prescriptions for the old ladies and getting into everyone\'s business without them asking him first. Mother Annie is a self righteous woman who thinks that she is always right, however she raised her kids to be spoiled, arrogant, selfish and disobedient. They get into trouble all the time and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The parents punish their kids for every single little mistake and the kids don\'t even argue: \"yes mommy, i was wrong!\". After every heartfelt conversation and punishment everyone resumes talking and joking like nothing\'s happened. No wonder these kids are not afraid to get themselves into trouble. Annie and Erik are not embarassed to make out while their kids are at home and they have been caught month to mouth many times. People with high morals who belong to the priesthood do not behave like that at all. No wonder their kids are so screwed up and rebelious.
  • Started out great in 1996, but its slowly going downhill.

    7th Heaven started out as a great show, and I bought Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, and I love it but all the episodes these days seem to just be about Simon getting STDs and other random stuff. Its not that good-old-family show it used to be. Its like WOW now. I can't even stand to watch it anymore. It scares me how a show that started out as great as that one is turning so completely horrible.

    My advice to those who have never watched it - buy the early seasons DVD and watch those, but do not do not do not watch it now! Its completely horrible.
  • 7th Heaven is awesome.

    I think it is a great show to watch there is so much drama in every episode. Its been my favorite show since they first started I am always excited for Monday because of a new episode of 7th Heaven.I wish they could keep going forever,but i guess that cant happen.
  • Faimly show!! A Drama of a minsiters life.

    This show is a great family show!! Most girls will love!! I hope the show will go on for 20 seasons!! I love my Monday nights when I get to watch 7th Heaven!! I wish Mary would come back on the show!! I would recomand this to all of my friends!!!
  • Great Show!

    I enjoy this show alot. I watch it almost every week and I enjoy this show so much.

    Some of the characters are really cute so that is a big reason why I watch it. Other than that I would probably watch something else since this show is like a so proper.
  • I've been watching this show since the begining, and I feel like I've grown up with all of the characters.

    7th Heaven has been my favorite show for years and years. It is one of the only shows on television today that combines wholesome, Christian values with every day issues that teenagers and adults face. As the Camden children grow up and start families of their own, more issues arise that show how a good Christian family would deal. Yes, I will agree, 7th Heaven has had it's downtimes. Times where the storylines seemed like those of any other family drama. I believe 7th Heaven is starting to get back to its roots, and hopefully, we haven't seen the best yet!!!

    For all those 7th Heaven fans out there, I recommend buying the DVD's. It helps you remember why you started watching it in the first place!!!

    Peace out,
  • Second to the edgy and witty family drama, "Soul Food," "7th Heaven" ranks in my book as one of the best dramas in the history of television. It's a viewing pleasure for the entire family.

    A classmate of mine introduced me to the family drama series, "7th Heaven." I'd heard about the series before that point, but I never decided that I'd watch it. She (my classmate) kept convincing me that I should watch this show. One day, I decided to tune in; it became one of the best television viewing decisions that I'd ever make.

    Unlike many of today's dramas, and comedies alike, "7th Heaven" examines all of life's important issues in a mature and respectable manner. The most unique quality of this show is that it is probably the only show in today's flood of television programming that the entire family can enjoy together without seeing a lot of violence, drug related incidents, and sexual innuendo (that's not to say that I don't watch shows that contain all of those concepts, because I do); but let's face it---even some of today's most popular cartoons contain a lot of unnecessary sexual matters written into the episodes in order to gain laughs (as well as ratings). Non-family friendly cartoons such as "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons" certainly prove that; that's why "7th Heaven" is every parent's solution to quality (and family-friendly) television viewing. This is coming from a fourteen-year-old who loves this show, but wouldn't dare miss an episode of Girlfriends or Desperate Housewives; yet on the other hand, I still enjoy fantastic viewing, and this is it at its best. Although I stated it as classic, it is also very under appreciated by Emmy and Golden Globe voters; but as we all know, you can't please everyone. Thankfully, I'm not everyone, and I'm completely pleased with this winning family drama.
  • 7th Heaven is an excellent show, very family oreineted and it deals with what most teens experience nowadays.

    7th Heaven is an excellent show, very family oreineted and it deals with what most teens experience nowadays. While other shows may do the same, not all are appropriate fro all age classifications. Way to go Brenda Hampton (creator)! Please check out 7th Heaven. You won't be sorry! The WB really knows what it is doin, ecspecially fro keeping 7th HEaven after the first season did't do so good, but quickly picked up the pace. Anyways, I believe I have made my point. Though I agree the storyline's are a bit wack, I will forever and always love this show with a passion even when it is off the air!
  • this was my absolute fav. but to me it has lost some of its appeal and read to find out why.

    this show is a good family show if you are a big family and are catholic and for everyone else it is a show telling them it is an absolute must that you have 7 kids and go to church. for some it is a great show and for me it was once very good and now i feel the same thing is happening in every episode. the show used to be addictive and now the episodes are just silly and the sonarios are just so fake. i feel that they should forget about simon bring mary back and focus a little more on ruthie and her personal life with 3 guys who earlier in the season all had a thing for her. the show is mildly but surely going down hill. the show should just tie up all of the loose ends and should leave the air.
  • This show is about a large family and its many trials and tribulations through life. It is my all time favorite show and I dont know what I would do if it wasnt on every week for me to watch!

    7th Heaven is a really good family show. It is my favorite show of all time and I have not missed an episode yet. It will soon be in its tenth season and I am still watching it. This is not a show anyone could get tired of. Dealing with topics from drug use, to suicide to teen pregnancy this show will keep you watching. I cant wait until new episodes come on every Monday, and when there are repeats on I make sure to catch them! If you have not already, make sure to check out 7th Heaven! You don\'t know what you are missing!
  • Realistic, heartwarming and thought-provoking.

    I really wish there were more shows like this one. There are strong values portrayed in the episodes, but the people are still human and make mistakes. That's one of the things I like - it shows normal people struggling with issues but they still try to do the right thing mostly. The show is a sharp contrast to all the sex and violence junk that dominates tv today. The characters in this show are well-developed and believable and are very effective in their presentations.
  • This show is one of the best shows i have ever watched. I am Probably one of the biggest fans that has ever walked the earth. It is such a blessing in "Heaven" to watch and beable to see this show everyday.

    This show gives a whole new meaning to family television. Forget the dumb blonde as a mother and the unsure dad, oh no. These Camdens are true blue americans and stupied is not in there dictionary. Mrs Annie Camden is one of the smartest women in Glenoak. She is a homemaker and treats her kids the way Mrs Cleaver Would approve of. Dont forget Reverand Camden, The american Good semiritan. What a lovely couple, one way to top it off.. 7 kids. Thats right 7 bundles of joy. I love that how the best parents can raise 7 beautiful children and not regret one thing that they have done in doing that. I mean mary has given the worst name to the camdens but they still love her and consider her family and a camden. Now thats Love.
  • Im not gonna waste my time with this summary cause i dont need one. Just read below

    waste of my time to watch it. However, I do not watch it, my wife does because obviously for some reason she likes it. But I still think it sucks. Every week it seems like, the girls are with another guy. I think the only cool guy on there is Matt. That one guy robbie is a total fairy. He thinks he can butt into everyone else\'s business but he cant. Plus he dated both Lucy and Mary. whats up with that crap?? Another thing, there is not enough violence in my opinion. They always hug which is retarded and therefore has no action. Come on, throw a punch every now and then. Also, why the heck does it come on so much (twice on mondays). I think that is very overrated, and the crap has to stop. Well, im gonna stop talking about this show because it bores me to just talk about it. My overall rating for this show is probably a -10 cause it sucks so bad. I would rather watch my front lawn grow.
  • This show is amazing.

    I can't believe that a Christian family could have so many problems. I can really relate to some things in the show.And also it has hott guys in it like the guy who plays Martin.Man things are just starting to heat up, like Martin starting to have feelings for Ruthie, WOW! If you haven't watched this show yet, watch it, its awesome.
  • A reverend and his family going through life and dealing with many realistic obstacles.

    i\'ve ben watching this show since forever. It is the best for wholesome family fun, the topics discussed are real and any family can relate to them. Not only are all the guys hott, the ladies of Seventh Heaven light up the screen with their natural talent and quirky comments. Monday night after school this show brings forth a realistic out look on life and how families struggle. The Camdens show that every family has its ups and downs, but its how we deal with them, which shows our true selves.
  • Sorry, but it is

    I love 7th Heaven I think it's a good show, but I think it's kind of going down. It's like the writers are running out of good storys. I loved it in the beggining, but I've found myself watching it less and less. I think they should put life back in it again. Thats only my opinion.
  • 7th heaven is one of the best shows on tv and everbody should watch . and if you dont like the show you have problmes .

    i have watched 7th heaven sice it begain and it is one of the best show and it is amazing to see how much all of them have changed since the show started. Like when th show starte makenzie (Ruthy) was so young and now she is dating. also it iscool to see matt as a doctor and lucy witha kid. my favorite character is lucy, Beverly mitchells she is a great actor and should presue her caree once 7th heaven ends. the only thing that is not cool is that jessica is not in the show any more, but other then that the show rockks.
  • Could this show be any less realistic? Convoluted storylines, bad acting, and six thousand supporting characters that nobody cares about.

    I can't believe this show has been on the air for ten years. There are so many things wrong with it it's not funny. Unfortunately, it comes on before an actually *good* show, so I'm often ivoluntarily subjected to the inane antics of the Camden family. Watch as they get hysterical over non-problems (OH MY GOD, Ruthy's date isn't here!) and shriek at the indignity over seemingly serious things, that will almost always turn out to be moral-friendly afterall. (Simon will have premarital sex but he won't get an STD! Mary might be pregnant, but she secretly married beforehand!) They're supposed to be so wholesome, yet every episode I've ever seen has one or more characters talking endlessly about sex or some other "bad" thing they need to avoid. In reality, living a wholesome life isn't all about things you *can't* do- it doesn't come up *every* day.

    And if just the putrid family wasn't enough, the show also has a supporting cast or random people that no one could possibly care about, in various stages of habitation at the Camden house. And, Camden or not, if you're on this show, you are sure to be acting badly. I've seen Stephen Collins and the mom in other things, with decent acting. I guess the presence of all the other nuts on this show forces them to act just as badly. And there's a set of twins that are so bad they're painful to watch. And before you go using age as an excuse, they're not little anymore- at least six, and Haley Joel Osment was seeing dead people at that age!
    The writers of this show need to realize that Nobody worries about this stuff! Give the Camdens some REAL problems to obsess over!

    I'm so glad my show is moving nights, and I will never be subjected to this craptastic show ever again.
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