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  • I can't believe this show is still airing. I think it is one of the worst shows in the history of television. The writing, the acting, the characterization are all the very worst I have ever seen.

    A minister and his wife have seven children. The premise, I think, is to entertain us with the uplifting and moral stories related to the cute and heartwarming goings-on in the Camden household. However, the characters are never consistently portrayed - from week to week they alternate between paragons of virtue, spouting condescending know-it-all clichés or self-indulgent, self-obsessed brats (this includes the parents and adult children). Between the writing and the acting which are both consistently of deplorable quality, you never achieve enough suspension of disbelief to care about the characters. Will Ruthie hook up with Martin? How could I care, the actors speak their lines in monotone and are portrayed no thicker than cardboard cutouts. Does Simon have an STD? Will Eric have another heart attack? Is Annie finally crazy enough to be institutionalized? Is Lucy an adult or a toddler, stamping out her hissy fits? Oh right, she's the associate pastor, preaching no sex before marriage. I guess that's the basis of the show.
    I think this show has become a parody of itself, or of what it intended to be nine seasons ago. It should be taken out of its misery.
  • I hate this show

    One of the most annoying shows ever created the story lines are really weak and preachy....I really hate that annoying episode about smoking my sister loved it through its 11 years on the air it brings back a lot of memories of me being annoyed and wanting to change the channel but couldn't. I really hate this show and wondered why it was still on the air. Especially that really annoying episode about smoking. I don't smoke but because of how annoying the episode was I wanted to light up an entire pack. I wish that the show was never created so I could have watched other shows. Or that my sister didn't like it so much. I asked my father why does 7th heaven suck he said it was because it was a christian drama and you know what he is right.

    I am glad you are finally gone 7th heaven!!!!!!!!
  • I hate this show

    I really don't understand this series.Its show us a happy American family but i don't think that is the reality.Everything there is perfect,everybody is beautiful(yes Bield is very hot but all the girls are not like her,i didn't saw any ugly girls in the show) and everything is great.They show us a idealistic world but the reality is very different .I hate the annoying morale at the end of all episodes.Sex is bad,especially before the marriage, drinking is very, very bad(no its not, i don't think that i am an alcoholic if i drink some beers with my friends sometimes).
  • This Show Sucks!

    This show is boring and stupid, the theme song gets on my last nerves, its annoying and dumb!! This show is so *yawn* needs to just go away, its just I dunno what else to say but BORING!! and STUPID!! 7th Heaven yeah Im glad you got cancelled!! Your ANNOYING!!
  • If there is one show that someone should go to jail for it´s this one. ' It´s so bad that I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy and if this was showed in jail it would be torture.

    Who ever made this crap should go to jail.
    The hole fundamentalistic happy family is just a joke with their BS problems.
    Worst one, was when the gay kid "Aaron Carter hair cut" was heaving sex and for some reason that was huge problem that he wasn´t married etc.
    I was literally banging my head against the wall, how the hell is that a problem???
    Kids today are using crack and most schools have metal detectors so kids don´t bring weapons to school.
    IF only kids just made sweet love there wouldn´t be any school shootings. Jeusus Allah and his friends get a grip of reality.

    P.S The only reason any one would watch this show is because Biel is hot.
  • oh dear. can an axe murderer kill them all???

    really? how many kids? everyone is happy. stupidly happy. no, let me rephrase that, everyone is STUPID. and they all have annoying-ass voices and faces and every time i see them i just want to punch them on the nose you know? just puch the smile off their giddy faces. ooh, we're the silly family and we aaall want to be priests. priesthood rocks. and i hate that father dude. he is disgusting, sorry. and one of the kids looks like a rat. even her voice resembles a rat. man, oh man i hate that show. why did i ever watch it?
  • A really dumb show.

    I love to make fun of this show. It's so bad. The mom cries in every freaking episode!.....no I'm serious. What is just so interesting about a crying mom? Let me tell you: nothing. This show is like........buh-arf. And that's all. Because that's all it needs to be. Since it really sucks. Okay, is the review word count done yetttttttt? Huh huh huh?Crud.I really don't understand this show. It has no actually plot. AND Beverly Mitchell is the most annoying, self-centered person I've ever seen on TV. Character or not, she's straight out annoying. Don't disagree with me, you know you hate her. Okay, I'm done.

    Holy crap this show sucks! This show has redefined how much drama can be crammed down your throat in one hour. It makes me want to rip my eyes out with a spoon. No, better yet, have the show end wiht the whole family have their eyes ripped out with a spoon while their insides boil with hot molten lead.
    Have the entire family turn into zombies and eat each other, while they are slowly crushed between two walls with razorblades imbeded in them.
    Have them all drown in a septic tank while fire burns the surface of it.
    Have them all covered in honey and bird seed, and 2 billion song birds and sparrows that haven't eaten in 3 weeks devour them all alive. And oh yes, there would be alcohol poured on them afterwards.
    Have them take a vacation to space only to discover all of their suits have holes in them, causing their bodily fluids to boil out into space as the air is sucked out of their lungs.

    I would be just as pleased if all of these things just happened to the Lucy character.
  • Somebody please shoot them! And I mean all of them!

    I don't know what kind of people would be interested in this show! It is so boring and slow and the lines are completely dull! The most outrageous of all is that it presents thing in an ideal (for them!) way, but in fact it's purely conservative! I mean it's the father and the mother, who love each other so much. Then there are the children who love their parents so much and they love each other so much - how sweet! Then there are their boyfriends and girlfriends that move in with them until they get married or break up! Then there are desperate friends or not even friends that the family rushes to help - OMG they are so kind they will all fly to Heaven (the 7th of course!)!
    This show has nothing to do with reality! When I recall Simon saying that he doesn't want to have sex out of marriage or ugly Lucy wondering how can people have free sex, it just drives me crazy! And that they get married from the age of 18 how about that - oh, I assume they will live happily ever after with the same person for all their lives!Mmm yes, true love someone would say, true crap I would say. I mean it's not like impossible but.... who am I kidding it's impossible!! One more thing, I found it very hypocritical that they accepted a Moslem girl so easily when at the same time they severely bombed Afganistan & Iraq! To make matters worse, it not like that all those American soldiers were asked if they wanted to go out there and die, they were just send there to offer help that was never asked either! The point is that truly the U.S. is the richest and more powerful country in the world (blessed you Americans say) but that doesn't give you the right to interfere with any other country's problems if you aren't ASKED to. I'm a romantic person and I like to think that Americans are not so ignorant to let a man do whatever he wants with this world! Do something people, who else could do more than you? Just take your lives more seriously because other lives depend on them!

    P.S. I have not forgotten the purpose of this review and I will sum up in a few words: the show generally sucks but the sex thing is totally inconceivable!
  • Maybe one day we'll learn

    In a theocratic society, propaganda movies would look exactly like this show. Unbelievably blatant propaganda movies, in which nothing good exists that is not WASP and everyone turns to and every problem is solved by: a benign father figure. Never before or after have I seen a show that is truer to the saying "Religion is the opium of the people".

    I can understand embracing the values promoted in this show. I don't share them all, but I think I can understand how people can see their worth. What I can never understand or accept is ignoring or embracing its manipulativeness and its shutting-out of any reality as we know it.

    I think it's just terrible and even though it has redeeming qualities, for what I mentioned above I will give it 1 point and hope that the day will come when shows like 7th Heaven will not be produced anymore.

    Reply to sallenj: I must admit, I haven't seen too many episodes, maybe 20 or so, and most of them not even fully. I just could not bear it. But please note that you misinterpreted and misrepresented my review, I believe that a world in which more people were like the family depicted in the show, would actually be a nicer world. But for me the same is true for a world in which unicorns exist. I would love for unicorns to exist. Or for aliens to contact us. Or, yes, for God to exist.

    But that is just fantasy (for me). And that is how I see the show. Fantasy. But the problem I have with the show is that it's fantasy with an agenda. And I think that is very, very dangerous.
  • Everwood got cancelled for more of this?! Are you kidding me?

    I used to kind of like this show. At the beginning, you know, when it had something new to say. But it's so stale now. There's nothing good about it. I was originally able to look past the sub-par acting and base storylines and watch it fairly regularly, but by about season three I was pretty solidly over it.

    I have nothing good to say about this show as it is now. And the fact that Everwood was dropped to put more of this back on... unbelievable. I'm honestly surprised that anyone still watches this show.

    Not that I expect my annoyance to make a difference, but as long as Everwood is gone and 7th Heaven remains I wont be watching the CW for any reason. Complete boycott from me.
  • Bad show.

    the first six season where good. Then they started writing boring charcters, with actors who can't act. The scripts starting getting boring and very preachy. Every week they kept repeating plots. The WB has ruined the show by letting it go on for this long. The show should end now.
  • one of the best/worst shows Ever

    I used to like this show but it became to much
    Matt was cutie and sweet simon hot hot hot
    my favorite gueststar was Leann hunley Rachel Annie 's best friend from high school she was out of this world also Heather deania Jimmy wilson Peter Lucy didn't spell her name right she was my favorite sister Aunt Julie funny hank

    Annie homemaker life
    Eric Minister
    Matt oldist son Doctor
    Mary oldist Dauther flat antenned
    Lucy Secound oldist Dauther Minister
    simon secound oldist son high school drop out
    Rrutie youngest Dauther slut
    sam and david youngist twin sons comming of age kids i watch it sometimes out of Boredness
  • This show jumped the shark A LONG time ago. It was time to put it out of it's missery.

    Seriously, this show has gone downhill since the whole story line about Mary going 'bad' began. The Camden parents became neglectful and self-righteous, not to mention just plain annoying.

    Instead of being parents who guided their children with wisdom and love, they became parents who turned their backs on a child if they did something to displease them.

    And the writers trashing of Jessica's character Mary was just disgraceful. Just because she choose to leave the show before it turned ugly, doesn't mean they have to treat her former character like an unappreciative, offensive, uncaring person, who doesn't have any control over her life. It's as if they're trying to say because she went against her parents’ wishes for her that meant she'd never be successful in her career, or in her family life. It's disgusting.

    I'm not a Christian, but I still used to be a big fan of this show. Now it's just boring, preachy, show that should have been canceled years ago.
    It's really sad to see what happened. I just can't believe the actors were willing to continue tying themselves to such drivel for so long.
  • 7th Heaven is over. Finally! What was it about? A big Family, Religion, fundamental values and ultraconservatism. Appealing? Either you like it or you don't.

    There was a time, when this format was new, good and appealing to everyone. This time was 1996, when Season 1 was released. It was good, Season 2 was not that good anymore and the rest was getting worse every season. I bet this show was produced to teach the new wave of young adults how to behave and what's right and what's wrong. Let me think - yes it was!

    A family with a whole baseballteam of kids, a pastor is the father, a housewife is the mother. There is a black sheep in the family - the oldest daughter Mary and everyone's darling Lucy. All of the kids do bad things and learn from them... WOW what a perfect family. What do we learn from this?
    Have a lot of kids! Go to church! Believe in God! Peace on earth! Everyone should be equal!

    Some are good messages, but this is pure conservatism. There was one episode I remember, when they tried to be critical.. I liked it because they actually criticized Bush and the war in Iraq.

    Whatever you think about this show, you can't forget that it still is one of the most successfull shows in the history of american television. How did they manage to do Eleven seasons of love, intrigues, moral issues and religion? I guess with a bunch of conservative Americans.

    But generally this show never made me do anything else but take the telecontrol and switch to another channel. Thank god it is over. Still congratulations for 243 episodes. 7th Heaven uuuuuuh 7th Heaven... is over! R.I.P and never come back.
  • It can\'t continue like this

    It was one thing when Mary and Matt left the show.. they were older and there were enough kids at home to have drama. But now Simon and Ruthie are gone, too. The show just shouldn\'t continue on with just Lucy, Kevin, dad, mom and twins. The writers will run out of material.. and when that happens the characters will start acting out-of-character. The show is starting to lose integrity as is. They should stop while its still on top.. not go until it can\'t go anymore.
  • its a good show!

    The Rat’s Out of the Bag

    I must say this episode was entertaining, at times and I can’t find too much fault with it. Really I can’t. There were some funny parts, and there were some cute family/relationship parts. But overall, this episode wasn’t appealing to me for one reason – the lying and deception. I understand this is a family drama; I understand this kind of thing is a “Camden thing” and has been going on since the beginning of the show. What I don’t understand is why the Camdens, or anyone on this show, for that matter, lies about EVERY single damn thing. Let’s break it down:

    Eric/Annie – Reverend, you have a lot of growing up to do yourself. I can’t believe you would waste Lou’s time and cancel the meeting, especially for your intentions – to spy on your daughter. Pretty unbelievable, even for you. Your daughter is a minister, respect the work she does. Also, start at least trying to act like you tell the truth 90% of the time. I think Eric reflects so badly on ministers. Ministers do not keep things secret and hide news from their wives, or anyone for that matter. If anything, some ministers are completely open and are willing to help in any way they can, and are usually honest with their spouse about their intentions. Anyway, I’m pretty tired of Eric lying to anyone about something. It’s getting ridiculous. As for Annie, way to go, Annie! I loved you telling your husband off like that. I just wish Catherine Hicks would appear more so we could get more of Annie’s ideas and opinions sometime.

    Lucy – I did not like the fact that Lucy and Kevin continue to keep things from one another. Lucy, you lied to more than one person saying you were going to see Simon. Gosh, why didn’t you just say you were taking the day off, for crying out loud? I am well aware that this was all supposed to contribute to the story, but the fact is the lies are getting old, especially from Lucy, a minister. You want to be treated like a minister, Lucy? Grow up and act like one. A minister does not lie about stupid issues like going to visit someone on a private matter. Honestly, you could have at least told Kevin it was related to your work, and then they probably would have left you alone. But you had to go and get Simon involved. Unbelievable. Lucy is the nosiest person in the Camden family aside from her father. Do you remember the episode where she went crazy trying to find out what her friend Roxanne was up to, thinking he was dating Captain Michaels? (“Don’t Speak Ill of the Dead or the Living”) Or how about the very next episode where she went crazy trying to figure out why Matt was in town? You have ALWAYS butted into people’s business, so you are completely hypocritical to say that others’ spying on you is uncalled for. If you want your privacy, here’s a hint: Give other people their privacy, especially your husband and both your brothers. Oh – and Mary too. Start acting like a minister, and stop lying. It’s ridiculous; this show does a horrible job portraying pastors and ministers. The minister at my church is one of the most honest and respected men I know in our community. He wouldn’t lie about this stupid matter; and his parents and siblings would understand if he said he had ‘church business’ to take care of. It’s really not a hard situation like the Camdens are making it. I know this is just a show, but it’s really getting to me anyway.

    I thought the conversation between her and Sandy was too short. But at least they traded some good thoughts and opinions. However, Lucy was acting totally rude towards Rose. I know Rose is rude and annoying, but Lucy is also extremely judgmental. When Rose asked her if she was really a Christian, I was about to answer that for her. My opinion is that Lucy may study God’s word, but she definitely doesn’t live her life that way sometimes. Lucy does not know Rose well, yet she, Eric, and Annie have no problem making it evident that they hate her, or strongly dislike her. The Camdens have not seen Rose like we have seen her in her scenes with Simon. The Camdens weren’t there when Rose pressured Simon into buying a ring for her. And rather than blaming ‘poor innocent Simon’, who apparently can’t stand up for himself and make his own mind about her, they are acting completely rude and un-Christian towards Rose. I know Rose is mean and extremely selfish. But that’s Rose. I expected different from the Camdens.

    And guess what, Lucy? You did marry too young, and I think that’s why you were upset with Rose bringing it up. Lucy was just like Rose, desperate to get married so she wouldn’t be alone. And she did want the engagement, does anyone remember season 7? That’s what half the season was devoted too…jealous Lucy pushing for an engagement! In that sense, Lucy is NO different than Rose. Yet Lucy seems to think she is holy and nice, and that Rose is...not. That is not Christian at all of Lucy. Like I said, it’s one thing for Rose to be rude. We all don’t expect much different from Rose. But the Camdens need to grow up and leave Simon and Rose alone. It’s THEIR life, it’s THEIR decision, and it’s THEIR relationship. Lucy and Kevin didn’t do much different, except Kevin was wealthy, and for some reason or other, he got the approval of Eric and Annie and Rose has not. I do not like Rose, nor am I sticking up for Rose. But I’m pretty disappointed with the lack of respect the Camdens and Lucy in particular in this episode had for Rose.

    Kevin – Let’s move onto Kevin, or should I say, Roscoe? Well this ‘rat’ costume was pushed way past its limit. It wasn’t so much the silly costume or the lame reason for even wearing one, but this was completely insignificant, seeing as NO ONE let ‘the rat of the bag’. This episode’s title doesn’t even reflect the episode. Lucy already knew about Sandy’s situation, and didn’t tell anyone else. So because the title doesn’t even reflect the episode, the rat costume was unnecessary and silly. I think Kevin is enjoying this Mommy and Me class a little too much. I don’t mind seeing Kevin as a stay-at-home dad, but he’s not only gotten lazier but he is acting childish. Kevin is not a clown (or rat in this case), he is a grown adult and former police officer, and husband and father. I’m having a problem seeing him act like a kid all over again. This Mommy and Me class may be beneficial to him and Savannah right now, but when Savannah grows up and turns into a teenager, I’ll bet she wishes that her father ‘did’ something with his life other than hovering over her every minute. Kevin’s not even taking care of things around the house; he’s hanging out with other single (in most cases) mothers. I just don’t like that. Not to mention, Kevin is completely corny, especially in this episode. Oh well.

    Simon – Really, I don’t have much else to say, except that I didn’t hate Rose in this episode at all. I don’t see how you could. The “Oh your family hates me” line was true, and she’s catching on. It must be kinda sad that your family, who is supposedly Christian and accepting, hates you. As for Simon…seriously this guy is also getting lame, and pretty emotional. I have no idea why Simon was getting so upset about Lucy coming up here. She was doing him a favor; she was actually dealing with the situation at hand, unlike him, who told her to keep giving Martin some time. I mean, I for one, don’t want to see Martin and Sandy together, but just sitting back and doing nothing about it isn’t going to solve anything. I’m pretty disappointed with Simon’s lack of judgment lately, which is the main reason I don’t care much for his character anymore. If he really is in love with Rose, he shouldn’t let what his parents say get in the way of that. He is an adult, almost 21, I think, and extremely capable of making his own decisions and not having Mommy and Daddy making them for him. This goes back to the last episode, really, but I felt like expressing my opinions about Simon’s character lately. However, the fact that Eric and Annie also jump to the conclusion that anything bad is now Simon’s fault is also absurd. Hello…don’t you guys learn anything? What…since Mary’s gone, it’s time to pick on Simon now?

    Ruthie – Oh boy, Ruthie, Ruthie, Ruthie. You’re still on a quest for that ‘hot’ boyfriend. Good luck. I honestly don’t see why they just don’t bring back Mac, instead of Jack or Sam. I thought Kyle Searles was a decent actor, and at least already part of the show beforehand, rather than introducing yet another character to be a recurring star. Anyway, back to Ruthie. I wish she would just make up her mind about Martin. This goes back to the lies, except this time it’s not so much lying, but just not saying the truth. Unspoken truths aren’t technically lies, but come on. Ruthie, you like Martin. We’ve all known that since last January. Don’t deny it, you like him. You admitted it to your mother, but yet in a week, you changed your mind? I don’t buy it. Stop beating around the bush. I’m tired of this “Will they get together; or will they not?” It’s been dragging out since LAST SEASON. Come on…this is getting ridiculous. Ruthie can either be with Martin, or she can’t, but it’s highly unlikely that both characters are going to stand around waiting for the other to make the first move. That’s not real life, and if it is, I have yet to see a real relationship like that. Anyway, I didn’t have a problem with Ruthie in this episode, she seemed more friendly, in my opinion. I just wish she would be honest with her family for once, or at least give us the real answer – whether she likes Martin or not. I’m tired of this back-and-forth, it’s just too much. The cell phone storyline also didn’t amuse me too much. I think Meredith was pretty smart to deduce that Martin had sex with Sandy just because he ‘lost’ his cell phone. This brings us to Martin…

    Martin – Oh boy, I have a lot to say about him. First of all, Martin, the “I’m in love with you” is completely old and worn out. You said the same thing to Cecilia before you broke up a month later. Honestly, is love the only thing the writers have going for these characters? I’m starting to like Meredith’s character a little more, I just wish she weren’t a regular. Their conversation in the car, though, was okay. I don’t really believe Martin when he said he was in love with her, but whatever. I give up trying to understand this Martin/Ruthie relationship, or whatever it is the writers have going for them. I am also tired of Martin’s lying. Sandy is the girl you impregnated, Martin! Stop the lies. Gosh, you of all people. I know no one’s perfect but your irresponsibility lately has really gotten to me. You got a girl pregnant, deal with it! I know last week I said otherwise, but now I’m getting angry just because you’re moving onto Meredith without so much as a second thought of what you did to Sandy. Even if it’s not your child, Martin, you owe her the right to at least call her back and see how she’s doing. And denying the fact that you two slept together…gosh, it’s just all so unbelievable. I really hate what they’ve done to Martin’s character, but I’m slowly getting used to the fact that a guy can’t turn 18 without thinking about or having sex. On a different note, hootchie mama? Excuse me? I never even heard of that expression, so either that expression is really old, or…I don’t know, something. I’ve never heard that word, and I find it really hard to believe that Meredith would blame Sandy, and not Martin. After all, Martin is the one she wants to date. I just can’t believe Martin. I hope these two don’t last, just because I feel like Martin should at least do something about what he did. He can’t escape the fact that he had premarital sex and possibly impregnated this girl. He just can’t ignore that fact.

    The twins – Just a really brief note…Brenda, I have been, for the most part, patient with your Opening Credit scene right after the first commercial break. But the twins bouncing up and down to use the restroom about does it for me. That’s disturbing, especially the fact that Eric and Annie walked past them and didn’t even do something about it. Only Matt cares. Isn’t that a bit sad? Also, Brenda…by the time a kid reaches six-years-old…they know that only one person can go to the bathroom at a time. This is not a school bathroom with multiple toilets. There was one toilet, and the fact that one probably used it while the other bounced up and down some more…is just disturbing. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    Matt – Ah the reason I gave this episode such a good rating! Barry Watson is back. For only one episode, as of now, and this looks like it was it. I sure hope he appears again. The Roscoe thing was lame, but at least Matt was there. I love how there was no mention of Sarah, no mention of progress in medical school, no mention of their marriage or life in New York…? And, oh no individual storyline for Matt! Just more nosing into other people’s business. At least Matt was smart enough to figure out that Lucy had tricks up her sleeve, unlike Kevin, who is slowly starting to act like a toddler himself. But I did like Matt a lot in this episode. I really did. Barry Watson adds a lot to this show. I hope he returns.

    In all, this episode was decent. While I loved the return of Matt, and I didn’t mind the pregnancy storyline or even the fact that Lucy took matters into her own hands and dealt with Sandy’s situation, I did mind the conversation between Lucy and Rose; Martin’s complete lack of responsibility in handling this pregnancy; Ruthie continuing to deny any true feelings for Martin; and especially the level of lying that these characters on this show do. It’s too much lying. I honestly can’t understand how certain people say this show teaches good morals. Maybe in seasons 1 and 2, but not right now. If you lied to your husband or wife in real life, it would be more serious. Especially the fact that the two biggest hiders of bad information in this show are ministers. Unbelievable. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about “The Rat’s Out of the Bag”. And like I said before, this title doesn’t even reflect this episode because nothing was let out…not Martin’s pregnancy anyway.

    Next week’s episode looks decent, but not much better than this week’s.

    Quote of the Week: “It’s one thing to put a ring on her finger, marry her, and parent her child. It’s another thing, a better thing, to join her brother in an old-fashioned family caper”.

    Notes and Tidbits:
    - Barry Watson, despite what others might say, you do make a difference on this show. Please come back later this season.

    - Sarah Danielle Madison, you also make a difference on this show. When you’re not here, neither is Sarah nor any mention of Matt’s love life. I miss that; please return soon.

    - Like previously stated, I never want to see the twins jumping up and down to use the restroom again. Completely unnecessary, and a little disturbing.

    - Kevin, take off the rat costume and go back to work. Some people are meant to be stay-at-home dads, but not you.

    I'll give this episode a 9.0. Thanks for reading!
  • This show is grest!!!!!

    I think,the one of the greatest shows WB and Cw has had yet. I watch it with my family. My dad say "It's a good series and interesting in the plot" 7th Heaven has been one of my favorite show since it aired. I'm enjoyed watching The Camden Family. In Thailand,now this series air season 7. May be I'll buy DVD. ...And we all still love to watch it!...
  • This is a family oriented show about the Camden's.

    It's rare that I fall in love with a show that has so much to do with religion. But, when it comes to 7th Heaven, I won't say no. I think that it is an acomplishment of it's own to have been around for 10 seasons. This show is excellent for families. It deals with a wide array of topics and challenges and each episode has a moral lesson to teach. It has been fun to watch all the Camden's grow and change. I hope this show keeps reaching as many viewers as possible.
  • I don't see how this show has stayed on air after Jessica left.

    I'll admit I use to like this show. Use to being the key words. At one time I was a avid 7th Heaven watcher but then Mary went bad and its been downhill since then. I don't understand how a show can say they hold values close and parent groups says this is a wholesome show when Simon is out having sex with girls and worrying he may have gotten one pregnant. Yeah thats wholesome. So is him killing some one in another car and not serving any time in jail. True the other guy was drunk but Simon killed some one. Hello. Wake up people. Also I think Annie and Lucy are plain nuts. Annie was acting all crazy after she had the twins and now that Lucy has had a baby she is acting crazy. Its like same storyline different character. I'm glad Jessica Biel left because she deserves better. I think I'll stick to real tv shows.
  • Im not gonna waste my time with this summary cause i dont need one. Just read below

    waste of my time to watch it. However, I do not watch it, my wife does because obviously for some reason she likes it. But I still think it sucks. Every week it seems like, the girls are with another guy. I think the only cool guy on there is Matt. That one guy robbie is a total fairy. He thinks he can butt into everyone else\'s business but he cant. Plus he dated both Lucy and Mary. whats up with that crap?? Another thing, there is not enough violence in my opinion. They always hug which is retarded and therefore has no action. Come on, throw a punch every now and then. Also, why the heck does it come on so much (twice on mondays). I think that is very overrated, and the crap has to stop. Well, im gonna stop talking about this show because it bores me to just talk about it. My overall rating for this show is probably a -10 cause it sucks so bad. I would rather watch my front lawn grow.

    i used to watch this show back in the 90's but than i stopped cause there was better things to do. so there u have it. 10 years of crap. although i do have to say, jessica biel is hot and so was ashlee simpson. and that one police officer. ok i think that was in the 2000's but i still stopped a while back. ok im done. here
  • Supposedly a family oriented show

    I am almost through with the 2nd season on DVD and I can\'t believe how ridiculous and unreal the show is. This is a family who only pretends to live up to high morals and righteousness but has too many problems of its own. Rev. Camden does not behave like a man of the cloth, but rather an errand boy who runs around the town picking up pharmacy prescriptions for the old ladies and getting into everyone\'s business without them asking him first. Mother Annie is a self righteous woman who thinks that she is always right, however she raised her kids to be spoiled, arrogant, selfish and disobedient. They get into trouble all the time and repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The parents punish their kids for every single little mistake and the kids don\'t even argue: \"yes mommy, i was wrong!\". After every heartfelt conversation and punishment everyone resumes talking and joking like nothing\'s happened. No wonder these kids are not afraid to get themselves into trouble. Annie and Erik are not embarassed to make out while their kids are at home and they have been caught month to mouth many times. People with high morals who belong to the priesthood do not behave like that at all. No wonder their kids are so screwed up and rebelious.
  • Could this show be any less realistic? Convoluted storylines, bad acting, and six thousand supporting characters that nobody cares about.

    I can't believe this show has been on the air for ten years. There are so many things wrong with it it's not funny. Unfortunately, it comes on before an actually *good* show, so I'm often ivoluntarily subjected to the inane antics of the Camden family. Watch as they get hysterical over non-problems (OH MY GOD, Ruthy's date isn't here!) and shriek at the indignity over seemingly serious things, that will almost always turn out to be moral-friendly afterall. (Simon will have premarital sex but he won't get an STD! Mary might be pregnant, but she secretly married beforehand!) They're supposed to be so wholesome, yet every episode I've ever seen has one or more characters talking endlessly about sex or some other "bad" thing they need to avoid. In reality, living a wholesome life isn't all about things you *can't* do- it doesn't come up *every* day.

    And if just the putrid family wasn't enough, the show also has a supporting cast or random people that no one could possibly care about, in various stages of habitation at the Camden house. And, Camden or not, if you're on this show, you are sure to be acting badly. I've seen Stephen Collins and the mom in other things, with decent acting. I guess the presence of all the other nuts on this show forces them to act just as badly. And there's a set of twins that are so bad they're painful to watch. And before you go using age as an excuse, they're not little anymore- at least six, and Haley Joel Osment was seeing dead people at that age!
    The writers of this show need to realize that Nobody worries about this stuff! Give the Camdens some REAL problems to obsess over!

    I'm so glad my show is moving nights, and I will never be subjected to this craptastic show ever again.
  • 7th Heaven is a show about a pastor and his family who rarely ever talk about God, Jesus or Christianity. And why are they the worst gossips, busybodies and connivers on earth.

    Meet the Camdens. On the surface, they are a happy family, who daily struggle to do the best in this world, although even they admit, they are far from perfect. But their faults are bordering on ridiculous. Let\'s take a closer look.
    Sam and David: The textbook definition of airheads. Their lines are so rehearsed and whiney. The only reason they are there is because the scriptwriters thought it would be interesting if Annie got pregnant again. Too late for the mistake to be rectified, Sam and David are reduced to cutesy, puppy dog roles that do nothing to drive this... dare I say plot?
    Ruthie: Upon discovering that guys think she is sexy, she went strutting down the corridor at school. Does anyone really do that? Ruthie, however, if we were to overlook her obsession with boys, (especially Martin, who may I add, did get Haylie Duff pregnant AND has a girlfriend) is one of the saner members of the Camden family, as she actually endeavours to keep secrets and doesn\'t invent ways to run family member\'s lives.
    Simon: He has now slept with both Haylie Duff and Ashlee Simpson\'s characters (he really loves his celebrities\' younger sisters). But the real question is, now that Rose is pregnant, will he go through with their marriage? How did he become such a pushover anyway?
    Lucy (aka Super Lucy): Is there no end to Lucy\'s good will? She just seems to be able to do everything for everyone, fixing all their problems, especially since her status upgrade to \"Reverend\". And where on earth do her and Kevin get all their money from, with her being a Reverend, and Kevin not working? They seem to be loaded, what with their wedding gift to The Doomed Couple, plus sending Ruthie across the globe on her quest to gallavant with boys (with a little poetry thrust in, of course). And how come Lucy knows the gender of her second child before she even begins to show? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it\'s Super Lucy!
    Mary: Once upon a time there was a good little girl called Mary. One day she got mixed in with a bunch of basketball team drop-outs, and she was court(sic) up with trashing the basketball court. It all went downhill from there. What with drink driving, not stopping at stop signs, meeting the infamous Robbie Palmer at community service, getting a tattoo, then... God forbid... getting divorced from her rebel-husband, Carlos, her life is well and truly going down the drain and she\'s left the show indefinitely. But, of course, Jessica Beal is a C-grade movie star now. How can she be expected to stay on a D-grade soap?
    Matt: Spying on his sister because she doesn\'t usually visit Simon? A three-hour drive? Get real. Apart from that lapse in dignity, Matt has joined Ruthie in the ranks of dignity. Luckily for Barry Watson, he has mostly left the show while the going was good. But what is his huge secret that even Ruthie was shocked to hear? Have he and Sarah broken up? No, that\'s what the seemingly fifteen-year-old scriptwriters want us to believe. Personally, I reckon they\'ve done a Madonna and adopted a baby from a third-world country.
    Annie: Do the words control freak spring to mind? Why does she have to know everyone\'s secrets all the time. Can\'t people have a little privacy for once? I\'m surprised Mary isn\'t the only one who went off the rails. Who here wouldn\'t go nuts with a mother like that?
    Eric: You are a pastor. I thought pastors were meant to have, you know, morals? What happened to confidentiality? And why on earth did you feel the necessity to drag \"Spirit in the Sky\" on for ten minutes at that singles night? And why did couples come to the singles night? You actually LET Ruthie sexy dance like that?
    Happy: Look, I know that Happy is probably Happy jr jr jr (the original died years ago, or perhaps became too famous for 7th Heaven) and is also probably a boy, but she must be the least meddling character in the whole show. Happy, you are the sole reason I gave 7th Heaven a score of one, as opposed to zero.

    7th Heaven, you have the pace of Days of our Lives, the reality of Big Brother and characters deeper than Itchy and Scratchy. Your long dialogues, which are the only things that drive this abysmal plot make me want to fall asleep on my feet. The only reason I watch you is because you are so, so pathetic, it really makes me laugh.
  • Way past its prime, I\'ve never thought a television show more undeserving of 11 seasons as 7th Heaven.

    Really, there\'s nothing more to say. Sure, the show had some interesting and enjoyable plotlines earlier on, this show has been, somehow, painfully chugging along these past 11 years. And with the recent merge of the WB and the UPN having to make cuts of some of the programming, its just not fair. The face that a show like 7th Heaven which is obviously already dead quality-wise would be renewed AFTER their SERIES finale (Wonder why the ratings were good for the finale? Because everyone thought it was the finale!!) and take the place of a far, FAR better show like Everwood, which, in my opinion, had MANY years ahead, forcing them to end the series so abruptly. I think it's time for 7th Heaven to move on!
  • Deserves to be cancelled.

    Just when you think television cannot get any worse, this show is there to make it even worse. What is the point? Oh. That is right. There is NO point to it AT ALL. This show blows and needs to be cancelled before television gets even more worse. It should not have aired at all.
  • By influential I mean its Bible Belt propaganda, no wonder you guys put Bush into the oval office this kind of series is grooming a new generation of right wing voters to see things with a picket fence mentality.

    This is one of the scariest tv series I've ever seen. It brings Leni Riefenstahl’s 1930's nazi propaganda films to mind only its not quite as subtle, but just as scary as this is aimed at kids. Its so full of stereo typical characters with tons of so called moral lessons so much so it deprives children from being able to judge things as they themselves see them, instead they will recall an episode of 7th heaven and react to how it was delt with there. Its done in a very clever way so much so most parents won't notice the harm its doing. There slowly ticking all the boxes telling the kids what way to think regarding topical issues.

    This might seem as an over reaction but hear me out. Independant thought is vital in the development of a childs mind and the makers of this show have an obvious bible belt right wing political agenda, and its to force this opinon on the next generation to stop them from questioning anybody who may suggest an alternative way of looking at things other than the 7th heaven method. This is the first step on the road to state brainwashing. I've seen kids reviews of this and they swallowing all this sinister propaganda without question, no one should have the right to infulence children and nieve adults like this.

    Beware of politicians who recommend this show if the makers have anything to do with politics i'd be worried about the future of the United States. If you want your kids to grow up and be doctors and lawyers get them to watch something like The West Wing now theres a show.

  • Cancel this already.

    Once upon a time there was a girl. And this girl was left home alone one night. So her grandma invited her over for dinner. She had nothing to do until 6:30, when her grandma took her for dinner so she watched TV. She watched Grounded For Life nad gilmore Girls, and had a good time. She laughed and ate a snack. Everything was going alright.
    Then a dreadful show came on. The dialouge was bad and the actors were alright, but they seemed bored. The plot was boring and it seemed like the show had been done many times before. The theme song also stunk. This girl found out it was 7th Heavan and realized she did not like this show. The television was turned off.
    That girl was me.
    The dialouge is mostly what brings this down, but the actors reedeem it a bit. Many of them are fabulous. THe show also seems to be getting old. They're running out of ideas. The plots seem used over and over. All in all, this is just okay. I've seen worse.

    This is my own opinion and you have the right to disagree with me. Just move on.

    This show was fine when I was 12 but when you watch it when you are 17 or older you realize that they candycoat everything on that show. They make that show soo unrealistic, not everything works out fine, most the time there are going to be problems and some problems you just can't fix with words or at all really. sorry have to have 100 words so here ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l ll l l ll ll l l l
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