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  • Began in 1996 and after 9 years still going Strong. First and Foremost its about a family.

    7th heaven premiered in August of 1996. It’s not often in today’s television world that you can find a show that the entire family can sit down and watch together. The show is suitable for people as young as 5 and as old as 90. The show deals with real life issues, some major things the show has dealt with in its 9 year run are the Holocaust, Racism, Teen pregnancy, and many other issues that not only teens but families deal with.

    The show has also been known to help people who may have a similar issues. In high school there was a girl in my class who was a cutter, when she saw the episode on 7th heaven, it encouraged her to go and seek help and she did.

    The show above everything else, is that its about a family. Some think of 7th heaven as a 90’s Walton’s. The show is going into its 10th season in the fall, and that is an unbelievable feat for a family drama, for it to still be going strong 9years after it premiered, and still have interesting stories to tell.
  • I love this show. I have watched it since the beginning.

    I think we need to have more shows like this. The ones that teach as values. Each week the topics that are approached are excellent. It seems like it deals with most of the issues that teenagers are dealing with today. I think that every family should sit down and watch this show.
  • Over the years i've watched 7th Heaven and watched the Camden kids growup. But 7th Heaven isn't what it used to be.

    7th Heaven isn't what the show used to be. Most of the Camden kids have grown up and moved out. The only Camden kids still around and still appear on the show are Lucy, Ruthie, and the twins Sam and David. There have been alot of changes to the cast by adding on random kids to take the places of the Camden kids who left. If 7th Heaven stays for another season I wish the show would get back to what it used to be when it first started out. Where Eric Camden and sometimes ever the Camden kids would help random people who were their friends or people that they didn't know at all. I know it's too much of wishful thinking to wish that some of the other Camden kids would come back and appear on the show once again. Not as a regular cast member but at least appear on the show again.
  • I love Watching 7th Heaven

    7th Heaven is the coolest show I've ever seen I can watch it again and again and never get sick of watching =)
  • 7th Heaven is a show about a minister (Rev. Eric Camden), his wife Annie and their 7 kids. There are also a lot of extended family members (husbands, wives, grand kids, etc.)

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. My family was never into Church. We used to go at Christmas and Easter when I was little, and I would go occasionally with friends if I spent the night at their house, but other than that, nothing. Because of that, I was surprised that one of my favorite shows is about a minster and his family. I love 7th Heaven and I love the Camden's. I was sad to see this show end. It had a great run. 11 Seasons!!! Not many shows can say they have lasted that long. I didn't start watching until I think about season 3. Season 4 was my first full season I think that I watched. When the show premiered in 1996 I was in 4th grade. I was watching Disney and Nickelodeon. One of the first episode's I remember watching was "Johnny Get Your Gun" I don't know why I watched it, but it was a great episode and I believe that from about season 4 on I never missed an episode. I have watched them all now and I have all the seasons on DVD. I love this show!!!
  • I love 7th Heaven!

    I have been watching 7th Heaven since I was a little girl. Now I am married and a mother of two but I still enjoy this show. Unfortunately, it only comes on at 8am so my girls and I don't get to watch it. I think this show had a positive impact and showed how important family was. This is the kind of show we need our children to see. I think that the show should start up again and it can be more about Lucy and Kevin beginning their family. Showing their struggles and sticking together as a family.
  • 7th heaven has done it again =) Stephan Collins is back in action helping this guy Karl because his girlfriend broke up with him, and Eric is working at the Campus Radio Station for a job, a job that Annie doesn't understand Usher guest stars

    Wow to Brenda Hampton for this episode .. it was absutely amazing. It was kind of obvious why Lucy hired helped get Eric a job a that radio station, I am so glad that they got Usher to play Will I thought he did a hell of a job playing that roll, lol what Ruthie did to Jake was hysterical haha go Ruthie haha i thought that was great... Annie's expression on her face was priceless =) I loved it how Will tried to get Carl to open up on the bench when Will found him. I thought that was great. He just did an excellent job playing a counslor thing on the show in my opinion, now to the Lucy and Kevin thing I'm glad Lucy finally is trying to drop the whole jealously thing it was actually getting kind of annoying to tell you the truth. I thought it was nice of her to ask Roxanne not to switch partners with Kevin I thought that was cool anyways great episode...
  • 7th Heaven is about a religious family and the problems they have, some hate it but it is a good show.

    7th Heaven has been on for 9 years and is entering its 10th next year. Most shows don’t last that long and almost all get really bad if they do. 7th Heaven has not fell pray to this, it has stayed good for its entire run and has gotten better and more entertaining each season it has been on the air.

    Everybody brings something to this show, But Beverly Mitchell is my favorite, she is cute in an odd way and is one of the few kids to be a regular in every season, I have seen her go from odd looking to very cute woman, and she will stay that way for years to come. However, even though she is my favorite, the show wouldn’t be half as good without Simon and his troubles, I didn’t think in season 1 that he would turn out like this.

    Some people hate this show and think it is insipid, Most recently the people at salon, The show is very good and very well acted., it takes on hard topics and looks at them with a different look than most shows, its views on sex are different because it doesn’t encourage you to have it! It encourages people to act with maturity and not rush into sex until they are ready, this is different because most shows have a have sex and have some more and than do it again attitude, but 7th Heaven used its mind and didn’t follow, this and with the fact it has religion makes it hated by people like those at Salon, the fact is this show is not insipid, but Salons review most certainly is.
  • What the heck was that? It was NOT a series finale!

    This episode was horrible. Of course, I guess I should have expected that seeing how that three before that were so bad.

    I wish they would have made this a 2 hour event. There is no reason they couldn't have because there was a lot of information to reveal for a "series finale".

    I was so excited to watch this show because the WB had talked it up and said what an extraordinary show it was going to be, etc. and I must say, I was very disappointed.

    First of all, why in the heck didn't they show what happened with Rose and Simon? They just wanted everyone to guess as to what happened?

    Secondly, why didn't Umberto stop the wedding in the middle like he was going to? I would have liked to see them run out of the alter as Matt and Heather did.

    Third, what the heck did Sandy need to talk to Simon about??? I guess I can assume that the kid is his, but I honestly thought she was just gonna tell him she loved him and that was all.

    And why didn't they show Matt and Sarah's graduation? Hasn\\\'t Matt wanted to be a Doctor since, like, Season 5?? That's a long time dream that they don't even show or acknowledge. Personally, I could have cared less about Simon and Rose's wedding. This last season was way too much about them and not enough about Matt, Mary and Ruthie.

    And where was Martin?? I expected him to show up and tell Ruthie that he loved her and that he was sorry about sleeping with Sandy...but no, again, disappointment.

    Twins!? Are you freaking kidding me? Not everyone can have twins at the same time, thats just absurd! Matt and Sarah should have had twins, but not Mary and not Lucy. Just crazy!

    The writers should have hired the fans to write the series finale b/c what they wrote just didnt CUT IT!

    Thats my two cents and if this show does come back on a different network, I hope they do a better job of "fixing" this episode and thats it. I hope they dont do a spinoff, and I hope they don't make another season of THIS show because its not worth it, it will just ruin it more. Just leave it be!

    ~Disappointed fan~

    P.S. I hope the writers of Charmed are not the same writers from 7th Heaven because I'm praying Charmed will be 100 times better than this show.
  • A great show, with the best characters, and the best stories!

    Wow! What a great show was that! I am from Holland and the Dutch television has only broadcast season 1,2 en 3! I have seen some episodes of other seasons on the internet, and it's really the most beautiful show I have ever seen! The characters are amazing and the stories are real! When 7th Heaven was broadcast in Holland, Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) was a little girl with brown curly hair, the sweetest person of the show. 9 years later, Rutie is a young woman with her own opinion. It's amazing how the characters have been changed through the years! 11 seasons is enough I think, It was a great show, and I think a lot of people agree with me. But I miss it. But I think the television must bring back all the old seasons. From season 1 till 11. My favourite character is Lucy. I was her age when I watched the show. I knew what she was going through. But actually I like all characters. It is a real family, the right persons played the right characters, what makes it a great, faboulous and amazing show!! I LOVE 7th HEAVEN!!!
  • Miss

    I miss the show. It made me cry so many times. It was sweet and every epi. had a meaning. It was show that spoke strat to your heart. I watched every epi. and am getting the dvds to re live it over and over. They play re runs here all the time and I tune in. So in my book this so was one of the best and it will be missed. I read a post somewhere where fans were trying to get them to make a movie now that would be funny. The Camden Family return to film lol. I would watch
  • 7th Heaven is set in Glenoak, Califonia. It is centered around Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie and their five older kids they have young twins but they do not come until the middle of the third season.

    7th heaven is a fabulous family drama that can attract viewers at any age. Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie are raising seven children, Matt, the oldest in med school who marries a jewish girl. Mary, the rebel and the basketball star, my personal favorite after she left in season seven the show went downhill. Lucy, the emotional annoyance. She is always crying. Simon, the mess. He starts out to be a cute loving kid and ends up killing a kid and sleeping around. Ruthie, the nosy youngest daughter deffinitely is an essential character though she acts way too old for her age. The twins sam and David were adorable but why couldn't they speak when they were eight? Robbie and Mary were my favorite characters. They both added so much. I also loved Wilson and Ben. I loved loved loved all of Mary's boyfriends except Carlos...what was that all about. In my opinion 7th Heaven was a decent show, it just would've been better if Mary did not leave and if she ended up with Ben...even Robbie or Wilson just NOT Carlos.
  • The Camdens endure years of Drama and Memories as their family grows up.. If you are reading this, don't rely on it!! I am NO GOOD at summaries!

    Bring my baby back! Oh my gosh, when I come home from school, I open my "On Demand" List and go straight to 7th Heaven! I have to admit,that some of the seasons were kinda,hmmm, not original 7th Heaven.. I am not saying they are not great,but if you LOVED the first few seasons,some of the later seasons (8-11) might surprise you or even disappoint some.. **Warning: The following may give a little spoiler** I hated that Mary was nowhere to be seen for the last few seasons! She was one of my favorites! Well, I would just LOVE to have Sam, David, Ruthie, Simon, Lucy, Mary, and Matt as my siblings! I would love to be raised by Eric and Annie, too! I would absolutely LOVE to be T-Bone, Jane or Margaret if you know hat I mean!
  • I love this show it is so great and it was just released today that 7th heaven is comming back for at least 13 more eppies that is so great. I watch this show every day on ABC i have seen every episode at least 10x. I love it

    the SEASON finale was a good season finale thank goodness it got picked up because there was no way they could leave the show like that it was such a cliffhanger. I am so glad that they brought it back. It was verry intersting to find out that all 3 older camdens are having twins. Now what did sandy want to tell simon? Oh I hope they get together this year. They look goodtogether and Annie and Eric seem to love her, how ever I am sorry that simon and rose did not get married because Rose finally got nice.
  • Matt & Sarah, Mary & Carlos and Lucy & Kevin are all haiving twins? Wow! Just hearing that made me think "Twilight Zone".

    I'm glad that Mary has finally gotten her life back on track. Dropping out of College, seperating from her husband and baby son, freaked/stressed Eric and Annie to no end. Not to mention Simon sleeping with all the girls he met at college and then thinking he caught and STD from one of them - not good.

    Through out the 10 years/seasons the Camdens seemed like most other families. Kids fighting or getting into trouble, having to share one bathroom, trying to decide where they want to fit in at school, etc. I never did get the whole "Minister's kids are bad" thing. I personally don't know anyone who has a parent who is a Minister so I can't really say if that's true or not.

    It seems werid that the Camdens won't be on TV, come September. I did like that at the end of the show, we got to see pictures from the first and final episodes. See how much everyone has changed. I felt sad, that there will be no more 7th Heaven for me. :o)
  • Second to the edgy and witty family drama, "Soul Food," "7th Heaven" ranks in my book as one of the best dramas in the history of television. It's a viewing pleasure for the entire family.

    A classmate of mine introduced me to the family drama series, "7th Heaven." I'd heard about the series before that point, but I never decided that I'd watch it. She (my classmate) kept convincing me that I should watch this show. One day, I decided to tune in; it became one of the best television viewing decisions that I'd ever make.

    Unlike many of today's dramas, and comedies alike, "7th Heaven" examines all of life's important issues in a mature and respectable manner. The most unique quality of this show is that it is probably the only show in today's flood of television programming that the entire family can enjoy together without seeing a lot of violence, drug related incidents, and sexual innuendo (that's not to say that I don't watch shows that contain all of those concepts, because I do); but let's face it---even some of today's most popular cartoons contain a lot of unnecessary sexual matters written into the episodes in order to gain laughs (as well as ratings). Non-family friendly cartoons such as "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons" certainly prove that; that's why "7th Heaven" is every parent's solution to quality (and family-friendly) television viewing. This is coming from a fourteen-year-old who loves this show, but wouldn't dare miss an episode of Girlfriends or Desperate Housewives; yet on the other hand, I still enjoy fantastic viewing, and this is it at its best. Although I stated it as classic, it is also very under appreciated by Emmy and Golden Globe voters; but as we all know, you can't please everyone. Thankfully, I'm not everyone, and I'm completely pleased with this winning family drama.
  • A wholesome show (in my opinion) that centers on a minister and is wife as they raise their 5 and later 7 children in Glenoak, CA. A a loving, functional family and always, always have each others "backs." The kind of family I would hope to marry into...

    I am a little...biased I guess (is that the right term?). Anyway, I love Heaven. As far as I am concerned, it is one of the best shows to ever be on TV. It teaches us a lot and givers so very much hop and inspiration to others...
    I think that they done really well covering the many things that people are faced with in toady's world. I love the show and look forward to watching it--even if it is now on DVDs or re-runs on Hallmark. Even though it sounds cheesy and corny, nothing....nothing will ever takes its place in my heart.

    This is an absolutely wonderful show, and it is my favourite. Some of the episodes are bad I will admit, one I couldn't watch the whole thing, but I still think that it is a great show. The first few seasons were better, because the plot was simpler to follow and the main characters were involved more, but the later seasons were also good, they were just different. I have to say, I can't pinpoint a favourite character. I like Matt because of his wacky outbursts every now and again and I also like Ruthie for speaking her mind and for the fact that she is so pretty. Lucy is annoying sometimes for complaining, but she is a good character and very realistic. I have to say I hate Peter, Ruthies ex-boyfriend for his overuse of the word 'honey' and 'sweetie' when they were what 12 or 13, if that happened in real life he would be laughed at, I don't know whta Ruthie saw in him. Overall I great show. :)))
  • This show has always been one of my favorites. There\\\'s enough cast members to keep it fresh and interesting, with plenty of twists and turns in the plot.

    7th Heaven has been one of my favorite shows since it aired. I've enjoyed watching all the Camden kids grow up and face challenges that happen in the real world. At times, 7th Heaven may seem like it's a long winded PSA, but I think it does a good job capturing viewers attention and keeping them interested in the characters. I am disappointed that this will be the last season, as there are many plots left that seem to be rushed to a conclusion before the show is over. The show is great,especially for the whole family. I have enjoyed watching it, and will be sad to see it go.
  • Don't cancel it!

    I love this show and I am soo sad that it is being cancelled. It will be hard to not find out what new things are happening in the lives of the Camdens and their friends. I hope that if no other station picks it up - that it does get a spin-off. At least we will be able to find out about some of the family then.
  • Great For everyone

    Well let me begin by telling you that I have watched since it first aied on the WB and without a doubt it is a fav of mine....the best part of this show is that yes the are Preacher's Kids (PK's) but they all have there faults,as we all do. Matt: as the oldest has the problem of every other Camden turning to him for advise and the fact that he was smoking at the beging og the show and that he falls in love with every girl he dates are just to name a few.

    Mary: Wild Child i men yeah shes a great ball player but throws that all out the wido when she along with her teammates vadalive the gym then she meet "Robbie" doing community service no less she then can't hold down a job..... Must i go on.

    Lucy: What can I say about Lucy shes a cry baby and well talk about drama but for some reason you can't help wanting to comfort her in all that she goes thru

    Simon: aka the bamk of Simon : Talk about a savy kid i think he got in to more trouble than most of the clan from drinking to smoking to sex befor marriage to co-habitation...thats just to name a few Ruthie: Now we're talking probobly my fave of all the kids she was Simons right hand girl and the voice of reason of as young as 5 she new all that was going on in the house and as she got older she did in fact get wiser The Twins Sam and David: They were the OMG moment in the show they were not expected nor were they shuned only by ruthie and oly cause she felt left out i guess they didn't have to much time to do to much wrong but they did like when tey wanted to hlpe the church the were stealing money but hey they were babys

    Eric and Annie: They did a great job blancing family wrok and love into there everyday life
  • Twins? More twins? Three sets of twins? Thats crazy. I know that they have come up with some crazy story lines over the years, but really. Come on

    Twins? More twins? Three sets of twins? Thats really out of character. I know that they have come up with some wierd story lines over the years, but really. Come on.

    I remember when I was little and 7th Heaven was popular among my classmates. Everyone watched 7th Heaven on Monday night and came to school the next day to talk about it. Many people liked Lucy because she was closest to our age. Other kids related with her because Ruthie was like THEIR younger brother or sister. Some liked Simon because he was cute.

    Over the years, weve watched as the Camden family. It was like they were part of our own family, our own brothers and sisters. And although there were some absolutely out-of-the-ordinary plots, they will be missed.
  • Why did they bring it back!!

    Okay, so I watched 7th Heaven since 1995 and it was one of my favorite shows, but they ruined it by an 11th season which it was the finale last season. I loved how it ended with Simon not getting married and Lucy, Mary, & Sarah all having twins..it was great and now they brought it back!! I don't even watch it because it is horrible and no one is good in it and it's extrememly boring. I watched Sunday nights episode and Ruthie and T-Stone or whatever his name is..all they do is kiss..how interesting is that?? That is why I can't stand this show anymore, they should have had it's finale 10th season last year.
  • Yeah this CRAPPY show is cancelled finally, for the second time!!!

    Finally no more Camdens!!!! They are so annoying,all of them.
    7th Heaven, I know it is like the longest family drama ever or something like that. But it was the most worthless show I have ever seen. Those kids are so ridiculus. Come on, what kids act like that? If I had to see that bad actress Beverly somethingorother again I would scream. The others werent too much better. and most of those Camden kids had to leave the show because they were so embarrassed about being on the worst show on tv. Oh I am sure I will make all of you mad, but I dont care. Get A LIFE watch something more worthwhile, like grass growing.
  • 7th heaven

    I like the show I watch it averyday but they need some new ones on tv .I like this the only show that don't have the fightting and it don't have the vilins oor the cursing on the show.
  • 7th heaven

    i love this show you should bring it back on tv

  • cool cool cool nice clean story not like other shows that you turn off in the middle cause they suck and are plaine rude

    you can realy get use to the Camden family in your house realy cry with them laught with them.

    Realy nice clean good proper family story .

    why did it have to end .

    nicest weding scenes and Lucy can she get dramatic.

    very real life based v e r y v e r y v e r y c o o l ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Mat , Kevin , how very cute can you get even Simon .

    Annie- real real strong woman always stands her ground always .

    i am pretty hooked on this series well done to every one involved.
  • I watch this show almost everyday

    I love this show i love ho it shows what a real family goes through everyday weather it be good or bad. This family is perfect in my eyes (well almost). This show can be a little funny and it has its drama and there are some tearjerker episodes. They love all there kids unconditionally and something that i like about this show is even when some of the charactors are not on the show the charcters that are on the show make many refrences to them so its not like they dropped off the face of the earth. and even when there children got married and moved out they were still major parts of the show unlike many other shows. I just love this show i watch almost everyday.
  • A great show!

    th Heaven is very personal, interesting, exciting, and awesome show. It shows you real life issues. Some shows problems that don't make sense, but this shows problems do. I love all the characters. It shows everyone growing up and the realationships in the show are great: Robbie and Mary, Mary and wilson, Matt and Heather, Lucy and Jimmy, Lucy and Kevin, Simon and Georgia, Simon and Sarah, ruthie and Vincent, Ruthie and Martin, and Ruthie and T-bone. I love this show soooo much. Everyone can relate to one of the characters. Ruthie is my favorite character. Mary is my favorite as well because they both cause problems. I love all the characters and the acters are great.
  • Awesome show! Need more like it!

    We sure need more shows like this one on TV. This show gives so many examples of the good qualities that people need more of.

    I enjoy every episode. My kids enjoy every episode. We are in the process of collecting past seasons and will continue until we have all the seasons.

    I really wish that they could get this back on the network channels so more people can benefit from watching it.

    We need more shows to follow the examples set in this show. All families have their ups and downs and rather than giving up, this family always seems to prevail!
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