7th Heaven

The CW (ended 2007)





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  • This show is my #1 favorite show to watch. I cant believe they are taking it off.

    When this show first started I didnt think it was that great but then the kids started to grow up and everyday things started to happen. This is the only show that i know that had an episode about the good thing and bad thing that can happen. they covered thing like dating, break ups, drugs, drinking, etc. this is a family show and i really dont think this show should be going off. I think kids, teens, and adults can learn from this show. i grew up with this show. some people have there own opion about this show. my opion is that this show should go on and if they must have to end it then they should make a spin off of lucy and kevin because they just started there family and i like to see how it turns out.