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  • After 11 wonderful years, it's time to say goodbye...

    For 11 years 7th Heaven has graced us with its presence each week. I know that most of us will always crave more of what we can't have, and I am among those who hope beyond hope that it will be revived- not unlike Jesus himself- for just one more Season.

    I also know that in the end you start thinking about the beginning, and if I had the chance I would travel back to 1996 and do it over and over again. Short of that, we have the DVDs to keeps us occupied so that we don't feel the punch as hard.

    It is time to say goodbye (for a second time) to Eric, Annie, Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and all those hundreds of extras as they bow out with the dignity of knowing that they were, at any stage, part of a phenomenon: a family drama, high within its morals, that not only entertains but teaches its audience.

    When we see the finale, and hear Roy Orbison's "Anything You Want" playing in the background to send off what has been 11 years of all our lives, I will sit in comfort knowing that 7th Heaven will fall- with Amazing Grace- back into TV history.

    Oh, what a ride it has been...
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