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  • If there is one show that someone should go to jail for it´s this one. ' It´s so bad that I wouldnt recommend it to my worst enemy and if this was showed in jail it would be torture.

    Who ever made this crap should go to jail.
    The hole fundamentalistic happy family is just a joke with their BS problems.
    Worst one, was when the gay kid "Aaron Carter hair cut" was heaving sex and for some reason that was huge problem that he wasn´t married etc.
    I was literally banging my head against the wall, how the hell is that a problem???
    Kids today are using crack and most schools have metal detectors so kids don´t bring weapons to school.
    IF only kids just made sweet love there wouldn´t be any school shootings. Jeusus Allah and his friends get a grip of reality.

    P.S The only reason any one would watch this show is because Biel is hot.