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  • 7th Heaven is set in Glenoak, Califonia. It is centered around Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie and their five older kids they have young twins but they do not come until the middle of the third season.

    7th heaven is a fabulous family drama that can attract viewers at any age. Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie are raising seven children, Matt, the oldest in med school who marries a jewish girl. Mary, the rebel and the basketball star, my personal favorite after she left in season seven the show went downhill. Lucy, the emotional annoyance. She is always crying. Simon, the mess. He starts out to be a cute loving kid and ends up killing a kid and sleeping around. Ruthie, the nosy youngest daughter deffinitely is an essential character though she acts way too old for her age. The twins sam and David were adorable but why couldn't they speak when they were eight? Robbie and Mary were my favorite characters. They both added so much. I also loved Wilson and Ben. I loved loved loved all of Mary's boyfriends except Carlos...what was that all about. In my opinion 7th Heaven was a decent show, it just would've been better if Mary did not leave and if she ended up with Ben...even Robbie or Wilson just NOT Carlos.