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  • It had its good time and bad times.

    7th Heaven never really got to be one of those shows which will be remembered adoringly. But it had its good days, particularly in the early seasons. Season one through three showed us different conflicts whether with the children, Annie, Eric, close relatives, friends or citizens of Glen Oak.

    Season 4 was good, but due to circumstances, the show changed somewhat. It was still good and enjoyable, but the atmosphere was permanently altered. However, it managed to stay strong for the next year and half.

    Season 5, in my opinion, was the best. We got to see a Camden child spiral downward and eventually be sent to live with her grandparents back East all the while a freshman Simon adjusts to high school and tries to fit in with new crowds. Mid-season, we see an ex-boyfriend moving in and honestly, without that Camden child around as much, it helped.

    Season 6 was still good, but the show began to falter, unfortunately. As back in season 4, they panicked due to another actor's personal life and brought in a character that hurt the show somewhat. The 8th episode "Lost" we get a glimpse of what's to come in season 7 through 11.

    Season 7, with the departure of Jessica Biel and Barry Watson, introduced a whole gaggle of characters. From this point onwards, I'm sad to say it wasn't the same 7th Heaven I once knew. It recovered briefly in season 9 and if you ignore parts of season 10, it was better. But it never got to be what it was in season 1-3.