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  • All-around decent show with its ups and downs.

    It's hard to write a review for this show. It just went on for so stinking long, it's difficult to speak for the show as a whole without breaking down its individual seasons. Overall, I enjoyed this show. For the most part, I looked forward to watching a new episode. But, of course, there were times when I wondered why in the heck I bothered with it... Some episodes were just so dang bad! Boring, badly written, cheesy... Especially in the later seasons. There it pretty much turned into a mindless soap opera. But, you know, it still had its good moments there.

    Enough about the bad stuff; now onto the good. The reason I enjoyed this show so much was that, despite the cheesiness of it, it dealt with some serious problems and handled many of them very well. There were some great emotional episodes, especially early on. Like the one where the Camdens learn Aunt Julie is an alcoholic, or the one where the kid threatens to shoot Simon. And I'm a sucker for the classic, idealistic '7th Heaven' endings that usually came out so perfectly.

    All in all, I thought it was a cute little show. Perhaps it ran its course a little too long, but it was still good. After watching the Camdens for 11 seasons, one almost starts to feel like he knows them, and it was sad to see them go at the last episode.

    Farewell, Camdens. You will be missed.