7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 4

Ring Around the Rosie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on The CW

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  • After not even bothering to review Mama's Gonna Buy You a Diamond Ring, I'm back.

    I already posted a review in the 7th Heaven forum, so I'll try not to have this be merely a carbon copy. I thought this was the best episode so far this season. I am fully aware that we are only four episodes in, but that doesn't change how I feel. Like with any episode (not just for this show, but for any show), it wasn't flawless, but there's no such thing as perfect right?

    Eric/Annie: I was glad to finally see Annie doing some parenting. Scenes with Annie parenting have become few and far between these days. The scene with Eric asking Lucy for help was touching. That scene had shades of the relationship those two had with each other way back when. Now onto the bad. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why Eric was so shocked to find out that Ruthie was interested in Martin. Let me guess. Eric doesn't want Martin to date Ruthie either. For that matter, I don't think Eric wants Ruthie dating period. Is it his decision though? I don't think so. This isn't the olden days where parents would hand pick who their children would marry based on who they saw fit. Eric should allow Ruthie to date whoever she wants. She should be allowed to make her own mistakes when it comes to dating. That's one way that people learn, by making mistakes. Then, there's the Rose issue. I'm kind of torn on the Rose issue. On one hand, I think Eric and Annie should just butt out and let Simon and Rose be. That is mainly for the aforementioned reason concerning Ruthie. (let him make his own mistakes, yada, yada) On the other hand, I do feel that Eric and Annie DO have a say in the matter because Simon looks to Eric for financial support and if Eric isn't pleased, he could just pull the plug on the financial support.

    Kevin/Lucy: What I seriously don't get is why Lucy was so surprised Kevin was shot at? I mean being a police officer, getting shot at is kind of a big part of the job description. What surprised me is that I thought Kevin and Lucy tell each other everything (as Lucy said in last season's episode "Vote") yet Kevin didn't tell Lucy he quit his job due heavily to him being shot at. I don't feel that the little squabble the two of them had was very realistic, but then again this IS just a tv show. That's ok with me though. The way I see it, we've seen enough of Lucy and Kevin fighting to last us a lifetime, so one less argument is perfectly ok in my books. I think Lucy did a great job counseling Lizzie. It was sweet of her to be there when Lizzie told her parents. I especially loved the last scene of the episode where Martin tells Lucy that he is an expectant father. By far, that was the best scene in the episode in my opinion.

    Simon/Rose: Ugh. Rose is like a boomerang. You throw her out, and no matter how far you throw her, she always comes back. Ok, so maybe that wasn't the best analogy. Some people have commented on them liking Rose and/or Rose growing on them, but in my case, neither are true. I still can't stand Rose, so no change there. I think the root of me not liking Rose surpisingly isn't that she's stubborn, demanding, and selfish (among many other adjectives with a negative connotation), but rather that she pressures Simon into doing things that he wouldn't normally do on his own. Let's face it. Simon has admitted that Rose being Rose makes him do things he wouldn't normally do and THAT is my problem with her. I feel strongly that one should stay true to oneself. In other words, one shouldn't compromise who they are in an attempt to please someone else. One shouldn't let anyone mold, shape, or change him or her. I think we all know who wears the pants (and will wear the pants) in Rose and Simon's relationship, Rose! Rose just moved herself right in without even asking Simon. She's been pressuring Simon to move up the wedding date without so much as discussing it with him or asking for his opinion. They are a couple, and communication is a key to a good relationship. One person can't go around making all the decisions for the couple if the two of them are to have a healthy relationship. Which brings me to why in God's name did Simon get Rose an engagement ring? I thought he didn't have the money. I am sorry but I don't think Rose is worth getting in debt over. I kind of feel that it was a last ditch effort to get Rose to shut up and quit whining, complaining, and pressuring. Like 'I got you a ring, now will you SHUT UP?'

    Ruthie: So Ruthie wanted Eric to tell her that he didn't want her dating that sophomore, Sam. What is it with Camdens and getting someone to break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Why can't they just do it themselves? Let's flash forward. Say Ruthie is 40 years old and for whatever reason, she decides to get a divorce. Now is Ruthie going to get her daddy to break the news to her husband? Please say no. Grow up Ruthie! What might help is breaking up with people yourself. That is a part of the growing up process I feel. I loved the scene where Annie finds out the cause of Ruthie's dating problem. In my mind, that was the second best scene of the episode. So Ruthie wants to date Jack because Meredith was dating Jack when Martin noticed her, so Ruthie feels that if she were to date Jack, Martin would notice her. I never saw that one coming. Talk about a wacky plan! I, like many other Martin/Ruthie shippers were glad that Ruthie finally admitted she had feelings for Martin. Now only if the two of them could become a couple. My heart went out to Sam, the sophomore she dumped, because unfortunately for him, he was dumped for superficial reasons. Like Ruthie said, he was a nice guy, but she wasn't looking for nice.

    Martin: I must say that I am glad that Martin's character was redeemed in this episode. I didn't like the direction his character was going as of late. Putting myself in Martin's shoes, I would've probably reacted the exact same way albeit I don't know for sure as nothing that life changing has ever happened to me before. I mean I would have probably had difficulty coming to terms with it at first and would thus refuse to believe it or refuse to admit it. Eventually though, I'd come around and come to the realization that there's no escaping the truth. I personally see Martin as the victim here not Sandy. I mean my heart went out to Martin because this is such a life changing event and it just so happened to be the consequence of just one mistake that he happened to make. Sandy on the other hand, apparently has slept with a myriad of guys. I'm sorry, but with a reputation like that, I can't feel sorry for her. Which leads me to believe that Martin isn't the father. I mean it's been pointed out that Sandy has gotten around so to speak, so maybe just maybe one of these random guys she's had sex with is the father and not Martin.

    Sam/David: I can't believe these two are concerning themselves with girlfriends! They don't even know how to spell girlfriend although I was shocked that they knew that a girlfriend is someone you love and want to marry. I agree with Eric and Annie, you can't buy love. The two or three scenes with the twins in it made me want to bang my head on the wall or something, but I'm sure the Sam/David fans were going "Aww! How cute!" Just for the record, me = NOT a Sam/David fan!

    So while this episode had its not-so-good scenes, the really good scenes in my mind more than made up for that. I am excited to see next week's episode. It should be interesting to see how the Camdens react to Martin's secret seeing as he is not just a close friend of the family, but is practically a part of their family since he did after all live with them for around 2 years. It should also be interesting to see how many of the Camdens find out next Monday. I can't wait.