7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 4

Ring Around the Rosie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on The CW

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  • As this episode's title suggests, Simon and the family finds themselves ringing around the Rosie.

    Overall this episode was much better than I expected. At this rate, I expect that there will be an 11th season...this show is still going strong, even though it wouldn\'t hurt for it to end after this great season (so far). This week\'s was by far better than last week\'s.

    I\'m just going to do a short review b/c I find that my long reviews are tedious and not many people read them anyway:

    Simon - David Gallagher is getting too much screen time. Anyone else agree? I mean I\'m very glad that he\'s back full-time, very glad that Simon\'s not just focusing on sex anymore, but it\'s still too much for some reason. It\'s like every other scene has Simon in it these days. Simon or Rose that is. I love the character of Simon, but let\'s focus a little more on Daddy Kevin (even though I can\'t stand George Stults; the guy is barely getting any screen time), or Ruthie! I mean I know last week\'s episode was devoted to Ruthie, but it seems like the past four episodes have been devoted to Simon and Rose! Let\'s use a little bit less Rose; a little more Kevin, Ruthie, Eric/Annie perhaps?

    The engagement ring was so farfetched and unrealistic. And Rose didn\'t even say thank you, jeez. Rose was much more annoying in this episode. She was almost starting to grow on me, and then she just had to act all...like Rose. I didn\'t like that.

    Ruthie - Not much, but man did I like that scene w/ her and Annie! It\'s about time for a mother/daughter talk. And Annie finally got to the root of Ruthie\'s problems, something Eric couldn\'t do. So that\'s why Ruthie\'s obsessed with Jack...to get to Martin. I have to say I honestly didn\'t see that one coming. I thought she really liked Jack, even though I couldn\'t understand why. But now I do. And I love the storyline; and Ruthie was so much more tolerable in this episode. But what was with the ending where Eric nearly choked at the idea of Ruthie and Martin dating? I thought he wanted those two together. They would make a good couple.

    Lucy/Kevin - Well Lucy was really amazing in this episode. The father/daughter scene was so well done. Lucy\'s counseling session w/ Lizzie went so much better than I expected, probably better than some of Eric\'s counseling sessions.

    As for the Lucy/Kevin argument, it was way too short. Arguments don\'t get resolved that easily, especially since Kevin did technically lie to her by hiding important news from Lucy. I really wish they had expanded this storyline and reduced Simon and Rose\'s role for once. We need to see Kevin and Lucy working things out as a couple, not always individually.

    And why not show Savannah crawling? That would have been a great scene.

    Martin - The end scene was so touching, in my opinion, and Tyler Hoechlin did a fantastic job, better than usual, I must say! I think we\'re all getting the idea now that Martin in fact DOES care what\'s going on, he\'s just very disappointed w/ himself that he can\'t even bring himself to say what he\'s done. Like I said in another thread, Sandy needs to chill and give him some time. She always has the option of getting an abortion if this pregnancy is so inconvienent for her.

    I\'m really glad the writers are redeeming Martin\'s character a little bit, by finally suggesting that he does care. Martin has always been my favorite character since the 8th season b/c we\'re the same age and we used to have the same personality. Now I can see where the writers are going with this...Martin seems genuinely sorry, whereas Sandy seems to think this is a game or something, by forcing Martin to be there for her every step of the way. Hello...give the guy at least two weeks before you force him to marry you and attend birthing classes with you! Jeez.

    Anyway, overall I thought this episode was VERY good. The twins storyline, however, was completely lame. Honestly is relationships all they have on this show? Is it that hard to show the twins doing some kind of sport, or in school, or something besides dating? Gosh, they\'re six years old for crying out loud! I understand the confusion about marriage and wanting a girlfriend to be w/ for the rest of your life, but not at 6 years old. Maybe 9 or 10. This storyline was completely a waste of time, in my opinion. And David really needs to get his hair cut, b/c the long shaggy hair isn\'t good at all.

    I\'m personally glad Meredith wasn\'t in this episode; and I hope that when Martin and Ruthie DO get together, she\'ll be out of the picture. She\'s a fine actress, but completely irrelevant as a regular.

    As for next week, Matt\'s back! Yay! Hopefully w/ an update on medical school and Sarah. It would be so nice to see Carlos again, and have a family episode again. Anyway can\'t wait for next week\'s episode! Looks very dramatic!

    Once again I must say, if 7th Heaven keeps this up, the chances of an 11th season are VERY high. Not one episode yet has been even close to terrible, whereas this time last year we were watching a crappy bird storyline and Aaron Carter on our screens. What a BIG difference. Keep up the good work, 7th Heaven!


    - Simon, once again, please dump Rose. No one likes her. We all want her to go.

    - I can\'t express how much I LOVED the scene at the end b/w Martin and Lucy. It was great job, especially on Tyler Hoechlin\'s part.

    - Savannah\'s crawling now? Come on writers, SHOW this stuff! Stop w/ the dialogue, start showing this stuff.

    - I can\'t wait for Matt next episode! The next episode looks like it\'s going to be really good.