7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 12

Rush to Judgment

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1998 on The CW

Episode Recap

A lady asks Eric about the Wednesday service and what the sermon will be about and after she leaves, Lou, the church's treasurer, asks to speak with Eric later about the Wednesday service. Matt, Mary, and Lucy are sitting at a table and Mary begins singing the praises of Coach Koper, which upsets Matt since he is having so many problems passing his class. Matt thinks that Mary has a crush on Coach Koper. Simon asks his mother when they were leaving to play golf, but Annie is upset that he brought the club with him to church and tells Simon to go sit in the car. Lou tells Eric that there is just not enough money in the budget to continue the Wednesday service. Annie joins the conversation and Eric offers Annie's services in looking into the finances. When they hear breaking glass, they turn around and notice a golf ball in Lou's window and Annie offers to pay to replace it. Lou still doesn't want Annie to look through the church's finances.

At home, Eric is preparing dinner while Annie takes a look at the church's finances. Annie comes across a missing $2,500. They both think that there is a perfectly good reason why the money is missing. Eric is concerned and calls Lou's house, but Lou's wife answers the phone and tells Eric that Lou isn't there. Annie continues to reassure him. Matt is reading The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man for Coach Koper's class and is interrupted by Lucy asking him for a quiet place to study. Lucy tells Matt that Mary is still talking about Coach Koper. Matt asks Lucy about the book and some symbolism used and Lucy tries to help him. Simon is eating his dinner in his bedroom and finds a golf club on his bed, but despite Ruthie's warning, he sees a golf ball on the floor and gets tempted. Happy picks up the ball of the floor and walks off with it. In the kitchen, Mary is talking about Coach Koper with Annie. After hearing Coach Koper's name three times, she asks why Mary is ok with Coach Koper, but Matt isn't. Annie says that it seems like Matt and Mary are talking about two different people. Eric calls Lou to ask him to see him, but Lou postpones the meeting until the next day. Annie announces dinner and Eric says that he doesn't have a good feeling about the explanation that Lou will give.

At school, Matt is called on by Coach Koper and is quizzed on the book to see if he read the book, but gives Matt a hard time. At Eric's office, Lou shows up for the meeting and tells Eric that the money is gone, but he will get the money back to him shortly. At school, Lucy is skeptical when Matt walks up to her and doesn't say any rude remarks, but Matt tells her that he was thankful for her insight in the story he was reading. Lucy tells him about her day that went horribly. Matt asks Lucy to tell Mary that she will need to find a different ride home, but finds Coach Koper hugging Mary. She looks nervous and confused about the hug, but doesn't say anything. Eric tells Annie that Lou did take the money and voices his concern about what problems Lou may be facing. Simon and Ruthie walk into the kitchen looking very guilty and ask Annie to help with dinner, but she tells him that he can wash the dishes after dinner. Simon asks about his future with golf, but Annie tells him no. Eric explains that he froze the account, but he doesn't know what to do with Lou and the real problem that he has and doesn't know if he should press criminal charges against him.

At home, Matt hears Lucy asking Mary if she has a crush on Coach Koper, but Mary denies it. Lucy walks out of the bedroom and talks to Matt about her suspicions about the hug that she witnessed and her weird feeling that she got about the hug. Matt tells Lucy not to tell their parents and he would handle it. In the morning, Matt wants to leave early for school, but they are momentarily stopped by the sound of glass breaking. The girls want to see what the noise is, but Matt ushers them out of the kitchen and Eric and Annie walk upstairs. They find Simon and Ruthie looking guilty and Ruthie confesses to it even though she didn't do it and Simon tells Eric and Annie that it must be an addiction that she has for the game. They ground both Simon and Ruthie for 4 weeks. Downstairs, Eric admits that the addiction angle almost worked and doesn't want to punish them because he likes them. The doorbell rings and Eric opens the door to find Lou who gives Eric the money and tells him that he is quitting his job at the church and the church. Eric tries to talk to him, but he walks out the door in a hurry to get to work. While at the market, Annie sees Lou's wife with another man. At school, Eric confronts Coach Koper and accuses him of hugging Mary a little too much. Coach Koper denies hugging Mary and suggests that they go to the principal's office.

Annie joins Eric in his office and she tells him that she saw Lou's wife at the market with another man and that there is something odd, then suggests that they go visit Lou's home. In the principal's office, Coach Koper, Matt, Mary, and Lucy try to figure out what happened when she saw the hug, but Mary explains that he hugged her because she broke her running record for the mile. The principal asks why she thought that it was more than a hug, but Lucy explains that she had a feeling and must have been wrong. The principal tells Lucy that she has to talk with her parents. Simon is trying to make up for Ruthie lying for him since he feels guilty. Eric and Annie arrive at Lou's home and hear yelling coming from the house, but decide to approach anyway. Lou answers the door and tells them that it is not a good time, but Lou's son, Louis, Jr. comes to the door and everyone is introduced.

Lou explains about their son's autism and how he has kept Louis, Jr. a secret. Lou explains how they had idea how to truly help their son and finally found a state hospital for Louis, Jr. to live, but they closed it and they have found a new place to put him, but they required a $2,500 deposit. Lou tells Eric that there is no excuse for stealing money from a church and Lou's wife explains that they were desperate. Eric tells Lou that he would have helped him out and Eric vows to help Louis, Jr. and Annie promises to keep in touch. At home, Simon tries to talk to his mother and explains that it was he who broke the window, not Ruthie. Annie explains that Ruthie is punished for not being truthful. Mary asks her mother to sign a note that will allow Mary to work out during study hall since she didn't the day before with Coach Koper. Matt and Lucy are there in the hallway when Mary asks and they get suspicious. Annie declines to sing the paper and tells Mary that missing one workout won't kill her.

At church, they are having their Wednesday service and it only turns out to be one church member attending when Annie brings Lou, his wife, and Louis, Jr. Lou and his wife thank Eric for helping find a new home for Louis, Jr. When Eric sits them down, Lou apologizes and thanks Eric for his help. Eric begins the service with a silent prayer, but Annie gets suddenly concerned and rushes out of the church. At school, Mary finds Coach Koper and he explains that his career is at stake with the recent accusations and they should not be seen alone. Mary explains that Lucy gets dramatic about certain things and finally gets Coach Koper to agree to help her again. Coach Koper begins to massage Mary's shoulders and when Mary tries to continue talking, Coach Koper reminds her that she can talk to him about anything and that they are friends. Mary jumps up and exclaims that she is not comfortable with the situation, but Coach Koper tells her that she can't go and make another scene in the principal's office. The principal and Annie walk in on the situation and the principal fires Coach Koper. After Coach Koper leaves, Mary asks her mother why everything went wrong. Matt and Lucy see Mary, their mother, and the principal talking and join them. Mary apologizes to Lucy for being so mean to her.
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