7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 12

Rush to Judgment

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1998 on The CW



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    • Ms. Russell: Why did you think it was not just a hug?
      Lucy: I don't know... something just didn't seem right. I got a bad feeling about it... but I'm sorry. That's just the way I felt... I must've been wrong. I was wrong, I mean obviously.
      Ms. Russell: Are you sure you were wrong , Lucy?
      Lucy: Off course I'm wrong, I'm always wrong. But how was I supposed to know about that mile record thing?
      Ms. RussellI'm going to have to talk to one of your parents.
      Lucy: At least you know the number.

    • Ms. Russell: You're fired Coach Koper!
      Annie: You're lucky you're still breathing.

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