7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 5

Says Who?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 1997 on The CW

Episode Recap

Eric is getting the children's school lunches together. Simon asks about the Heaven's Gate cult and why anyone would believe a guy who tells them that if they die, they will get on a UFO. Simon equates it to church, but Eric quickly dispels that thought by saying that church actually encourages people to think and accepts people even if they are different. Eric then tells him that if someone tells you enough times that something is true, you will eventually start to believe it. Simon says that in the X-Files, the aliens come down to Earth to get you, but Eric tells him that it is fiction and that there is a difference and proposes an experiment. Eric tells Simon to subtly convince Matt that Simon is shrinking and to let Ruthie in on the plan. Matt walks in and Eric leaves the room to begin his experiment. Simon looks up to Matt and tells him that Matt either got taller or Simon has gotten shorter. At school, Matt, Mary, and Lucy are sitting at lunch with a classmate, the classmate notices that Shelby, another classmate, gets up after lunch every day to go to the restroom and says that Shelby is bulimic. Matt gets frustrated with her saying things about other people and leaves and Mary says that Lucy is skinny, but she isn't bulimic. Lucy offers to ask her during class.

Mrs. Bink drags Eric to a retirement home because she saw that Mrs. Hinkle's house for sale and thinks that her children are forcing her to move and she is being held against her will. Eric tells Mrs. Bink to be calm about the situation, but Mrs. Bink says that she couldn't get past the front desk. Mrs. Bink asks the man at the front desk nicely, but he tells her that Mrs. Hinkle doesn't want to be disturbed, but when Eric tries to get past the front desk, the man refuses and so Eric leaves a note for Mrs. Hinkle. When the man writes the room number on the message, Eric and Mrs. Bink notice the number and walk down the hallway. Lucy asks Shelby if she would like to come over to her house for dinner, but Mary doesn't want her to get involved. At home, Ruthie and Simon are waiting for Matt to show up so that they can continue their plan to convince Matt that Simon is shrinking. Matt gets frustrated at them trying to say that Simon is shrinking and leaves. Simon pulls out the phone book from underneath the sofa cushion, which allowed him to not reach the floor. When Simon tries to reach the glasses in the cabinet, Lucy is asking her mom if Shelby can come over for lunch. Eventually, Mary gets a glass for him and after Simon says that he must be shrinking, Ruthie says that he needs to see a doctor. In the living room, Simon and Ruthie catch matt looking in the sofa for a reason why Simon couldn't touch the ground when sitting on the couch. Eric talks to Annie about Mrs. Hinkle, but gets interrupted by Mrs. Bink paging him because she is worried about Mrs. Hinkle and tells Eric that she is going to break Mrs. Hinkle out of the retirement home.

At the nursing home, Eric and Mrs. Bink show up at Mrs. Hinkle's room and when Mrs. Hinkle answers the door, Mrs. Bink storms in the room. They see that Mrs. Hinkle is doing just fine and Mrs. Hinkle tells them that she had a small amount of time to move since she found out that the place was available. Mrs. Bink asks if the kids had anything to do with her move, but Mrs. Hinkle says that they have talked a lot about the big house, the lawn, and security so she decided to sell her house. Mrs. Bink tells that she didn't have to sell her house and Mrs. Bink still has a bad feeling about the move when they finally leave. After Mrs. Hinkle closes the door, she looks sad and says that she never told Mrs. Bink that she was moving because she knew that she would be upset about it. Lucy tells Mary that she couldn't be bulimic like Shelby, but Mary tells her that she doesn't know that Shelby is bulimic. Mary tells Lucy to not believe everything that she hears. Simon is cutting up cardboard to put in Ruthie's shoes to make her taller, but they are stopped when Annie walks in and tells them that she knows they are up to something and they need to tell her. Simon tells his mother about the experiment, but when he was telling her about it, Matt happens to walk by the door and overhears Simon talking about it. Annie tells Simon that she will not help him, but will not let the secret out. Mrs. Bink are insistent about thinking that Mrs. Hinkle's children are the ones that made her move into the retirement home, but Eric doesn't believe her and Mrs. Bink gets mad.

At home, Eric tells Annie that Mrs. Bink won't talk to her and neither will Mrs. Hinkle. Annie tells Eric about an open house for Mrs. Hinkle's house and got sad about it. Eric tells Annie that he doesn't know what to do about the situation. Shelby visits the house and Lucy asks her if she wants a snack, but Shelby declines and asks for the bathroom. In the kitchen, Lucy is telling Mary about the latest development when Annie overhears and asks what they are talking about. Lucy tells her that there are rumors about Shelby being bulimic, but Annie gets mad at Lucy and tells her that bulimia is serious and Lucy need to be more compassionate and mature. Lucy asks her mom for help in the situation. Eric shows up at the open house for Mrs. Hinkle's house and meets Kevin and Dana Hinkle, Mrs. Hinkle's children. Eric expresses his sadness over selling the house, but when the kids begin telling him the reasons why their mom is selling the house, he gets very skeptical about the motivation behind selling the house. Simon wears his pants lower so that they bunch up at the bottom when Mary walks by, but she suggests that he is shrinking. Eric shows up at Mrs. Bink's house and tells her that he stopped by Mrs. Hinkle's open house and feels uneasy about it and asks her to accompany him to the retirement home. Simon thinks that the rod in his closet is higher than usual and then Matt walks in a judges Simon's height against his own, Matt suggests that he see a doctor. After Matt walks out, Simon then judges his height based on the car poster and really begins to think that he is shrinking. Eric and Mrs. Bink arrive at Mrs. Hinkle's door and Mrs. Bink yells at her for being a liar and walks inside. She then apologizes for intruding, but confronts her about telling the truth about moving. Eric tells her that he saw her kids at the open house and tells her that their answers seemed eerily similar. Mrs. Hinkle explains that she wasn't a good mother and didn't teach her children to be self-sufficient. Her son ran up his credit cards and her daughter and her son-in-law want to go travelling and they would eventually get the money. Mrs. Hinkle says that she wants to go home and they all leave the retirement home.

Before dinner, Annie tells his mom that he is shrinking and doesn't want to get out of bed. Annie thinks that the experiment went wrong somewhere and tells him that he is really not shrinking and it somehow got turned around on him. Annie gets concerned and calls Matt into the room and when questioned about the incident, Matt tells Simon that he overheard the conversation and turned everything around on him. Matt raised the rod in the closet, raised the poster, and undid the hem on his lucky pants all to make him think that he really is shrinking. Annie tells Matt to take him to the doctor to confirm his height. Matt asks why he is getting into trouble when it was ok for Simon to conduct the experiment on him, but Annie says that Simon would have never accomplished his goal since he is only 11. Annie tells Matt to use his allowance to pay for the doctor visit. Eric, Mrs. Bink, and Mrs. Hinkle confront Mrs. Hinkle's children about not selling the house and tells them that they need to count on themselves. Her children bring up her safety, but she says that her own children have hurt her worse than a stranger could have. Eric pulls the For Sale sign out of the yard and Mrs. Hinkle's children walk off, upset that their mom is not selling the house. Mrs. Bink thanks Eric for helping her save her friend's house.

At dinner, Matt tells them that Simon grew, not shrink. Lucy notices that Shelby is eating a lot and then he excuses herself from the table. Annie gets up to go see how she is doing and catches up with her in the hallway after she got out of the bathroom. Shelby tells Annie that she is brushing her teeth and that she doesn't have food at her house since her mom is on welfare. Shelby tells Annie that she is sorry for using Lucy's family for food. When Annie walks into the kitchen, Lucy asks her mother if she is bulimic and Annie tells her that she is not. Annie tells Simon and Matt to take out the trash for their punishment. They meet Eric outside and Simon tells Eric that Matt turned it on him. Eric tells Matt that he shouldn't abuse his powers as a role model to change the way someone thinks. After putting the trash In the cans, Simon tells Matt that he looks like he is losing his hair. Matt tells Simon that he is just messing around with him, but after Simon says that he is, Matt begins touching his hair, worried that it really is going away.
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