7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 13

Script Number Two Hundred Thirty-Four

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 21, 2007 on The CW

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  • Great episode!

    When Ruthie sees Mac, she tells T-Bone that she wants to take their relationship to the next level. T-Bone goes to Kevin for advice. Annie overhears Ruthie on the phone about their plan and Annie talks to her. Eric and Lucy go on a fishing trip. Sandy comes down to help with the teen girl class. Martin meets Jane and Margaret and is interested in Jane. He asks Sandy if they're exclusive in front of the class. When Martin and Mac find out that Jane's married, they back off.

    This was a great episode! I really agree with Sandy. Martin's an immature jerk! I was pleased to know that Ruthie lied about having sex in Scotland. I'm also glad that she and T-Bone didn't have sex. This episode gets a 10!
  • Lucy and her father Rev.Camden take a day off from the church mansions and go fishing. Sandy takes up Lucy's class while taking care of her son as Martin goes on a group date with Jane&Co. Ruthie & T-bone are plannig their 1st time together.

    The title of this episode reflects its mood: boring. The writers didn't have any fresh ideas so they just titled it like "Episode 234". Rev.Camden and Lucy lie about their real destination- they're not going out for a church meeting but for fishing. Lucy leaves her class to Sandy hoping the girls may realize she's better than Sandy. Martin proves once again useless and irresponsable towards his son and Sandy. He first wants to marry her then flirts with Jane. When he descovers Jane's married he runs away like trying and avoiding plague. He then tries to make up with Sandy. Of course Sandy isn't a fool and knows his apologies are big fat lies so she dismisses him. Well done Sandy! Sandy herself tells the girls in Lucy's class they shouldn't mind other people's opinion like when you're eating all alone in a restaurant and everybody thinks you don't have any friends or any boyfriend. Yet she asks Kevin, Lucy's husband, to go out on a dinner with her and Aaron. Kevin was ready to go, saying Lucy wouldn't have mind, but Mrs Camden stopped him saying she wouldn't babysit Savannah for such a silly reason. Finally Kevin and Mrs Camden talk Ruthie and T-bone out of doing something stupid after they lied each other about their first time. So I suggest this episode's title should be "Hypocrisy" because everybody lies...except Mrs Camden.
  • Lucy and Eric go on a fish trip, and sandy teaches the class for the day. Ruthie convinces T-bone to move to the next level, but things don't go as planned. Sandy and Martin have problems when Martin and Mac compete for Jane.

    Definitely one the better episodes lately. T-bone and Ruthie was hilarious. Especially when T-bone was talking to Happy. I'm kind of tired of the Martin and Sandy thing, but mostly just because it never goes anywhere and nothing happens. I think maybe this shows best bet is to focus on Ruthie- she has the best storylines and the most potential as a character. i kind of get sick of everything else. that's probably why this episode was pretty good- it was mostly about Ruthie and T-bone. which is a realationship I love, maybe they can make them have a couple of real problems- htat would make for some good drama. overall, good, and I hope they can keep it up.
  • 7th Heaven has always been a favorite just because of the characters and storylines that ring true in the world today.

    I have watched 7th Heaven from the beginning so seeing Ruthie all grown up and talking about being a woman and ready to have sex was really shocking. I know that Matt and Mary as well as Simon had their wild days but Lucy did wait until marriage so I thought Ruthie would follow her lead. I guess that goes to show that she was bound to pick up some of the bad things the other older children did. I really feel like Lucy should play a bigger role in her daughter's life but Kevin seems to be doing well with a little help from Annie. I really am shocked that the Camden's are taking in these other children who they really do not know because of the twins and Ruthie. I think Annie and Eric are going to have to do alot with Ruthie so that she does not make a mistake that she regrets later. I also liked the commercial with Beverly Mitchell singing. She is a very talented singer so I wonder if this will interfere with her role on 7th Heaven. I am glad that they came on for another season but I am wondering if it will last for another.