7th Heaven - Season 1

The CW (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • 5/19/97
    As Mary faces surgery and a long recovery, she and her family must face the reality that her basketball career might be over. Meanwhile, Annie has only one option left if she wants to maintain her relationship with her father. Matt drives Heather even further away when he gets into an ugly confrontation with a classmate. Lucy gradually recognizes the truth about Jimmy's feelings for her, and Wilson is eager to start dating Mary, but there are a few important details he must share with her father first.moreless
  • 5/12/97
    Annie is delighted that her father Charles is visiting for the first time since her mom's death, but she is left reeling when he arrives on their doorstep with a new fiancee. Elsewhere, Lucy is eager to increase her physical appeal with a new hair-do. Mary meets a handsome young man who is harboring a few secrets, and Matt becomes attracted to a girl who is deaf. Lastly, a potential tragedy in the family puts everyone's trivial problems into perspective.moreless
  • Say Good-bye
    Episode 20
    Matt is uneasy when his mother's oldest friend--a boy crazy divorcee, makes a pass at him. Elsewhere, Mary makes her public singing debut at a coffee house, which makes her parents quite nervous when they see her personality unleash on the stage. Back at home, Ruthie officially says good-bye to her longtime imaginary friend, and Lucy must cope when her best friend moves away.moreless
  • It's About George
    Episode 19
    Eric's difficult-to-please parents arrive with their newly adopted young son in tow. Everyone is pleased to discover that the Colonel and Ruth seem positively different since taking in a new child, but things get messy when George's biological father shows up with a desire to be part of the boy's life. Meanwhile, Julie is out of rehab and terrified to reconnect with her family, and with a little help from Matt and Mary, Lucy prepares her boyfriend to meet their formidable grandparents.moreless
  • 4/21/97
    Eric wants to hire an ex-convict to be the new organist as the church vestry's the opposition. Acting church treasurer, Annie must determine whether there is enough money in the church's budget to hire a new organist. Meanwhile, Lucy becomes jealous after she makes Mary tutor her boyfriend Jimmy Moon. Simon does his best at trying to get Matt into letting him get a tetanus shot at the doctor's office. Lastly, Ruthie feels empowered by her new class phone list and decides to test the emergency phone numbers.moreless
  • Choices
    Episode 17
    Mary pays a rare visit to detention and meets Camille--a wild, free-spirited girl who loves to break all the rules. Against Mary's better judgment, the girls become friends, and Camille talks her into making a foolish decision. Back at home, Eric and Annie counsel a man who used to work with Eric and is harboring a painful secret. Lucy confuses her father with a desire to research other religions, while Simon and Ruthie run into trouble at the pet store.moreless
  • Brave New World
    Episode 16
    Lucy asks her father to investigate the possible issues that might be taking place in her best friend Suzanne's home. Elsewhere, Matt is determined to protect Mary from a classmate's harassment, but she insists on handling it herself. Ruthie first day of pre-kindergarten creates a few problems.
  • Happy's Valentine
    Episode 15
    While both couples, Annie and Eric---Patricia and Morgan Hamilton spend a romantic Valentine's Day camping, Matt is left in charge of the rest of the family and allows chaos to reign in the Camden household. His preoccupation with his date and Mary's party allows the dog Happy to slip out of the house in search of her puppies. When a car hits Happy the family holds a vigil, aided by a caring veterinarian. Simon blames Matt for the whole entire accident. Meanwhile, Lucy is enjoying her first Valentine's Day with her boyfriend Jimmy Moon.moreless
  • Seven Is Enough
    Episode 14

    All three Camden generations dread the annual visit of Eric's parents, "The Colonel" and Grandma Ruth Camden. Tension mounts between father and son when the Colonel harshly criticizes Eric's children, then scoffs at Eric and Annie's desire to adopt a troubled 9-year-old boy who has been hiding out at Eric's office. Meanwhile, Annie makes a shocking discovery at a local store and struggles to deal with Lucy, who can't seem to connect with her grandparents.

  • 1/27/97
    As part of a basketball team ritual at her school, Mary is elected to steal a drinking glass from the local teen hangout, but in an unfortunate twist of events, Matt is faced with theft charges and potential jail time. Lucy is ridden with guilt after cheating on a school assignment, and Ruthie asks Simon for help in pleasing their recently irritable father.moreless
  • 1/13/97
    Matt extends his help to an elderly parishioner who doesn't want anyone to know that she is struggling, which is fine until he starts skipping church and school to assist her. Meanwhile, Eric works hard to help a homeless family, Lucy is afraid that nobody cares about her upcoming birthday, and the family dog delivers puppies.moreless
  • Now You See Me
    Episode 11
    The Camdens become suspicious when Matt's new girlfriend, Tia, wants to spend more time with the family than being alone with Matt. Meanwhile, Lucy enlists the help of Matt to overcome her clumsiness in order to try out for the cheerleading squad. Also, Annie yearns for more romance in her marriage with Eric as she has become bored with the every day routines. Lastly, Simon tries to make himself invisible and tries to convince the whole family that he can be invisible.moreless
  • 11/25/96
    Matt, Mary and Lucy are eager to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their friends, but plans change as Eric's sister Julie arrives for an extended visit. Her longtime reputation as Eric's docile, ultra-responsible baby sister is suddenly destroyed when the Camdens learn a secret about her that physically threatens Simon and throws the entire family into turmoil.moreless
  • After Annie and Matt are car-jacked, Matt is afraid to leave the house, while Annie resumes her normal activities with no apparent emotional damage. Meanwhile, Lucy fears that running against Jimmy Moon for class president will harm their relationship, and Mary contemplates getting a tattoo against her parents' wishes.
  • 11/11/96
    Rumors sweep around town when several members of the Camdens' parish suspect that Eric is having an extramarital affair, but it actually turns out to be something quite different. Matt tries to keep things moving slowly between Mary and her new boyfriend, and a mishap at school leaves Simon refusing to go.moreless
  • Saturday
    Episode 7
    Mary un-invites her family to an important basketball game of hers, rationalizing that it will only make her more nervous. Unsure of what to do with themselves at that point, the family must find another way to spend their day. Most notably, Lucy loses track of her younger siblings while baby-sitting, and Eric attempts to coax a teenage drug addict back into rehab.moreless
  • Halloween
    Episode 6
    With Halloween just around the corner, the Camdens are eager to finally learn why Eric hates the holiday so much. Lucy uncovers the truth about a reclusive neighbor who has been accused of murder. Simon prepares for a pumpkin carving contest and will go to any lengths to take first place. As the family gets ready to attend a costume party at their church, there's only one way that Mary wants to spend her Halloween night--and she resorts to schemes and lies to make sure she gets exactly what she wants.moreless
  • The Color of God
    Episode 5
    When a local African-American church is burned down by an unknown racist group, the Camdens invite longtime friend Reverend Morgan Hamilton and his family to share Sunday services with them and move into their home temporarily. In the midst of these tragic and hateful events, the kids struggle with everything from getting along to defending their friendships with one another in a racist society. Meanwhile, Eric and Annie are determined to help solve the marital troubles between Morgan and Patricia, whose relationship is not quite as lovey-dovey as their own.moreless
  • 10/7/96
    Annie struggles to make it through her mother's funeral, and her father makes a decision that doesn't help matters. Elsewhere, Matt is eager to get away from the house instead of being with the family during this difficult time. Mary tries to figure out her future with Jeff, and Lucy is not coping with her grandmother's death very well. Simon exasperates the family with a difficult question, and Ruthie is looking for only one thing to hang onto the memory of Grandma Jenny. As all this is going on, Eric must counsel a troubled young couple expecting their first child.moreless
  • 9/30/96
    While struggling to deal with her mother's illness, Annie becomes even more upset--and hops on the next plane to Arizona--when her parents aren't answering their telephone. Eric is forced to pull out of a volunteer event at the last minute, then makes the mistake of allowing Matt to take his place. A relationship ends for Mary just as another one begins for Lucy, and Simon hasn't been getting along with Ruthie very well recently. Finally, big changes are on the horizon for all the Camdens when Annie arrives home with some special visitors.moreless
  • Family Secrets
    Episode 2
    When Matt reveals that he is close friends with a pregnant teenager, his parents fear the worst. Meanwhile, Mary tries to be secretive about her new boyfriend, while Lucy is more than happy to tell the whole world about her newest crush. Eric doesn't understand why his shoes keep disappearing around the house, and Annie is unsure of how to tell her children about their grandmother's illness.moreless
  • Anything You Want
    Episode 1
    In this pilot episode, audiences are introduced to the tight-knit Camden family, who reside in Glen Oak, California. Protestant minister Eric Camden and homemaker Annie enjoy a very loving and happy marriage as they raise their five children--rebellious Matt, athletic Mary, emotional Lucy, inquisitive Simon, and adorable little Ruthie--all of whom range from ages 5 to 16. Each Camden offspring manages to keep their parents on their toes on a daily basis with their varying problems, but things are ready to start changing for the family when they receive upsetting news.moreless
  • Pilot Episode
    The original pilot episode of 7th Heaven that never aired was just like the one that did air with a few minor changes. Many scenes in the original pilot episode were cut. You can tell by the pilot episode that did air. In the first half of the episode, the Camdens' house is very different from usual (especially the kitchen), but in the second half of the episode the Camdens' house (especially the kitchen) is back to what it usually is in most episodes. Some scenes were cut and re-shot again that would fit the pilot that did air. Unless the Camdens had two different kitchens the show was filmed out of sequence.moreless