7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 2

See You in September

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1997 on The CW

Episode Recap

Eric and Annie countdown to the first day that all children will be in school together, leaving them home alone since Eric took the day off. Lucy tells her parents that she is having a nervous breakdown, but after Eric tries a scientific explanation that nerves can't actually break down, he tries to help her by giving her his lucky lock. Ruthie tells Mary that there are snakes in the toilet, but Mary tells her that it isn't true and that she shouldn't be afraid. Matt walks in and asks Mary about how she is feeling and that it might be tough not being on the basketball team, but Mary says that she will be fine, but when she gets up, she stumbles and falls into Matt's arms. Matt tells her that he will show a new kid, Marcus, around school, but Mary says that she will do it. Simon annoys Lucy and then astounds everyone with getting his own lunch together and says that he will be fine because he will be with Nigel. They wish all of the kids good luck on their first day back to school and then celebrate over glasses of orange juice.
Eric is reading the newspaper as Annie tells him that she will be taking a bath. At school, Lucy is in but her teacher continues to take off her hat in school and the teacher threatens to take it from her, then Ruthie goes up to Lynn and tells her that their teacher thinks that Ruthie is in a gang. At junior high, Simon and Nigel are checking their schedules when a big boy, Buck, comes up to them and tells them to move. When Buck walks away, Simon calls him a jerk, to which Buck takes offense. Lucy is having problems working her father's lucky lock and runs into Jimmy and Ashley since Ashley's locker is next to hers. Mary is showing Marcus around the school and he comments on how her knee injury is bad for her basketball career in high school. Lucy walks past Mary and tells her that her life sucks. When Matt walks by and says something to Mary, Mary explains that he is her brother and Marcus tells Mary that he was worried that Matt was a boyfriend and he should be worried. Mary tells him that she has a boyfriend at a different school, but Marcus tells her that it won't last. Matt shows up in what he thought was Mrs.
Peabody's English but is surprised when he shows up right at the bell and sees a tall man instead of Mrs. Peabody. Mr. Koper puts fear into the students telling them that one of the people sitting next to them will not be graduating because his is hard. At home, Eric is resting and Annie is folding clothes, but they receive a call from Sergeant Michaels who tells Eric that he needs his help.
At Lucy's locker, Matt's friend walks up to her and tells her that Peter McKinley is threatening to jump off of a building. Then, Ashley and Jimmy show up and when asked about Peter, they say that they already know about and so does Matt when he asks Lucy. Marcus is still asking Mary to do things with her, but Mary doesn't seem happy. Matt offers to help Lucy with her lock, but when she looks back and sees Jimmy and Ashley kissing, she decides that she doesn't want his help. At the scene, Peter's mother, June McKinley, tells Eric and Annie about their situation and that she is a single mother. She says that they argue, but it is just normal for them. When Peter looks down and sees his mother and the Camdens, he is mortified. Nigel tells Simon an exaggerated tale of Peter's threat to jump that includes dogs and the fire department, but Simon says that he heard that it is only Sergeant Michaels. Nigel wants to go, but they have no way to get there. When Nigel walks away, the bell rings and Simon is left alone, late to Ruthie keeps putting her hat on and the teacher accuses her of looking like a gang member. When sitting down for story time, Ruthie asks if anyone is in a gang, the giggles. Ricky, a ate, tells his teacher that there is a boy that is threatening to jump off of a building. June wants to go to the top of the building and talk to him, but Eric tells her not to and that he may be confused. June then yells at Peter to come down, but he tells Eric to not let his mother up there.
Eric tries to talk to Peter while Annie takes June for a walk, but Peter won't talk. Eric and Sergeant Michaels discuss going up there and then Eric tells Peter that he wants to come up there, but Peter says no. In Ruthie's they get ready for recess, so Ruthie puts on her hat. Her teacher puts her in time out and Lynn volunteers to spend her recess with Ruthie in time out. Nigel and Simon eat lunch and Nigel still wants to go see the boy jump off of the building, but Simon says that he has had a bad enough day already. Buck comes up to the table and accuses them of sitting at his table, but in spite of being scared, Simon offers to share his food with him. When he takes out a fork and knife to cut his food, a teacher walks by and tells him to drop his knife and go to the principal's office. Buck explains to Nigel that it is a concealed weapon. Marcus is still annoying Mary and she goes into the bathroom to get away from him. Mary finds Lucy hiding in a stall and tells Mary that she is avoiding Jimmy and Ashley and can't open the locker. Mary offers her aspirin. Marcus meets them outside of the bathroom and after some sexist remarks, Mary tells him to go away. Mary gives Lucy the aspirin and when Lucy takes them, the principal catches her and takes Mary to her office. Matt and his friend are talking about Mr. Koper when he shows up behind them, then Matt's beeper starts beeping and Mr. Koper tells him that beepers are drug paraphernalia and takes it from him and brings him to the principal's office. June and Annie walk down the street and discuss Peter's issues. Annie asks June to allow Eric to deal with Peter when June tells Annie that she is going to get her son off of the top of the building. When Annie shows back up to the building alone, Peter is worried that his mother is not with her. June confronts Peter at the top of the building and they begin arguing about his pants not being cool. The rest of the adults run up to the top of the building to stop Peter from jumping.
Peter tells them that he wasn't going to jump, he just wanted someone to listen to him. Peter tells them that it is hard at school and that he doesn't want to go. Eric walks up to him and comforts him. Ruthie and Lynn are flushing the hat in the toilet because she was scared of the snakes and it accidentally fell in the toilet and their teacher catches them and retrieves the hat out of the toilet. Ruthie says that she won't wear the hat again, but will give it to Simon. Eric talks to Peter about jumping, but Peter says that he looks stupid. June overheard and doesn't understand why he cares what he looks like since he is smart. June asks Eric for his opinion and Eric says that grades and responsibility aren't really what other kids look for in friends. Peter also says that his mother never listens to him and asks his mother to listen, so they sit down and finally talk. At junior high, Simon got suspended for a day and after talking to Buck realize that his mother put the knife in his lunch and it was her fault. Buck tells Simon to use it against her. Nigel tells Simon that he is afraid of Buck, but Simon says that he is afraid of not being friends with him. Matt discusses the beeper with the principal, but Simon keeps beeper who he thinks is his father, but Matt has the beeper and he keeps receiving the pages.
In the office, Mary gets approached by Mr. Koper, who tells her that he will be the new basketball coach and is worried about her rehabilitation and offers a plan to get her back to what she was. The principal then explains that Mr. Koper trained the women's Olympic basketball team. Mr. Koper then tells Matt to write an essay while he is suspended for the day. The principal tells all of them that they are suspended for the day. She also gives Lucy a new lock with a fool-proof combination of 2-2-2 and tells Lucy that she can get the old lock cut off. Then the principal tells Lucy that Ashley slipped and fell during lunch and mooned the chess club. Eric and Annie walk back home and praise themselves for raising such good kids, but are interrupted by Sergeant Michaels telling them that the schools have been trying to reach them. At home, the kids tell them what happened during the day. Ruthie gives Simon the hat to wear and he puts it on proudly. Eric and Annie tell them a false story about Peter chasing a burglar, but Matt didn't believe them. Eric and Annie are counting down the hours until the kids can return back to school after everyone's one day suspensions.
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