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7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 14

Seven Is Enough

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1997 on The CW
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All three Camden generations dread the annual visit of Eric's parents, "The Colonel" and Grandma Ruth Camden. Tension mounts between father and son when the Colonel harshly criticizes Eric's children, then scoffs at Eric and Annie's desire to adopt a troubled 9-year-old boy who has been hiding out at Eric's office. Meanwhile, Annie makes a shocking discovery at a local store and struggles to deal with Lucy, who can't seem to connect with her grandparents.


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  • Eric's parents!

    "The Colonel" and Grandma Ruth come to town to visit. They are cold, rude and sometimes just plain mean. The Camdens are scared of them. George, an orphan, comes into their lives and Eric and Annie want to adopt him. "The Colonel" and Ruth think that that isn't a good idea. They want to adopt him instead and George wants to go with them. While at the hardware store, Annie sees the clerk wearing her wedding rings that were stolen. Matt lets Mary drive and she scratches the van. Lucy wants to get close to Eric's parents and Simon entered a contest to win a Viper!

    This episode was great! Eric's parents were kind of scary, but they are good people. I can't believe that Simon actually won! I'm glad that Matt got Annie's rings back! This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • When Erics parents come to visit the tension in the house hightens immedietly and things become twice as difficult.

    Wen the Colonel wants to adopt a 10 year old boy, who is orphaned adn homeless, his name is goerge. George has run away from the orphanage and is staying in Erics church for shelter. Meanwhile , in the epoisode , Annie discovers the fate of her stolen wedding rings when she sees a women wearing them on the streets.
Sam Saletta

Sam Saletta

George Grayson/Camden

Guest Star

Annie Abbott

Annie Abbott


Guest Star

Edith Fields

Edith Fields

Adoption Lady

Guest Star

Peter Graves

Peter Graves

"The Colonel" John Camden

Recurring Role

Barbara Rush

Barbara Rush

Grandma Ruth Camden

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Sam Saletta who plays George in this series is in real life the brother of Nicole Cherié Saletta who will be playing Deena (Simon's girlfriend) in Season 3.

    • In this episode, Eric sneaks into the garage, but there is no window on the door. In It's About George, there is a window in the door with a curtain on it. Later, in the Season 4 episode Loves Me, Loves Me Not, Lucy puts paper on the door to cover a window so Ruthie would not peek in.

    • In this episode Annie asks Eric if he want to adopt George, and Eric answers that they can't really afford another child, but two years later they have twins. They don't seem to struggle too much with paying for and raising seven kids.

    • In this episode Anne tells Eric, "what are you 12?" when Eric doesn't to be intimate with her because of his parents being there in the house, but she did the same thing in the pilot episode, "Anything You Want", when Eric wanted to be intimate with her when parents were visiting.

    • How would Eric know that Mary was driving without a learner's permit? He saw the scratch and knew Matt and Mary went out but it could have been Matt who was driving.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Eric: (when his parents say they're going to adopt George) George is not your average kid. He's had a tough life. The adoption itself is gonna be hard on him. He's gonna need a lot of love and support.
      Colonel: And you have a corner on that market?
      Eric: No, of course not, but support of any kind isn't one of your strong suits.
      Ruth: That's not true.
      Eric: Do you ever remember holding me or Julie when we were upset? Did you ever allow us to express any of our feelings?
      Colonel: If you're asking me if we wiped your noses and held your hands, then the answer is no. No, we were too busy keeping a roof over your heads and food on the table!
      Eric: Well, there's more to parenting than that, Dad.
      Colonel: Oh, and what does that mean?
      Eric: It means that you are not the parents for George.

    • George: Why can't you adopt me? I'll be good, and I'll stay out of your way. You won't even know I'm there!
      Colonel: George, listen to me. Eric is smart about these things. He knows what's right. He's a good man, a smart man, and if you're lucky, you'll grow up to be like him. Anyway, why would you want to live with a couple of old war horses like us? You've got a whole house full of great kids right here.
      George: They're all dreamers.
      Ruth: There's nothing wrong with a little dreaming.
      Colonel: No. It's time you settled down and started a little dreaming of your own.
      George: I already did. My dream was to be with you.

    • Eric: (when he and Annie want to adopt George) I don't see where your opinion fits into this.
      Colonel: That's wonderful. You're dreaming again. Who's gonna pay for the kid? The adoption? The court costs? And let's not even get into how you're going to send him to college, or any of your other five, for that matter.
      Eric: They'll get to college the same way I did, Dad. They'll get jobs.
      Colonel: You still resent me for not paying your way.
      Eric: I don't still resent you. I never resented you for that.
      Colonel: Yes, you did then, and you still do. But you and your sister needed to learn that you have to work for the things that are important.
      Eric: I know that, Dad. I get it.
      Colonel: Yeah, you get it because we taught you the value of hard work and discipline!
      Eric: And I'm happy to credit you accordingly!
      Ruth: We just thought you might already have your hands full.

    • Annie: So you want him?
      Eric: I don't know. We did always say we'd adopt after Mary.
      Annie: Then after Lucy.
      Eric: Then after Simon.
      Annie: And now it's after Ruthie.
      Eric: We'd be crazy to even consider it, I guess. Right?
      Annie: We are crazy. We'll talk to the kids and George, tomorrow.

    • Annie: Emma those are very pretty. I never noticed you wearing that necklace before.
      Emma: Oh, well, I haven't had it for very long. I'm widowed and my husband never had the money to buy me wedding rings, so my son gave them to me about a month or so ago, you know, to kind of make up for it.
      Mary: Hey Luce, I'm sorry about that.
      Lucy: (whistpers) Look at the rings on her chain.
      Mary: Mom, those look exactly like your rings.
      Lucy: Yeah, they do.
      Annie: I noticed. You see a couple of months ago, my son Matt and I were held up and the robber took my wedding rings and they look very similar to yours but, but they're not quite the same.
      Emma: How terrible. You all weren't hurt, were you?
      Annie: No, no, we were just a little bit shaken up...we'll see you, Emma.
      Emma: Thanks. Take care, Annie.
      Colonel: Annie, you think those are your rings?
      Annie: I can't imagine Emma Hooten would be wearing my stolen wedding rings.
      Grandma Ruth: Have you met her son?
      Annie: No.
      Grandma Ruth: Then you don't know what kind of boy he might be.
      Annie: They're not mine. Really.

    • (talking about The Colonel's driving)
      Eric: He drives like he's leading the last convoy out of Saigon.
      Annie: He did lead the last convoy out of Saigon.
      Eric: Yes, but I didn't have to pay the insurance on his tank.

    • The Colonel: We're headed out. Can we drop you somewhere? Like, maybe at the barber?
      Matt: Uh, no thanks, I just got my hair cut a couple days ago so I'd look great for your arrival.
      The Colonel: Oh, that is pretty, yes. Next time, have the guy use scissors.

    • Eric: I can't believe I'll be teaching you to drive soon.
      Simon: Your brother, too. George is your brother right?
      Eric: Now that you mention it, I guess he is.
      Simon: (to himself) Poor George.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Episode title: Seven is Enough

      Is a spoof on the 70's show "Eight is Enough". Later in the series 7th season, Grant Goodeve, who starred on that show guest stars.