7th Heaven

Season 11 Episode 17

Small Miracles

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 2007 on The CW

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  • Eric learned that by performing his job he also learned some things from someone older and wiser.He learned to forgive and let go.This was the most interesting part for me. The blackbird lead him to the answer.

    I like this episode because as always it was a learning experience in that you can be old and still be able to help someone with a problem as in Eric's neighbor and church member helping him with his outlook on life and how to fight even if he thinks there is no hope. Eric was worried about dying and his friend helped him to see it was worth listening to others to learn answers. Ruthies problems stem from her always doing before thinking and wanting Mom and Dad to take care of it but now Mom and Dad aren't having any of it and she has to do it on her own without T-Bones help too. They all learned that life is precious.
  • Weird -- really weird.

    Maybe it's me, but if something like a diamond ring goes missing, wouldn't the first place to look be under the bed? And it was Sam who found it and not David? And the part with the veteran and Eric was totally lost on me.

    Another point: being a decorated war hero and a minister are totally different things unless one was both a chaplain and a serviceperson, so that conversation between Red and Eric was totally lost on me. I seem to remember from season 4 or 5 that Eric told Simon the only reason he became a minister and didn't go into the military was because his birthday drew a very high number in the Vietnam war draft lottery. Didn't the writers forget that?
  • I really didn't enjoy this one.

    Eric and Lucy see a black bird and think it's a sign of trouble. Ruthie loses her diamond in the ring that T-Bone gave her and thinks that it means that they shouldn't be together. Sandy and Dr. Jonathan go on a date and he says he wants to take it slow. Mac thinks Jane is interested in him.

    I really thought that this was the season's worst episode. I didn't get the exciting feeling when I usually watch a 7th Heaven episode. It just felt nonsensical with the black bird and all the talk about the toast being a sign. I also didn't enjoy "Red" too much. He just seemed kind of boring. I have to admit that I was so excited that 7th Heaven was coming back after a LONG break. They just kind of let me down in a sense. I still think it was fairly decent, but not as much fun as other episodes. I'm glad that everything worked out and that Eric has faith that he will be okay, but "Small Miracles" wasn't 7th Heaven at its best. A 7 out of 10.
  • Pretty Good!

    I've had a bit of a negative opinion of the writing on the show. The dialogue is just plain unrealistic! But this episode was good. The opening sequence was sweet until of course the argument took place and the scene took a necessary somber tone. Ruthie played the part of the melodramatic teen fine. She was obsessed with the diamond because of her own insecurities (an ageless problem both genders face). T-Bone hasn't been my favorite character. I liked his sarcasm but something about him just annoyed me. Finally, with this episode, I saw why his addition to the show was positive. His bewilderment towards Ruthie's melodramatics was great. Kevin and Lucy's exchanges were unrealistic but just as domestic as they've always been.
    What I liked about this show's story, though, was the running "signs" theme. Even though I'm agnostic, I still look at signs...just like I read my horoscopes. This episode provided the balance between the religious lecturing and the realism of life(Annie, T-Bone, and Kevin).
    My favorite line: "It's ok to be afraid to die...it just means you want to live."
    All in all, despite the cheesy dialogue, I was reminded why I do like this show.