7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

Written By: Sue Tenney
Directed By: Tony Mordente Ruthie and Lucy are talking in their bedroom. Ruthie informs Lucy that she is pressuring Kevin too much about getting married. Lucy knows that she is pressuring Kevin, but she is tired of waiting and really just wants Kevin to ask her. Elsewhere, Annie is looking for Kevin to ask him a question. When she starts up to his apartment she encounters Simon coming down from the loft. Annie smells smoke in the air and accuses Simon of smoking. Simon tells her he isn't smoking. Annie asks Ruthie if she smells smoke, but Ruthie doesn't. Eric is doing some errands at the promenade and sees Chandler ride up on a big motorcycle, take off his leather jacket, and light up a cigarette. Eric is floored by this side of Chandler. He approaches Chandler and tries to remind him that he is a role model for the church and this type of behavior is unacceptable. Bad Chandler is confused, until he learns who Eric is, right as Chandler is about to correct Eric, the real Chandler approaches and introduces Eric to his twin brother, Sid. Eric tries to find out why Sid came such a long distance to see Chandler, but Chandler pushes Eric away. He tells Eric that he knows Eric doesn't like him and that he shouldn't try to be his friend now. The twins copy everything Kevin does, when Lucy appears in the kitchen, the twins ask Kevin why he doesn't marry Lucy. He says that he wants to, but when the moment is right. Lucy puts more pressure on Kevin to ask her. Ben is back in town to train a dog for the fire department. Kevin is upset that Ben didn't let him know he was back in town. Kevin drags it out of Ben, that Ben is seeing a new girl. Kevin makes the statement that every girl Ben dates has something wrong with her, and questions what is wrong with Ben's new girlfriend, Betty. Ben denies that anything is wrong with Betty at all and invites Kevin to join him with Betty later in the day for dinner. Eric goes to the church to talk with Lou; he wants to know what is wrong with Chandler. Chandler overhears the conversation and tells Eric to mind his own business. Chandler informs Eric that Sid came to town to ask Chandler to make amends with his father before his father dies from lung cancer. Chandler says that he has no desire to see his father and really wants Eric to quit being fake, because Chandler knows that Eric doesn't like him. Sid sees Lucy at a café and makes a pass at her. Lucy doesn't understand why "Chandler" would hit on her, but then Sid tells her who he is, Lucy is surprised since Chandler never mentioned a twin brother. Lucy informs Sid that she is engaged, well almost engaged, and doesn't want to go out with him. At home, she tells Kevin about the encounter. When Kevin doesn't get upset, Lucy decides to go out with Sid just to make Kevin jealous, she fails. Kevin goes with Ben to meet Betty. Betty lights up a cigarette as soon as she can, Kevin finds this obnoxious. At the outdoor café, a stranger asks Betty to put out her cigarette, but she is rude and says no and then insults the person. When she steps away, Kevin tries to tell Ben what a loser she is, when she comes back she wants Ben to leave so they can go check on her house since her answering machine isn't picking up. At the house, they find a big pile of ash; Betty left a cigarette burning and burnt down the house. She isn't very upset, however, since she was only house sitting and it isn't really her home. Kevin points out what a loser she is to Ben and Ben tells her good bye. At the house, Annie finds a pack of cigarettes in Simon's drawer; later she catches the twins pretending they are smoking. Thinking they are mimicking Simon, she confronts him when he returns home. Simon tells her he hasn't smoked and won't smoke. He thinks it's disgusting. The twins then clarify that it wasn't Simon they were copying, but Kevin. When Kevin comes home, Annie confronts him and he confesses that he started smoking because the pressure to ask Lucy to marry him was getting to be too much for him. Annie tells him that smoking is not allowed ever and that he has to stop. Kevin agrees with her statements. Lucy overhears the conversation and apologizes for pressuring Kevin so much that he took up smoking. They both agree to rest a while and not talk about marriage. Eric learns from Sid that Chandler really needs help in making amends with his father. Eric talks with the deacons of the church and they decide to buy Chandler an open-ended ticket so he can go visit his father. Eric tells Chandler that he doesn't hate Chandler, but that he just needs time to adjust to the changes in his life and the church since his operation. Eric urges Chandler to see his father before it is too late. Both Chandler and Eric decide that they want to try to become friends. During the day, Ruthie went to a movie with her friend Peter. The movie they saw had a lot of smoking and drinking. Ruthie expresses her displeasure of these habits and says that they are uncool. Peter agrees at first, but then tells Ruthie that he smokes and it isn't bad for him. Ruthie disagrees and tells Peter that they can no longer be friends, since she doesn't want to be around someone who thinks smoking is cool. Later, Ruthie tells Peter's mother about his habit. After his mother talks to him, Peter goes to the Camdens and thanks Ruthie for telling on him. He really didn't want to smoke, but felt he had to in order to hang out with a certain group of friends. Peter says he doesn't like smoking and would rather be friends with Ruthie. She agrees to become friends again.