7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 14


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2003 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • Apprently, Kevin smokes to get his mind off things such as Lucy's nagging.

    • Response: To not caring about Matt smoking but caring about Kevin smoking (and there not being toddlers in season one): The twins were born in season 3- and this, being season 7, makes them 4 years old. While Ruthie's age in the show has been sped up to be too fast, in the first season Ruthie was learning her ABCs and started pre-kindergarten. This means that Ruthie was 4, just like the twins, when Matt was smoking in the series premiere.

    • Why would Annie be so upset about her family becoming exposed to Kevin's smoking when Matt smoked in season 1?

    • Response to Goof: Annie didn't make a big deal when Matt smoked in season 1 because there were no toddlers in the house like Sam and David finding them and pretending to smoke.

    • Betty is supposed to be a rude obnoxious person. She isn't supposed to care.

    • Would'nt Betty be more upset if she burned down someones house when she was house sitting, considering it wasn't her house?

    • Lucy tells Kevin she didn't wait all this time for a proposal over a hamburger at the promenade. Then Annie tells Kevin she isn't looking for some big proposal but she is waiting for it. Huh?

  • Quotes

    • Sam and David to Lucy: "We like Kevin."

      Lucy to the twins: "I like Kevin too."

      David to Lucy: "Then marry him."

      Sam to Lucy: "Yeah marry him."

      Lucy to the twins: "He hasn't asked me yet."

      The twins (Answering Lucy but talking to Kevin): "Why?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Did you pay them to say that?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "No I didn't pay them to say that! They're children. They're naturally curious. But since the boys brought it up..."

      Kevin to Lucy: "They're asking because you want to know!"

      Lucy to Kevin: "How do you know that?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Everyone in this house is asking me when I'm going to ask you to be my wife. And after they ask me when I'm going to ask you. I ask them why they're asking because it's nobody's business except yours and mine. And they say they're asking because you're driving them nuts too! Won't you just throttle back and let me surprise you?!"

      Lucy to Kevin: "Fine. Surprise me. But whatever you're doing, better be fantastic. Because if I waited all this time for a proposal over a burger and a coke at the dairy shack. I'm going to be very upset!"

      Sid to Lucy: "Then I still have time."

      Lucy to Sid: "No, you're too late. I'm in love."

      Sid to Lucy: "You sure?"

      Lucy to Sid: "I'm sure that I'm almost engaged and I'm sure that I can't have dinner with you."

      Sam to Kevin: "You're in trouble."

      David to Kevin: "Big trouble."

      Simon to Kevin: "Very big trouble."

      Annie to Kevin: "Sam and David said they saw you smoking."

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