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7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 7

Soup's On

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Eric meets Sandy's father, who gives him an envelope of money intended for Sandy; and Ruthie collects soup-can labels to help her school's newspaper. Elsewhere, Simon has money troubles and his phone service gets shut off; and Martin has a heart-to-heart talk with Meredith about their future. Sandy: Haylie Duff. Meredith: Megan Henning. Edward: Michael McDonald. Beau: Costas Mandylor.moreless

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  • Great episode!

    Martin tells his dad about the baby and Sandy. Ruthie picks a project-collecting soup labels for the school newspaper! Jack says that he would like to go out with her once she can. Simon has trouble paying his bills. Sandy's father gives Lucy a lot of money for Sandy. He says that he found it. He comes the next day and wants it back. Eric and Lucy try to persuade him to becomes sober. Martin and Meredith talk about the future.

    This was a great episode! I really like Meredith! She's so perfect for Martin. I don't like Sandy's dad though. It must've been hard for Martin to tell his dad something like that. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • Martin tells his dad about the babY!!

    This whole episode i was sitting on the edge of my seat. Martin was going to tell his dad about the baby. I wanted to find out what his fathers reaction to the event was.

    When the time finally came he was to scared to tell him so he made up a lie and said he joined the marines instead. Haha i was laughing so hard at that. Martin couldn't get enough courage to tell him himself so he went to Eric for support.

    To me his dad was really understanding about the whole situation. If i had made the mistake like that i would want my dads reaction to be the same way. He said he would support him and he would be there for the baby. He was a little shocked by it though and he told Martin that he didn't think he was ready for it.

    It is revealed that Martin's dad knows that Ruthie likes Martin and he is hoping one day that they will get married.

    Ruthie is collecting soup labels for her so to show she is responsible. In a phone conversation we find out that Jack likes Ruthie and she is only doing this soup labels to go out with him.

    I hope one day that Ruthie and Martin to be together. I don't like Martin with Meredith. Plus i wonder how she is going to react know that her boyfriend got another girl pregnant. I wonder how Ruthie will react too. I bet she will be hurt but one day forgive him.moreless
  • sandy, martin, simon, and mary. OMG!! THIS WAS AWESOME!!

    OMG!!! THis eppy was really good. i cant believe sandy is 21 and she was probably very young when her parents divorced and she was never told her dad was, well is, a drunk, not even when she drank her mother didnt tell her. now that we knoe EXACTLY when simon slept with sandy, me and a lot of my friends believe sandy was a virgin when she slept with him, because of the way she said "i wasnt [addicted to men/sex] until after simon. It was a year ago, so martins the father, but i only did it [back then] because i thought i really cared about him, and martin was the one i really didnt care about." or sumthing like that, but the way she put it sounds like she was. Also martin is such a manwhore and he keeps saying " BUT I DONT WANT A BABY!!!" and stuff and 1) like sandy does, and 2) saying that wont make the situation any better. i like after he told his dad and he was like "this isnt fair" and martins dad was like "i betcha the girls thinking the same thing." but martin still. didnt listen. Great eppy, but better if Sandy(haylie dufF) was in it a bit more.

  • I don't know what "jumps the shark" means, but i couldnt find a better title.

    Seriously, what is the deal with Ruthie. She knows everything. She would be the first to know about Martin and Sandy. And lucy having problems with kevin? Duh!? Lucy is always having problems with everyone. Of all the kids, lucy and ruthie are by far the two most prolific characters. They are in every episode and they have the most drama...if it weren't for them there would not be a 7th heaven.moreless
  • So Ruthie is still keeping Martin in the back of her mind, but is pleased (well, ecstatic's a better desription) when Jack (editor of the school paper) says he'd like to date her! Martin finally told his father about Sandy's pregnancy, and Campbell's advemoreless

    So Ruthie is still keeping Martin in the back of her mind, but is pleased (well, ecstatic's a better desription) when Jack (editor of the school paper) says he'd like to date her! Martin finally told his father about Sandy's pregnancy, and Campbell's advertising plays a role. Not too shabby!


    Excellent for season 10. Definite one of the best so far this season. And I'm gonna miss "7th Heaven" by the way. You've all heard they're taking it off the air, right?! I'm gonna miss it!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Annie: (when Ruthie tells her Kevin asked his friends at police station to collect soup lables for her) Kevin's a great guy.
      Ruthie: Yeah he is, I hope I have a husband like that someday.
      Annie: Me too.

    • Jack: Why would you do all that work, when you don't want to work on the Newspaper?
      Ruthie: Well...y-you...know I like to help people. My help like to help people. It's in my blood.

    • Eric: You got your phone turned back on.
      Simon: Yeah, just my cellphone. I'll get the apartment phone turned back on later.
      Eric: Who gave you the money?
      Simon Well, she didn't say that I couldn't tell you.
      Eric: She? Who gave you the money Simon?
      Simon: Mary.
      (Eric hangs up the phone)

    • Martin: I made a mistake. A big mistake.
      Bill: Everyone makes mistakes.
      Martin: Not like this one... I got a girl pregnant and I'm gonna be a father.

    • Martin: (to Eric) I just lied to my dad. I told him I was joining the Marines.

    • Edward: Hi. I'm looking for Reverend Lucille Kinkirk?
      Eric: Oh. You mean Lucy. I'm sorry, she's not here right now. I'm her father...
      Edward: What a coincidence!
      (Eric puts on a puzzled look)
      Edward: We're both fathers.
      Eric: I'm guessing you're Sandy's dad?

    • Ruthie: I'm doing to help others.
      Eric: So you can get something out of it.
      Ruthie: Well, I get a guy.
      Eric: So basically, it's "labels for dating".
      Ruthie: It's "Campbell's Soup Labels for Education". I hope you're not disappointed.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The Friday after this episode originally aired, the WB network announced that this season would be the final season of 7th Heaven.

    • This episode was a part cross-promotional integration with Campbell's Soup Co. involving the company's Labels for Education program. There was a public service announcement from the series' stars encouraging viewers to participate in the Campbell's program through their schools.