7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 16

Stand Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2003 on The CW
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Lucy confesses to her dad that it will break her heart if he doesn't perform the ceremony at her wedding and he struggles with the decision to return to the church. Meanwhile, Simon catches Cecilia's father's (guest-star Brad Maule "General Hospital") business manager stealing from petty cash. Also, Roxanne's policeman father (guest-star John Bennet Perry) tries to bully Chandler into ending his relationship with Roxanne. Also, Ruthie and Peter try finding Ben a girlfriend with his training dog, but things go awry once they lose the dog. Lastly, Annie hijacks Lucy's wedding by making all of the decisions herself without paying attention to any of Lucy's wishes.moreless

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  • A great episode!

    Annie plans everything for Lucy's wedding, but she hates it all. Lucy wants Eric to perform the wedding. Simon spots Walter, the man who manages George's business, stealing money. Ben has to train Carson, the rescue dog, and when Ben, Ruthie and Peter go to the promenade, Carson runs away. Ben gets another dog and tries to pass it as Carson. Peter gets to keep the other dog. Chandler meets Roxanne's father. He tries to scare him off.

    This was a great episode! Lucy was sort of right when her mom kept doing everything for her. I would've wanted her to stop too. She didn't have to be so mean though. I felt really bad for Simon when George accused him of the theft. Walter was so nice at first, I wish he didn't do that. I'm glad Cecilia fought for him. I also felt sorry for Ben as his career was on the line. If I was Chandler, I would be scared and ticked off! This episode receives a 10!moreless
  • This epesode was not to important but it was cute.

    I will start with storylines.

    Eric-I am glad he is going back to the church.

    Eric and Lucy-I love it when Lucy tells Eric why she wants him to marry her. It is cute. It is sort or funny and emotional at the same time. Time after time this makes me cry.

    Annie and Lucy- The wedding planning thing was cute. I think it was not to long or short, it was perfect. Lucy was pretty rude but Annie was being a control freek. I like how it ended.

    Matt and Mary were not in it.

    Kevin- Did not do much.

    Siomon- I am glad he stood up for what he thought. The storline was cute and it fit Siomon well.

    Siomon and Cecelia- They act like older kids in there relationship. I liked the scene with them working.

    Ruthie, Peter, and Ben- It was an o.k. storyline. I can not belive Ben was so irresponsible. It sounded like Ruthie (Mackenzie Roseman) was getting over a cold.

    Twins-There conversation with Eric was funny. I liked the tips they gave Eric. They are bad actors but they have cute lines.

    Chandler and Roxanne- I can not belive how immature her father acted. HE was so mean but Chandler was great. Chandler really proved his love for Roxanne.

    I miss Happy.

  • This was basically a pretty light-hearted episode with not much going on this week. Not as heart-filling as last week's episode, but it got the job done. Basically it was more like a filler episode. Everybody had their basic storyline.moreless

    Stand Up: This was basically a pretty light-hearted episode with not much going on this week. Not as heart-filling as last week's episode, but it got the job done. Basically it was more like a filler episode. Everybody had their basic storyline. But the best part of this episode (as was for many fans) was Eric's official return to the ministry. Let's break it down...

    Lucy and Annie: Is it just me or did Lucy seem to get back to her old self in this episode? My God, she was completely calm and rational in this episode without no complaints about Roxanne! I guess not being engaged was Lucy's disease that made her crazy and now that she is engaged she's turning back to her old self. But the storyline with her Annie and her was quite basic and real. Parents (especially moms) do try to take over their children's wedding plans a lot of times without thinking what they want. Lucy had every right to stand up to her mother and her approach was quite good. I felt bad for Annie in the kitchen as she was saddened by Lucy's confession, but Lucy was not at all at fault and had to do it. Being that this is is the first wedding that Annie is planning for one of her daughters I understand her willing to be involved in the weeding plans and her feeling heartbroken over Lucy's rejection. Yet, Lucy was truthful and luckily was able to compromise with her mother in the end. Plus, being the loving Annie she understood what Lucy meant in the end and was able to move on even if her heart was still a little broken.

    Ruthie and Ben: Like I said, this episode was more like a filler, especially with Ben and Ruthie's storyline. Nothing really important, but how sad was it for Ben not to stand up to his responsibilities to his fire chief and confess that he lost the training dog? To go through childish antics and buy a new dog was unbelieveable for a grown man like him. It was good that it blew up in his face when the fire chief caught him in his lie with the dogs. I personally would've fired him. But at least it was to Peter's advantage so he could convince his mom to keep the extra dog when the original one for Ben came back. However, I'm still surprised (and a little creeped out) they are continuing with Ben and Peter's mom (Paris) romantic development. It feels odd.

    Simon, Cecelia and Company: I felt bad for Simon in this episode. But really, when Simon told Walter to go and tell George and Cecelia about the money stealing, a blind man from New Jersey could've seen that Walter was going to automatically blame all the petty cash stealing on Simon. It teaches Simon again that you're first instincts are usually right and you need to stand up to them right away. He knew what he saw when he went back into that office and saw Walter. Him not confessing and standing up for what he saw made his situation more worse than it had to be. Luckily, he had Cecelia on his side.

    Chandler, Roxanne and Dad: This week Chandler had to stand up to Roxanne's father, who for some reason doesn't like him. I really don't understand why he doesn't like Chandler or anyone that Roxanne goes out with. What does he want her to be, a nun? Or keep her all to himself as his precious daughter. I mean she is an adult and doesn't he want grandchildren one day? Anyway, Chandler's approach to the whole matter was good, but I wish Roxanne was more defensive of Chandler and talked back to her father more on what he does is really wrong. Plus, the whole police and arresting thing was a little over the top I must say though. It really wasn't neccessary.

    Eric: There really wasn't much Eric going around in this episode but the last scene with him and Lucy was the best in this episode and I just loved it. Finally, Eric comes back to the church on the very same porch of where he quitted back in November thanks to Lucy. After all the pleaing and concerns he got from family members these past few months on returning back to the church it finally took Lucy to stand up to her father and tell him that he needs to marry her. The way how Lucy has always desired that he married her finally clicked Eric. Eric as a father would never disappoint his kids like that and say "no" to Lucy's request. Eric didn't seem too happy about returning to the ministry, but I think in the weeks to come he'll like the idea more.

    Overall, this episode was pretty good. Eric's official return really made me love this episode a lot more though and viewers can finally have solace in knowing that Rev. Eric Camden is not dead. Season 7 is progressing nicely in the Camdens lives and I can't wait till the end of it. Lucy finally seems to be getting back to her old self and I can't wait till next week to see some of the Hamilton family clan, Morgan and Patricia, returning. They've always been one of my favorites on "7th Heaven". Plus, I swear those WB trailers are so misleading. Kevin possibly calling off the wedding has nothing to do with Chandler, but Lucy possibly quitting school which sets Kevin off. Anyway, see ya next week..

    Grade: **8 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    *So, Lucy's dream guy she wanted to marry was Brad Pitt. Personally, Kevin does have some facial and body characteristics just like Brad. If they had happened to be related I wouldn't be too surprised.

    *Wow, what a surprise to see Mr. Belding! I know he doesn't play that anymore, but Dennis Haskins (no matter what else he plays) will always be "Saved By the Bell's" Mr. Belding.

    *Finally, the twins never talked in unison in this episode! Also, even though it was short, at least the twins had a good conversation with their father.

    *Did Mackenzie Rosman have a cold this week? Her voice was quite different like it was clogged.

    *Geoff Stults removed from the opening credits? Fianlly, the "7th Heaven" producers realize they can't put everyone recurring in the opening credits.

    *Why in God names does Kevin want no invovlement in the planning of the wedding and just wants to show up there? That's just a little too old-fashioned and hopefully the writers will correct that.moreless
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John Bennett Perry

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • NITPICK: When Chandler visits Det. Richardson at his house to confront him, he browses through some books on a bookcase. Look closely and you'll see that one book he looks at has a Nazi swastika on the spine.

    • When Ruthie and Ben bring the dog to Peter, Ruthie tells Peter that she can't keep the dog because Happy doesn't like her. But Happy never met that dog, Happy met Carson.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Detective Richardson to Chandler: "So, you got sprung from the joint, huh?"
      Chandler to Detective Richardson: "Not before making some very interesting friends."

    • Lucy to Eric:I've dreamed about my wedding day ever since I was a little girl and when I dreamed of it I could see everything family, friends, flowers,the church, me in a beautiful wedding dress. Then there was you watching me walk down the aisle. Watching my fiance who back then happened to be Brad Pitt pull back my vail. Then Brad would take my hand and we would turn to you and with tears in your eyes, you would marry us. I know that my dream has changed a lot over the years especially the Brad Pitt thing but dad one thing that has always remained the same, you were always the person I saw marrying me and if you don't it won't feel like i'm really married.

    • Peter to Ruthie: "I told you, women love dogs."

      Ruthie to Peter: "No, women love Ben."

      Eric to Lucy: "Look out Chandler, daddy's comin' home!"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Sorry, I didn't know."

      Lucy to Kevin: "About?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Isn't bad luck to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony?"

      Lucy to Kevin: "I think having to wear this dress just to make my mother happy is bad luck enough."

      Kevin to Lucy: "When my mom does something I don't like I tell her."

      Lucy to Kevin: "Well goodie for you and your perfect mother son relationship."

      Detective Richardson to Chandler: "I was sending you a message."

      Chandler to Detective Richardson: "Well, message received."

      Detective Richardson to Chandler: "Good."

      Chandler to Detective Richardson: "I have a reply."

      Detective Richardson to Chandler: "A reply?"

      Chandler to Detective Richardson: "Yeah, to your message."

      Annie to Lucy: "Yes."

      Lucy to Annie: "Are you serious?"

      Annie to Lucy: "No."

      Lucy to Eric: "Okay, you want to walk me down the aisle like a regular dad, here's the problem you're not regular."

      Lucy to Kevin: "It's hopeless, my mother quit she won't help me. I can't plan a wedding in less then six weeks, not unless we want to wear sweats and eat fast-food."

      Lucy to Kevin : "This is all your fault! You told me to tell my parents how I felt!"

      Kevin to Lucy (Laughing): "I didn't tell you to tell your mother that you hate everything she's done. I didn't tell you to alienate your mother. Just go and talk to her. But this time, talk to her. Don't just explode your feelings all over her. Remember. She has feelings too. And you may be the bride. But she's the mother of the bride. And this is the first wedding she's had a chance to plan for one of her children."

      Lucy to Kevin: "And what about my dad?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Have you told him why you want him to marry us? Why it means so much to you?"

      Lucy to Kevin : "Why do I have to talk to everyone? Why do I have to fix all this?"

      Kevin to Lucy: "Well, one, because you messed everything up! (Chuckles) And two, I'm not like one of those modern grooms who wants to be involved in every detail. I don't want to look at fabric swatches.I don't want to approve menus or bands. Basically, I just want to show up. The rest is up to you."

  • NOTES (11)