7th Heaven

Season 2 Episode 13

Stuck in the Middle with You

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 26, 1998 on The CW

Episode Recap

Mary tells Mary that Jimmy broke up with Ashley and then reminisces about their relationship, but she is interrupted by Rod who wants to go out with her since she is free and before Jimmy can get back with her. Lucy shows up when Annie is talking to her father. Her father tells her that he and Ginger have hit a road block in their relationship and Annie asks questions about. Lucy is trying to get her mother's attention, but they are both interrupted by Ruthie who comes into the kitchen with a shoebox with two lizards in it. Annie tells her that they won't be keeping the lizards and she gets off of the phone with her father. On Annie's way out of the house, Lucy stops her and tells her that Jimmy and Ashley broke up, but Annie is in such a rush to get to the church to help Eric counsel newlywed couples that she quickly tells Lucy to tell Matt to pick up their grandfather then runs out of the house. At the church, there are three couples and when Eric tries to get them to open up about any problems in their new marriages, all that Eric and Annie get are stares and explanations that everything is ok. Lucy is on the phone talking to one of her friends, but Rod and Jimmy are both trying to call her, but she is acting hard to get. Matt and Mary discuss Lucy's options, when Simon shows up and offers to bet on who Lucy will choose. Matt explains that their parents wouldn't approve of them betting, but offers up his choice on Jimmy when Ruthie shows up and says that one of the two lizards are laying eggs. Simon and Ruthie are rooting for Rod. Back at the church, Annie tries to get the couples to open up by explaining that they had gone through some of the same issues that these couples were probably facing. It prompted Kevin to pop up and complain that his wife is controlling, but Bonnie contends that she is making all of the money and he spends it all on medical school. Then, Katie explains that she hates living with Michael's mother, but Michael says that she hates his mother and he doesn't want to abandon his mother. Lastly, Robert explains that Patty is pregnant, but Patty complains that he doesn't care. Unfortunately, the time is up for their session and all of the couples get up and leave, angry. At home, Eric asks about Annie's father and his relationship with Ginger. Lucy is still on the phone even though her and Mary are standing on their heads, but she gets interrupted when Annie asks Matt where her father is and he didn't even know that he was supposed to pick him up from the airport. The doorbell rings and it is their grandpa, wearing a bad toupee.

Ruthie is confused on how the toupee stays on, but when Simon asks how Ginger felt about it, Grandpa says that they are taking a break. Annie's father asks Annie what she thinks about the toupee, but she says that she is still getting used to it. Grandpa offers Eric and Annie the two burial plots next to him and his deceased wife, but Annie doesn't look happy. At school, Lucy is walking with Rod and tells him that she isn't that interested since she thinks that he only wants to go out with her since Jimmy broke up with Ashley. They run into Jimmy, who asks for time alone with Lucy to talk. Jimmy asks if her and Rod are dating and Lucy explains that she isn't going out with Rod. Jimmy tells Lucy that he and Ashley broke up and he would like to give their relationship another chance. Matt and Mary watch out for Lucy and meet in the hallway and talk about Lucy's decision, but are interrupted by Rod who expresses his feelings for her. Matt desperately wants Lucy to not go out with Rod. Eric and Annie discuss Annie's father's gift of the burial plots and Eric tells Annie that he thought that they would be buried in New York with the other Camdens, but Annie takes it personally and storms off.

Lucy runs home just to get on the phone to talk to her friend about Jimmy and Rod, but Mary reminds her that she can't be talking on the phone, but Lucy reminds her that they won't know since they went up to the church for their counseling sessions with the three couples. When Annie shows up, Katie is yelling to Michael about living with his mother and explains that she is not living with her, then Patty yells at Robert about not telling anybody about the baby, then Katie complains about spending so much money on medical school. Eric pauses the argument and offers to share an argument that they are having and how they will resolve it. At home, Rod rings the doorbell and asks to speak to Simon, so they go up to Simon and Ruthie's room, but Ruthie is confused because the eggs disappeared. Rod explains that they have probably been eaten and then asks Simon to speak to just Simon. Rod asks Simon for his help with getting people to vote for him and Lucy, but then the doorbell rings and it is Jimmy. Matt and Ruthie answer the door, but Ruthie is asked to leave again so that Matt can talk to him. They go to the living room and Jimmy expresses his concern about Rod and he won't break up with Lucy. Matt points out that he needs to not be controlling and offers Jimmy advice on changing his image. Mary and Ruthie listen to Lucy talking on the phone to her friend, when Ruthie tells Mary that Rod and Jimmy are in the house. After hearing that, Lucy quickly gets off the phone and runs out of the room. At church, Annie and Eric are yelling at each other for the demonstration of good communication, but half of the couples are get up and walk off. Lucy explains to Jimmy and Rod that she will make her decision soon and asks them to leave while the kids and grandpa sit on the stairs and guess who Lucy will go for. Grandpa and Matt for Jimmy, Mary and Simon for Rod, and Ruthie switching between the two guys since Lucy will pick one of the two.

Michael shows up at Eric's office concerned about moving out of his mother's house and feeling like he is abandoning his mother. Eric explains that maybe the argument is about a bigger problem, not just living at Michael's mother's house. Bonnie shows up at home and asks to talk to Annie about her problems. Bonnie explains that it is not about the money, but because she thinks that he is going to leave when he finishes medical school. Grandpa opens the door to Robert and offers to talk to him about his problems. Grandpa tells Robert about losing his wife and how lonely he is, which prompts Robert to get up and leave. When Eric shows up and asks Robert if he wants to talk, Robert tells him that Eric's father-in-law helped. Annie is still visibly upset when she comes down to tell Eric that she is going to bed. Grandpa tries to help Eric by telling him that he is sorry about the burial plots and that it is better to be married than always right. Lucy yells at Matt and Simon about the two guys, but when they reveal that they are betting on who Lucy will choose, Jimmy, the boring one, or Rod, the weird one, and then betting with Monopoly money, she really gets upset. When Lucy stood in the hallway, Annie tells her that if any of the two were perfect, there wouldn't be a problem. Ruthie is still concerned about her lizards. Mary shows up in her room and Lucy asks for her advice, but Mary suggests that she should not pick either. Rod shaves his face and Jimmy colors his hair. Eric walks in the bedroom and stubs his toe, but is concerned when Annie starts crying about her mother.

Annie asks her father if he still thinks about her mom and asks about his toupee. Annie asks whether he is trying to drive Ginger away because he is sad about Annie's mother and the burial plots happened because he was trying to dump Ginger by making her upset that he didn't want to be buried next to her. When Ginger explained that she wanted to be buried next to her first husband, Annie's father had to come up with a new way to get rid of her and came up with the toupee. Happy picks up the toupee and brings it into the foyer. Simon and Ruthie flushed the two lizards and explain everything to Eric. Annie tells Eric that Eric was right about her father and then decide to figure out where they will be buried later. They head to the church to find the couples hugging and loving each other. Kevin explains that Bonnie thought that he was going to leave her and explains his love for her. Michael explains that he thought that Katie would leave him, but Katie says that she thought that he was going to leave her. Michael says that his mother is leaving for Florida and they are going to stay in the house. Robert admits to want to leave Patty because he was scared about having a baby.

At school, Jimmy shows up with a purple streak in his hair and Rod shaved his face. Lucy tells Jimmy that she needs time and is not ready for a relationship, but is happy that Jimmy is willing to take risks. Lucy then offers Rod time to see if he still likes her when there is no competition. Lucy walks off and Jimmy and Rod are left upset because they changed their looks for Lucy. Matt and Mary who were there for the whole conversation walk off with Lucy and Matt tells Mary that he is proud that Lucy is growing up.