7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2003 on The CW

Episode Recap

Written By: Brenda Hampton
Directed By: Joel Feigenbaum Eric is teaching the twins how to take signals from him and pretend that they are sick. He is using the twins as an excuse to stay home from church on Sunday. Peter, Ruthie's friend from down the street, stops by and questions why Eric isn't at church, especially since he is a pastor. Eric doesn't really reply. The rest of the family is at church listening to the assistant pastor, Chandler, delivering the message. Roxanne has joined the family at the front, claiming that her New Year's Resolution is to start attending church again. Lucy isn't taken with Roxanne's explanation and refutes that the only reason Roxanne wanted to attend church was to see Chandler. In fact, Chandler is extremely delighted at seeing Roxanne at church. Kevin tells Lucy that she should behave her self and remember that she was going try and be nicer to Roxanne. Lucy is just upset that she still hasn't gotten a ring from Kevin. She doesn't want Kevin to feel that she is pressuring him, but she does make the statement that if Roxanne and Chandler get married before her there is going to be some trouble. Back at the house, Annie questions why Eric wasn't at church. He has the twins fake being sick, but Annie sees through it. She thinks that Eric is ready to attend church again and that he should be there next Sunday. Eric says that he just doesn't think he is ready yet; he is still working on his book. Annie is surprised to learn that he has written a book; she asks if she could read it. Eric tells her where it is, Kevin overhears the conversation and wonders if it is prudent for Eric to let Annie read his book. Kevin doesn't know if she will see beyond the "smutty romance" part to see the connection between man and God and the connection of prayer. Simon and Cecilia decide that since they are both intelligent adults, responsible, have jobs and saving accounts, have read all the possible literature and talked for hours on the subject that they are ready to take the next step in their relationship and have sex. They do believe that telling their parents should be the most logical thing, after they stop at the drugstore and buy condemns. Lucy asks Annie, Kevin, Eric, and Ruthie to go out for a walk with her. Everyone thinks she wants to go out to spy on Chandler and Roxanne who have gone on their first date. Lucy doesn't want to, but questions why no one has the time or inclination to go. Lucy starts to wonder where the holiness of Sunday has gone. During Chandler and Roxanne's date they talk about different things. Roxanne is very forthright and asks many questions about Chandler and his thoughts on relationships, mainly sex before marriage. Chandler doesn't deny that he isn't against it, but doesn't give her a direct answer either. The kiss and some of Chandler's parishioners see him, he decides that they should go back to her place for the next kiss and more kisses. Lucy ends up at the church wondering why everyone has strayed for the quietness of Sundays. Kevin finds here there and asks her why she doesn't want Roxanne and Chandler dating. Lucy finally tells him that she doesn't like Chandler. She is upset that he has taken over her father's position in the church. She always believed that she would be the one that would take over from her father, not someone else. Chandler and Roxanne walk in on the end of Lucy's rant and Chandler overhears Lucy's thoughts about him. It is obvious from both Chandler and Roxanne's clothes that they have been doing some heavy duty fooling around. That upsets Lucy even more; Chandler challenges Lucy to give the address that evening at Sunday evening service, she accepts. Cecilia and Simon tell Cecilia's father that they want to have sex, that doesn't go well. Simon goes home only to have Cecilia's father follow, informing Annie and Eric about the plans. The parents sit down with the children and attempt to talk to them, but everyone is too upset with the thought of even talking about the kids having sex. Annie understands about Eric and his book, in fact she enjoyed it, but still thinks it is time that he returns to the church. She is extremely upset that he won't come to hear Lucy give her first message. At evening service, which is only attended by the family, Chandler and Roxanne. Lucy gives a very moving speech about hurrying the days along and not enjoying one another. It is important to rest when the Lord gave us a special day for resting, and with all the hustle of our current world, we need to realize when we do need a rest and take it. Eric stands in the back and listens to his daughter's lesson. He finally understands that he does have a problem with his faith and needs some help.