7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2003 on The CW

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  • Sunday, Lazy Sunday...

    Season seven of the show was a misguided affair that had more hits than misses. And believe me, there were very few "hits" this season. With the exception of "I Love Lucy", "Life And Death 2", and "We Do", season seven was a major disappointment. Even "We Do" was flawed and was not the episode it could of been. As I have stated in other season seven reviews, the episodes of this particular season were just not hitting the mark. For the first six seasons, the show was usually well written and well done, but not only did the cast change with the start of season seven, but the writing did too. It went downhill so fast, it was shocking. It wasn't as apparent at first viewing, but going back over these episodes, you realize how shockingly downhill the writing got. There have been times where I am just scratching my head wondering what planet they are living on. While the show tried to improve in season nine, problems persist. Season seven of 7th Heaven saw a show in turmoil. Things were different, and not for the good. This was a show who seemed to lose it's identity. Episodes like this one are not going to help either. Yes, this ep does contain Lucy's wonderful sermon at the end, but that's one scene. And try as it might, one scene is not going to make up for an entire episode. Watching that scene, and hearing those words, you wonder why the writers can't write everything that good?. How about taking that and putting it on the rest of the episode as well?. I know I have been pretty hard on season seven, and I know that the writers must of had a hard time adjusting to the new situations and the loss some of the exiting characters and cast members must of put them in. But still. I thought "Bowling For Eric" was bad, but this ep just may be the worst episode of season seven. So, what exactly happened?...

    Annie thinks Eric is going to go back to the church, and thinks he has been working on his return sermon. Well, Annie is in for a surprise when she finds out that not only has Eric NOT been working on his return sermon, but he has instead been writing a novel. And not just any kind of novel. An erotic, adult novel. Say wha..?!. Elsewhere, Simon and Cecelia think about having sex and they, for some reason, go to their parents to talk about it first. Again, say wha...?!. And the least of the three storylines here has Lucy spying on Chandler and Roxanne's first date. Why you ask?. You got me. Lucy's logic does not go together with sane, realistic earth logic.

    Shall we start with the inane first?. Lucy. there has always been mixed feelings towards our little Lucy. She had outbursts since the start of the show, but her little ways have grown more irritating, aggravating, and out of control as she has gotten older. A lot of people have a love/hate thing for Lucy. She can be the sweetest thing this side of freshly baked apple pie one second, and a crazy loon who has the motor going but there's no one behind the wheel the next. Why would Lucy have any reason or desire to spy on Chandler and Roxanne's first date?. What business is it of hers?. She barely knows these people, and now she wants to know what goes on. Lucy had a moment earlier in the season with Chandler, so does this make her think she has the right?. Does she secretly like Chandler?. Is she jealous?. There was a part of me that liked Lucy and Chandler. When she went to talk with him after seeing Kevin dancing with Roxanne in "Lost Souls", I thought these two were pretty good together. Maybe something will happen with Kevin and these two will get together. I can't be the only one here. So, maybe Lucy thought so too?. Anyways, this was a pointless and needless C storyline that didn't need to exist at all. Lucy should act more mature and respectful, and mind her own business.

    From one crazy storyline to another. Simon and Cecelia have been talking and thinking about sex. Should they do it or not?. They get the brilliant idea that it would be best to talk to their parents about it first. Ooookay. Cecelia's father, George, gets wind of this and well, things don't go as planned. Simon and Cecelia's history has been kind of shakey. She likes him but he isn't sure, he likes her but she wants to be just friends. Yada yada yada. As we have seen with Simon in season 9, sex is a big thing. And in the Camden household, it's looked at as if it's bigger than the second coming. On one hand, you have to at least applaud the two young kids for thinking about it. For thinking it would be a good idea to talk about it first, and that they showed some kind of responsibility. On the other hand, did they really think that this was going to work?. That these parents would let their kids who are 16 or 17 sleep together?. That what we have seen in season nine, that the Camdens would condeon pre-marital sex?. It was an odd choice Simon and Cecelia made. Almost as odd as the time Mary and Lucy asked Eric and Annie to pick out hopeful boyfriends for them in "Lost" back in season six.

    The big story all season long was Eric's surgery, and his subsequent recovery. I like the fact that Eric got such a big story, and I like the fact that it's more of an arc than most of the stories on this show. By this time, Annie is more than ready for Eric to finally go back to work. Who wouldn't be?. Eric has been through a lot here lately, and a lot of stress. He is having some me time now. A book is one thing, but an erotic book?. Our Eric has grown up!. Stephen Collins has written some adult thrillers in real life, so he knows the stuff. The response Annie gives in finding out is pretty good. This storyline is the only worthwhile one in the entir episode. Eric's ongoing arc is the only one of the season with any real meat. Lucy is giving her first sermon, and Eric doesn't even know if he will go with them to hear it. At this time, you don't understand Eric, and wonder why he would not go to hear his daughter's first sermon at his church. I understand that Eric is going through some stuff, and that he must have some mixed emotions at the time, but thinking he might not even go was surprising from Eric. In the end, he does go, but slips in quietly and slips back out quietly. The last few minutes of this episode are really good. Well written and well acted. Lucy's sermon is wonderful and well written, and Beverly Mitchell did a good job in delivering it. After watching it, frustration sets in as you wonder why the rest of the episode wasn't as well written.

    In the end, "Sunday" was a weak and "file and forget it" episode. If it wasn't for the great scene at the end, this episode would be all but forgotten.