7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2003 on The CW

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  • Women are just moods. People should not fill Sundays with inappropriate unfulfulling sex, nor do their homework on Sundays. Can this get more ludicrous?

    Eric is still in the throes of his loss of faith, which means he doesn\'t want to help anybody any more, because apparently that is what ministers do. Not what fathers do, or any decent ordinary person. Actually I thought ministers were spiritual guides, who study theology of a specific faith and make it meaningful to everyday life. Not social workers or supermen.

    The first scene of this episode is Eric teaching the twins to fake being sick as an excuse for him not going to church. Why could he not just say - I don\'t want to go to church. Does he have to teach his toddler twins to lie?

    Lucy wants to go for a walk because she wants to spy on Chandler and Roxanne\'s date. Why? She was jealous of Roxanne because she was afraid that Kevin would like her - and now that Roxanne is interested in Chandler she should be relieved. But no, apparently you get better ratings by showing childish spite and jealousy in a student minister. Go figure.

    Ruthie does her homework on a Sunday. As divine retribution, her science project blows up.

    Eric is writing an erotic novel. Stephen Collins does in real life, so maybe this is a way to explain why smutty-minded Collins can still play a minister on TV. But the minister he plays is so far removed from what any real minister would ever be like, it seems a moot point.

    Simon and Cecilia decide to have sex, but choose for some incredibly stupid reason to tell their parents about it. Before the act. It doesn\'t go over very well.

    Oh, and Eric spends his time making fun and deriding his wife and daughters for being women, aka walking mood swings. And this is coming from a self-indulgent, lying, self-pitying whiner.

    At the end Lucy gives a sermon on the importance of Sundays. Why she includes unfulfilling sex, I am not sure. But since these people act unkind, spiteful, selfish and jealous all week long, I don\'t think Sundays would help them very much.
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