7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2003 on The CW



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    • Cindy Miller: "Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest."
      This episode was nice. Especially after rerun after rerun after rerun.

      The point of this episode was great. People did used to treat Sunday as a special day. But now we treat it as Saturday night. I love Lucy's sermon. It was short and sweet and to the point.

      Simon and Cecilia: They kind of scared me. Some teenage couples do decide to explore sex. But wouldn't Simon, after all those years of teaching, really think about that to the level that he did? I don't know.

      Eric and Annie: They seem to be not so content lately. Eric isn't himself and is kind of "slacking off" on the parenting thing. It was weird that Cecilia's father had more shock and contept for Simon and Cecilia's sex plan than the minister and his wife. But it threw things into an array of laughter for me when Lucy came into the room and said,
      "Does anyone got any ideas for a sermon?"

      Peter and Ruthie: They're cute together. It was funny to watch Ruthie trick Peter into helping her. Ruthie seems to know it all. She told Simon,
      "I don't think an extra church service will hurt you!"

      Lucy and Kevin: These two are very funny to watch and take in all the fights. They seemed more serene in this episode but they still had their moments. But any woman who want's her guy to ask her to marry him, would be a little crazy. I loved how Beverley acted when she portrayed Lucy in this episode. We actually got to see Lucy in action as an aspiring preacher. She pretty much summed it up. Sundays aren't what they used to be. And her saying to everyone,
      "I've lost 1,040 + days of my life because Sunday is no longer Sunday."
      It got to me. So good job to Beverley!
      Chandler and Roxanne: In later episodes, they grow on me but now, I am repulsed. It's just too soon for them to be so goo goo for each other. I don't know. It might grow on me.

      Over all I thought this was a very good episode. It summed up the issue and gave us some intersting veiws to hold on to.

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