7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2003 on The CW



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    • (Lucy's sermon)
      Lucy to the Congregation: It was my dad's wish that we return to the Sunday night services after the first of the year. And it was Chandler's wish that I take the first service, being my dad's daughter and a divinity student myself. So, the text of the sermon is quite short. Genesis 2, 2nd and 3rd verse. "And he rested on the 7th day from all of his work he had made. And God blessed the 7th day and sanctified it". It wasn't that long ago that Sunday was the day we all rested. We treated Sunday as a special day, when we came to Sunday school and church. And we rested when we went home. We talked, we read, we spent time to ourselves. Meditating. Or praying. Or just reflecting on our lives, our purpose, our behavior. Or even just the events of the week that just passed. It wasn't that long ago that businesses weren't open on Sunday. If you got in your car it was to visit your friends and family, just to let them know that you care, or maybe check out their situation, or just help out. At the end of the day of what used to be Sunday, people were rested and looked forward to the following week, sometimes with the determination to be kinder, to do better, to work harder. What happened to Sunday? Our parents grew up with Sunday's off. That means they had 52 days a year to rest. And those were the years when there was a summer. A real summer. Three months off from school for children to play. A break from the 9-month long school year when the routine was different. The energy was different. The air was sweeter. The nights longer, and children stayed up late because they could sleep in the next morning. It was when children wore themselves out with the fun of summer and longed for school again. We don't really have those summers anymore. We don't have those Sunday's anymore either. Children and parents and families and adults have 52 more days a year to do stuff. Sunday is the day we catch up on our work and our homework, because there is so much work and so much homework there's no time to do it. We work 7 days a week or at least are on the go 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. And yet we wonder why children grow up so fast. Why people need drugs to relax. Why they need human contact even if it's in the form of inappropriate unfulfilling sex. Could it be because we've lost 52 opportunities a year to rest and reflect and/or visit our friends and loved ones? That's 520 days in 10 years. That's 1,040 days in 20 years. I've lost 1,040-plus days in my life because Sunday is no longer Sunday. And I'm stressed and tired and irritable, and I feel as if I have no time to do the things I need to do and never have the time to do the things I want to do. And I'm just turning 21. How am I going to feel when I'm my dad's age? How are all of us going to feel when I'm my dad's age? Yet I fear we've lost our Sunday's forever unless we make an effort to reclaim them. And in losing our Sunday's, we're losing a lot more. We're losing ourselves. It's just something I was thinking about. God bless you for hearing my thoughts and being with me.