7th Heaven

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2000 on The CW

Episode Recap

While walking down the street, Eric sees Robbie reading a book with a flashlight. Robbie tells him that he is studying and that he and Cheryl split up. Eric asks if he has somewhere to live and Robbie tells him that he does. Eric walks away, but stops and turns around. Eric and Robbie are at a restaurant enjoying a cup of coffee and Robbie explains that Cheryl kicked him out, his mom lost her house, he has school so he can't go to Florida with his mom, his car got towed, and there is no room in a shelter. Robbie explains that he just needs to focus on school and when Eric points out the differences between him and Mary, Robbie lets it slip that he and Mary were dating over the summer and he broke up with her because she wouldn't go to school. Eric arrives home and tells Annie that he has a surprise for her, but Annie says that she has a surprise for him. When Eric walks out of the room to show Annie his surprise, Annie takes off her robe and poses suggestively with a negligee on and they are all scared when Robbie walks in. Robbie is scarred and goes downstairs to the kitchen. Eric asks if it is a special occasion and Annie explains that it is Friday night. Eric tells her that he is homeless and has no where else to go. Robbie is in the kitchen getting something out of the refrigerator when Lucy walks downstairs in her underwear and they just stare at each other. Lucy is shocked to see him and thinks that he is here to see Mary. When he tells her that he is not here for Mary, Lucy asks if Eric and Annie know about him. Lucy walks into her parent's bedroom to complain that no one told her that Robbie is downstairs, but sees what Annie is wearing and walks out of the room. Lucy then goes to Simon's room and tries to interrupt his phone conversation. Lucy then goes into Ruthie's room and can't find her. Ruthie is downstairs and talks to him about where he has been sleeping. Eric sends Ruthie to bed and then tells Robbie that Annie said that it is ok for him to stay and is excited about him staying and helping him. Eric explains that they have a rule about wearing clothes when walking around the house, contrary to what Lucy showed earlier. At the apartment, John and Priscilla are constantly kissing and Matt tries to get their attention by coughing repeatedly. John asks for him to step outside so that he can talk to Matt. John explains that he has seen Matt with other girls constantly and he just wants to spend time with one girl and Matt complains about it. John also explains that Priscilla is "the one." John sends him on a walk so he can have privacy, so Matt walks out of the apartment building with no shoes on. Simon is talking to someone on the phone about how well they know each other already and earlier he had stated that Lucy doesn't know. Eric answers the door to Mike who desperately needs to talk to Lucy. Eric introduces Mike to Robbie and Mike realizes that Robbie is the guy that tried to sleep with Mary and almost got married. Lucy walks downstairs in a robe and they go off to the living room. This prevents Eric from making the coach ready for Robbie to sleep in so they decide to talk. Mike tells Lucy that he got accepted early into college, but Lucy is a little sad that she hasn't gotten her letter yet. Lucy realizes that he came over so ate because he was on a date and is a little disappointed about it. Eric and Robbie are interrupted by Matt walking in. Matt asks what Robbie is doing there and Eric explains that Robbie is staying on the couch so Matt decides to sleep on Mary's bed. Eric tells Matt that he can't talk about why Robbie is staying there and when asked about Matt's story, Matt explains that his story is confidential.

Mary calls the house and Ruthie answers the phone, but she hangs up the phone. Mary calls again and Robbie answers the phone, but Mary thinks that she got the wrong number and hangs up. Ruthie answers the phone again and hangs up. Simon pops out of his room and asks if the phone was for him and then Annie asks who is on the phone. Robbie explains that it is Mary and she thought that she dialed the wrong number when he answered. Annie asks about the ringing the other times earlier in the day and Ruthie confesses that she is hanging up on Mary and will continue to do so. Ruthie tells Annie that she doesn't like her and no one can make her like her. The phone rings again and Annie finally answers it. Eric sees Robbie in the hallway with only a towel on and tells him to get dressed and that he is still working on trying to find a place for Robbie to live. Eric tells Annie that he is working on finding a place for Robbie to go and if he didn't know him for the last year, he would probably want to adopt him. Annie tells him that he should get the divorce first. In her room, Ruthie is confronted by Annie on how many times Mary has been calling and tells her that she should let Mary speak to whomever she wants to speak with. Simon gets on the phone with the girl again. Lucy opens the door for the postman and is nervous about the college acceptance letters and asks him to open the letter. He tells her no and that surprises may be good, not just bad. Eric asks Simon who he has been talking to all day, but Simon refuses to divulge the caller's identity. Eric leaves not knowing who it is. Matt arrives back at the apartment and is told that Priscilla is coming over again. Matt tells him that it is his apartment too and he wants to stay here. Eric tells Robbie that he has found a shelter for him. Robbie thanks him for finding the place, but when they get there, it is a terrible place, but Robbie tells him that it will be ok. Eric decides that Robbie is not going to stay there and they walk out.

At home, Annie asks Eric how long Robbie will be staying with them and is upset. Annie thinks that Eric is only helping Robbie to make things better with Mary. Annie wonders why Eric was so hospitable when Robbie wanted to do wrong things with Mary. Simon calls the girl again and talks to her about doing something together. Robbie asks about how Annie reacted to his staying. Lucy walks downstairs and tells Eric that she is going to surprise Mike, but Eric and Robbie ask her if she is sure about surprising him. Ruthie sees Annie in the hallway and they talk about Robbie staying and it is decided that Ruthie will move up to the attic to sleep with Lucy and Robbie can stay in her room. Matt is being ignored by John and Priscilla constantly kissing. Robbie is in the kitchen when the phone rings. He answers it and it is Mary who is very upset when she thinks that he is dating Lucy. Robbie hands the phone over to Eric who gets hung up on. Lucy appears at Mike's house and meets his mother, who just stares ahead and doesn't acknowledge anyone. Lucy is sad for showing up at the house, but Mike explains why his mother is like she is. He has to keep thinking that one day his mother will come back to him, but Lucy is so sad that he has to deal with all of this stress. Lucy walks out of the house not telling Mike what she wanted to tell him. John and Priscilla have stopped kissing just long enough for Matt to say something about it and then they begin again. At the dinner table, Robbie starts to say grace, but he has a hard time starting. Once he finally starts, he gives thanks for finding the Camdens and learning how a real family works. Ruthie tells everyone that she was right that Robbie is staying. At the apartment, John proposes to Priscilla, which scares both Matt and Priscilla.

Mary tells a boy to call the house and call for Lucy. Mary takes the phone from him and starts yelling at Lucy for dating Robbie. Lucy tells Mary that their father should have told her about Robbie. Matt arrives at the house and is discouraged when he realizes that he doesn't have anywhere to sleep. Eric and Annie think that it is great that John is getting married, but Matt doesn't share their opinion. Ruthie tells Robbie that he can't touch anything that is Hello Kitty in her room while he is there. Matt comes into the room and they all start to color and Ruthie tells Matt that he should hug his new brother, Robbie. Simon tells Eric that they should get rid of Robbie since no one likes him. The doorbell rings, and both Simon and Eric run toward the door. When Simon answers the door, there is a girl there and Eric asks if she is looking for Matt. Simon introduces her to Sasha. Eric reluctantly lets Simon leave with her. Lucy volunteers to help Annie in the kitchen and asks about Robbie staying. When Annie tells Lucy that she is going to be sharing her room with Ruthie, Lucy agrees and tells Annie that it is because she knows how bad some people have it. Lucy opens the letter from the college after Annie leaves and smiles. Eric walks into the kitchen and Lucy hugs him just because he is her "daddy."