7th Heaven

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2001 on The CW
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Although Robbie is just as nervous as everyone else, his presence in the house during Mary's weekend stay causes a great deal of concern among the Camden's. Matt and Lucy are especially suspicious after Lucy accidentally finds a condom in a misplaced wallet. Imagine their surprise when they learn that the provocative prophylactic belongs to Simon--- who just so happens to be spending the evening with his new lady friend, Sasha.moreless

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  • Mary comes home!

    Mary comes home to talk to Robbie. Simon makes a wise choice. Lucy finds a condom in a wallet. Matt still doesn't trust Robbie. Robbie is nervous about Mary. Mary feels left out. I thought this episode was really good! I love how Simon made the right decision and called people over to really watch a movie instead of lying and having sex. I loved how Matt was so wacky in this episode. The Camden family really does love to spy. Mary's wacky plan didn't work out. She wanted Robbie to move to Buffalo with her. This episode was a great one and it gets a 10!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Simon now has two earrings in his left ear. In an earlier episode this season the parents forced him to remove one he's already gotten. Looks like they changed their minds!

    • Mackenzie Rosman ends this episode by talking on the phone, telling people to talk to their kids about sex.

    • When Mary and Robbie are out on their date, you can notice that the part in Mary's hair changes in multiple shots.

    • They did not mention that the item in the wallet was a condom until Eric was talking to Simon, Matt and Robbie at the end of the episode. Although, you could have easily been able to figure out it was a condom.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Robbie: I didn't have what you had growing up. I didn't have someone who set boundaries or showed me what is clearly right and what is clearly wrong. They thought I'd learn that from TV or something, but I didn't. My parents did the best they could for who they are, but who they are is two people who were no more capable of creating a functional family than their parents were. My mom always wanted to be my best friend. I didn't need a best friend. I needed a mother! And my father.....he was never around, but when he was, he was a real jerk.
      Mary: You and I are not your parents.
      Robbie: We're not your parents, either. While you may have a shot at having the kind of relationship your parents have, I'm not so sure I do. It takes more than wanting. It takes doing, and I've got a lot to do.

    • Lucy: Do you think Mary and Robbie will ever get married?
      Ruthie: I do.
      Annie: Honestly, no, I don't.
      Ruthie: Why not?
      Annie: Well, because they're very young, and they've both got a lot to do before they settle down. Robbie wants to get a college degree, and maybe even a Masters. He's been talking about volunteering to teach at an inner-city program.
      Ruthie: And Mary?
      Annie: Well, she's enjoying the class she's taking, and maybe this will get her interested in choosing some field of study, and she'll go to college, and who knows?
      Ruthie: What if she doesn't want to do nothing but follow Robbie around?
      Annie: Anything!
      Ruthie: It sounds more pathetic when you use the double negative, don't it?

    • Eric: Is this your wallet?
      Simon: Yeah it's my wallet.
      Eric: And just where did you get a condom?
      Simon: I rather not say.
      Robbie: Me, I gave it to him.
      Eric: Simon, haven't we always talked about sex?
      Simon: In the abstract
      Eric: Well that's why we talk about it in the abstract so that one day where it becomes personal, you'll feel free talking about it.
      Simon: I know what you'd say. I knew you say I was too young.
      Eric: Well you are too young.
      Simon: But Dad, being too young has nothing to do with this?
      Eric: How's that?
      Simon: The opportunity was there. Too young or not, it made me feel like a man just to have the opportunity. That's what men do, they have sex.
      Eric: Well men say no to sex when they have the opportunity but it's not the right thing to do.
      Simon: Dad, I know. I said no.
      Eric: Thank you for being responsible.

    • Robbie: Hey Mary. Um...how's it going?
      Mary: How's it going? How's it going!? What is wrong with you people? Isn't anyone happy to see me?
      Robbie: Of course I am.
      Mary: Then how about showing it?
      Robbie: Okay. (kisses her cheek, then an angry and frustrated Mary grabs him and gives him a long kiss on the lips)
      Mary: THAT says "happy to see you." And THAT is what I came home for!

    • Ruthie: (Shrugs) A family that spies together stays together.

    • Robbie: It's Simon's wallet.
      Mary: Right.
      Robbie: Sasha is a lot older than Simon. She's more experienced and she's selfish. She's also beautiful and makes Simon feel like a cool guy, so what is so outrageous about Simon being responsible and prepared?!
      Mary: He's 15, just 15.
      Robbie: A lot of 15 year old kids are having sex!
      Mary: Not Simon. And I don't care how seductive Sasha may be, she is not going to completely change Simon's sense of right and wrong in one night.
      Robbie: It could happen in one moment.
      Mary: No it can't.
      Robbie: Anything is possible.

  • NOTES (3)