7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on The CW

Episode Recap

Simon gets on the bus and he sits by a young girl. She starts talking to him and she introduces herself as Sally. She is 16 and goes to a technical school focused toward becoming a nurse. When she gets up, she gives him her number and Simon notices that she is pregnant. Annie is gazing out the window when Matt comes downstairs and leaves for work. Ruthie is waiting for Robbie as he comes out of the bathroom and when she sees him with her shirt off, she leaves for school. Lucy then comes downstairs to leave as she is barking out things for everyone to remember to bring with them. Annie tells Robbie that he can rent out the room on top of the garage. Ruthie gets upset and tells Robbie and Annie that everyone wants the garage. Eric's ears perk up when he hears the mention of rent. Annie mentions that she hasn't had enough time to get the garage finished. Eric doesn't want Annie to ask James for help, but Annie tells Eric that they will get $200 a month for 3 years. Annie tells Eric that the kids are about to leave for their lives and then she starts to cry a little when she thinks that Mary will return. Wilson takes Billy's temperature and they are interrupted by Mary as she comes over to check on Billy. Billy tells Mary that everything hurts, but Wilson thinks that he is over exaggerating. Mary thinks that maybe the swimming has gotten him sick. Wilson leaves since he doesn't think that Billy is sick and leaves Mary in charge of him. Billy asks Mary if he can call her "mommy", but Mary doesn't think that it is a good idea. Morris approaches Simon and thanks him for getting Nick (a boy who in the previous episode was teased and brought a gun to school) out of the school and help. Simon asks him if he has ever dated a pregnant woman, but Morris wants to know some information. Simon asks Morris if he should call her, but Morris keeps making fun of him and starts getting upset that he is calling Sally an "unwed mother." Simon walks off, having gained his answer. Annie is doing laundry when Lucy walks in and complains about having no luck at the job agency, but Lucy explains that she found a master carpenter, Ray, to help finish the garage. Ray offers to do the job for meals, but despite Annie's protestations, she agrees to let him look at the apartment. Lucy offers to pay more than Robbie wants to pay, but Annie reminds her that she doesn't have a job. Robbie finds Matt at the free clinic and tells him that he offered to pay for the garage apartment. Matt wants the garage apartment, so Robbie offers to pay rent for the room they are staying in. Ray is looking at the apartment and when he falls from the ladder, he tells Annie to call an ambulance and fakes injuries.

Annie calls Eric and tells him what happened and Eric starts telling her that she was wrong for letting him in the house. Eric hangs up on her and Annie calls him back. Eric offers to help on the garage, but Annie just wants his help in going down to the hospital. Lucy is talking to Ruthie and eventually gets upset that Ruthie is not giving her sympathy. Ruthie asks Lucy to go back to new York so that she can be alone in her room. Robbie yells for Lucy and when she meets him, Robbie starts yelling at her for letting Ray in the house. Lucy starts crying and Robbie hugs her, which is when Lucy asks if she can have the garage apartment. When Robbie explains that he offered Matt the garage, Lucy gets upset at him and Robbie realizes why she wanted sympathy from her. When Robbie walks in his room, Simon surprises him and asks Robbie if he should call Sally. Robbie asks what the problem with the girl is and accidentally stumbles on that she is pregnant. Robbie offers that Simon just feels sorry for her. Robbie explains that dating is too complicated and he doesn't need an additional complication. Wilson comes home and Mary tells Wilson that Billy is just fine. Mary explains that she called the pediatrician and that she told the nurse that she was his mother since she didn't know how else to introduce herself. Annie is at home when Eric walks in. Eric tells Annie that Ray is too depressed since he won't be able to work. Eric explains that the x-rays show a hairline fracture in his ankle. Annie volunteers to go to the hospital and talk to the doctors. Matt talks to Sally and tells him about her date with Simon. Robbie is yelling at Simon about dating a pregnant girl and is scared when he hears what Robbie said. Matt calls insisting on talking to Simon and Eric refuses to let him talk to Simon. Annie is at the hospital and encounters the attorney. She lies that she is his mother and then starts yelling at Ray for lying. The attorney calls for security. Eric tells Simon that he can't date Sally, but Simon brings up Mary and Wilson's relationship. Simon tells Eric that he is going to date the girl and it doesn't matter what they say. The phone rings and it is Annie.

Eric and Annie walk in the house and tells the kids that she made tofu. The kids make an excuse to leave and Annie asks Eric if he wants any tofu. After Eric declines, Annie gets defensive and starts crying about her going through menopause. Eric doesn't know how to help her during this change in her hormones. Annie starts yelling at him that he is only sorry for himself and doesn't care about what Annie had to deal with during the day. Eric calls Lou and tells him about the problem with Ray. Annie walks upstairs and asks where Simon is and when Robbie explains everything, Annie walks down and yells at Eric for allowing Simon to date a pregnant girl. Simon and Sally are on their date and Sally gets concerned that Matt doesn't find out any of her information on her medical charts. Mary calls Wilson very concerned about Billy and sees a note on her pillow. Mary reads the note and it tells her that the Colonel has good news for her in the morning. Eric tries his apology out on Happy, but Happy doesn't seem happy with it. Eric begins to pray, but is interrupted by Annie mocking a prayer. Robbie walks in Lucy's room and tells her good night. Robbie explains that he is going out, but Lucy and Ruthie think that he is going to spy on Simon. Lucy and Ruthie offer to go with him to spy, but Robbie says that he is not spying on Simon. Annie is in the kitchen and they tell her that they are going out for ice cream. Annie decides to join them on their spying mission. Eric walks in the kitchen and notices that everyone has left. Eric walks in on the twins unrolling toilet paper. Sally tells Simon that she has to get home since she has other kids and she has to get home to watch them. Sally then begins to explain how she had three children and Simon is bewildered, then they get on the bus.

At the hospital, Annie sneaks into Ray's room and asks him to stop lying about his fractured ankle. Annie suggests that ray is lazy and doesn't want to work and she is not willing to give her money for his laziness. Annie tells Ray to get up and leave the hospital. Ray calls for security and when the man shows up, she leaves. Matt gets home and asks Eric why he left Simon go out with Sally. Eric explains that he is completely incompetent as a father and husband. Eric then tells Matt that the garage apartment will not be ready for a while and he tells him about Ray. Eric gets a call from Annie who needs to be rescued from the security office at the hospital. The kids stop at a light next to Simon's bus and tell him to get off the bus. They follow the bus. Annie and Eric walk out of the hospital and talk about the situation with Ray. Eric tries to make a joke about the situation. Eric tries to explain that Annie is returning to her former self and he loves her. Annie yells at Eric when he walks away. At the bus stop, the kids discuss the garage apartment and how Robbie feels sorry for Matt and offered him the garage apartment. Robbie thinks that they feel sorry for Robbie and Ruthie explains that they feel sorry for him because of Mary. Mary and Billy are playing in the apartment and Wilson offers to take them to the park. Wilson asks Mary what she wants to tell him, so Mary tells Wilson that the Colonel pulled a few strings and got her into the training school. Wilson doesn't want her to go into firefighting and thinks that Mary feels sorry for him and Billy. Mary explains that she doesn't feel sorry for them, she loves them. Wilson tells Mary to pursue her dream, but there are obstacles in the job. Wilson explains the risks of a firefighter, but Mary tells him that she will do whatever she can to make things work out. Wilson tells her that he loves her and they kiss, but are interrupted by Billy who joins in on the hug.