7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on The CW

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  • XD

    This is one of the most hillarious episodes of 7th heaven i've ever seen. This time, Annie directed her anger at the right person, Ray, who faked an injury to cheat his way into getting something for nothing. I laughed like crazy when she told Ray's attourney that she was Ray's mother and she confronts him about his fake injury. Anyone could tell after he fell that he was faking it. He grabbed his arm first. I couldn't help but think that Annie was hillarious when she was going through menopause, even though she was a pain in the rear
  • It's Camden chaos all over again!

    Everyone feels sympathy for others. Eric feels sorry for himself. Simon feels sorry for a pregnant sixteen year old, so he goes out with her. Robbie feels sorry for Matt and Lucy and Ruthie feel sorry for him. Mary has sympathy for Billy and tries to be like a mother to him. Lucy feels sorry for an unemployed man, who fakes an injury at their house and tries to sue them. Annie isn't in a good attitude. I loved themed episodes! This one was a good one! Annie was so funny on how she acted with Eric. If I was Eric, I would be totally stuck on what to do or say. I hated that Ray guy who tried to sue them for supposedly falling off of a ladder and fracturing his leg. Simon meets a girl on the bus who asks him out. When she gets off, he sees that she's pregnant. Feeling sorry for her, he decides to go out with her. Unfortunately, this is her third kid and Simon gets a bit upset. Billy is sick, so Mary mothers him and Wilson sees that she wants to be with Billy more than usual. He says not to feel sorry for them. Sympathy was a great episode so I'll give it a 10!