7th Heaven

Season 4 Episode 19

Talk to Me

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2000 on The CW

Episode Recap

Eric is working in his office when a lady comes to his door and after he introduces himself, he offers for her to come in his office, but the lady is very unsure of everything. Eric tells her that he loves to talk and he would love to talk to her. The lady asks if Eric is at the church everyday and she says that she will talk to him later, but when Eric gets something to write with, he looks up and the lady is gone. The twins are playing with their toys in their room with Annie when Eric comes in and asks her if the kids were home from school. Annie thinks that something is wrong, but Eric tells Annie that they need to communicate more and explains the lady at his office and that he is concerned about her. Eric tells Annie that he thinks that he has seen her before, but can't figure out from where. The kids come home from school and Mary doesn't have a date, but decides that she would rather not have anything to do. Eric and Annie walk downstairs with the twins and ask the kids what they did in school, but the kids wonder what is going on and they all slink away as quickly as possible. Eric and Annie decide that since they don't want to talk, there must be something wrong. The kids meet back up in the hallway and Lucy tells the person who did something wrong to confess, but each child says that they didn't do anything wrong. Matt and his uncle, Hank, meet in the cafeteria and he tells his uncle that he has become an orderly. Hank asks why he isn't in New York, but Matt tells him that he isn't going there, but his uncle asks him about Heather's whereabouts. Matt sees John and asks him if he talked to Hank about his plans for New York. John is unsure if he mentioned it, but Matt walks off and shows up at his office to talk to him, but the nurse tells him that he is delivering a baby. The nurse asks Matt if he is still gong to New York, but when Matt tells her no and asks why she knows about his life, the nurse just walks away talking about an office pool that she needs to notify people about. Matt's aunt Julie walks into his office and after their greeting, Aunt Julie explains that Hank has been acting strange lately and asks Matt if he knows about anything. When Matt explains that Hank wanted to talk to him, Julie gets upset and storms out of the office. Eric talks to Sergeant Michaels in the driveway to see about the lady that stopped by the office. Ruthie sees her father talking to the police and her and Simon notify Mary and Lucy about the police. Annie walks in and speaks to Eric about their increasing oddness and really thinks that there may be something wrong. Mary explains that Eric always talks to Sergeant Michaels, but when the rest of the kids aren't convinced, Mary freaks out and tells them to stop. Eric and Annie think that the problem was with the car and when they were walking around the car inspecting it, the kids walk out and ask who is in trouble. The kids tell their parents that since they had asked how their day was, there must have been someone in trouble. Eric explains about the lady that came to his office and the lack of their communication as a family, but the kids get mad about their parents not just explaining the situation. Eric offers that they should catch up with their communication with everyone except Mary since they had talked to Mary a lot during her troubles throughout the year.

Ruthie tells a story about MaryAnn and how she smells at school. Eric asks her if there is anything else, but Ruthie just explains about MaryAnn's bad breath. Simon is explaining about an incident at school when they had a substitute when Luke who jumped on the desk and imitated surfing to Annie. Annie explains that when they walked past the substitute like nothing had happened when she got locked out of the classroom. Mary asks Lucy what she is going to talk to them about, but Lucy says that she has a list. Mary says that they know everything about her, but she tells Lucy that she has a secret that she can't tell anyone. Hank shows up at Matt's apartment and yells at him for telling Julie that he wanted to talk to Matt not Julie. Julie kicked Hank out of the house and he is carrying his luggage with him and plans to spend the night with them. The boys are unsure about it, but when Hank pulls out his credit card, the boys get happier. Annie asks Lucy about Luke, Simon's friend, but Lucy explains that Luke may be Simon's experimental friend where when he tells a story and if people think that it is funny, it turns out to be Simon who did the funny thing. Lucy suggests that they offer to have Simon eat dinner with them to see if Luke is a real person. Annie asks Lucy about her Habitat for Humanity project and Lucy explains that she has a few friends, Susan and Carol, but there is one girl, Lisa, who is a loner. Annie suggests that Lucy find out why the girl is a loner since no one wants to be a loner. Mary walks in and asks what they are talking about, but when she leaves, Annie explains that Mary has become more sensitive to others since her problems during the year. Lucy leaves her mother by telling her that even with all of Mary's problems, she does not feel slighted by them. Thinking that Mary knows something about Lisa, she confronts her, but Mary won't explain. In the street, Sergeant Michaels sees a lady looking like she is having problems, but when confronted by him, she says that she is alright and shows her ID with the name of Lisa Lundy. Sergeant Michaels calls Eric who is listening to Ruthie talking about MaryAnn and offers to come down to see Sergeant Michaels, but he says no, but he does have an ID. Mary picks up the phone and hears that Eric is talking to Sergeant Michaels, then stops Eric In the hallway and explains that Lucy doesn't know anything, but Lisa had told her what Lisa wanted to talk to Eric about.

At the apartment, Matt is sleeping in the chair and Hank is missing when John wakes up and tells Matt to get rid of him. Hank walks out of the bathroom and tells the boys that he will be back at 3:00. The guys wonder why Julie has kicked him out, but John doesn't care why, he just needs to go. Simon explains that Luke is popular and may not be able to come to dinner. Ruthie asks if she can have MaryAnn over to tell her that she stinks, but Annie tells her that she will not be coming over. Eric walks downstairs and him and Annie walk out of the kitchen to talk. Julie calls the apartment and asks Matt why her husband won't talk to her, but Matt doesn't know what the problem is. Julie asks Matt to ask Hank what the problem is. Matt leaves and John answers the phone to Julie and John offers to talk about the problem. Annie yells to Simon and tells him that Luke is imaginary, but before she can get an answer, the doorbell rings and MaryAnn is at the door and explains that she will be picked up at 8:00. MaryAnn gives Annie a present of meat, but follows a scent from the direction that MaryAnn went. Simon confronts Mary and Lucy about them thinking that Luke is imaginary, but when he leaves, Lucy tells Annie that it was confidential. Mary walks out of the room and walks back in and complains about the smell. Hank and Julie talk in the cafeteria and finally discuss the fact that Hank is Jewish and only told her since his parents are coming into town. Ruthie and MaryAnn walk downstairs and explain that the bad smell is from moth balls since MaryAnn lives with her grandmother. Simon walks in the kitchen and introduces Luke and Annie just laughs about the fact that MaryAnn also lives across the street from a meat store. The lady, Lisa, shows up at Eric's office and tells him that she has little explosions, just like when Sergeant Michaels saw her the other night. Lisa begins telling Eric about how she was sexually molested around Christmas by her mother's boyfriend. She explains that she feels dirty despite the many baths she takes. Eric explains that it is not her fault and is happy that Lisa has decided to talk about it. Lisa tells Eric that they told the police, but he used a fake name, so they don't even know who he really is. Lisa is concerned that she can't talk to her mother about the incident. Eric explains that she shouldn't want to ruin her life because of him since that is giving him power that he shouldn't have. Simon and Luke play basketball and Luke tells him that his brother is deaf and he has gotten the hearing and his brother got the looks in the family. Mary asks Lucy to go out with her to talk, but Lucy is confused why they are going out without the family. Mary explains that she just wants to thank Lucy for being there for her through her rough year. Lucy gives her a hug and they leave to go get pizza. Matt arrives at the house and tells Annie that he thinks that Luke is funny. Matt explains that Hank is Jewish, but Annie already knew about Hank's religion. Ruthie introduces MaryAnn to Matt and Annie asks why MaryAnn is so interested in meat. MaryAnn explains that her grandmother's boyfriend is a butcher. When they leave, Annie quickly fills Matt in on MaryAnn's smell.

Lisa and her mother are in Eric's office and Lisa's mother didn't think that Lisa wanted to keep talking about what happened. Lisa's mother's perspective is that the incident is over and she should just forget, but Lisa explains that she needs to hear that it is not her fault from her loved ones, not just counselors. Lisa's mother tells her that she thought that she could trust her boyfriend, but when she realizes that she only knew the man for months and left her kids alone with him. When Lisa thinks that if she could have resisted, it may not have happened, but Eric tells them to talk about the incident with Lisa's brothers and that Lisa's mother should be there for her and help her tell Lisa's brother. Eric suggests that she do this to enable his hold on Lisa to go away, but then Eric suggests that Lisa's mother just take baby steps and go to the counseling with Lisa. Lisa's mother repeats that it is not her fault over and over again.