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7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 17

Tangled Web We Weaved

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 2005 on The CW
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Episode Summary

Simon has always been careful about practicing safe sex, so he panics when his girlfriend admits to having an STD the morning after they've slept together. Meanwhile, Martin and Mac catch Ruthie's boyfriend with another girl, and they don't know how to break the news to her. Matt, Simon, Lucy, and Ruthie know a dark secret about Mary, and they agonize over how to tell their parents, who falsely believe that Mary is pregnant again.moreless

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  • Great episode!

    Eric and Annie really want to hear Mary's news. Matt, Lucy, Simon, Kevin and Ruthie try to keep them away from Mary and Carlos. Annie decides to fly to New York to see them. Simon panics when the girl he slept with has an STD. Ruthie tells Martin about Mary and then Martin tells Mac and Vincent. Eric goes up to see Simon and Simon tells him the truth.

    This was a great episode! The Camden children all lying, it's just like old times! I think that it's kind of weird that Mac is interested in Ruthie. This episode gets a 10!moreless
  • An average episode of 7th Heaven! Nothing really happened.

    For 7th Heaven standards, this episode is quite average. The storylines are not that thrilling, but nevertheless they're well-written.

    Mary and Carlos are probably getting a divorce but the parents don't know yet. They figure that the two are having another baby. Eventually, they find out the truth.

    Ruthie's having some trouble in her love life. Vincent is going out with another girl cos he thinks Ruthie's planning to break up with him. In the end, things work out fine. Martin & Mac both obviously have a crush on Ruthie, which may result in amour later on.

    Simon's worried about getting Chlamydia (or something like that) from is current 'girlfriend'. He's trying to hide it from his family but in the final scene you see how he tells his Dad on the phone.

    All in all a solid 7th Heaven episode. Way to go to the Season Finale!moreless
  • this was a good episode. i dot care for the simon sex storyline but other than that.

    I really like how they are easing into

    a Ruthie/Martin relationship i think they

    will be cute together. it is so cute how

    Martin and Mack kept arguing about who likes

    Ruthie. Martin keeps saying that she is like

    a sister to him but i think he's trying to convince himself.
  • I thought it was pretty good, eventhough the storylines that continue to be used in this episode I still don't really like or agree with. Still, the writers still protrayed it in a way that made it pretty exciting and suspenseful, leaving us wanting to fimoreless

    Well just a few more days to wait until the next new episode of 7th Heaven, which is titled Honer Thy Mother. Looks like a good one to me. But on to this episode, Tangled Web We Weaved. I thought it was pretty good, eventhough the storylines that continue to be used in this episode I still don't really like particiularly or agree with. Having said that, the writers still protrayed it in a way that made it pretty exciting and suspenseful, leaving us wanting to find out the answers (does Simon have an std?). For that I applaud (the writers). However like I said, I'm still not agreeing with the storyline on this show currently (which some people on the forum already know), so for that I was not thrilled about this episode. Especially since this episode was based on just two storylines, which were just a continuation of last week (Mary's "secret" and Simon's "secret"). Nothing new was introduced really---just expanding on what we already basically knew. So lets explore further, shall we.

    Simon & Sandra (and Matt): The episode starts off with Simon cooking breakfast in his apartment for his (fourth) new girlfriend of the season. Yes, four.. count 'em. Cecilia (Ashlee Simpson), Georgia (Rheagan Wallace), Anna (Polly Cusumano), and now currently Sandra (Olivia Allen). Sidenote: Notice how all his girlfriends have been blondes? Brenda Hampton must really admire blondes. Has he ever dated a brunette? Anyway, so Simon feeds his new girlfriend breakfast and they seem to get along nicely and are cute together. I can't remember if this part came in this scene or if it came after they went to show the Camdens in Glen Oak, but at one point his phone starting ringing and he didn't pick up. He told Sandra it was his family with an "emergency" about his sister Mary. Nonsense basically, he said. He explained the situation with Mary and kind of started to judge her, when Sandra butted in and immediately stuck up for Mary... but I think it was obvious to everyone she was talking about herself. She started telling Simon that when you're with one person you're with everyone that person has been with (so by Sandra being with Simon, she has automatically been with a lot of other girls); Simon interrupted her and said he thinks he knows where she's going so to just spill it out. It was obvious she was about to say she has some kind of std so he should get tested or something, but that's when we got cut away to another scene.

    When we see Simon again Sandra is gone and Lucy is calling his apartment and Simon is sitting on the couch looking pale. He then calls Matt and tells him he thinks he's in trouble and to please call him immediately. I'd like to say I'm glad Simon always goes to Matt for these things (he also went to Matt for help when Georgia said she was pregnant) because obviously they're brothers, but also because they've always been good at bonding in the earlier seasons as brothers. So it's nice to see the writers remembering that and using it now, in the ninth season, just now they're "bonding" over more adult situations which they disagree over. Anyway, back to the storyline. Simon tells Matt that he might have an STD (which Eric found out only something is wrong by snooping on Matt's cellphone.. but I'll talk about that soon enough). Matt gives him a semi lecture and quite frankly, Simon really needed it. "You take the test and then begin the agonizing wait for the results for the consequences of having an 'adult relationship', which by the way you are so not ready for", is what Matt tells him basically (please don't correct me, I know I didn't get that quote down to the very last right word). And he's not ready for this. He's a 19 year old male and in the last two years he's been through so much emotional turmoil that it's disturbing. Killing a teenage boy on a bike with his car, running away basically from his problems by going off to college early, seeing a shrink, coming to terms with forgiving himself for the accident, and most importantly, (which happened this season) using girls, co-called relationships, and sex to forget about the pain of killing that boy. A huge sin, I'd say. I mean using sex to deal with your pain? I'm surprised Eric hasn't kicked thay guy in the ass already. He still needs to get his life on track before starting to have anymore sex, but obviously the writers didn't wanna go there. They had him have sex for the wrong reasons, and now at least they are showing sex has consequences for doing it so young. But I don't think they should be doing that in a way that makes it seem like having sex out of wedlock makes you a bad person or "evil". That's insane. I'd like to point out, remember in season 8 Simon's Home Video he says he wants to go to college to be a film producer or something in film? What happened to that? He's spending all his time having sex and with girls that when does he put time toward this film goal? I know for a fact, being a major in film myself, that film students need to be in a lot of time toward their classes and film projects. Hopefully the writers will address this for season 10 instead of giving us "Simon the Pimp, Part 2".

    Okay, one last thing about this storyline... I loved the ending scene with Eric trying to talk to Simon. It left us with Simon telling his dad that he's in trouble, or something, I think. And then it eneded. I can't wait until Simon gets his STD test results back and find out his parent's reaction. Just my opinon, but I think he may have something, std-wise. I mean the writers have been building up this season with Simon having premarital sex so much and it having consequences. It has to be going somewhere, right? If it ends up he doesn't have anything and the message after this whole time is just to not have that kind of sex I'll be disappointed, because you could've given us that message in one episode and not dragged it out the whole season whenever Simon (David Gallagher) appeared. So as much as I've been knowingly disagreeing with this storyline all season I'm looking forward to finding out the results, since the writers have put in so much effort to chance Simon's character into a dirty pimp.

    Lucy, Kevin, Matt, & Ruthie (aka Mary's Whopper Secret): Okay let me start off by saying it's been said already by me, TM56, and people on the forums that Brenda Hampton hates Jessica Biel (Mary) for not coming back for almost two years, and in result she's trying as hard as possible to destroy the character of Mary by creating these stupid storylines. So having said that, I won't address that fact about Brenda Hampton, since I've said it plenty of times in my last review, etc. I'll just be talking about the storyline itself and the characters. Well, Eric and Annie still don't know about Mary deserting her family and just think Carlos and Mary are pregnant again. Gosh, I must say, these Camdens kids are crazy! For the love of god, if you're not gonna tell your parents about Mary then just drop it instead of running around like a chicken with their heads cut off bothering your other siblings who are out of the house (Simon, Matt) to figure out a plan of what to do. Either just drop it and focus on something else if your life (Savannah, your boyfriend, your job, college, being a minister) or just tell Eric and Annie already! Yes they'll be crushed, but they need to know already. I so can't believe they'd let Annie fly all the way to New York to see Carlos and Mary and congratulate them on their new fake, made-up baby, instead of just saving them the many hours and tell them yourself. I mean what was Lucy thinking? DIdn't she figure out Annie would find out when she got to New York (the truth), so why didn't she just tell her mother herself? This was ridiculous of a storyline and hope the writers will drop it and try to salvage the character of Mary by writing her back with her family, being a good wife and mother, etc, like they did in the beginning of season 8. They couldn't have just left it at Mary's happily married and a fight attendant; they had to ruin it and she's not even on the show. For god's sake, this is flippin' ridiculous. And obviously they is not just gonna be some misunderstanding like Eric and Annie thought when they finally found out at the end. The writer's are taking it as off as she signs the divoice papers and actually DESERTS her family. Arrrgh! I seriously hope the writers will redeem Mary as much as possible before the series finale or I'll be extremely annoyed and disppointed (as will many, many fans) if they leave the once good name of Mary as a "bad" character who deserted her husband and baby son! I'm this close to forgetting about this show if it doesn't start taking the characters back to thier old loving selfs instead of writing them so out of character.

    Martin & Mac: I liked this storyline a lot, for a few reasons: (1) Mac is really growing on me, (2) I really want to see a Martin/Ruthie or Mac/Ruthie hookup. I just don't care for Vincent with Ruthie. No chemistry there. Prefferibly, I'd want to see Mac and Ruthie go out first and having it being just like a fling/crush/short-term. Because Martin/Ruthie are the real pair I'm rooting for long-term. Their scenes together are so cute and really want them together for season 10. Anyway, this episode Martin tried to get Ruthie to hang out with him and Mac but she declines because of the last time that went horribly wrong (Father from season 9). So Martin and Mac go on a "date" in the prominod (is anyone rooting for these two to get together?!). While there Mac asks Martin why Ruthie didn't come, and he tells him he asked but she didn't want to come. So then they see Vincent and another girl going into a movie. Vincent stops to talk to them and says he is on a date with another girl but only because Ruthie turned him done for the night and that they're not exclusive (which Ruthie also says later on). Not much here to discuss.

    However when they're all in the Camden kitchen and Mac is subtely putting the moves on Ruthie by trying to comfort her on this whole Mary thing was hilarious. Then Vincent barges in and says he thinks Martin and Mac don't see Ruthie as a sister at all but they see her as more. And she says, "I know." Haha! I was surprised to see her say this. I think she was mostly referring to Mac though since he was the one obviously trying to hit on her with that, "Do you wanna talk about it? My parents are divorced, you know." Wow Mac, you got it bad for her. One thing I saw was Ruthie replied with, "well I don't think Mary and Carlos are on the verge on a divorce." Nice foreshadowing. As I pointed out before Mary does actually sign the divorce papers in the ninth season finale. Anyway I disagreed with when Martin told Mac he is too old for Ruthie. Hardly. She's 15, he's 17. Those ages are very common to be dating together. But I do know what Martin meant... Mac is his best friend and he's trying to protect Ruthie because he's secretly in love with her (okay, that's my own opinion). This love triangle has been nicely done throughout this season and I'm betting anything we'll see a Martin/Ruthie or Mac/Ruthie hookup in season 10. Too bad the writers can't do evey storyline this well.

    This episode for me was iffy. It had a nice suspenceful ending, more hints for a Martin/Mac and Ruthie hook-up, etc, which are all good. But it contunued with the dreaded Mary storyline, which I can't stress enough.. I hate! Plus these last two episdes, especially this one, kind of had a lot of soap-opera style writing which I don't like. What happened to the light-hearted episodes? I understand this aired during sweeps month so they needed something to hook the audience so they'll watch when it comes back, so I won't diss it too much of that note. I'm dreading this score I'm giving it because I'm just hating some of these storylines these days but I must admit it is enjoyable to watch and makes you wanna come back, and in the end.. that's the point of it, right?

    Grade: B+

    Quote of the Week:

    "Waffles," Eric says. "They go so well with the truth."

    This 'n That:

    Don't expect Jessica Biel to return at all anymore because the way the writers are protraying her character I wouldn't wanna play "Mary" either.

    For this being a Christian family the Camdens sure do keep a lot of secrets. Why wouldn't Eric tell Annie what he heard on Matt's cell about Simon? That's her son too, she would want to know if something might be wrong. Why keep it to yourself, Eric? Seriously, he was just saying he can't take anymore secrets and to just tell him the last episode, yet here he does the exact thing to Annie that the Camden kids were doing to him before that he hated. Arrrgh, those Camdens...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • There is no such thing as safe sex but there is safer sex and you can still get an STD.

    • Reply to both goofs: "weaved" is an acutual word and can be legitmately used but it is uncommon. Also, if you listen to the script of the last few episodes, Savannah was born in early January even though the episode aired 1/24. "Parenting" took place 2 weeks later and "First Date" took place 2 weeks after that. Savannah is almost 2 months old now.

    • Simon's orange juice carton is labeled "vine ripened." Oranges, of course, grow on trees.

    • When Kevin is talking to Lucy about lying he says "I sat there and did nothing." He wasn't even in the room when they lied to Eric.

    • For the title of the episode, wouldn't it be "The Tangled Web We Wove", as in "Wove" instead of "Weaved"?

    • Reply: Kevin meant "did nothing" as a figure of speech, meaning that he didn't do anything over a period of one week. Do you actually think he would have said something in that scene when he's not even a Camden? Everyone, don't script so literally anymore.

    • Ruthie told Vincent that she and the boys played checkers but in the scene just before they started playing the game it was the game "Candyland"

    • Response: Maybe Ruthie played both checkers and Candyland with them, as BOTH games were on the table when Annie and Ruthie walked in to play with Sam and David, and continued to be there as Ruthie sat alone with them. Candyland was set up, but still. Why couldn't she have played checkers with them? It is more realistic than Candyland for 6-year-olds to be playing.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Simon to Door: (after just being knocked on) "Go away."

      Eric to Simon: "It's me, Simon."

    • Ruthie to Eric: "Where're you going?"

      Eric to Ruthie: "Just out for a drive."

      Ruthie to Eric: "It's kind of late, isn't it? Is something wrong?"

      Eric to Ruthie (after looking at her in a suspicious way): "I think you'd be a better person to tell me."

    • Sam to Ruthie: "Why are you playing with us?"

      David to Ruthie: "Yeah, you don't have to."

      Ruthie to Sam and David: "Because I want to."

      David to Ruthie: "No you don't."

      Ruthie to Sam and David: "Yeah, I do."

      Sam to Ruthie: "You don't look happy."

      David to Ruthie: "Are you lying to us?"

      Ruthie to Sam and David: "No. Why would you think that?"

      David to Ruthie: "Because you are."

    • David to Ruthie: "Are you lying to us?"

      Ruthie to Sam and David: "No. Why would you think that?"

      David to Ruthie: "Because you are."

    • Vincent to Mac & Martin: "Personally... I don't think either of you like her as a sister, but whatever."

      More Coming Soon!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode marks the first appearence of Alyssa and Hannah Yadrick in the role of Savannah, though they aren't officially credited until Season 11.