7th Heaven

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2001 on The CW
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When Simon defends a bullied classmate, he doesn't count on learning some unsettling information on how the boy intends to deal with his tormentors. Back at the Camden house, Robbie bonds with Ruthie with an affectionate nickname, while Lucy finally reveals what happened between her and Jeremy. Eric runs into an old female friend and invites her to dinner, which makes just about everyone uncomfortable, and Mary develops a fascination with the idea of becoming a firefighter.moreless

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  • I loved this episode!

    This episode was all about teasing. Simon's classmate threatens to shoot some bullies at school. Robbie gives Ruthie the nickname, "Snooky." Ruthie calls Lucy, "Lady Liberty" because she left Jeremy in New York. Wilson gives Mary bad advice and says she should be humorous in her interview. She gets turned down because she didn't take it seriously. Eric's old friend, "Bird" comes to visit. She got that name from her dad calling her "Bird Legs." Her brother,Ben,insulted by their dad making fun of Ben and Ben's son's feet. A man without an arm goes to Eric because some co-workers took his prostetic arm as a joke. Matt gets the nickname, "Hot Lips," when a co-worker sees him kissing Cheryl. Robbie thinks that Cheryl going to college is funny. Cheryl's mom and her mom's boyfriend think Cheryl is a dumb blonde. Annie is extremely emotional.

    I loved this episode and Simon's powerful speech at the end really hit it home. Teasing, although a little act, can be very painful to the victim. It isn't funny or kind at all. It's scary to think that students shoot people because of their pain. Ruthie's nickname was cute. I think this was one of the best episodes! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Simon stands up for a kid who is being bullied, Annie is acting crazy going through menopause all i can say is poor Eric lol and the rest of the family, Robbie is eft broken hearted after Mary makes her decision from season five, Matt isn't being serious.moreless

    Well I don't know what JakobB's problem is with this episode I'm sorry but seeing your review on this episode really made me upset. I've been watching this show since day 1 okay, I didn't see anything wrong with the episode infact I thought Catherine Hick's seen's were funny it gave some humor to the show in my opinion I don't know what to say about Lucy's situation. I felt somewhat bad for her in a way but I can't believe she found comfort in Robbie of all people lol. I mean go to Mike Pierce or somebody other than ur sister's ex boyfriend for comfort! now the Simon thing... yea Simon's direct phone thing was a little weird w Sergeant Michaels but I'm glad he had it. Otherwise the situation could have been alot worse! His speach to his class in my opinion was amazing. I loved it and everything he said was so on point I'm glad they moved the camera to Mick's locker opening during the speach and then they showed the gun I thought that seen was amazing. Ruthie's situation was somewhat kinda cute but also a little boring. she is sneaky and she knows it.moreless
  • Another 7th Heaven "message" episode and another episode that proves that season 6 is one of their best seasons.

    Season 6 of 7th Heaven was, and still is, one of my favorite seasons of the series. Coming off of the equally good season five, season six saw 7th Heaven continually awash in nice stories, and fine episodes that showcase how good season six really was. It should also be noted that season six was the show's highest rated season as well. "Teased" may not be the best episode they've done, or even the best episode of the season, but is a pretty well done little episode with another "message" at it's core. Some people hate "message" episodes, but guess what?, it's reality. Season 6 was one of it's strongest and most consistent seasons. Mary was back as Jessica Biel decided to return as a full time regular(wish she would appear again), and everything was as it should be. Some episodes were better than others, but season 6 was the first, and only, season of the entire series where I think every episode is a good one. Not a stinker here. At least not to me. With Mary's newfound determination to find a career for herself and picking such an incredible one with firefighter, to Matt and Sarah's romantic whirlwind elopement and eventual wedding, season six was the kind of season that drove home every reason you like, love, and watch this show. No doubt about it. The message in this episode, with a guns and a tormented kid wanting to stand up to his bullies, is not anything new. It doesn't have to be. It just has to be reality. This is going on out there in the world. This is going on out there in our schools. Whether we like it or not, or choose to turn a blind eye towards it, it's there. 7th Heaven's "message" episodes are not what they once were thru seasons 1-6, and this may not be among the best, but the message is clear, nicely put out there, and the other storylines in this particular episode, while much, much lighter, compliment the seriousness of the major storyline at work here. But the overall message this episode is sending out is loud and clear. A number of characters here deal with name calling or someone giving them a nickname they don't particulary care about. So, what exactly happened in the lives of The Camden's this week?...

    Simon befriends a kid at school. A kid who like so many others in schools across the world is tormented and picked on by bullies. Some just take it and go along with their lives. Some are so battered and bruised by the experience, that they do to tragic measures to end it. Some kids have killed themselves over such things, and others, like the put upon kid in this episode, thinks of taking out his tormentors instead of himself. Worried, Simon thinks the kid will actually go through with his plan and will exact revenge on the kids who have caused him such pain and grief in the halls of his school. Simon doesn't know what to do. Tell his dad?. Tell someone?. Simon speaks on the phone with him and tells him not to do anything stupid. But the adults finally intervene and in a well directed final scene, we are in the kid's locker as the door opens and we see the boy, Eric, Det. Michaels and the Principal standing there. And there laying in the locker is a gun. Fade to black. It was a nice shot. People complain and belittle the series for tackling issues and doing these message shows. Well, why not?. Somebody has too. Sure, the show can sometimes be too sappy with certain issues, but the show can really do them well when they want too. And they have done it before. Season eight's "Go Ask Alice" is the prime example of this. Why trash a show that is doing good?. Or is trying to do good?. Especially when it's a subject matter like this that can affect anyone anywhere?. Should we not do anything?. Should we not worry?. What if the kid in this episode wasn't stopped?. What if Simon never got to know him and never got involved and therefore never got the eventual bad end stopped?. What then?. Oh well?. A lot of people think they are strong and invincible and nothing can or will happen to them. Or people think that this can't happen to them, their kids, or in their town's schools. It can be your kid. Your brother. Whoever. This episode did the storyline quite nicely. They may of done it in some way before back in season three with "Johnny Get Your Gun", which was a great episode, but you can never get a message like this out there enough. And for that, I thank 7th Heaven, and this was a good storyline nicely told and done.

    Elsewhere, usual Camden goings on are happening. Most of which are not as serious or important as the main one. The Robbie and Ruthie part had the right idea. They had the right intention. But it was kind of silly. Ruthie gets upset when Robbie gives her a little nickname. The nickname?. Snooky. Uh-huh. If the writers were going to drive home the point of being teashed with names and stuff, they could of made the point a whole lot more effective if they had used a stronger nickname. It would of helped it a whole lot more. Instead, they water down the point they are trying to get across by using such a nothing, silly nickname. Oh well. Maybe Ruthie will stop taking the cookies. Ruthie isn't the only one getting the nickname treatment. Matt and Cheryl are getting hot and heavy. Thanks to all of their smoochies, Matt gets an unwanted nickname himself. At work, a nurse keeps referring to him as "Hot Lips". Okay. Harmless little fun from the nurse. No real big deal here. Then, an old flame of Eric's shows up with a family problem, and lets in why she has the nickname of bird. Geez, nicknames coming right and left. And even tho I love Annie to death and think Catherine Hicks is lovely and beautiful, you gotta wonder if Eric re-thinks about things when your ex looks like Morgan Fairchild.

    We finally get to learn the reason why Lucy's engagement to Jeremy was a bust. I think it was a bust to begin with, so it's of no surprise that they eventually broke up. Lucy opens up to Annie and reveals that Jeremy's family were a bunch of druggies and didn't take too kindly of Lucy. Saying they made fun of her. It was a sad scene and you really feel for Lucy. You also want to take a trip to Jeremy's family's home and open up a can of whoop a**. Annie wonders how anyone can make fun of her baby and not like her for being good, and Lucy says that it's hard to like a Camden out in the world. Annie, I don't know how anyone could not like Lucy or make fun of her for being good. It's quite sad and tragic. She has her faults, but then we all do. Every single one of us. There are a lot of people out there that are not the best representations of us, but I generally believe that people are good. I guess some people just don't like good people. As I said, it was a nice and tender scene, and it was a fine moment between mother and daughter, and between Catherine Hicks and Beverly Mitchell.

    "Teased" is a classic, old fashioned episode of 7th Heaven. The flaws and problems here are minor, and they get the point across. Just the second episode in what will prove to be a strong season for the show.moreless
  • This is the season where the show became truly unbearable - Season 5 was the jumping the shark one, what with Mary becoming evil and all. But all these episodes in this season are truly horrendous - the writing was abyssmal, the acting worse, the plot pomoreless

    This is an episode that shows us the ills of teasing. And of course there is the prerequisite school shooter with the gun... to show us all how bleeding edge 7th Heaven can be. While I do not wish to minimize the real and horrific pain that teasing and bullying can bring and its even more horrific outcome with gun violence in American schools, this show manages to insult the audience and triviliaze everything in its path.

    First Annie with menopause who becomes a emotional idiot. Then Ruthie, the insufferable prodigy whose character is so badly written and acted you can\'t figure out what she\'s supposed to be doing - is she the victim or the bully in her scenes? Then Eric who randomly counsels people he doesn\'t know about workplace ethics... what authority does he have? or even professional competence? Are there not laws that govern harassment in the workplace? Don\'t they have behavioural psychologists? Obviously it\'s a plot point to include him in the anvil of the week, but it has no credence. And then Simon who has a direct line to the police department - what no guidance counselors in his school?

    Weak writing, insulting acting - this show should have been cancelled in season 3.moreless
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Morgan Fairchild

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    • Ruthie: I just want to know what happened.
      Lucy: The way you're always sneaking around, I'm surprised you don't know already. In fact, that's what your nickname should be. Sneaky. Not Snooky, but Sneaky.
      Ruthie: I'm not sneaky!
      Lucy: Yes, you are, and I think Robbie was trying to tell you that in a nice way.
      Ruthie: No he wasn't! He doesn't think I'm sneaky, he was teasing me.
      Lucy: Yeah, but why do you think he was teasing you? Maybe he was trying to point something out to you. Good night, Sneaky! (turns over and goes to sleep; Ruthie's eyes fill with tears)

    • Simon: (to Social Studies class) I don't feel safe at school, and I'm tired of waiting for everyone else to make our school safe for us. You know, every time there's a shooting, we hear that the shooter was someone who felt that there was a score to settle, and it's always someone who felt they had to shoot someone to get even. You know, that's a weird concept. Some calls you a name, so you kill them? But the name-callers are relentless. You know they are. And like a pack, they engage others in their hunt to destroy the already vulnerable students. They're torturing people. And you know what? We allow it. We hear them, we don't speak up. Or worse, we hear them, we join in. If not in the hallways, on the internet. The teasing that isolates one student or a couple of students from the rest of us has to stop. And I think the only way it's going to, is if we stop ourselves. The issue is not who's to blame. The issue is who's going to take the responsibility. Why don't we claim responsibility? I mean, after all we're the one with the really power here. We have the power to change people's lives. We have the power to save people's lives.So I say we claim that power. Seize the day. You know, there are always going to be cliques in high school, there are always gonna be the popular students and the not-so-popular students. There are always gonna be winners and losers, teasers and the teased. But I think it's time for the mean and the cruel to be silenced by our insistance...before they or any of us is silenced by a gun. You know, because we don't know who's on the brink. We can't know who's merely threatening retaliation, and who's actually is capable of carrying out a threat. What we do know...is that we can make a difference.

    • Eric: Simon's speaking to all the Social Studies classes tomorrow.
      Annie: About?
      Eric: About changing the world.

    • Lucy: When you marry someone, you marry their family, and I didn't marry Jeremy because I didn't marry his family.
      Annie: So you quit school, and came home.
      Lucy: Maybe I'm not cut out for the ministry.
      Annie: Because?
      Lucy: Because his family teased me relentlessly for being a goody-good-two-shoes. They called me Mother Teresa.
      Annie: She was a great woman.
      Lucy: I am not Mother Teresa. I offer what I said to Ruthie as proof. I should only hope to do one thing as great as any of the millions of things Mother Teresa ever did. They drink, they smoke pot, and they throw a lot of parties, and yet...I liked them. I don't approve of how they live their lives, but I liked them. I like everybody. They just didn't like me. I kinda got kicked out.
      Annie: How could anyone tease my baby for being good?
      Lucy: It's hardly a Camden world out there.

    • Simon: Those guy are losers man, you know that.
      Mick: Yeah, I know that. That's why I'm gonna blow 'em away.
      Simon: I beg your pardon?
      Mick: Hey, you said it yourself, right? I mean one day they're gonna push me too far and I'm gonna blow 'em away.
      Simon: But you don't mean that?
      Mick: Yeah...I do. I can't take it anymore.
      Simon: I understand that, but...when you start talking about actually blowing people away...
      Mick: We've moved 10 times, and every time it's the same, they're all the same. All of 'em.
      Simon: Shooting people won't solve your problems.
      Mick: Right, should I just let--uh, what's it called, their teasing. Yeah, I should let all their teasing roll off my back.
      Simon: It's better than shooting people.
      Mick: Not for me.
      Simon: For everyone, come on. You know you don't want to hurt anyone.
      Mick: You know...I do. The only way these guys are gonna shut up is if they can't talk anymore. But look, I just wanted to call to say thanks, and don't worry, you won't get hurt.

    • Simon: (to his family) What is wrong with everyone? What's with all the teasing and the name-calling? Why do we have to keep doing that? You know what, I'm sick of it. I can't take it anymore.

    • Robbie: A-ha! I caught you--I knew it! I knew someone was sneaking my cookies!
      Ruthie: Did you know you're really bad at hiding your cookies?

    • Robbie: I never said you were a sneaky person. I said you were sneaking cookies. That's all.
      Ruthie: But you still think I'm sneaky.
      Robbie: I don't think you're sneaky. I think you're cute. And I think the name "Snooky" suits you....and I like the sound of it even if you never snuck a cookie. And I like having a special name for you because you and I have a special relationship. I never had a little sister. I think you're great.

    • Annie: Ruthie asked me to tell you not to call her Snooky anymore.
      Robbie: I thought she liked it. What happened?
      Annie: Well, Lucy told her that you calling her Snooky is a polite way of calling her Sneaky.
      Robbie: That's not it at all.
      Annie: Well, then you better go tell her. She's pretty upset. She likes you a lot.
      Robbie: Are you kidding? She loves me!
      Annie: I know. (starts crying and hugs Robbie) We all love you, we do!

    • Kid #1: (to Simon) What's with you Camden?
      Kid #2: I don't care what's with him. (to Simon) Just don't embarrass us like that again.
      Kid #3: Or we might shoot you.
      Simon: (to Teacher) Excuse me. You had to have just heard that. You did, didn't you? You heard the whole thing, and then you just, what, hid in your classroom?!
      Teacher: Students aren't the only targets Simon.
      Simon: Well, can't you at least talk to their parents?
      Teacher: I have. The parents are just like them.
      Simon: So what are we gonna do about this!?

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