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Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2004 on The CW
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With the Thanksgiving holiday just two weeks away, Eric and the kids notice that Annie is acting very strange, especially after she learns that Matt and Sarah (guest-star Sarah Danielle Madison) won't be able to spend the holidays in Glenoak. When Matt and Sarah decide to come by early and spend some time with the family before the holiday Annie is not pleased. In fact, the majority of the family has made plans of their own and Eric worries how Annie will take the news. Carlos (guest-star Carlos Ponce) telephones the Camdens and tells them that he, Mary and baby Charles are going to spend the holiday in Puerto Rico with Carlos' family and wants Ruthie to join them. Meanwhile, Simon has something to tell his parents, but can't get up the nerve to tell them---which involves his former girlfriend Georgia who shows up back in his life unexpectedly. Instead he decides to stay at school for work. Also, Martin has plans to go camping with Mac (guest-star Kyle Searles). Lastly, a strong-willed and pregnant Lucy is determined to do the cooking and decorating this year but forgets to tell Annie about her plans.moreless

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  • Thanksgiving!

    Annie is going all out for Thanksgiving this year. She wants everyone home for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Matt, Sarah, Carlos, Mary, or Simon can't be there. Matt and Sarah go down the weekend before so they can spend time together. Annie is really disappointed and gets really angry. Lucy thinks that she is making Thanksgiving this year. Mary and Carlos invite Ruthie to spend Thanksgiving with them in Puerto Rico. Mac and Martin are going camping. Simon and Georgia have news, but aren't ready to share it. Matt and Sarah know it.

    This was a great episode! I thought Annie was crazy, but considering that she lost her dad, I guess it's okay. I hope Simon's news isn't what I think it is. It was great seeing Matt, Simon, Sarah and Carlos again! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Another example of hysterical behaviour on the part of the women (notably Lucy and Annie) - Lucy decides to host Thanksgiving dinner without telling her mother about it, and Annie goes into a shriek-fest bout of self-pity screaming "You are not my family"moreless

    Dysfunctional as always, the Camdens don't communicate with each other, try to manipulate and embarass to get their way, and just altogether act like dorks. Lucy decides to take over Thanksgiving dinner without telling her mother about it, which is inconsiderate and stupid. Annie tries to embarass her adult son by calling his boss and lying to get him to come home, most of the Camdens go ahead and make their own plans without consulting each other on a family holiday which is kind of ridiculous, and Ruthie, of all people, gets invited to Puerto Rico without her parents knowing about it or giving permission. Annie ends up having an emotional outburst (nothing new under the sun) and screams at her 6-year old twins (and everybody else) that they are not her family. Obviously this comedy of errors is deemed to be cute and entertaining, but abusing little kids should not really be part of that picture. Trite and contrived, this is a generally tedious episode, made worse by the childish and inconsiderate behaviour of the adults of this family. A family values show, this is NOT.moreless
  • Gobble, Gobble, Gobble. It's turkey time. Can Annie pull everyone together for the holidays?.

    Since the 3rd season of the show, we have not gotten a real major holiday episode. The show usually does a Valentine show, and they are usually all good(minus "Red Socks"), but Valentine's Day is not like Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. The last big holiday episode was "Here Comes Santa Claus" in season 3, and this episode is the first Thanksgiving episode since "Last Call For Aunt Julie" way back in season one. But really, this is 7th's first real Thanksgiving episode. LCFAJ was not really a Thanksgiving episode. It was about something else, and just happened to take place during the holiday. The holiday wasn't touched on too much, and was in the background more than anything else. Here, Thanksgiving is a major theme for the episode, and makes it 7th's first true Thanksgiving episode. It's also season 9's first really great episode. Some hem and haw over season 9 like seasons 7 and 8, and some parts of that are justified, but the first half of season 9 was truly a stronger, more coherent season, and was above and beyond the last two seasons. And now "Thanksgiving", followed by "Gratitude", has given the show a powerful 1-2 punch of classic episodes back to back. A feat the show hasn't accomplished in a while. So, here we go...

    Thanksgiving is upon Camden Land, and as you would expect, it's a big to do. With a family the size of the Camdens, it would have to be big. Annie is busy getting things ready. She is cooking, preparing decorations, and making the plans and just getting everything done. And Annie would make Martha Stewart jealous. Everything seems to be going along just fine, but news breaks that changes everything. Eric informs Annie that Matt and Sarah wouldn't be able to make home for the holiday. Immediatley, Annie starts to act differently and seems quite bothered with this new bit of news. But all is about to get even worse when, little by little, Annie gets hit with the news that most of her family seem to have plans of their own to spend the holiday. Martin is going skiing with Mac, Mary and Carlos are going to spend it with his family in Puerto Rico and ask Ruthie to come along with them, and Simon back at college isn't sure if he is coming or not. And, of course, the earlier news of Matt and Sarah. At least dependable Kevin and Lucy are there. But even that isn't without some drama. A very pregnant Lucy is bound and determined to take over the Thanksgiving chores. The cooking, the decorating, and the whole enchilada. She feels it's time for Annie to hand over the yams and let Lucy do the honors from now on. Matt and Sarah do show up early, but it doesn't satisfy Annie, as they tell her they have to lave before the holiday and that they still won't be there for the actual day and dinner itself.

    It is understandable how Annie, or anyone, would want, and expect, their family to be together for such a family oriented holiday such as Thanksgiving. But is Annie trying too hard?. Are her expectations, now that her family continues to grow and grow, set too high?. She has a number of kids, some with husbands and wives, who live away, and one off to college. Is it really as simple as it was back then to reign in such a large brood for one dinner on one night?. Matt and Sarah live on the other side of the country. As does Mary and Carlos. Of course, this doesn't seem to stop Matt from popping into Glen Oak like it's only an hour's drive. But along with new spouses, also comes their own lives. Should the kids, who are off and married with careers and lives of their own, always be expected to come every year?. To come most of the time, maybe every other year or so, is okay. But should they be allowed to do it in their own way now?. I don't think Annie is in the wrong at all. It's Thanksgiving, and you just naturally want and assume. But they are getting older, and are in new situations. They are not always there anymore to always be there. The Matt/Annie situation was quite interesting. Annie went and called Matt's supervisor to get him to allow Matt to stay for the holiday. Annie was a bit out of line, and Matt called her on it. As he should. Matt isn't a little kid who needs his mommy to call and get him out of something like she was calling the principal to say Matt won't be coming in today because he's sick. Things change, and Matt was right to confront Annie on it.

    The Lucy story was pretty good. It is understandable for Lucy to want to do what she wants to do. She is a young wife with a family of her own on the way, and it is easy to see why she would want to be more like the woman of the household. But there is also the issue that she isn't the woman of the household. Annie is. It's Annie's house, and it is a bit presumptious that Lucy would think she could just breeze in and take over from someone who obviously enjoys doing it, and is in no place of giving it up. The result in the end, with the both of them doing it together, was what should of been done in the first place. Ease into it Luce, don't come charging in thinking you can knock your mother out of the way, when there is no reason for her to step aside. One day you'll have a house of your own, and you can be the cook and decorator. At least, we hope you have a house of your own one day.

    Simon and the increasingly annoying Georgia have a small part in this episode. Something big is up between the two of them. Unless your blind and deaf, you don't need them to say what is up because you definitley already know. It is addressed in the following episode, "Gratitude", with smashing success.

    In the end, "Thanksgiving" was a fantastic episode that really felt like classic 7th Heaven. It had the right feel, the right drama, and everyone(excluding Mary, of course)was there. It might not be as high in the ranks with season one's "Halloween", or season three's "Here Comes Santa Claus", but it't the closest the show has ever come. It is a season 9 stand out, and it finally gives Annie, and the great Catherine Hicks, some major screen time. Great episode.moreless
  • In this very special episode we see Annie braking her back to prepare the best Thanksgiving ever for all her family, which would be great....if any of the family planned to attend...moreless

    I must say first that "Thanksgiving" was one of the FEW episodes where I enjoyed every single storyline. This was truly a very special episode because it brought me back to the good old days of 7th Heaven and I really felt like crying...I get emotional easily.

    *Matt & Sarah~ Yay! They're back! I really loved seeing these two back on the show and together. We haven't seen Sarah for so long! I love her! So, we learn later that Sarah and Matt are back in Glenoak to provide moral support to the Camdens as Simon and his girlfriend (is that Georgia? Still?) gave them some bad news (ooo, she's preggers!)Anyway, onto Annie and her little call to the Dean of Matt and Sarah's medical school (her call to the Dean at HOME). She is one stubborn woman. I don't think Matt should have blown up at her in the kitchen though, but on the other hand, I think he had a perfect reason to be upset.

    *Annie and her Thanksgiving Plans~ Poor Annie. All she wants is one holiday where she and all her children will be together. Unfortunately most of her family has made plans already:

    -Matt & Sarah~ need to be in medical school.

    -Simon~ he's got some problems (plus he has to work at the radio station in his college)

    -Mary, Carlos, & Charles Miguel~ Peurto Rico w/ Carlos's family.

    -Ruthie~ Peurto Rico w/ them (above)

    -Martin~ going camping with Mac

    -Twins~ having Thanksgiving with Lucy.

    -Lucy~ cooking Thanksgiving dinner without her mother's approval (silly, silly girl)

    -Kevin~ probably still out looking for acorns (just kidding, hehe)

    Since practically none of her family will be able to attend her feast, Annie gets upset (I would be too) and teels everyone that they're "Not my family". Aww! Poor Annie! I'll be your family! If I shrunk a little bit and went to a tanning salon I could take Ruthie's place and use her big room as my own. I'd probably bring my own clothes though. I thought it was nice how they all felt bad for being party poopers and leaving their ,obviosuly upset, mother on Thanksgiving.

    *Martin & Annie~ Wasn't this adorable? That picture was so cute! It was a mini Martin (aka. Tyler Hoechlin) He was such a sweetie for making Annie feel better with his little family speech.It sure cheeed her up pretty fast. Good work Martin!

    *Lucy & Kevin~ Hehe. Hehehehe. I can't believe Lucy sent Kevin out to find acorns. Even more, I can't believe that Lucy would plan a whole Thanksgiving meal without telling her mother what she was doing. Hello? Earth to Lucy? You need to tell people these things! I thought it was funny how Kevin brought her walnuts. They look nothing like acorns. I can't believe Kevin didn't know what an acorn looked like. Oh, Kevin, what are we going to do with you?

    *Simon and Georgia~ I thought these two would be broken up by now. Wait...weren't they? Maybe not...I don't know. Anyway, it's obvious little miss Georgia peach is pregnant. What else could it be?

    I would definately give this episode a 10/10. I loved every second of it.


    *Obviosuly Brenda Hampton likes Martha Stewart. That was obvious by Lucy defending her in the garage apartment.

    *I still can't believe Kevin doesn't know what acorns look like...

    *Ha! When Annie was like "Oh Martin, Have I told you lately how glad I am that you are staying with us?" and Martin answered "Not lately." I was cracking up. Martin seems to love being complimented. I don't blame him.

    *Tyler Hoechlin was so cute when he was little! I wonder if that is his real mom...moreless
  • It's Thanksgiving in the Camden household, but they're celebrating it a week early. Matt and Sarah make an appearance!

    Well another week of 7th Heaven has gone by. This episode was definitely very pleasant, as it focused on all of the Camdens throughout the whole thing. It really felt like a classic 7th Heaven episode and the fact it was a Thanksgiving one was just a bonus, since we haven't gotten a Thanksgiving episode since way back in season one. This was the best episode of the season thus far, ranking right up their with Fathers.

    Annie and Eric: Is Annie pregnant too?! With her moodswings (aka, 'craziness') this episode I would think she is. Either that or the writers pulled a Smallville on us and had Lucy and Annie change

    bodies without really letting us know. Anyway, it was

    perfectly understandable for Annie to be upset about not having Matt and Sarah their for Thanksgiving, but I wouldn't think she should of been so rude. I mean she knows they're medical students and have certain obligations, and the fact that Annie would call their Dean is totally unbelievable. Besides why is she giving Matt the cold shoulder for not being able to make it due to school obligations, when Mary isn't coming because she's "on a trip"? I knew Jessica Biel wasn't able to appear in the episode, but I'm just saying. So through about half the episode she was acting very crazy and obsessive about Thanksgiving, but then when she broke down and told Eric the reason it totally redeemed the character from when she told everyone they're not her family and stormed out. We

    never got to see a realistic reaction to Annie's father's death, so I'm glad the writers did it here and what better time to do it than on Thanksgiving, which is the first one without her dad?

    Eric in this episode was once again the loving husband who, thank goodness, finally realized why Annie was so upset. I thought it was perfect that Eric should be the one to get Annie to tell him what's going on. The scene where Annie is crying about her father being gone was one of the best scenes I've seen between Eric and Annie in YEARS! Perhaps since season 7 in Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn (the basement scene) and It's Not Always About You (in Eric's therapy session). It's nice that the writers are making Eric and Annie the core of 7th Heaven again after they were second banana to all the extras in

    season 8. Also Eric has been having some really good interactions with Kevin lately, such as their talk at the end of Fathers and now in this episode in the backyard when Kevin was asking about the acorns and Eric was asking Kevin if he could get Lucy to let Annie host Thanksgiving. It was really funny when Eric told Kevin, "Not those nuts, our nuts...Annie and Lucy." The two have been really bonding this season which is nice to see since they really really did before too much. Overall, this storyline with Annie and Eric was probably the best of the episode as it was so emotional and sad.

    Matt and Sarah: YES! Finally, Sarah made a guest appearance this season. It was sooo good to see her, she was missed greatly. And of course it was great to see Barry Watson again. I must say, Matt is a lot more interesting when he has a storyline with his wife Sarah. Before when he guest-starred alone this season he was kind of pointless to the plot and boring, but definitely not in this episode. What made these two so interesting was that we found out they only came to give Simon and Georgia support, as they

    knew Simon's secret. I felt bad for these two in this episode, as they flew all the way to Glen Oak to be with the Camdens only to be treated so rudely. Sure, they understand why Annie was like that, but it must've been unneeded stress for them as they also had Simon's secret to keep and their own marital problems to try and hide for sake of the holidays. Speaking of which, last season Matt and Sarah's marriage went through a lot and last we heard on that was in the season finale. Sure they made up and agreed to work on their marriage, but Matt had did just thought about getting a divorce and going out with his ex-girlfriend Heather. They seemed so happy in this episode, it makes one wonder if the writers are going to continue their path to achieving a happier marriage (and showing it on-screen) or if they're (the writers) are gonna drop this storyline this season completely.

    Kevin and Lucy: Some might say Lucy acted crazy once again in this episode, and maybe she did a little, but she rightfully did in my opinion and I actuallly had sympathy for the poor girl. She's married, her first child is on the way, it's natural for her to start to want to begin to feel like a mother and cook Thanksgiving this year and take care of everyone, her family, just as she'll have to do with her baby daughter. She wants to take on the role that she's watched her mother do for over twenty years and now start to be the mother herself, instead of feeling like just the daughter. We really saw Lucy's motherly instincts come out in this episode. If this show goes on for a season 10, I'd like to see another Thanksgiving episode where Lucy and Kevin have their own house, Lucy hosts Thanksgiving and cooks the dinner, and all the Camdens and friends (hopefully Mary too) come to Lucy and Kevin's new house. Getting back to the episode, Kevin and Lucy are really growing this season. Kevin just couldn't tell Lucy that he thinks she should let her mom do it again and instead just went to find acorns like Lucy wanted. It was cute and funny though that Lucy could tell Kevin was not telling her something and told him to "freeze" as he was getting up so willingly to gather acorns. I'm really looking forward to watching these two in parenthood, as the storylines will be countless as to what the writers can do with the new baby and new parents.

    Simon and Georgia: I was disappointed to only see one scene with David Gallagher, but it's okay considering the rest of the episode was still great. Okay, about the storyline, does anyone think Georgia is really pregnant? I think she is. I mean why would she go through all of this of telling her parents if she wasn't? Plus I'm sure Simon was smart enough to have her take a pregnancy in front of him. Though we still don't really know enough about this storyline to know for sure, but next weeks it seems we'll find out the answer. Like I said, I think she's pregnant and her and Simon will end up getting engaged at the end of the series/season. For some reason the writers feel the need to marry off every Camden kid who's over 18. I wouldn't be surprised if they have Ruthie get married! Jeez! I mean if the writers want Simon married with a kid so much, just please bring back Ashlee Simpson because Cecilia and Simon were sooo good together in season 7. But it doesn't look like that's gonna happen since the writers already started with the pregnancy storyline with Georgia. Oh well, right? I'm still quite interested in seeing if she's pregnant or not, and if she is will she have the baby or have an abortion? That'll really put a wedge between Eric and Simon, though I really don't see 7th Heaven going there. We'll just have to wait and watch.

    Overall this episode was GREAT!!! We got a Thanksgiving episode with Matt, Simon, and Sarah. And as a treat Carlos an Charles. A lot of good emotional, funny scenes between the characters especially Eric/Annie, Eric/Kevin, Martin/Annie, Matt/Sarah, Simon/Georgia, and Lucy/Kevin. Next week only looks to be better, with both Matt and Simon back again and Lucy possibly going into labor at the grocery store, 7th Heaven is getting good again!

    Grade: 5 out of 5

    Other Thoughts:

    *Mackenzie (Ruthie) not only looked so grown up, but also sounded a lot different. Did she have a cold during the taping of this episode, or has puberty suddenly hit her at full-speed?

    *The absense of Mary is really becoming annoying and odd. I mean why would Mary go on a trip rather than spending the holidays with her husband, son, and other family? Maybe it was ffor work, but the writers didn't specify. They just said she's "on a trip."

    *The twins were actually pretty good in this episode, especially the taller one. I actually saw more emotion in his face and he's saying his lines a lot clearer now. He's pretty good. The shorter one has a lisp or something because I can hardly understand anything thay he says.

    *Why does Ruthie wanna get away so bad? First she wanted to spend the year in Mexico in last season finale, now she wants to go to Puerto Rico? Seems like ALL the Camden kids want out of the house, I'm just waiting for the twins to fly the coop!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The reason Annie wants everyone home for Thanksgiving is because its the first one without her father since he died.

    • Response: Regarding the size of Lucy's belly. All women are different sizes when they are in different stages of their pregnancy. Plus, Lucy is small therefore the reason for her small belly.

    • Just a nitpick: I'm not entirely sure on how big a woman's belly gets when pregnant, but considering that if Lucy is to give birth in January...being only 2 months away now, her belly still seems kind of small nearly 7 months into pregnancy.

    • When Annie and the twins come down the stairs, Annie says that they are hungry and Sarah and the twins say that they will make sandwiches. A moment later Sarah has a plate of huge sandwhices in her hand. They would not have time to make those sandwiches in just a few seconds.

    • In this episode Eric said Annie made Thanksgiving dinner every year but in the episode The Last Call for Aunt Julie the kids made it.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Eric to Kevin: "Keep Lucy away from Annie."

    • Lucy to Eric: This year Thanksgiving is all mine

    • Kevin to Eric: Ok, I bought walnuts and I'm going to tell Lucy they are big acorns. Do you think that will work?"

      Eric to Kevin: "We have a problem."

      Kevin to Eric: "Fine I'll go find the stinkin' acorns."

      Eric to Kevin: "No, not with the nuts. With our nuts...Annie and Lucy."

      Kevin to Eric: "You tell Annie she can't have her Thanksgiving."

      Eric to Kevin: "I'd rather eat glass."

      Kevin to Eric:(holding up a bag of walnuts) "Do you think I can convince Lucy that these are really big acorns?"

      Kevin to Eric: "I don't even know what acorns look like!"

      Annie to Camdens and friends: "You aren't my family!"

      More Coming Soon!

    • Mac to Everyone: "What's up with you guys?"

      Matt to Everyone: "I'm not hungry."

      David to Everyone: "Can we go."

      Sam to Everyone: "Were finished."

      Sarah to Sam and David: "You didn't eat anything.

      Sam to Sarah: "Were not hungry too."

      David to Sarah: "Yeah!"

      Kevin to Lucy: "You really should eat."

      Lucy to Kevin: "I can't eat, were not her family. So what do we do?"

      Matt to Everyone: "I don't know what we can do but I hope there's something dad can do."

      Martin to Mac: "How can you eat?"

      Mac to Martin: "What I'm hungry. Hey if I lose my appetite every time there was a problem in my house I would have never eaten my parents fought constistly when I was growing up there always yelling and calling each oter names it either stave or adapt so I chose adapt. Can you pass the soda please?"

  • NOTES (5)


    • Lucy: "I want it to be just like Colonial times, with pilgrims and everything"
      The story of the origin of Thanksgiving, in the U.S.A. (because Canada and other coutries have their own Thanksgivings as well) basically is that when the first people traveled here (the pilgrims), to the "colonies", to start a new life in the "New World", Native Americans helped them out, and later they celebrated their survival and new harvest with a meal of Thanksgiving to the Indians and God.

    • Lucy: "Martha Stewart."
      Lucy talks to Eric on how unfair Martha Stewart was treated in a recent court trial. Martha Stewart is a well known industry homemaker in crafts and kitchen with her company Martha Inc and television series. She recently was imprisioned for a 5 month term after being found guilty of illegal trading of stocks in her company.