7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 19

That Touch of Bink (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2003 on The CW
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Eric and Chandler enlist the help of Mrs. Bink (guest star Eileen Brennan) to raise money for the church's leaky roof, but it turns out she needs a little help of her own. Meanwhile, Ruthie's boyfriend, Peter (guest star Scotty Leavenworth), suspects that his mother's new boyfriend has some secrets to hide; and Lucy and Roxanne have a girls' night out on the town during which Lucy shares intimate details of her newlywed life. Meanwhile, the twins steal money from their parents, Kevin, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and from the can in the kitchen.moreless

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  • I hate Ruthie

    This season has got to be the worst because of Ruthie Camden. She is not only an unbearable know it all but she is a snitch. Why should Peter remain friends with this little bitch?
  • Loved it!

    The church roof collapses. Paris has a new beau, Dick, but Peter dislikes him. Roxanne and Lucy agree to meet for pizza every Monday night. Mrs. Bink helps raise money for the roof. Eric finds out that she has cancer. Chandler moves in with her to help her. Dick threatens Peter. Lucy tells Roxanne about her and Kevin's honeymoon. Sam and David steal from various people to help make money for the church.

    This was a great episode! I can't believe that Mrs. Bink has cancer! That's so sad. I'm glad Roxanne and Lucy are finally friends. I feel bad for Peter. His instinct about Dick was right! He was up to no-good. This was a great episode and it gets a 10!moreless
  • 'That touch of bink' was an excellent episode!

    This episode was boss! it was really good but I think they should have shown the HONEYMOON! Other than that.. great episode and i know the series is ending but i\'ve been looking at 7th Heaven for 5 years now and i\'ve never missed a Monday night premiere! May God shower all of his blessings towards you if you\'re addicted to 7th Heaven just like me but if not he shall sin you!moreless
  • Wow, now that's what I call an episode of "7th Heaven"! This episode had it's funny moments, serious moments, creepy moments and sad moments. I must say this episode was a 10 all the way.moreless

    Wow, now that's what I call an episode of "7th Heaven"! This episode had it's funny moments, serious moments, creepy moments and sad moments. I must say this episode was a 10 all the way. I know I gave a 10 to last weeks wedding episode but only because I enjoyed the return of the whole family again (Barry watson and Jessica Biel). This episode really did deserve one. Where should I start....

    Eric anc Chandler: What a great opening to the episode of Eric and Chandler both giving the service at the church and his official return with Lou's speech. Eric really gave a powerful speech on how he realized how human he is even though being a minister and servant of God he can also stray away. With that I think he will be more happy with his job in the future and more understanding to people's future problems as he realizes more how it's easy for people to stray and be more able to relate to them. He sure hasn't lost his touch since being gone of counseling people. Eric was at the top of his game in this episode. Even afterwards it was showing when he and Chandler were with Mrs. Bink and counseling her and finding help for her and the church's leaky roof.

    Mrs. Bink: First, let me say it is always a delight to have Eileen Breneen back on the show playing sassy Mrs. Bink. She is one of my absolute favorite recurring characters ever on the series. But ,anyway, she did not disappoint this week as she was up in her ways as usual this week. Was I the only one laughing when she was threatening parishioners on the phone with their bad deeds in order to get them to cough up money for the churchs' roof. But seriously, it was heartbreaking to hear that she has leukemia. What's even worse is that Eric's congregation wouldn't help Mrs. Bink in the long run. Sure, she might not be the most pleasant to them as she threatens them for money but being the people of Glenoak and church-goers you think they would help the needy in crisis, even though their not your favorite person. Mrs. Bink you deserve better and I'm glad Eric and Chandler were there for you! Those church people were a bunch of ingrates! If I was Mrs. Bink I would isolate myself from the congregation too and bribe them whenever I can!

    Kevin, Lucy and Roxanne: It's is just me or did the writers do a complete 180 degree turn on Lucy's character this week? Not that I'm complaining but she seemed well---normal in this episode. I guess the wedding and honeymoon night (wink, wink!) really cured her of her insaneness that she's been having all season long. Plus, I'm glad that her and Roxanne are officially friends now as they seem to now able have a good "girls night" out and talk about intimate matters in their lives. I'm so glad those WB promos were wrong when they showed what look like Lucy talking to her father about her sex life with Kevin. That would've been just disgusting! Plus, good for Lucy to know she can't talk to people like her parents or guys in her family about her recent sex life with her husband. She could still talk to Mary though. Even though she's not there she could use a phone to talk to Mary and still talk to Roxanne.

    The twins: Sam and David: This is the first episode where the twins had a really STRONG subplot on their own. While I admit it was a cute storyline, I'm surprised that the twins that young really know what money is. When I was that young it was green stuff that people just gave back and forth. I didn't know what it was used for exactly. But since these little guys are so little and the pressure of being in front of a film crew they did a pretty good job. Just wish the writers made them more hipper and not so quiet on screen.

    Ruthie, Peter, Paris and Dick: Ok, this storyline took a turn that I very much liked. Thank you, writers! First, I was a bit curious that out of all the names in the world why would Brenda Hampton call her new character "Dick" and next weeks episode title "Dick." After seeing Dick (William R. Moses) in this episode I know why (wink, wink). Brenda, you hit it on the money and appropriately named this charater. I knew ahead of time that Peter and Dick would have problems from spoilers but I didn't think it would go that far. Throughout most of the episode I was in Dick's corner as Peter was VERY rude to basically everyone in the episode just because he didn't like his mother's new boyfriend, but what Dick said to Peter at the end of the episode was creepy and terrifying- especially saying it to a 12 year old. Threatening to get rid of his dog? Threatening to get him out of the house? Dick went farther than Peter ever did and in church too! I understood why he didn't say anything, as no one would beleive him as they think he was just trying to get him and Paris to break up and was being a brat. This kid is in a bad position and I can't wait for it to fall out next week as the rest of the family (mostly Eric, Ruthie, Chandler and Kevin) gets to know Dick more, and I don't think it will be good.

    Overall, this episode was excellent! Eric is finally happy and back in church and side-by side with Chandler (which we have been waiting for all season), Lucy is finally married and seems to be going sane again (Praise the Lord!), the twins finally get a leveled out storyline of their own and every other Camden is happy at the moment which we kind of like. Also, the upcoming conflicts in Peter and Ruthie's lives is drawing much anticipation in the coming weeks and will lead to an a great season ender.

    Grade: **10 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:

    * Sorry Catherine and David, no major storylines for you this week.

    *Whatever happened to the poor, homeless family that moved in with Mrs. in the season 1 episode "With a Little Help from My Friends"? Just wondering

    *David Gallagher is sure making an appearance with those sideburns oh his!

    *It was quite dangerous seeing Eric, the choir and Chandler still standing at the pulpit when they saw the ceiling was falling apart. Weren't they concerned a big piece might fall off and crack their head open?

    *I'm really getting used to Peter being around. But his mother Paris needs to be so man desperate, don't you think?moreless
William R. Moses

William R. Moses


Guest Star

Heather McPhaul

Heather McPhaul

The Nurse

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Eileen Brennan

Eileen Brennan

Mrs. Gladys Bink

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Scotty Leavenworth

Scotty Leavenworth

Peter Petrowski

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Shannon Kenny

Shannon Kenny

Paris Petrowski

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • "How far could Kevin and Lucy have gone? The airports were closed. They would have had to drive, not be able to fly anywhere." Most people leave for their honeymoon the day after the wedding by which time the airports would have been opened again

    • When did Annie finish the garage apartment, you see her start the work in the episode "High Aniexty", but did very little because she was talking to Patrica Hamiltion.

    • When Kevin drops off Peter he says he can go to his apartment. Wouldn't he have said his and Lucy's apartment?

    • When Kevin drops Peter off at the Camdens he says he is going back to the station and take Roxanne home, but at the beginning Roxanne says she is going to pick Kevin up.

    • How far could Kevin and Lucy have gone? The airports were closed. They would have had to drive, not be able to fly anywhere.

    • When Kevin busts Peter at the promenade and tells him to turn around, he is giving the ticket person his money, then he goes over to Kevin, and then they leave. But he never got his money back.

    • When Dick is in his car and makes a right hand turn around the corner to talk to Ruthie and Peter it looked like he was going the opposite direction on that one-way street.

    • Why was it that Eric, Chandler and the choir didn't run off the church stage and pulpit when they saw the ceiling was chipping off and leaking? God forbid anyone would get hurt if a really big piece fell on one of them.

    • It was mentioned a lot but, very simply, where was Lucy and Kevin's honeymoon?

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Dick: (Showing his true colors for the first time) You're not going to mess things up between Paris and Me. Try it again, and I'll manage to get your dog out of the house, and then, I'll get you out of the house. Understand, kid?

    • Kevin to Roxanne: "Don't you have any woman friends to talk to?"

    • Roxanne: "You wanted us to be friends. Now we're frinds."

    • Ruthie to Kevin and Lucy: "Give it a rest! I haven't even eaten breakfast yet."

      Dick to Peter: "I think this is the perfect time to tell you that if you try to mess things up with your mom and I, I can manage to get your dog out of the house. After that I can manage to get you out of the house."

      Lucy to Kevin: "I missed you this morning."

      Kevin to Lucy: "And I missed you last night."

      More coming soon!

  • NOTES (7)


    • Episode Title: That Touch of Bink

      It is a reference to the 1962 movie, That Touch of Mink, starring Doris Day and Cary Grant.