7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 13

The Fine Art of Parenting

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on The CW

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  • Overall, this was an enjoyable episode and much better than last week's "Very Special" episode where Lucy delivered in the elevator despite my complaints on Lucy and Annie's behavior, it was still enjoyable and written pretty good.

    Well, it's now about halfway through the season and are now on the thirteenth episode of 7th Heaven this season. After last weeks non-suspenseful and very disappointing episode (at least for me) things do look better and on the up-and-up with this good episode as Lucy and Kevin have brought Savannah to Eric and Annie's home for the time being and we get back to our usual Camden episodes of misunderstandings and manipulating. We've missed you since last November. Let's break it down...

    Lucy and Kevin: As Kevin and Lucy are now back from the hospital and now settling in the Camden home, instead of the garage apartment with new daughter Savannah in tow, the new family encounters quite a bit of problems with the new (and hopefully) temporary arrangement. A very happy and free Lucy is showing off baby Savannah to anyone who'll see her, even with the chargin of Annie and Kevin, while Kevin is very paranoid over being alone with the baby and his wife; particularly afraid that his daughter will stop breathing while he's sleeping. Even though I have yet to experience the "art of parenting" myself, I could see why he'd be paranoid on his daughter not breathing and watching her. Many parents probably feel the same, especially when you hear cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It's rather shocking and disturbing of babies dying all of the sudden in their sleep as they stop breathing because of SIDS. Not only that, but Kevin too knew that Lucy wasn't making right choices in this episode by letting so many people see Savannah when they know she needs to kept away from germs as much as possible, and later on he argues with her about this. Not only that, but with Lucy letting her parents do too much of the work that she should be doing and taking advantage of them. Of course they do make up in time, with Kevin apologizes for snapping at her and Lucy realizing she's letting her parents do too much, and compromising over still moving into their new home in a few months when she is ready.

    In the end though, I still don't get why Lucy and Kevin are still living at the Camdens. Lucy once again admits that she needs time---in her case a few months before she can leave home with the baby and Kevin. Seriously, if Lucy is able to get married, have a job as an associate pastor and being the one to get pregnant in the first place---she is sure now capable of moving out as soon as possible. I'm sure this is part of the writers ploy to keep the couple still close to the family and for show purposes, but it's no longer believable even by this shows standards. It's starting to look pathetic and too co-dependent on Lucy and Kevin's part, especially when they already have a nice and beautiful home waiting for them not too far away. It doesn't make sense, and unfortunately it was great lowpoint in this episode. They need to go! Please writers!

    Eric and Annie: As new parents Kevin and Lucy are adjusting to the idea of now being parents, grandparents Eric and Annie take on more of the slack. Now, as much as I've complained about Annie's behavior in recent episodes over her closeness with her children, particularly her daughter Lucy on staying in the house with them even though she is a grown woman with a family, she did have reason to be concerned and over protective this time, when Lucy wasn't---and should've been in regards to Savannah. A very free and happy Lucy is letting anyone see Savannah who drops by at this the house and Annie doesn't think it's a good idea since Savannah is a new baby and having many people over can bring a lot of germs---which is the last thing a newborn infant needs as their immune system is not fully ready yet. For Annie to be concerned with that was fine, but as we find out later on, she's still hooked on the idea of Kevin, Lucy and baby staying for as long as they can. Why?

    Eric on the other wants them to get out and move into their new home as soon as possible (Who can blame him?) while Kevin is too uncomfortable with the arrangement they have and is scared that Savannah will stop breathing, so he too wants to leave the house. Thank goodness, Eric, has a different opinion on them staying in the home and, in fact, wants them to leave as soon as possible. He does his best to be there as a father and grandfather, but knows it's time for them to go. He doesn't push it so much to the chargin of Annie and not upsetting her and daughter, but he sure is right in this case. Seriously, Annie and Lucy need to let go already. It makes them look bad than they should.

    It was also a delight to see Mrs. Beeker (Edie McClurg) again who hasn't appeared since season 5 (i.e. Gossip). I wonder why she wasn't at the baby shower last week, but I can understand actually, if you remember the previous one when Sam and David were about to be born when she practically ransacked their house! Ah, the memories! Anyway, after all these years there's still that hidden tension between Annie and Mrs. Beeker that has yet to fully resolve of church lady vs. minister's wife. I love it! They always play those scenes well. It was also great to see Lou (Alan Fudge) there for that little bit in this episode, even if was only was a second to see Savannah.

    Ruthie and Vincent: As the rest of the Camden's mainly focus on new baby Savannah in the house, Ruthie has her eye on a boy at school that she's too scared to go up to, Vincent (Thomas Dekker). She finally has the perfect opportunity to get someone else, in this case it is Martin after she finds him in a conflicting position of seeing Zoe leave his apartment and manipulating him to help her in nailing Vincent. As so, he does help her in getting Vincent to notice her, but Vincent thinks it's for another reason as his parents wanted him to meet her father Rev. Camden anyway for something else. He thinks he's being set up with Ruthie as a ploy from his parents and Rev. Camden, but he's finally cleared up of that when he finally talks to Eric later on when he's invited over at the house after he calls Rev. Camden. It turns out Vincent's parents want him to go to church for some reason, but he doesn't want to go. In fact Vincent's parents don't even go to church, but want him to go. At this point Eric tries to salvage this by having a somewhat strange conversation with Vincent about church being good---then somehow leading to sex. Eric sure does have a fascination over teenagers and sex and manages to bring it up a lot no matter what the original topic may be. Very strange. Anyway, the conversation between them is very humorous, yet odd and intriguing on the comic book references he gives Vincent to in regards to church being similar and also "graduating" to reality. All in all, very good scenes.

    As we finally do meet Vincent's parents when they finally do talk to Eric we find out why in the most subtle way. Apparently they want him to go to church because they don't know what to do with him, and church might be the answer to keep him preoccupied. Apparently, for most of Vincent's life his grandparents took care of him as they lived in their house with them, but since they retired to Hawaii, they don't know how to parent know without their help. Obviously this was a ploy by the writers to tie in Lucy and Kevin's storyline of staying in the house with the family, which couldn't be anymore obvious to the viewer saying "yeah, we get it." Next time writers, try to be a little more subtle in the storytelling and crossroading, it was coming a mile away. And yet, I like Vincent. He was a really nice drawn out character with a great personality so far, especially when talking to Eric. His caricature parents they could do without though, but Vincent was very good. It's pretty obvious we'll be seeing him more in the coming weeks and I'm actually looking forward to it. Every boyfriend that Ruthie has I seem to like more and more. Vincent's been already in one episode and he is already better than Peter, Jake and Harry.

    Martin and Zoe: As previously stated above Martin (Tyler Hoechlin) is in a rare position in this episode as he group studies with a girl, Zoe (Katie Cassidy) in his new garage apartment. But unfortunately they accidently fall asleep, with both on different couches and nothing happening at all between them. This then leads Ruthie later on to bust them when she's leaving later on in the morning. Not only is Ruthie doing some manipulating, but Zoe is as well towards Martin. Later on she tries to tell Martin that she wants to tell everyone in school that they slept together so she'll be more popular among her friends, and that he has to agree to it or she'll make up a different story to her parents than what she said earlier to them and that'll put Martin in a lot of heat.

    There is one thing that needs to be asked though; what is with the young ladies of Glen Oak? Are they all misguided little tramps who lie about things to get a guy to do their bidding (i.e. Georgia, Cheryl and Roxanne). Does Brenda Hampton hate young women? Because she sure has done a good job over the years in writing a lot of them like they're manipulating tramps. Anyway, Martin doesn't take her crap in lying about what happened the other night as she goes off, leaving him a bad position. In fact this storyline is yet unresolved in the end on whether she told people or not, maybe we'll find out in the coming weeks.

    As already stated, Ruthie takes advantage of this as she keeps her mouth shut to get her way with Martin into doing her bidding and so does Martin even though they do realize others are catching up to what is really go on. It still has to be said that Martin is one rare of a kind teenager. He's the only single guy his age that I'm sure would ever object to a pretty thing like Zoe telling her friends that her and Martin had sex. Yes, that includes myself, I'de be more than willing in letting her brag, but that's me.

    Overall, this was an enjoyable episode and much better than last week's "Very Special" episode where Lucy delivered in the elevator despite my complaints on Lucy and Annie's behavior, it was still enjoyable and written pretty good. I'm still trying to discard my disappointment from the last episode, but now it's a little easier after a watching a more satisfying episode, and yet again, Simon and Matt were not in it. That's another plus when looking at how great another episode was without them, and yet they appeared in last week's dreck. Oh, well. Until next week as Ruthie and Vincent apparently start their "first date." See ya!

    Grade: **8 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits:
    *It's sort of sad that Sam and David at 5-6 years old can't do things on their own still, especially unwrapping an ice cream wrapper before you eat it on it!

    *What was with the scene when Martin picked Ruthie up and carried her on his shoulder when he didn't want her to answer the door? That came out of nowhere, and yet she didn't speak when he had done it until so long after she responded. I bet she got a little high off it, eh, Ruthie?
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