7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 13

The Fine Art of Parenting

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on The CW

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  • This episode was very good, with interesting and believable storylines. Plus we got to see Kevin embarrassed by people seeing him in his boxers. That never happens!

    I really enjoyed "The Fine Art of Parenting" for several reasons. I found every storyline enjoyable and I found every storyline actually believable. This episode wasn't a classic, but was definately worth watching.

    Lucy, Annie & Savannah~ Awww! Let me just say that I think Savannah is adorable. She does look a tiny bit big for her age, but I know 7th Heaven time is probably not real time, so I'll forgive and forget. Obviosly, Lucy is very excited in this episode and really wants to show off her baby and her new parenting skills. Throughtout the whole episode random people (people we know, but don't really know) start coming and knocking on the Camden House, bearing gifts and begging to catch a glimpse of the new addition to the Kinkirk/Camden family. May I add that all these people were uninvited, and should have called to make sure that they were welcome to see the very young, highly susceptible infant. I do agree with Annie that Lucy shouldn't have allowed ALL those people to see the baby so early on, but it was Lucy's decision as a parent, so it was her responsibility and right to show off Savannah. I do think Lucy will be a good mother, though, and I can't wait to watch her parenting skills as Savannah grows older.

    Kevin & Eric~ Poor Kevin. He was constantly embarrassed throughout this whole episode. His boxers were revealed to practically the whole Glenoak community (as well as millions of viewers all over the world). It was all kind of amusing. I also felt bad for him when he started to feel like he was losing his "role" as the father, but I don't think he was being rational. I mean, Lucy was the one who went through the whole pregnancy (and bedrest) and all young mothers are excited when they have their first baby, and alot of times the mothers get more attention than the fathers (even though they are equal in the whole parent thing). Kevin has nothing to worry about. After th initial "I'm a mother" phase, Lucy will be making him babysit all the time. I can't wait to watch that.

    Eric has to lighten up. I understand that he doesn't want Lucy and Kevin to become too dependent on his and Annie's help, but Lucy just had the baby like a week ago. First-time mothers always need a little help when they first have the baby, and the parents of the mother and/or father are usually the first people they go to. I think that Eric and Annie should ease up a bit later on, but right now Lucy and Kevin need all the help they can get.

    *Martin & Zoe~ This was a somewhat original storyline that I really liked. Although I am a little annoyed that every episode they are either taking about Martin's father or wondering about Martin's virginity, I do think this was a good and realistic storyline for two kids in highschool. I did wonder why Zoe's parents didn't question Zoe a little more after she was gone all night without calling. Zoe fell asleep on Martin's couch so she could tell everybody at their highschool that they had sex. I do find a little bt pathetic, but atleast she's not just going out and finding some random guy to REALLY have sex with. I don't like Zoe that much so I won't stick up for her any farther. I must say that Martin dealt with this problem maturely (with the exception of not telling the Mr. and Mrs. Camden).

    *Ruthie, Vincent & Martin~ Yes! We see Ruthie is back to her annoying spying! I always wondered how she manages to find out EVERY single secret and mishap that goes on within the Camden walls. It must be a gift she was naturally born with. Anyway, Ruthie sees Zoe leave in the morning with the same clothes on that she had seen Zoe wear the night before. Immediately Ruthie assumes that Zoe stayed over night in Martin's apartment (yes) and that Martin and her had sex (no). She then blackmails Martin with her knowledge and makes him ask Vincent out for Ruthie (Ruthie wants to date him not Martin). I found this all quite amusing as well since Martin actually took the bait and asked Vincent if he would go out with Ruthie. Of course, it all blew up in Ruthie's face. Somehow, though, she did end up getting kissed in the end of the episode. I don't understand how Vincent and Ruthie went from hardly knowing each other to kissing in the Camden's backyard. It all felt sudden. I was also suprised that Eric didn't seem upset about that but he practically gave him self 3rd degree burns from spilling hot coffe on himself earier in the season when Ruthie said she just wanted to go out with Harry (Aaron Carter). I don't get it.

    This was a very good episode and deserves a 9/10