7th Heaven

Season 9 Episode 13

The Fine Art of Parenting

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on The CW

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  • Lucy and baby are back home, but has Lucy learned anything?.

    Last week we were treated to the birth(finally!)of Savannah Kinkirk, baby daughter to Lucy and Kevin in "Paper Or Plastic?", an episode I liked really well. But I soon got the feeling that maybe the run of strong episodes season nine had to offer in it's first half, was starting to come to an end. This wasn't too bad of an episode, but it gave the impression that the season was going to go into a rut. An all too familiar rut that the show, in the previous two seasons or so, always seemed to find itself in. The show seems to have it's best and strongest episodes in the first half of the season, and the second half finds itself stuffed with the mediocre ones just filling up space to get to the big finale. Season nine seems to be following in the same tradition. This episode is one of only two high points in the last half of season nine. The other being the strong "Tangled Web We Weaved". I remember the wonderful episode, "It Happened One Night", way back in season three. The episode that dealt with Annie coming home with the twins after delivering them in "In Praise Of Women". While this episode was a bit better than average, we weren't treated to as good an episode as IHON. But what did happen?. Read on...

    Lucy and baby Savannah are coming home from the hospital. But as of now, home is now back in the Camden household. They have moved into the house, and into Sam and David's room(originally Simon and Ruthie's), and the twins have moved into the infamous "Hello Kitty" room, previously occupied by Martin, who now takes residence in Lucy and Kevin's garage apartment. Still with me?. Good. Some argue that the couple should be in their own home. Yes, they should, but since Kevin must of just gotten that big, beautiful home, it's probably not ready to be moved into. And if you have seen all of season nine, it never will be. But the decision to move into the house pretty much makes sense. They want to be closer to everyone in case there is an emergency with the baby, and close enough for some help. But Annie is concerned with Lucy on things she is doing in her newfound parental role. Lucy is excited with Savannah, and will show her off to anyone who wants to see. This is not exactly unthinkable. Who wouldn't be excited and proud of their newborn baby and want to show them off?. But Lucy seems to be more thrilled and excited with the idea of her being a mother and having a baby, instead of knowing and acting upon issues that she should of known already. Annie is concerned that Lucy is exposing the baby to many germs with all of the people she is letting into the house to see Savannah. This is just common knowledge when having a baby. You keep it out of the public for it's first few weeks so as not to be exposed to anything. This makes it clear that Lucy still has a lot of learning and growing up to do. There are responsibilities that she doesn't seem to be too quick with yet. At least it gave the writers an excuse to show Lou again. My god man, where've you been?!.

    It's not just Lucy who are having issues with the baby and the way things are now. Kevin had his own predicament with Savannah when he thought she stopped breathing. This is not out of the ordinary for new parents to be so extremely cautious and worried about things. A newborn baby is an extraordinary thing, and it comes with all new thoughts and worries. When it is your first child, and you are newly christened parents, you are sort of at a loss. You have never taken care of a baby before, and it's just all new. To new parents, a cough or a sneeze would be cause for alarm. And then there is Eric and Annie who have thoughts on their involvement with the baby. They feel that maybe with the Kinkirk's living back in the main house, that they are helping out too much. Doing too much of certain things that Lucy and Kevin should be doing themselves. How will they ever learn or know the responsibility when they are always there for them to rely on?. Eric and Annie are right in their thoughts. That's not to say that they can't help out, but they should let Kevin and Lucy learn for themselves.

    Martin is now seeing a new girl named Zoe(played by Katie Cassidy, daughter of "The Partridge Family" star, David Cassidy). Zoe comes over to Martin's new bachelor pad to study. She stays just late enough to fall asleep on his couch and stay overnight, so that she can tell everyone at school the next day that she stayed the night with Martin. Martin tries to set things right(and of course Mr. Chastity Belt would never do such a thing). Ruthie finds out about this and tries to blackmail Martin into getting her a date with a guy at school named Vincent(Thomas Dekker). I don't know why, but all of the boyfriends and girlfriends that the Camden kids get on this show(with the exception of Sarah and Carlos), are usually no good. No good in character or acting. Vincent starts out promisingly enough, and Thomas Dekker seems to be a bit better than most of the actors who come in at one time or another as a potential love interest. But new characters don't come without some problems. Vincent's parents, we learn, won't be winning any Parent Of The Year award any time soon. They have not really raised Vincent, and they don't seem to have clue one on how to go about raising a teenage boy. Of course, Eric steps in for some counceling. It appears that Vincent and Ruthie will be becoming a couple, and I had high hopes that maybe this boyfriend wil be better than the others. Those high hopes didn't last too long.

    All in all, this episode wasn't too bad at all. It's by no means a classic or an instant eye catcher, but it was pleasant, decently written, and had a 7th-y/Camden-y feel to it. It is only one of two decent moments in the last half of season nine.
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