7th Heaven

Season 1 Episode 10

The Last Call for Aunt Julie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 1996 on The CW



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    • Simon: (to Ruthie) Batman is the world's greatest athlete!
      Julie: (walks in) Hi kids.
      Ruthie: Aunt Julie, Simon thinks he's the world's greatest...something.
      Julie: That's nice...

    • Eric: Come on, Julie, we're going home.
      Jack: Who are you, the world's oldest Boy Scout? The lady doesn't want to go yet.
      Julie: That's right, Jack. You tell him!
      Eric: (to Jack) I'm the last person you want to mess with right now. I'm taking my sister out of here, and if you don't get your hand off of me, I swear I will beat you to it.

    • Ruthie: Daddy, she's too old to be your sister.
      Julie: (on the way upstairs) I heard that.

    • Simon: (after receiving his sweater) Wow!
      Julie: And I hope Happy's fits her. I hear she is expecting.
      Simon: Oh, they're great. Thank you Aunt Julie. Bless you Aunt Julie. May the good Lord bless you and keep you...
      Eric: (to Julie) Say you're welcome or we'll be here all day.
      Julie: You're welcome Simon.

    • Ruthie: You got all pretty again.
      Julie: Thank you, sweetheart.
      Ruthie: And you got all nice again, too.

    • Ruthie: Is Aunt Julie going to die like Grandma?
      Matt: Well, I hope not, but it's up to God to decide when somebody dies.
      Ruthie: God sure has a hard job.

    • Matt: You know, mom, isn't this a time where Aunt Julie really needs her family to be there for her, to help her through this?
      Annie: I understand what you're saying, Matt. But I can't have you and your siblings put in danger. I won't allow it.

    • Annie: Why do you have to do this yourself?
      Eric: Because I don't think she can get through this with anyone else, and I don't want to lose her.
      Annie: (pause) Fine. But no matter what happens, those kids are my first priority. So you're on your own.

    • Julie: You know, Ruthie, the good thing about aunts is that when they come to visit, they bring presents.
      Ruthie: Like grandmas and grandpas?
      Julie: That's right!

    • Julie: Hi there, Ruthie. I'm your Aunt Julie.
      Eric: Julie's my sister.
      Ruthie: No she's not.
      Annie: She hasn't quite grasped the aunt concept yet.

    • Julie: Oh, Annie, you are still way too good looking to be married to my brother.
      Annie: Oh, well, you know I only married him for his money.
      Julie: Well, why else?
      Eric: You know, this has never been funny.
      Annie & Julie: To you!

    • Julie: (drunk) I didn't mean to hurt Simon.
      Annie: You did hurt Simon!
      Julie: But I didn't mean to! I love him!

    • Matt: Hey, why don't you lighten up, OK? Everyone's trying to make this a nice Thanksgiving but you.
      Mary: I don't need a lecture. I am entitled to my own feelings.
      Matt: Maybe so. But hear this. If you're ever in trouble and need help, I hope someone treats you with a little more kindness than you've shown Aunt Julie. See. No lecture.

    • Julie: (to Simon & Happy) Oh, you guys don't have to wear those sweaters. I was drunk when I bought them!

    • (Julie gives Ruthie a doll)
      Ruthie: She's beautiful! What's her name?
      Julie: She's waiting for you to give her one.
      Ruthie: I'm going to call her Baby Julie.
      Julie: Aw.
      Matt: You know, Aunt Julie, our love can be bought too.

    • Julie: (to Simon) I've found a place that will help me get better, and I will. Because every time I think about having a drink, I'll remember how it made me so sick that I hurt my nephew, whom I love very, very much.

    • Eric: Come on, Julie, let's go home.
      Guy in Bar: What are you, the world's oldest Boy Scout? The lady doesn't want to go yet.
      Julie: That's right. You tell him!

    • Annie: Simon, why don't you take Ruthie and go upstairs now?
      Simon: What, this wasn't the adult part of the conversation?

    • Simon: Aunt Julie, you're hurting me!
      Julie: Shut up and give me the key to the liquor cabinet!
      Annie (runs in room and pulls her away) Get your hands off of him! Don't you ever touch my children!
      Julie: Annie! Oh God. Oh God!
      Annie: Get out of this house now!

    • Mary: I'm so embarrassed I ever wanted to be like her. I'm embarrassed she's even part of our family.
      Matt: You know what, Mary? Right now I'm embarrassed you're part of our family.

    • Eric: (about keeping Julie at their house to detox) Why won't you let me do this?
      Annie: Five reasons! Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie!

    • Simon: Are you all better now?
      Julie: No, but I've made a start.

  • Notes

    • Stephen Collins and Deborah Raffin worked on many various projects together before "7th Heaven", including the 1984 movie; Threesome.

    • "7th Heaven" had two more Thankgiving episodes during the show's 9th & 10th seasons.

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